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Shapeshifters Studio provides the Best Body Transformation Personal Training service for Male & Female Fat Loss and toning.

Shapeshifters Studio is Birmingham’s Number One Body Re-composition facility and is the home to an award winning Personal Trainer team who transform people’s lives on a daily basis. The rate and standard at which our members achieve their dream body is second to none.

After helping hundreds of people transform their body we are proud to say that we have one of the largest transformation portfolios in the UK and can say with complete confidence that Shapeshifters Studio is Birmingham’s premier personal training facility.

Our mission is to help YOU transform your BODY & LIFE in the shortest time possible by providing you with a personalised health & fitness education that will last a lifetime.

We help MEN with:

Fat Loss, Building Muscle, Belly Fat Loss & Waist reduction, Increasing Strength & Fitness, Increasing Self Confidence & Self Esteem, Improved Health and Cover Model Transformations!

We help WOMEN with:

Weight Loss, Increasing Muscle Tone Up, getting a Tighter Waist & Flatter Stomach, Toned legs, Changing the Shape and Size of their Bum, Reducing the appearance of Cellulite, Improved posture, Toned Arms, feeling comfortable in their own skin, looking great in clothes and even better naked!

Shapeshifters Reviews

Shapeshifters Reviews

Review of Shapeshifters by Adrian Freakley
5 06/06/2018 Adrian Freakley

Can’t give enough praise to the whole team at Shapeshifters for the work they have done for me. I came in with very specific goals and they have produced a very detailed plan throughout my 12 weeks to get me there.

The training has been excellent. Whichever trainer you have they will push you to your limits and teach you the correct way to do each exercise to maximise performance. The diet plan is  tailored to your goals, and have a huge thought process behind each meal. It’s a great, friendly environment to train in and everyone is there to support you in achieving your goals, the rest is down to you!

Whatever your goals are, after the programme you will leave fitter and healthier. But most importantly you will be more knowledgeable about training and nutrition so you can continue the healthy lifestyle.

Review of Shapeshifters by Andrew Minifie
5 18/03/2018 Andrew Minifie

Hi, Just wanted to share this as showing my appreciation for the support that's come from all you guys (especially Adele and Junior), in my recent 6 month quest for a new fitter self. Despite being older than most if not all the people I met there the training and diet motivated me to achieve some great results that I am really happy with! Having now decided to "fly solo" for a bit, I am sure I will be back for a second helping soon!
Whatsmore, I even got to enjoy the sessions!

Review of Shapeshifters by Semrina Asghar
5 17/12/2017 Semrina Asghar

Great gym, excellent staff. Will always push you to be the best version of yourself and achieve your goals.

Review of Shapeshifters by Matt Peters
5 12/12/2017 Matt Peters

Shout out to the team at Shapeshifters, especially Matt and Adele for their support over the last few months! Matt (PT) has been superb throughout the time keeping me motivated and focusing me to achieve the goals I set out. It has been a great programme over the 12 weeks, both the training and also the diet plan. Regular reviews to assess progress and setting new goals was great to add the focus throughout the last few months. Great people, great gym! Looking forward to continuing with the team into 2018!

Review of Shapeshifters by Shamin Patel
5 12/12/2017 Shamin Patel

I just wanted to thank all the staff at shapeshifters studio for their support in my 12 week program. Special thanks to my personal trainer Anna who has been a superstar in my training keeping me motivated and always pushed me to my best. It has been an intense program but worth it in the end. Needed to put in a lot of effort especially with the diet but it all payed off. Looking forward to continuing with their team.

Review of Shapeshifters by R J
5 05/12/2017 R J

If you’re serious about having a healthy transformation then I couldn’t recommend anywhere better. All of the personal trainers are very friendly, and you will get a workout plan that is personal and suited to yourself and your goals. Matt has been my PT for a long time now & really pushes me to reach my potential as he knows my weak points and my strengths. I have on occasion trained with the other PT’s at Shapeshifters and have had a great workout with each of them too. Overall a great gym!

Review of Shapeshifters by Teya Drew
5 30/11/2017 Teya Drew

I started off doing the 8 week programme, aiming to lose some weight but mainly tone-up all over. Even with my really busy, and ever changing, uni schedule I was able to keep training with the same PTs (Oli and Anna), which was great for consistent training.

