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The Shirlaws Group is a portfolio of companies that works with business leaders to help them grow, fund and exit.
We work with you whether it is improving your personal performance, increasing the efficiency of your organisation, finding funding or preparing for an exit.

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29 May 2018

Very impressed with depth of knowledge and understanding of my Shirlaws coach. Definitely helped me clarify my goals and encouraged and gently pushed me at just the right levels. Many thanks

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Our strap line is "Love Enterprise". Our intent is to 'change people's lives'. Needless to say, everyone at Shirlaws is someone inspired and excited about working each and every day. Our clients range from leaders of public sector bodies to owner-managed businesses. The commonality they all have is that they are restless and are looking to accelerate their personal & professional growth.

Shirlaws was founded on a simple principle; when business is simple its more fun and less stressful. When businesses are simple they are also easier to run and grow. Shirlaws helps you simplify your working life.

In our 18 year history, we have worked with over 7,000 organisations across 34 different countries. We consistently deliver transformative results and our work speaks for itself. Watch this video from one of our clients (https://youtu.be/a_y0pKKyTbk) and you'll get a better idea.