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Sanaz Dovell

26 December 2018

Eddy and Kristine are great people. They are kind, knowledgeable, and motivating. I first loved that the workouts changed each time I went in for a workout, so I was never bored. The workouts are tough, and I started seeing results very soon after starting their program. When I had issues with my wrist, they worked with me, both before and after my surgery, tailoring the workouts to specifically meet my needs. I cannot think of any other fitness studio that would do that. I highly recommend them to everyone. More...


Regina Taylan

17 October 2018

Perfect time to work out. Not too much not too less and beleive it is working. Eddy and Kristine always are there to help you out to not give up. Also they have a family trainner as I do with my son too. More...


Andrea Prieto Cruz

13 October 2018

Shredzone Fitness helped me get back into working out after an injury and feeling hopeless trying to lose weight. They even train my 10 year old daughter! We are so grateful for Eddy and Kristine! They help us maintain a healthy lifestyle! More...


Paola Giraldin

13 October 2018

I recommend them , because of their professional preparation , and because , they work with you , like having, any moment, the best personal trainer next to you , watching you , which is what makes the difference


Karen Flomen

12 October 2018

This is the longest I have ever participated in a fitness program! Eddy and Christine make it so easy to want to work out. They give encouragement and push me to do my best - they never judge! When I first started I couldn’t even do 1 push up or finish the circuit. Now, I’m so much stronger! The circuit is actually fun especially since it gets switched up every day. Friday is boxing day (my favorite)! They both watch over us while doing the circuit making sure we are in correct position and coach us to prevent injury. Eddy and Christine are also so supportive of a healthy lifestyle and provide tips to achieve my goals (including recipes, supplement suggestions and general well-being suggestions). More...


Julie Fox Meltzer

12 October 2018

Kristine and Eddy are great motivational powerhouses! I appreciate them introducing me to Elevate coffee and Xanthomax supplement! I have been on it about 12 days now! I feel pretty good! Just started to notice that I am eating smaller meals and craving sugar less! Big plus in my world! More...


Cleveland Odom

12 October 2018

ShredZones’ workouts are heart pounding, sweat breaking, & limits are pushed. The different mobility & strength building exercises has really helped me improve in my martial arts. What a wonder program by two awesome trainers . More...


Sara Augustin

12 October 2018

This is a fabulous class. Great energy and the coaches are so motivational!


Susana M Lluch

28 September 2018

Love your program and especially love the DOSE. � � �


Haley Whitney

12 September 2018

I went to the work out but still find this funny. Come on out no excuse work out. Get your Shred on !!!!


Courtney Obligacion

12 September 2018

The trainers are excellent motivators and the workouts are a blast! Nothing like having fun and getting in shape at the same time!

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