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I support and guide you in moving through challenging personal and interpersonal conflicts both soulfully and pragmatically. By cultivating creative communications approaches we bring more effectiveness, functionality, and fulfillment to our relationships.


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Chanel F.

4 September 2019

Today was my fiancé and I's first session with Michael and he was wonderful! I found him on here on yelp and had saw his amazing reviews and decided to give him a try and our first session was intense but he was fair, honest, has a very calming but real personality. He sent us paperwork and a questionnaire that helps him get to know us as a couple and individuals before the session. His office is a convenient location with lots of parking. He was on time and his office was nice, big and comfortable. He let us both have our time to speak but also have his input and helped both of us to see things from a different perspective. His energy is positive but calming. As far as first impressions go he made a great one on both of us. Would highly recommend A+++ More...


Ruby K.

27 March 2019

This review is not so much for Michael as it is for someone who might be struggling with depression and anxiety as i have been since 2012.  I really hope you are able to read this review fully to the end.  If you have any doubts about therapy please believe that it will help as long as its with the right therapist.  Michael is the right therapist for me.  I have tried two therapist before and saw literally 0 percent change and had no belief that therapy helps. I have a very stubborn brain and stubborn beliefs that noone can change.  Michael didn't try to change them for me.  He showed them to me from a different perspective that made me change them on my own.  I have lived good 5 to 6 years in hopelessness, anger, sadness, inner loneliness, depression, severe anxiety as a single mom and the guilt of not being able to live up to my full potential and not being able to take care of my son with the energy i would like to.  I had few moments of ups in those years which were all short lived and the ups were felt by something external providing me euphoria.  I tried to fight my depression on my own by going to the gym consistently for 2 years and it helped but only as long as i go to the gym and few hours afterwards.  I tried medication but quit as it wasn't helping and also i didn't want to just put a bandaid on what was wrong with me and be dependent on medication.  I wanted to fix myself. I tried hypnotherapy with two different hypnotherapist with no difference (waste of money).  I tried different hobbies which would make me happy for few hours and then back to the depression state.  I tried dating, partying, drinking, and partying again.  I tried goals, volunteering, jiu jitsu, nature therapy, reading bunch of self help books (i do recommend feeling good by david burns), being with friends, talking to friends about my problems (which actually made me feel worser).  I even tried being alone. I tried self love journey (now i know self love is not about how you pamper your body but how you pamper your soul). At the end, I tried all the positives in the book and i tried few  negatives. Nothing worked to give me peace of mind more than a day or two. It made me even more depressed thinking i will never heal from my anxiety and depression and my life was a waste. I lacked meaning, purpose, the desire to live so many years to come. I felt betrayed and felt that my happiness and potential were stolen from me by this world, by my anxiety, and by my depression. Eventually I decided to try therapy again as that was the only thing that was left to do.  I yelped few therapist and spoke to them.  Eventually after speaking to few i decided to go with Michael.  I drive from san jose to san leandro and take 4 hours off from work just to go see him because i believe he is worth is and i believe that he is necessary for me to get better.  I have been going to therapy for about 5 months and i am starting to see a difference. I am starting to see a more peaceful state of mind.  I am starting to see acceptance.  I am starting to forgive the ones i could not for years because i blamed them for causing me so much trauma.  I am starting to take control of my situation and starting to take responsibility.  My anxiety has lessened, My depression has lessened.  Things are happening to my mind that i didn't believe possible.  I am starting to see a decrease in negative talk and able to accept and stop my anxiety in timely manner instead of it taking control of me and putting me in a state of panic.  I am starting to not get freaked out be the feeling of being lonely, old, alone, depressed.  I am starting to have better relationships with my family and friends.  I am not so envious of other people and their happiness anymore.  I am starting to find happiness and peace in myself.  I can say michael has changed my brain, depression, and anxiety by a good 20 percent in 5 months in a more stable way instead of ups and down.  I want to keep going to him and learn everything i can on how to deal with myself, my inner demons,  life and all the ups and downs that come with it.  The other thing i love about him is his spirituality.  He makes me understand the deeper questions i have of life (our meaning our purpose). I have also started meditating regularly after going to therapy with him.  He has taught me boundaries that i never had.   I question him if i dont agree.  I only agree on what i believe and he has the power to make me believe what i didn't think i could believe. Michael is like a father to a child who teaches them how to walk through life and see it from a different vision. I love my dad but if i could ask god for another one it would someone like Micahel who could guide me when i am lost in this big crazy world.  Thank you Michael. I could never pay you enough for all the compassion and knowledge you hold and are willing to spread!Last Note: You do have to put in the work, believe, and get up even if you fall million times. More...


Tyler S.

10 September 2018

I've seen Michael for a few sessions and I can already see a significant positive impact on the way I look at life. One of the coolest things I have experienced with him. Is his ability to listen to me banter about the thoughts and experiences I've had in life and he shapes it into a cohesive conclusion. Or a generalization put into words that allows me to see where I am in my life and some perspective on how to grow. He has provided some great practices and mind exercises that I'm sure I will continue to use for the rest of my life. Michael is very knowledgeable and provides a comfortable environment that allows you to be open minded and thoughtful about everything that comes in to your mind.I recommend him to anyone wanting more from life. To anyone stuck in the same patterns of a negative attitude or actions. To those who want to try to figure out the complexities of their own life and how to live a meaningful existence despite those complexities. Reach out to him, you won't be disappointed! More...


