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I am a psychological illusionist, marketing consultant, and performance speaker. I have been speaking and performing for over a decade. I offer public theatre shows as well as keynote shows for private audiences and corporate companies. Beyond that, I offer a specialized business keynote called Mind Power.



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I've been doing magic since I was 15; so a little over 20 years now. I've been performing professionally for a little over a decade.

My main performance show is a 45 minute mind reading show. It's completely built on audience interaction. If mind reading were real, this is what it would look like. It's also much different than what most people have seen. Most audiences have seen a magician. Not very many have seen a mind reader. Clients and guests always leave not only having a great time, but wondering what if this were actually possible.
My keynote show is also 45 minutes long yet it focuses on the techniques, the "secrets" behind what I do that I've learned from over a decade of performing. I teach the audience not only how to recognize these techniques, but also how to apply them in their own lives to build stronger and longer lasting relationships not only in the general sense but with employees and clients if you're in the business world; how to use linguistics, body language, and persuasion techniques to make more sales and also to become more effective leaders. Even though the keynote is about teaching the techniques, I also perform a few things using those techniques to entertain the audience.

I absolutely love all the people I meet. If it's in a performance show I love to see and hear that people were entertained and they enjoyed themselves. For the keynotes, It means the world to me when someone not only walks away more knowledgable but more importantly some area of their life has improved based off the techniques. I just want to provide value for people whether in a performance setting or a keynote session.

Magic and speaking have always been a passion of mine. I finally decided I didn't want to get old and wonder what if I had chosen to pursue my dream. So I took a leap and went for it and am super happy I did.

My main goal with my clients is to provide value. That can be in the form a highly entertaining performance show or in a highly educational and mind expanding keynote session. If they had a great time, learned a lot, and got enough value to refer me to someone, then I'm extremely happy.