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I work as a homeopath and intolerance tester working with people of all ages specialising in treating allergies and carrying out detox work.

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Donna Faulkner

23 March 2019

Both myself & my husband have been treated by Sharon , the intolerance testing was very interesting & the results explained lots of our health issues . I was actually intolerant to vinegar which I never thought of & you wouldn’t believe how many things have got vinegar in ! My husband is now lactose free & , again , the results have been amazing . Both of us have taken the advice from Sharon to leave certain ingredients out of our diet & feel so much better for it ! Would definitely recommended a visit to Sharon to get your body back to the healthiest that it should be !! More...

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A healthy diet really is the foundation to a healthy body which in turn leads to greater wellbeing. You wouldn't expect a car to run on inferior fuel and the same applies to the human body!

I love working with such a variety of people with all kinds of conditions from acutes such as hay fever to chronic illness such as depression, eczema and IBS. Seeing everyone's health improve makes it all worth while!

Being self employed enables me to work effectively with people who are determined o improve their health and wellbeing naturally.

I am passionate about improving health naturally.
I will listen to you and your concerns and will work with you to achieve the results you are looking for.