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We're Shoot It Yourself, the UK's most popular wedding videography service producing fun, professional videos as seen on Dragons' Den! We'll send you the broadcast quality video cameras and awesome online wedding video tutorials to show your friends how to film your wedding from THEIR perspective. We'll then professionally edit the footage into a totally personal, behind the scenes wedding video that really captures the fun and excitement from your big day!

Shoot It Yourself Reviews

Shoot It Yourself Reviews

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Emma Coelho
5 31/01/2019 Emma Coelho

I booked SIY for our wedding, after seeing a wedding that our photographers had shot with some of the cameras in the background, and it captured my attention. They often run really great deals, so keep an eye our for those, although in all honesty, the prices are very reasonable regardless. Everything was very simple in the run up to the wedding, communication was good, the cameras come a few days beforehand, and are simple to use. One thing that I think would be really useful though, is to have the instructions on how to use them in email format in advance so you can send them to the people shooting. You get an email sent to you when you agree to film the wedding, but it doesn't include hints like "Don't tip the camera" and "use the toplight for dancefloor action" The info booklet in the bag with the cameras is brilliant, but I don't think anyone actually read it.

We did have a few issues with our cameras, and we fed them back to SIY. Initially when we spoke to them, we did feel like they were blaming us, and were a bit dismissive. However, we spoke to one of the Directors, and her attitude was the complete opposite, and she dealt with things superbly, took on board what we said and sorted things out quickly. Thanks Becs for the great customer service; it really did make a huge difference!

We went for the "top" package. I strongly recommend this one, especially now, where you have unlimited filming, plus the movie trailer. With that, you get the 45 min highlights video plus the unedited footage on a hard drive. We went through and watched all 8 hours 54 mins of our footage, and I think this made us appreciate even more what an incredible job of editing SIY really did and the amount of work involved. There were the moments when a 6 year old was given the camera, the times when people tipped the camera the wrong way, and then of course the drunken dance floor footage, just to name a few. SIY went through all of this, weeded out the rubbish, pulled out the best bits and created something that made us laugh, smile, and conjured up so many memories of our special day. We absolutely loved it. So much so, we are thinking of doing the new honeymoon option! . If you are thinking about booking then I would certainly say go for it. There might are others out there doing similar things but I really do believe that SIY offer the best product, service, and quality. Thank you so much again to everyone involved for an incredible video.

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Kat Wheatley
5 16/01/2019 Kat Wheatley

We love our video – its is so amazing to have a wonderful and laid back memory of our day.

Everyone has commented on what a great video it is compared to the videos where you have a cameraman all day, we were able to capture so many elements of the day by passing the camera around and the final production was top notch!

The process was super easy and the team were super helpful. The cameras were very easy to work with – everyone had a go!

Thank you to all at Shoot it Yourself! I will foe sure use your service for other events and work! It's the way forward.

Review of Shoot It Yourself by cheryl wright
5 14/05/2018 cheryl wright

Cried, laughed and cried again at the finished result. Thank you so much to the team at shoot it yourself - words cannpt describe how delighted I was. I know lots of friends who spent an eye watering amount on traditional videographers...with disappointing results. SIY involves your friends and family in the wedding day and truly captures the emotion of the day. The team were flexible with pick up and drop off and communication was flawless.

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Sian Simpson
5 06/05/2017 Sian Simpson

Having Shoot It Yourself was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We almost didn't have a wedding video, but decided that filming the day ourselves would be the perfect way to capture our day. Shoot It Yourself made the whole process so simple, and the resulting film made us laugh and cry in equal measure. The editing was done brilliantly and they totally captured the fun and laughter. We now have memories of our wedding day that are truly personal that we will treasure forever. Shoot It Yourself's customer service in both the run up and after the wedding was 5 star and I would highly recommend them to all future brides and grooms.

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Dee Goldstraw
5 05/09/2013 Dee Goldstraw

I'll be honest when we started planning our wedding I wasn't keen on having a video. The thought of a stranger there putting together a soft focus, romantic video set to slushy music was my idea of hell. But my in-laws really wanted one so I said I would look into it. That's when I found Shoot It Yourself and I am so glad I did!!