The staff are super friendly and encouraging, while also pushing you to your limits during sessions.

Even though the studio is small, it has everything you could need to give a varied workout session, and ensure that the training really is personal. The training is also a good mix of circuit training and interval, with both weight and cardio elements.

The sessions are hard work, but I even surprised myself when I started to enjoy them and look forward to coming, and missed going on my days off.

Even after just 8 weeks I have dropped a dress size, feel so much healthier and full of energy. The strict nutrition plan is really helpful, and Adele is more than happy to go into detail explaining it. It’s not only fantastic for losing weight, but also to make you more aware of what you’re eating and how it is used by your body.

I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve joined for another 4 weeks! Big thanks to Oli and Anna for putting up with me, and making the sessions so enjoyable. 🏋🏽‍♀️

Review of Shapeshifters by Ben Valentine
5 24/11/2017 Ben Valentine

Shapeshifters have completely changed my life, I suffered with horrendous heart burn for years. After the first two weeks of their diet plan I have stopped taking my medication and haven't had a flare up since. I have also lost nearly 2 stone in weight! The team are really helpful and friendly and always have time to answer your questions.

Review of Shapeshifters by Sam Samra
5 21/03/2017 Sam Samra

Great place to get fit develop muscle and develop a life changing look and outlook mentally

Review of Shapeshifters by Lakhbir Gidda
5 16/02/2017 Lakhbir Gidda

I had been overtraining and undereating. Shapeshifters sorted out my diet, pointed out problems with my movement patterns and showed me simple methods of improving them. Result = 4 months later 10kg of muscle heavier AND decreased body fat. If you want to improve your physique , there is no better.

Review of Shapeshifters by Jake
5 16/01/2017 Jake

I've been coming here for over 10 months now. I started on the 3 month plan and the results were so good I've never left!

Training here doesn't feel like a chore and I actually look forward to every session. Matt's been my trainer since I started - he's a great PT and a general all round nice guy who takes an interest in what you want to achieve and makes sure you get there. I've also trained a few times with Gaz, Junior and Olly who are all great guys and so knowledgable.

Food and the gym go hand in hand so a personalised meal plan is created just for you. Big thanks to Adele for this. It's helped me put on over 10kgs of muscle which I wouldn't have been able to do alone. I'm never hungry and I feel better than ever.

If you're prepared to put the effort in and be consistent with both training and eating, and if you want to train in a friendly well equipped personal training studio, pop in and see the guys at Shapeshifters in Birmingham, you won't regret it and you'll see the results you dream of!

Review of Shapeshifters by Lu Zhang
5 13/12/2016 Lu Zhang

I have worked with a number of personal trainers during my 2 years in Birmingham and none have proved more effective or knowledgeable than Adele– I have dropped a dress size and gained lean muscle mass by working out with her, and there is no need to starve myself or be stressed thinking of going to the gym. I have had no hesitation in recommending her to friends and colleagues, she is the best !

Review of Shapeshifters by chen zijie
5 06/12/2016 chen zijie

I got a good result here! It helps me to have a better body shape!

Review of Shapeshifters by Claire Davies
5 09/11/2016 Claire Davies

Amazing facility with great staff that will help you get into the best shape of your life. Friendly atmosphere with staff that will help and push you to reach your goals.

Review of Shapeshifters by Cyrus John Espinoza
5 25/11/2015 Cyrus John Espinoza

Joining Shapeshifters for a 12 week body transformation programme is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As a strong candidate for inheriting and developing diabetes, I had to make a lifestyle change. The tailored nutritional plan and workout programme as well as the skills and expertise of everyone at Shapeshifters will ensure you get the best results and leave you equipped by the end of your programme. I’m a living proof of this, I lost about 10% body fat (from 26.7 to 17.1%) and gained some muscle mass. More importantly, I’ve learnt a lot about how the body works and how to eat correctly – if you ask the right questions you’d be amazed at how knowledgeable you’d get (Adele and Callum, my trainer, you legend!, know this – thank you for answering my endless questions). What’s more important is the friendly atmosphere in the studio every single day which I found quite refreshing – special mention to Cooper my man who’s always there to shake your hands. To the rest of the SS crew, Max, Matt, Junior thanks for all the support as well.