Perry L.

19 July 2018

I am so extremely grateful to have found Michael. After my recent stroke, he has given me effective knowledge, advice, references and strategies for dealing with heavy psychological and physiological issues. He is an excellent and compassionate listener and a brilliant therapist. He has earned my highest recommendation and appreciation.This gent is a true healer in every sense of the word. More...


Janet Strausser

17 January 2018

Michael is awesome! Whatever issues I bring to our talks, he’s able to tease out ways I can either navigate through them, or avoid their showing up in my life in the first place.


Georgianne F.

5 December 2017

I was searching for a therapist when I was at an impasse in my life. I wanted somebody to help me understand motivations and behaviors that​ were not working for me.  He has experience, intelligence, and curiosity combined with a real desire to help. His warmth and positive regard for his clients is self-evident. He consistently goes the extra mile and for his generosity of spirit and willingness to do deep work with me, I am truly grateful. I liken working with him, to something as hard to define and as rare as Alchemy. His ability to work in the moment with what is happening in the room, yet drawing on resources from a vast array of modalities is so deft you don't notice how impressive it is until you think about it.    *    Rather than tell me what to do, he asks the skillful questions to get me to  my own "aha" moments    *     In addition to his breadth of knowledge, he's versed in the somatic psychologies: his attention to whats happening in my body as I discuss upsetting events is critical to teaching me how to become grounded.    *    he's trained in EMDR which is a technique to break through deep-seated trauma.    *    He's familiar with narrative therapy: which allows me to understand how the story I tell myself about what's happened to me, impacts me, and how to ''rewrite it''    *    He is skilled with interpersonal relationship issues: helping me define healthy boundaries,  communicate my needs, and shore myself up so that I'm strong no matter what happens.       For the first time in my life, I feel good mental health is possible  He's created a safe therapeutic container necessary to do deep work.  It is truly life changing when you know that your therapist has your back, is genuinely invested in your healing and believes that you can do it. He is respectful and appropriate when revealing personal details which underscore the issue at hand. Through his modeling and vulnerability, he's created a great sense of trust and belief in me. I can't recommend him more highly.Georgianne Fastaia More...


Brian F.

12 April 2017

Michael is easy to communicate with.  He is/has been tremendously helpful in getting me through a trying time and getting me back to being grounded.  I have learned much from him.  And his healing therapy isn't limited to psychological; he has been helpful in giving me guidance for physical exercises and the like to assist in attaining a greater calmness in my life.  I can't recommend him highly enough!  Thank you Michael for being you!!! More...


Gary F.

29 November 2016

Michael has been helping me through I rough period in my life. He's been able to recommend books that will help.!!!!! He's awesome with handing out info during our session. when you touch  on a subject that will help your personal situation. He's very very attentive, great advice  during our sessions.!!! He's a diamond in the  rough!!!! Very easy to talk and open up too!!!!!!!! More...


Veronica C.

11 August 2016

I really enjoyed my time working with Michael. He was so easy to talk to and I felt that I could be really open with him from the beginning. We worked on so much, including feelings I had about my pregnancy and other life changes...would definitely recommend him to a friend. More...


Tim Y.

16 April 2016

I have been seeing Michael for several years to assist with stress management and personal traumatic experiences growing up.I appreciate his holistic approach that assisted me to better coup with challenges in my personal, family and professional life aspects.  Without the need for prescriptions, we were able to develop and implement necessary life tools for me to better myself and take ownership of my emotional development.He is a very trustworthy and compassionate professional and I highly recommend his services. More...


Aaron B.

1 October 2015

I have used Michael's services for the past year.  In that time, I have found him to be very objective, compassionate, and helpful.  I met him during the most challenge personal emotional time of my life and he definitely helped to rehabilitate and stabilize my psyche in my time of need.  Through different therapy methods, he is able to appropriately treat me and meet my needs as a patient.  He is very easy to reach and accommodating with scheduling.  I could not ask for a better experience.  Highly recommended! More...


ben s.

31 March 2015

I was hesitant to start counseling with anyone because of negative experiences I'd had in the past, but working with Michael has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm deeply grateful to him for the positive impact he's had on my life in the short time we've known each other. More...


Gary W.

8 January 2015

I have been seeing Michael for close to three years. He is the most down to earth therapist that I have ever met. I have had a lot of losses in a short period of time, which caused me to start experiencing panic attacks. I had trouble forgiving people I had trouble letting things go my relationship with my wife and her two sons from a previous marriage was not the greatest to say the least. I could talk all day about Michael but basically just to summon up I feel like he has rebuilt my life he's helped me look at things different I've learned to talk through A lot of my problems which are not really problems anymore. In the process I've also quit drinking and smoking. I consider Michael not only my therapist but a good friend. More...


Rochel L.

