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Sian is a registered dietitian based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Sian holds a weekly face to face clinic in Macclesfield on a Wednesday afternoon / evening. For those living further away Sian can meet with clients remotely through a secure video link.



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I see a healthy diet as one spoke to the wheel of our health. The other spokes include medicine, exercise, emotional health and spiritual health. Neglect one of these spokes and you get a wonky wheel! No one wants to be a wonky wheel!! But it's also important not to overly focus on one spoke and ignore the other spokes. Food has such a huge social and psychological aspect and in my opinion your food should fit into your life, not the other way round.

I don't think we will fully know the importance nutrition has on our health, but the recent research looking into mental health and nutrition is particularly exciting and gives us a glimpse into the important role nutrition has in health. We also know that making small changes to our diet can produce big differences to our health and on an individual level optimising your health and well being is so worth it.

Prepare yourself, it's corny!
It's the people I meet! Everyone is their own expert of their condition and having the opportunity to support people in making the changes that they want to make is so rewarding.

The child care juggle forced me into it! It was the best decision I made though. Nothing beats being your own boss and taking your business forward to meet your clients needs.

I'm a friendly, down to earth, approachable dietitian!