As a final note, it sure was difficult but with determination and dedication, it was also a fun and worthwhile journey. Do yourself a favour and join Shapeshifters 

Review of Shapeshifters by Hilmi Mustafa
5 07/09/2015 Hilmi Mustafa

I decided to try and get into some kind of shape after letting myself go over the last 20 years. My diet wasn't the best and I had no real form of exercise in my life. I decided to do something about it and try and lose the unhealthy belly and tone up..... Then I came across Shapeshifters.

I can honestly say that Shapeshifters offer the complete package..... A gym with Cardio, weights as well as machines, supplement's, and most importantly knowledge...... These guys really know what they are doing and work as a team to get the most out of you.

The environment is a friendly informal environment where you are made to feel welcome, the whole team knows your name and you walk in to handshakes and hi fives.... Which is a fantastic setting to train in.

My PT was Max.... Max was fantastic in advising me on correct exercise form and posture as well as picking what exercises were right for me to help me reach my goal. His knowledge on different training techniques as well as nutrition was second to none.... He pushed me through the pain barrier when the mind wanted to give up.... And as a result I got the results I was after...... He was always available to give advice and guidance even after hours which was invaluable.

If you want to make a positive change to your life visit Shapeshifters.

Review of Shapeshifters by Max Kelly
5 16/06/2015 Max Kelly

Shapeshifters is a welcoming and professional environment in which the results speak for themselves. Not only do you get a personal trainer who will change your life, you will also join a family of friends who will support you on your journey and after you're finished. Highly recommended .

Review of Shapeshifters by Alex Tomlinson
5 23/02/2015 Alex Tomlinson

Great bunch of people who will do their utmost to get the best out of you. As long as you are willing to put the effort in you will definitely get results here and I am grateful for the progress I made during my time there. Definitely worth it.

Review of Shapeshifters by Daniel Parvis
5 06/03/2014 Daniel Parvis

I started training at Shapeshifters Studio mid October 2013 and I've loved every minute of it! If you're looking for a great place to have personal training in Birmingham look no further than Shapeshifters. All the staff genuinely care about their client's progress and take their needs and personal circumstances into account whilst training them. They're all very approachable and friendly but at the same time get the best out of you when you're training to maximise your results. Shapeshifters has moved me in the right direction to achieving my goals and helped me to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle. With Shapeshifters, the services and training they offer isn't just about getting you fitter, losing weight or putting on muscle; it is an investment in your health, and about changing your lifestyle for the better. If you are struggling to make up your mind about whether or not to join Shapeshifters, I definitely recommend giving it a go. Big thanks to Ant, Cooper, Bex and the rest of the Shapeshifters team!

Review of Shapeshifters by Nick Crocker
5 05/03/2014 Nick Crocker

When a friend recommended that I “Get down to Shapeshifters, they will sort you out!” I was nervous a little sceptical at first wondering what had inspired such confidence in my friend. It didn’t take long to see what my friend was talking about.
From the first time you walk through the door all of the staff are friendly and helpful. I signed up for a 48 session package as soon as I had the consultation. I was supplied with a diet plan and a training schedule that were tailored to me, the diet plan has been revised a number of times through my program as milestones are reach and passed. The difference it has made to my life has been unbelievable; I am now slimmer, fitter and stronger than I have been in a very long time. The results of the first 48 session program were so good I signed up for a second 48 session package. Joining Shapeshifters was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I would recommend them to anyone, you let them know what your goals are and they will tailor the program to help you reach those goals.

Review of Shapeshifters by Bryony Weston
5 26/02/2014 Bryony Weston

Eight years ago I had a car accident that left me unable to do any of the activities I loved and as a result I lived in constant pain and piled on the pounds! About 18 months ago I got totally fed up and resolved to get fit again. I chose Shapeshifters due to the AMAZING testimonials and the inhouse experience when it came to injuries and rehabilitation. I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made! I went from a size 14 to an 8/10 in a matter of months, lost two stone and am now in the best shape of my life... plus my pain is gone!! Shapeshifters has turned my life around and I am now back to being the active bubbly girl I once was! I recommend them to everyone!

