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Maria, known as (Shug)
Specialize in preparing homemade meals,
right in the comfort of your very own home!!....

Shug's meal prep is focused on bringing families and friends back to the dinner table by offering friendly and affordable services,


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Shawn Hill

17 June 2019

Home cooking at its best. Their is nothing like family friends and food and with shug as your personal cook you are guaranteed to get all three. Treating you like family while welcome you with a friendly smile as she serve you with great food. If you love the taste of sea food but can't get the taste just right call shug. Thinking about becomeing healthier by watching what you eat but not sure how to start call shug. Planning a event for your family and friends and your not sure what to serve call shug. This is indeed one of the best personal cooks in the game. More...


Sho Surratt

17 June 2019

Great food. It’s made with love.


Brooklynn Nicole Ramirez

15 June 2019

You will not go wrong choosing shug to be your personal cook! She’s amazing at what she does and she puts her all into her work. ☺️ she will not let you down. Her food is delish!! I mean look at the pictures! Makes me hungry she’s as good as it gets hands down! More...


Simone Byrd

10 June 2019

Food is excellent! Made with soul, from the soul, for the soul. You can definitely taste the flavor in EVERY bite!...Good eats, GREAT tasting food...good job !!


Bonita Diane Howland

6 September 2018

I love seeing the items prepared...you do such as awesome job....awesome talent...


Kreg A Stewart Sr.

6 September 2018

She Is A Beast In The Kitchen!! You Are Definitely Missing Out If You Haven't Tasted Her Food!!!


Louis Waters

6 September 2018

Maria, I wish you were in Chicago (Naperville, IL). The presentation is awesome! #MuchSuccess to you! #Blessings!


Richard Pradervand

6 September 2018

I had lunch twice this week and it was absolutely wonderful each time!


Major Banks III

6 September 2018

You can tell she takes alot of pride in the food she prepares the gumbo looks devine


Kamie Danielle

6 September 2018

You are beautiful! Your food presentations are awesome. I love a different spin on food. Thanks for providing us with different recipes to try!! Keep doing what you are doing. We are all watching � More...


Noel Payne

6 September 2018

Some of the best food I’ve had! Plus it’s one of a kind, I can’t compare it to anyone else’s cooking.


Cecilia Fontenot

6 September 2018

Thank you for having me over. Shug's Tropical Surprise was fantastic. My taste buds simply opened up to the different flavors in the food. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you again for your hospitality; and good luck in your endeavor! More...


Dina B. Tena

6 September 2018

Look.. I love home cooked meals. Cant wait to try your delicious dishes. By the videos.. I can tell they are delicious.


Cassandra Thomas

15 August 2018

This young lady can cook very well

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Shug can prepare the perfect menu for you once information is collected about any health issues, we speak about foods you do and don't like so your personal file can be made. Having a file made for each clients helps Shug prepare a menu for those who's not great at making menus nor really know exactly what they want on their menu.

Seeing peoples reactions and hearing their feedback
was one of her motivations for starting
Shug Your Personal Cook.

developed a passion for cooking at a very young age.
She cherishes the joy she bring to each of her customers because good food, brings joy, smiles and can temporarily relieve the stress of life.