18 November 2014

Michael is kind, compassionate & competent!  I commend him, without reservation.   His multi-disciplinary approach for addressing trauma-related issues are very effective.


Rachel h.

14 August 2014

I've talked about getting help, but never pulled the trigger.  Good friend of mine had wonderful things to say about Michael!  I had a very traumatic event occur recently, that helped me decide it was time.  I came into Michael's office with the thought he'd tell me what's wrong with me, how to fix so I can go back to being "perfect."  Initially I saw Michael as providing me "coping" tools for my "tool kit."  I had my catharsis moment recently where I no longer had just a tool kit to cope!  I'm not "fixed" as was my expectation but centered, calm & relaxed!  I'm now able to share my experiences, & the knowledge Michael has given me.  I'm able to "diagnose", "medicate with my tools" & become centered like I never thought I could.  I could not feel this way without Michael!!  He's amazing & I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with him.  THANK YOU Michael!!!!  I promise to continue to share my "medicine" you've taught me!!! More...


Rere K.

3 March 2014

I have had sessions with Michael on and off for the last couple years. He is truly a remarkable therapist. I usually call on him when Im going through a relationship crisis. He always gets right back to me and makes time for our session. He is an attentive listener and has the gift of reflection. He is able to point out certain perspectives that I couldnt see on my own. By simply reflecting back to me what Im saying, he will point out any inconsistencies im displaying with kindness, but he wont let me get away with them. I feel that he encourages me to be the best person I can by simply acknowledging where Im at. With his assistance delving into the deeper aspects of how i feel and why, I feel empowered to take responsibility for myself and push through the story that I thought I was victim to. I have healed two relationship traumas with his help and for that I am very grateful. He is very wise and brings a lot of full spectrum healing to the table when it comes to resolving the issues at hand. I appreciate his sense of humor, emotional intelligence, accessibility, and strength. And where else can you do a therapy session and sit on a yoga ball at the same time? Thanks Michael for being there for me. More...


Cindy P.

3 May 2013

I met Michael through a mutual friend introduction when I asked for a therapist for my teenage son.  I liked him instantly! Over the course of a few months working with Michael, my son is more communicative at home, more expressive and confident in his abilities, and most importantly  his estranged relationship with his father has improved dramatically.Michael is a very unique clinician.  He's clinical when it's called for, spiritual when it's called for, with a fine balance between the masculine/feminine.  I highly recommend Michael Gelbart, often sharing with other  teenage mothers how a few therapy sessions with a therapist could greatly benefit the entire family.Thank you Michael, for shifting all of our perspectives! More...


Anna B.

2 February 2013

Michael is an amazing therapist. My husband and I started seeing him for couples counsiling about 3 years ago. After only a few visits there was a noticable improvement in the relationship. My husband has always been very negative about therapy in general and felt untrusting of therapists. He was so impressed with what Michael was doing for our marrage and the ways that Michael communicates, that he signed up for individual therapy. After a few months I was so impressed with the changes in my husband that I left my therapist of 5 years (who I liked but felt like I wasn't really getting anywhere) and signed up with Michael for my personal therapy.I have a complex and complicated psych history and came to Michael barely functioning at times and very unhappy. He has a way pinpointing exactly what is going on from what you tell him and offering extremely appropriate suggestions or tools to help you understand yourself and take the best actions towards healing. He suggested I join a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy support group and it was the magic ticket I had been looking for. Group, together with my regular visits with Michael has given me the where-with-all and the tools to regain my mental health and strive for self actualization. I made tremendous progress in my first year with Michael as compared to little progress after 5 years with another therapist. Michael just seems to know what I need to help me and I am confident that he approaches all his clients with this same, individualized treatment. One of the things I really like about Michael is that he has a huge knowledge base and often suggests books, treatment types, and therapeutic tools that he thinks will benefit you. He promotes education as a therapeutic tool. I think Michael was born to do this work and has found his true calling. He is really very very good at what he does. More...


Neil S.

27 September 2012

What a great man, went in to talk about a traumatic experience, ended up changing my life completely for the better and establishing better relationships. Go see this man. Takes a few months and careful listening and honest interaction, but you will see the light. More...

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I love the face to face, having the important conversations that attune people to their life calling and highest version of themselves. The work I do is meaningful and rewarding. I love inspiring results!

my own experiences in life led me to become a social worker. My work is intrinsically interesting:)

Because I am very experienced and effective at what I do.


Intimacy, Sexuality and Couples Work: Pre-marital counseling Building conflict resolution structures and non-defensive communication skills Co-Constructing functional structures and agreements for individual and couples stability and growth Helping couples create shared meanings, rituals of connection and secure attachment Facilitating the possibility of dynamic yet balanced arousal, deepening intimacy, hot sex and sacred communion Negotiating togetherness/connectedness and autonomy/ separateness Marriage de-construction and collaborative divorce, when that is what is indicated Co-parenting skills dialogue and Parent-child guidance Multi-generational family constellation sessions Substance abuse assessment and intervention Co-Dependency and ACA issues Group Work: Cultivating the Mature Masculine Intimacy and Relationship Growth Emotional and Social Intelligence