Review of Shapeshifters by Adele Davies
5 26/02/2014 Adele Davies

The best personal training service out there. If you want to get into great shape this is the place to go. Great staff and brilliant atmosphere.

Review of Shapeshifters by Keir Price
5 Keir Price

After years of plodding along trying different gyms and fitness resimes I finally decided to get some professional input with the guys at Shapeshifters. The guys at Shapeshifters have got me into good shape and have provided me with a fitness and dietary plan which I can take forward.

If you are struggling with the same old gym routines I would thoroughly recommend the guys at Shapeshifters and they will certainly point you in the right direction.

Review of Shapeshifters by Charlotte Devine
5 Charlotte Devine

I joined Shapeshifters for the 8 week programme and it's the best thing I've done in a long time! I had very low self esteem and body confidence issues before I joined, now having just finished the 8 weeks I feel like a new person.
Not only do they concentrate on the physical side but also your diet, let's you know exactly what to eat and when to eat it and if you follow the plan you will reach your goals!
The studio itself has such a friendly atmosphere which i found really motivating, special thanks to my trainer Matt who really has really helped me get through the programme and didn't let me give up.

Thank you Matt and thank you Shapeshifters!

Review of Shapeshifters by Cyrus Espinoza
5 Cyrus Espinoza

Joining Shapeshifters for a 12 week body transformation programme is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As a strong candidate for inheriting and developing diabetes, I had to make a lifestyle change. The tailored nutritional plan and workout programme as well as the skills and expertise of everyone at Shapeshifters will ensure you get the best results and leave you equipped by the end of your programme. I’m a living proof of this, I lost about 10% body fat (from 26.7 to 17.1%) and gained some muscle mass. More importantly, I’ve learnt a lot about how the body works and how to eat correctly – if you ask the right questions you’d be amazed at how knowledgeable you’d get (Adele and Callum, my trainer, you legend!, know this – thank you for answering my endless questions). What’s more important is the friendly atmosphere in the studio every single day which I found quite refreshing – special mention to Cooper my man who’s always there to shake your hands. To the rest of the SS crew, Max, Matt, Junior thanks for all the support as well.

As a final note, it sure was difficult but with determination and dedication, it was also a fun and worthwhile journey. Do yourself a favour and join Shapeshifters

Review of Shapeshifters by Amin Mohammed
5 Amin Mohammed

Completed an 8 week program and recommend this place to everyone regardless of their goals. Here it can all be achieved. Very friendly team and everyone is very helpful. A very big thank you to PT Ryan for helping me truly a great guy and great trainer.Will be going back soon for another few months. Give it a try and you will be hooked! A big thank you to all at Shapeshifters.

Review of Shapeshifters by Mary Carrick-Field
5 Mary Carrick-Field

I have just today finished a 12 week programme at Shape Shifters and the results I achieved have exceeded my expectations. I say that because I am a lady over 50 who had not exercised in quite some time, however I have learned age is no barrier to altering your lifestyle.

I was so scared my first day as I did not know what to expect but immediately I was put at ease by Jack who kindly broke me in gently.

All of the Personal Trainers are motivational friendly and encouraging and it is a great place to train. So if you want to change your shape and lifestyle then this is the place for you. These guys know what they are doing.

Thank you so much one and all.☺

Review of Shapeshifters by Neil Burns
5 Neil Burns

I've just completed my 12 week programme with Shapeshifters and the results have been amazing! I've loved every second of all my sessions and the team couldn't have been more helpful. The nutritional advice given by Adele and the 1-2-1 support from Oli in my training have both been invaluable and I couldn't have done it without them - cheers guys! These guys know their stuff and as long as you follow their advice you'll reach your goals. Thanks also to the rest of the staff team - Stacey, Matt, Ryan, Anna and Gaz - always helpful, always friendly....what more could you want!