Our wedding video is fantastic and reflects our wedding day in every way, relaxed and fun. It was great having our friends doing the videoing as everyone wanted to talk to the camera - rather than shying away from it.

The team at Shoot It Yourself couldn't be more personable or helpful. Thank you so much guys we have a fantastic record of our wedding that we have watched over and over again already.

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Emma Standen
5 Emma Standen

We spent a lot of time thinking about having a wedding video and looked at various samples online before deciding to go with Shoot it Yourself. The sample videos were fun not awkward and captured what was really great about a wedding day.
From booking to the finished video Shoot it Yourself were great and everything was really easy. Our wedding video and movie trailer were some of the best money we spent. They really capture the essence of the day from the pre-wedding parkrun to the crazy disco dancing. Watching the videos back brings us so much joy! If you too are hesitating, don't, just book!

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Siân Simpson
5 Siân Simpson

Having Shoot It Yourself was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We almost didn't have a wedding video, but decided that filming the day ourselves would be the perfect way to capture our day. Shoot It Yourself made the whole process so simple, and the resulting film made us laugh and cry in equal measure. The editing was done brilliantly and they totally captured the fun and laughter. We now have memories of our wedding day that are truly personal that we will treasure forever. Shoot It Yourself's customer service in both the run up and after the wedding was 5 star and I would highly recommend them to all future brides and grooms.

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Elaine McSmiffster
5 Elaine McSmiffster

We absolutely love love love the video of our day. I watched it again today and it took me back to our wedding last August. I couldn't recommend SIY enough, you will definitely not regret it if you decide to buy the package. We were not very organised at all and literally just passed the camera around for most of the night and you still managed to make it into an amazing video. It is edited so well and really made us giggle. Thank you soooo much xxx

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Lauren Wright
5 Lauren Wright

We just got our Best Bits video and after 30mins of non stop smiling and laughing, my face was aching! This is such an amazing alternative to a traditional videographer - your pals film your wedding so you don't have a stranger in your face pointing a camera! You get amazing results because your guests are more relaxed! I cannot recommend Shoot It Yourself highly enough in terms of service, quality and the exceptional manner of the staff!! If you book this for your wedding you will not be disappointed!! We love our video and so do all of our friends - they've all said that it's been like reliving the day itself! We've watched it over and over and we've only had it for 24hrs!! This is the type of video you're going to want to watch over and over and not just watch it once when you get it and then put it away in a box! It's all the more special because your guests have helped out to make it a cracking vid! �xxxx

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Charlotte Stonio Wardle
5 Charlotte Stonio Wardle

It's the best! Love having all the memories and fun captured on film. We were actually a bit worried that no one was using the cameras as I didn't really see them around and hadn't done a good job of briefing everyone as to what they were for, but there is loads of footage, everybody shared the filming and all the best bits of the day and more are there. We love it! Thank you. Would definitely recommend as I can't stop smiling after watching it! xxx

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Nicole Robinson
5 Nicole Robinson

We used Shoot it yourself for our destination wedding in Turkey in September! We are so pleased with the Videos! They are perfect! They sum up our week perfectly! The ease of use of the cameras, filming it ourselves, everyone acting so naturally! Couldn't ask for more from our video! The communication throughout the whole process with everyone at shoot it yourself has been seamless from start to finish. We couldn't recommend them more! They listened to what we wanted and they delivered! If you are looking for a video company for your wedding! We 100% Recommend Shoot it Yourself

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Emma Sparks
5 Emma Sparks

We booked at the last minute as were unsure about having a videographer at our wedding. The team at SIY were all so friendly and easy to deal with.

By having family and friends film us the result is so natural, and I know we wouldn't have got this with a stranger filming us.

We are both so pleased with the edited final videos we received!
My best friend said the edit made everyone's individual personality to shine through....and that hit the nail on the head - even in our 4 minute movie trailer everyone's individuality oozes out. Our video captured the love, emotion and laughter of the day and has given us a different perspective on the day through our guests eyes. We both cried watching our movie trailer and have watched the movie trailer & best bits again and again already. I know we'll be enjoying them for many years to come......

