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International DJ, Traveled all over the states and 7 countries in Europe, also have done Radio mix shows for 16 stations world wide. Open to many different venues, play hip-hop, R&B, Old School, Pop and many BPM up tempos.


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I have learn that you play to your crowd, if anything always remember to keep the women dancing cause they control the floor.

Mixing and blending songs together, can always do remix or change up a song . try not to be to robotic and just play to your crowd.

I love the fact a Dj is able to control the floor, keep them out there, just seeing people having a good time as I play is worth it.

Club life and traveling, for over 20 years, I need a change, so started SGE radio and went out to be able to do radio mix shows and large events cause of it.

Very reasonable and will always make them happy, they come first.



Amble to record Demo's, Voice Over, Podcast Singing etc.....