Review of Shapeshifters by Kevin James Rowe
5 Kevin James Rowe

I have just finished my 8 week programme today @ ShapeShifters Selly Oak and I wanted to leave a review to recommend the place. I had spiralled out of control with my diet and lack of training so I wanted a targeted programme to reduce body fat through a planned diet and hard graft. I signed up to 8 weeks with 2 1hr sessions a week because of my work commitments during the week.

I found the diet plan very easy to follow and very rarely strayed over the 8 weeks. The best part of it for me was the shake you use completely nulled my normal sugar cravings, so much so I barely touched chocolate the whole 8 weeks.

The training was the best part for me, I never had to drag myself out of the door, the sessions were great. Matt was my trainer and Jack also took a few of my sessions and both guys were absolutely brilliant, not a bad word to say about any session.

The staff are all great there and it's a really good atmosphere to train in. I had worries at one point that my scale weight wasn't moving, so Adele quickly put in a session with me to do an early review of all my stats and explain the science behind what was happening. Needless to say she was right, and I soon saw some rapid movement in the right direction.

I am very happy with my short term results, and I am now ready to continue the good work and reach more goals I've set for myself. My body fat % is down, my fat content at all points is down and my legs are stronger than they have been for many many years. If you're thinking of signing up, at least go and have a chat to discuss options, it is a really great place to stop the downward spiral and start reaching your goals.

If I had to say one criticism it would be that I would have loved a more competitive plan for members extending beyond their original plan. I would have ideally loved to continue training with Matt, but I am sure I will be back soon. Matt and my posture have unfinished business!

Thanks again all
Kev (Welshy)

Review of Shapeshifters by Christy Rosanna
5 Christy Rosanna

Before Christmas I completed an 8 week programme with Shapeshifters and lost 10kg.

I have used gyms before but found it hard to be consistently motivated. I thought my workouts were good while I was at the gym on my own, but a 30 minute session at Shapeshifters wore me out more than an hour of training on my own.

The whole team at Shapeshifters are polite, helpful and keep you motivated. I know so much more about nutrition and exercise then I did before. Losing 10kg made me feel absolutely amazing (and it was something I didn't believe I could do after lots of failed diets). Now I know that I can do it with Shapeshifters I've come back for another 8 week course.

The trainer's are really skilled and know what they're doing! My trainer Matt is great and I feel really comfortable training with him. As well as having lost weight, I'm a whole lot stronger than when I started because of all the weight training, and seeing my progress makes me feel great.

I would recommend it to anyone

Review of Shapeshifters by Geraldine Marshall
5 Geraldine Marshall

Just finished my 8-week programme and feeling so much better. Thanks so much to all the Shapeshifter team, especially PT Jack for being so patient but firm when needed! After a few difficult years of focusing on the primary care of my disabled daughter and going through many stressful years of hospital appointments - I had forgotten about looking after myself. I have always been active but had totally lost the enthusiasm to motivate myself. In 8-weeks I have pushed myself more than I ever would physically and mentally. I am so much more conscious of eating the ‘right’ stuff and looking after me. Not only have I lost weight, gained muscle strength but re-energised my mental wellbeing too - so feeling more in control and more like my old self. I also have better knowledge of how to actually get the best out of a gym session by using the equipment properly. So thank you. If you are considering it – go for it!

Review of Shapeshifters by Rich Wood
5 Rich Wood

I recently completed a 12 week programme with the shapeshifters team and achieved the following results:

Weight loss of 6.5kg
Body fat % reduction of 11.6%
Lean muscle mass increase of 4.2kg
And a 3 inch waist reduction

The results were achieved through a carefully tailored nutrition plan with supplements recommended to maximise results but also aid food digestion and recovery between workouts.

Each workout whilst challenging was engaging and built a sense of reward. I was fortunate to train with a number of the trainers that work at the studio and whilst each has their own personal approach to training, all possess an incredibly high level of knowledge with regards to training to ensure that so long as you stick to your workouts and nutrition, you will get the results that you desire.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 12 weeks and cant recommend shapeshifters highly enough, i'm even tempted to get fat again just so I have the excuse to start a new 12 week programme.