Thanks again Shoot it Yourself!

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Laura Witts
5 Laura Witts

We loved everything about Shoot it Yourself - they made everything really easy, including chaning where the cameras were being collected from the day before for us (one thing to consider when planning logistics - the cameras do come in quite big boxes to protect them, which we had not considered so needed to change our plans slightly!). The cameras were so easy to use and having our friends and family film the day made everyone feel very relaxed, which shows in the footage. We absolutely love the video that SIY put together, it perfectly captures all the fun and excitement of the day.

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Jill Weir
5 Jill Weir

We were thrilled with both our mini and full length videos - having just watched them we are still laughing with happy tears rolling down our cheeks. Your day passes so fast that to have a snapshot of all the memories is amazing. Although photos are lovely, the films really capture the spirit of the day, the atmosphere and the joy of everyone attending, not just ourselves. Everyone shared the filming - the cameras really are foolproof - which meant everyone was relaxed and themselves rather than posing awkwardly in front of a stranger. The cameras almost became part of our evening entertainment!

The service for Shoot It Yourself was impeccable. Logistically straightforward and friendly.

The editing of all those hours of footage though - that's where they really come into their own. The perfect selection of clips and the integration of your music choices - so professional and something we could never have done ourselves.

Thank you for helping us capture our memories and laughter xx

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Emma Griffiths
5 Emma Griffiths

We received our wedding video today and we absolutely LOVE it! It sums up our day so well and was such a brilliant way of letting us see what everyone was up to during our special day. Our main reason for choosing Shoot It Yourself was because we didn’t want a soppy, overly romantic video - we wanted a video that showed us laughing, happy and having fun with our guests and that is exactly what we got. Thank you so much, love Mr & Mrs Griffiths �

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Claire Lynch
5 Claire Lynch

I received my wedding video this week and just WOW!! Iv watched it a million times Iv cried Iv laughed it is truly amazing the way it has all been edited. This has to be the most unique way of capturing a wedding day. It is literally the best money I spent for my wedding �

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Jennie Wade
5 Jennie Wade

So glad we decided to book shoot it yourself. Although we saw so many other beautiful videos when we were looking, we didn’t see anything that we thought could capture the fun side of our day as much as these guys. We’ve watched the video over and over again and laughed and cried endlessly. Our guests felt super at ease with our friends and family doing the filming and everybody had fun helping us create our video. Couldn’t recommend enough, had the perfect mix of fun as well as the professional side. Thanks so much you guys xx

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Kirstie Goulder
5 Kirstie Goulder

James and I chose to use Shoot It Yourself for our destination wedding on a recommendation from a friend and as big Dragon’s Den fans. We could not be happier with the service and finished product.

From the initial questions about how it all works, agreeing logistics for pick up and drop off times in light of our travels, delivery of the equipment and instructions, online tutorials, chat service, use of the equipment on the day (which everyone loved by the way) to receiving our Best Bits yesterday, we are very happy Shoot-It-Yourselfers!

I even managed to pick up some additional USB sticks for our parents in the Black Friday Sales in time for Christmas.

During the editing stage, we received a call from the post production team to explain they had so much great footage, we may want to consider an ‘extra chapter’. The extra chapter features our pool party the following day and is fantastic - we trusted the recommendation and expertise of SIY’s team and are so grateful we did.

The videos capture so many special details from the best day of our lives which we will be able to treasure forever as well as some very funny material!

We couldn’t recommend SIY more. Thank you to Becs, Nic and Yasmin in particular!

