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11 June 2013

Monica redid my kitchen cabinets and they look amazing. I also had her repair and stain the teak in the cabin of my boat and my captain said " great job". Her work is spectacular!


Lisa De La Pointe

1 June 2013

We had our dining room pillars faux stone/wood painted by Shoofly Design. Ms. Brent was very pleasant, professional and she worked with us until we were completely satisfied with the results. The pillars look really good.



31 May 2013

as a professional artist for 30 years, i have had many opportunities to work with and hire other artist to assist me in large projects. Most were satisfactory and capable in their technical skills but many lacked in easily understanding and incorporating coherency in the overall conceptual vision i wanted in the project. Monica, of Shoofly Design has proven herself to be technically very capable as a painter and master faux finisher, but more importantly, she "gets it" quickly and accurately. She is able to effortlessly grab hold of the heart and soul of any project and make it her own while, at the same time, maintaing the congruency and signature style and voice of the original creator and or concept. This creative openness that Monica has to become an artistic avatar, allows for a very natural flow of ideas and techniques to manifest into a very accurate and harmonious work of art. More...



16 October 2012

Our guest bathroom NOW produces exclamations and comments as friends enter into your under water scene, which is truly remarkable. Never thought a bthroom would become a center of attraction in the home we love. Your artistic creativity is second to none. Thank you. More...



16 October 2012

Monica is a visionary when it comes to color and a total professional when it comes to dealing with the customer and meeting deadlines. I have referred her to many of my happy customers when they enter our beautiful cafe and want to know who is responsible for the lovely ambiance that was created by our expertly crafted palette of colors adorning our walls and ceiling. More...



10 October 2012

Monica completed the finishing touches on a high end kitchen in Ibis in West Palm Beach with her uncanny ability to match granite patterns in backsplash switch plates and receptacle covers and additional faux paint. She also fuax painted a curved peninsula back panel in Admiral's Cove in Jupiter for a very discerning client to match an intricate grained laminate.

Incredible artist!! Erich Yesse, Kitchens by Lenore, North Palm Beach


Scott Huston

9 October 2012

I am a Realtor servicing the Palm Beaches. I keep Monica from ShooflyDesigns.net on speed dial. I often find myself involved in much more than the purchase process of a property. Monica has made me look like a rock star on many occasions with her Knowledge and skill. I would recommend anyone attacking a Restoration project to secure Monica's services long before the first swing of a hammer. You will end up with a finished product of the highest quality and most likely save money by making the right decisions from the start.

Scott Huston
Illustrated Properties
Palm Beach


Rachel Eve Design, Inc.

8 October 2012

I have used Monica from Shoofly Design for many of my kitchen projects. From simple touch ups on cabinetry to more complicated faux work like switch plates or murals she has always done a wonderful job. She has a great eye and a sense of design that is unmatched. I find myself referring to her for help with color selections all the time. She helps me take a job from standard to truly unique. I would definitely recommend Monica to anyone. More...



28 September 2012

Monica has done several projects in our home. For starters, she picked the entire color scheme of our home. We live in South Florida and our home is a relaxed beach house. All our furniture is either rattan, mahogany or bamboo. Since we are 2 blocks from the Ocean, we cannot have any metals or we just end up having the pieces rust. Whenever we want a change or do further renovations, we call in Monica to co ordinate the colors. She is an expert and has an excellent eye.

In addition, Monica has painted several murals in our home and one on our outside patio. We love them.