Review of Shapeshifters by Hannah Hinton
5 Hannah Hinton

So I did this ....not for vanity's sake but to be stronger & fitter for my main sport of waterpolo. Shapeshifters Gym showed me the value of nutrition, the importance of giving my body the right fuel it needed to benefit from the training & conditioning. Matt my trainer was amazing, he taught me how to exercise the right way!!
My overall fitness, speed & strength have improved beyond anything I had hoped for

But it wasn't until I saw my before & after photos that it really hit me how much my body had changed ...thank you all at shapeshifters!!

Ps The strawberry shake is much better & even miss the leg press!!! �

Review of Shapeshifters by Celia Raven
5 Celia Raven

I have just completed a 12 week transformational programme at Shapeshifters and couldn't have enjoyed it more. The team are all so friendly and welcoming. Matt trained me for the majority and was extremely motivating. I had a personalised nutrition plan set by Adele which was great and allowed for a lot of flexibility for different meals to make whilst still showing amazing results! I used to hate gyms but they've made me feel very confident in a gym environment. Matt even gave me workout plans for when I wasn't training at shapeshifters over Christmas, which was great! I have decided to carry on for another month as I'm enjoying it so much! Thank you everyone xx

Review of Shapeshifters by Michelle Devine
5 Michelle Devine

I recently completed an 8 week program and I was very impressed by the whole team at Shape Shifters. I had not been in a gym for 30 years and had not eaten a healthy meal in a while either. I always felt fully supported by Ryan, Matt, Adele, Anna and Stacey. Adele set a diet plan and supplements for me (she really knows what she is talking about �, Thank you) and it worked a treat. I lost 8% body fat and four inches from my waist. Like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. If you follow the program that you are given it will work. I am continuing the diet plan, as it really helped my digestive system and also the exercise. Thank You xxx

Review of Shapeshifters by Anita Patel
5 Anita Patel

I went to Shapeshifters after feeling like I had tried everything to lose weight. I had tried all sorts of diets and was working out intensively at the him and not losing weight. I did the 8 week programme and have no regrets about committing to it. I've got the results I haven't managed to achieved for years.

Adele knows her stuff with food and made adjustments to my diet as needed. She was always happy to answer any questions no matter how busy she was.

Matt and Anna were the ones who mainly did my training and they pushed me to my limits but the hard work has paid off and I can say the pain was worth it.

Going to Shapeshifters has honestly changed my life and I've taken away useful life lessons about portion size and eating habits which I have carried on despite finishing the programme 3 weeks ago. I feel happier about the way I look and am well on the way to feeling great in my wedding dress. I would 100% recommend.

Review of Shapeshifters by Donna Sutton
5 Donna Sutton

I've just finished my 8week group training plan and I absolutely loved it! Well, I didn't love getting up at 5am, because our session started at 6(!!) But once I was there, and the rest of the group were equally as sleepy it was fine �

I was worried I'd feel intimidated by ripped trainers looking down at me for being heavy and I thought I'd be in a hardcore group but I couldn't be further from the truth. Gaz and Ollie were super nice, they pushed you hard but you could have a giggle with them, and the group I was in were just normal bunch of people trying to sort out their own body gripes. There were generally about 6 or 7 of us (think the max for this group 8 or 9, but with hols, sickness, work commitments, we only had the max attendance once) so with 2 PTs you got a lot of attention. The group were lovely, we had a laugh and encouraged each other.

The diet plan took me a few days to get into, the shake was disgusting and the lack of snacks (none!!) took some getting used to, but I did. And now I'm as happy as Larry (who's Larry?!) So now I love my morning shake and wouldn't be without it, my new way of eating is healthy and I feel better for it and shall continue doing it.

So what was my end result? I lost a stone in 8 weeks! I'm more than happy with that. You must stick to the plan though, its not magic - you only get out of it what you put in. I wasn't perfect for the full 8 weeks but I tried my very best to stay on plan.

In conclusion, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat, and if new work commitments hadn't got in the way, I would have! I just want to say a big thank you to Ollie and Gaz for being brilliant and Adele for all of your great nutrition advice

For anyone that wants more detailed info on my 8 weeks, I did keep a short diary, so let me know and I'll send it to on

Review of Shapeshifters by Sanjay Solanki
5 Sanjay Solanki

I have just completed a 14 week programme with Shapeshifters with un-believe results, way more than I ever thought was possible, I achieved the following: -

Weight loss – 11kg (73.3kg to 62.3kg)
Body fat – 12% (22.5% to 10.5%)
5.25” off my waist

At the age of 45 I feel and look better than I did at 20, actually have abs for the first time in my life.

