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I will assist you with your persistent complaints and issues. Those things that keep you stuck in life no matter what you have tried, to change the way your life is showing up.
They say 95% of emotional issues show up in our bodies so I work with physical, mental, spiritual and emotional issues.


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24 June 2019

Shirley guided me pretty much through the whole last year. During the sessions, but tirelessly in between with support in between, she takes your hand easily on your way to transform your life or patterns in your life. Nothing is embarrassing, nothing gets judged. You feel completely safe in Shirleys hands, but to the same time, you will not get pampered. So you can actually make steps forward...with a lasting effect. I hope I will book soon again More...


Sally Wellbeloved

15 February 2019

I had my first session with Shirley - not knowing what to expect and being slightly sceptical I was amazed at the results! A simple way to access deep emotions and create a lighter sense if being - the past doesn't feel so heavy, the present and future feel more relaxed and fun. highly recommend this process to anyone who has been struggling to deal with trauma and move forward with their lives. More...


Stephanie Sawyer

10 September 2018

Shirley is fantastic with the matrix & reimprinting coaching. she is helping tremendously to fight back against all my insecurities and help boost my confidence personally and professionally


Vanessa Anne Jones

31 August 2018

Shirley taught me such valuable techniques which have enabled me to create more.emotional balance in my life. I know that this is going to be one of many visits that I have with Shirley. thank you

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I cannot express how I just love it when I see your "aha" moment, when you face what has been blocking you all this time and can release it, change the belief formed around the decision you made as a tiny child and step into your full self expression of who you were created to be.

To witness the joy and freedom on your face as you realise you are finally free from the past and are free to claim your life - I get goose bumps, a lump in my throat and my heart just wants to burst.

It's what inspires me to get up in the morning, to have the next conversation / have the next session with you and hear about your progress / to receive a texted message about a breakthrough (which is such a privilege as you take me with you on your journey) and to meet the next client where they are at, so that I get to make a difference for them.

For me, what I do is not a job, its not work - it is my passion.

Through my own experience and healing my own inner turmoil that started before I was born I just knew I wanted to be there for others and set them free as well.

Working for myself gives me the freedom to see clients when it suits both of us , as I do not have to keep to set office hours.

I also see clients in my home which I believe creates a safe, comfortable space to work in , or on line which totally suits clients so that they do not have to travel to see me and they can keep appointments when travelling for business or are on holiday

Through my own experiences, which have been many I believe I have walked the journey myself and so am totally authentic.
I have not just read up on abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety, anger issues, miscarriages, being retrenched, divorced, homeless, lonely, etc I have lived it and therefore have an inner knowing and compassion for you, if that is what you are dealing with now.

I am also intuitive and have a wide range of tools and techniques to use, so get guided as to what needs to be said or done in the moment - which makes no two sessions the same.

I aim to keep my sessions light and manageable working at a pace that is comfortable for you, yet still holding what you want as an outcome, close to my heart.

I genuinely celebrate the victories with my clients and see all of them from a deep place of respect for the courage it takes to meet their challenges and fears.