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Kielley Atherton
5 Kielley Atherton

Just received our wedding video back .. AMAZING!!! When looking for a videographer We stumbled across your page and WOW are we thankful we did . We had the two camera package and would highly recommend .. our wedding video is not only personal but lots of fun !! The perfect blend of Love , fun and all of our family and friends enjoying our special day.The camera being passed around amongst our guests and catching every move ( even the bad dancing, and drunken sleeping guest) made it all the more special.Super pleased and well worth the money .. Thankyou ladies you do a fantastic job ��� we couldn’t recommend you enough, !!! Mr & Mrs Atherton (Gavin and Kielley)

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Bethany Pearson
5 Bethany Pearson

We’re so pleased we captured our wedding with Shoot It Yourself and absolutely love our final films. The entire process is really simple and made very easy with the advice and support that SIY sends you in the run up to the big day, and the team were also incredibly helpful and speedy at replying to any questions we had. It was great fun planning the bits of the day that we wanted to film and our friends did an amazing job filming on the day, taking their roles very seriously! The films are fantastic and we were able to add personalised touches such as music and give a steer to things we definitely wanted (or didn’t want!) in the final edits. They capture the love and laughter from the day perfectly and are an amazing way to look back on the best day of our lives.

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Nicola Tapp
5 Nicola Tapp

I have FB and exhibition stalked this company for many of the 8 years my partner and I have been engaged! I was chuffed to bits when I finally got to book them :) I found the tips really helpful to pass on to my wedding party to make sure they all got to have a go and capture some great stuff. The process was very easy and the results have been fantastic. I finally got to see the film last night after hearing it was done yesterday afternoon it was quite agonising to wait for Joe to come home before we could watch it. The day goes so fast and there is stuff you miss and stuff you cant see in pictures like my brother in laws epic dancing or our karaoke session (which I hope you enjoyed watching as much as us lol)! Everyone was relaxed in front of the camera so true personalities shined through so it's lovely we have that memory so show our kids and grandchildren when we are old. Thanks SIY loving your work x

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Kirsty McFaul
5 Kirsty McFaul

I can’t rave about these guys enough. Not only is the end result phenomenal, I have never received such personal, human customer service from a business.

Having your guests film your day means that you truly see your day through the eyes of the people you love. I cannot stop watching all those dance floor clips... the limbo, the dirty dancing style lift... all parts that would have been missed by a regular “leave after the first dance” videographer.

Keep doing what you’re doing, ladies - a true disruptor in this market.

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Sophie Mercer
5 Sophie Mercer

Shoot it yourself have been absolutely fantastic from start to finish! The camera arrived on time and they even kindly accommodated a last minute change of address.

For anyone debating whether to have a videographer but doesn’t want to pay the costs I would highly recommend. The footage that has been edited together is totally seamless. They really know what they’re doing. It’s also even more special as it’s been filmed by people we know - our wedding guests! It’s given a really personal spin on our special day and I’m so glad we went with Shoot it Yourself as we have this to cherish for the rest of our lives now. Thanks so much!! Tom and Sophie Mercer

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Hayley Vegas Dawson
5 Hayley Vegas Dawson

Over the moon with the service we received from SIY. I loved the idea of a more relaxed and fun wedding video and this is exactly what we got. The customer service we received from everyone we encountered at the company was excellent - professional but with a personal touch. They have made the process straight forward and stress free which is fantastic as bride and grooms already have lots of other things to think about in the run up to their big day. We love our finished video, which we received only 2-3 weeks after the wedding. Would recommend to anyone!

Review of Shoot It Yourself by Kerrie McGlone
5 Kerrie McGlone

I can’t put into words how happy we are that we went with shoot it yourself, we couldn’t have asked for better! The booking process was very easy and their communication with us through was excellent. We was kept updated with delivery details and they turned up exactly when they said they would. Cameras were very easy to use and came with instructions that someone that has never picked up a camera before would understand. After the videos were sent back they was straight in touch to get our post questionnaire and we had our edited video 4 weeks later. They really did pick the best bits and made it all fit together just perfect!! Will definitely recommend them to anyone who is getting married, we have seen parts of our wedding that we didn’t even know had happened! The money is well worth the keepsake for life of our special day xx

Shoot It Yourself

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Shoot It Yourself Q&A

Shoot It Yourself Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Working in a creative environment with a great team of positive people.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Nobody else does this - when we had the idea we knew we had to bring this idea to the brides and grooms of Britain!

Why should our clients choose you?

We'll create a fun wedding video that you'll actually want to watch in years to come. It'll be a genuine account of your day and your friends and family will love helping film it! Get in touch....

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