Most of my workouts were with Matt but all the trainers and staff were really helpful, encouraging and always on hand to help / assist.

The nutrition / diet plans from Adele are simple to follow, everything from the minute you wake-up to sleep is planned, all meals include weight and supplements.

Training is hard but well worth it, you will push yourself to new limits and will be surprised at what you achieve between week 1 and your final week, e.g. I first struggled to do mountain claims for 15 seconds by week 14 I was doing 9 x 1 minute sets for my core workout.

I would recommend Shapeshifters to anyone who wants to seriously make a change to their lifestyle, once you have completed the program it will change the way you live (for the better).

I enjoyed the training so much that I have decided to return in early 2018 for another program, giving myself between now and the New Year to train myself and put into practice what I have learned to-date.

Finally I would like to say to BIG “THANKYOU” to Matt, Adele and the rest of the team at Shapeshifters for everything they have helped me with during these 14 weeks, it has been a very enjoyable journey one that I will never forget, much appreciated guys.

Take care and all the best…

Review of Shapeshifters by Stanley Ho
5 Stanley Ho

Having spent 7 months with Shapeshifters I can guarantee that the trainers know their stuff! They're always striving to gain more knowledge, with seminars and self learning. After the the first few weeks you start to notice results and changes, after 3 months I noticed a huge change, stick to the diet plan and listen to the trainers and you will see results! Coach Oli and Ryan both trained me and helped strengthen and develop my knowledge of the body and how to train properly. Making the session fun, but pushing you at the same time. I've also had the chance to have a session with both Junior and Matt both were fantastic. The other trainers Gaz and Anna you get to interact with too, both of which are very welcoming. They start off with spotting your weaknesses (mine was my knee and shoulders) and will tailor your sessions to your goals. Adele was awesome and motivating since day one at the consultation till the end! She even offered to have a check up on me a few weeks later my package end! And who can forget Stacey, she welcomes you with a smile and is also very good at treating any tightness or injuries. All in all Shapeshifters is a fantastic place and has a great atmosphere for anyone who wants to change their life style, I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks guys!

Review of Shapeshifters by Shaaista Ebrahim
5 Shaaista Ebrahim

I had the 3 month plan and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my PT Matt and Adele. I also had a few weeks with Ashley too. All the PTs were super friendly and we got to know each other pretty well over time! You have to stay committed with the nutrition plan and also workout at home but always aim to give your all during each session in order to see the results. It’s never a session without leg press! I enjoyed every session as it made me feel like a better person. It helped me to gain more confidence in my appearance and become more positive mentally. I dropped about 2 sizes and could wear clothes I never thought I would. The aim was to lose inches, gain muscle, improve physique and health and be more toned. I am at a weight I know I couldn’t have done without the help I’ve received over the past few months and now I’m motivated to continue to reach my goal on my own at my local gym. It’s hard work and intense but it’s all worth it in the end with the right attitude. Hopefully I can actually say on Jan 1st 2018.. it’s a new year, new me:) thanks ever so much! I appreciate every second of it all and will miss every bit of it! Especially being water deprived and the hi5s! ahah take care

Review of Shapeshifters by Rowan Patel
5 Rowan Patel

If you’re serious about having a healthy transformation then I couldn’t recommend anywhere better. All of the personal trainers are very friendly, and you will get a workout plan that is personal and suited to yourself and your goals. Matt has been my PT for a long time now & really pushes me to reach my potential as he knows my weak points and my strengths. I have on occasion trained with the other PT’s at Shapeshifters and have had a great workout with each of them too. Lastly Ash is great at sport therapy if you need some muscle release work! Overall a great gym!

Review of Shapeshifters by Alisha White
5 Alisha White

Best gym and best set of personal trainers who are well experienced and know exactly what they are talking about. I achieved amazing results within the couple of months I spent with them. Would recommend to everyone!!!


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