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Sghibi Do

22 August 2019

The lady is very nice and friendly, a genuine but professional person at the same time.Amazing sewing service. Highly recommended!


Denis Parker

28 February 2019

Very good service they replaced a zip for me. Reasonable price. What more could I want.


Mia Jakeman

30 December 2018

Can't rate this lady highly enough, she pretty much redesigned my graduation dress to fit me perfectly, and today I took 4 pairs of trousers in, asked if it was possible to do one pair today and then the rest whenever she has time - she did them all today! I had also pinned the trousers myself, she made sure I didn't leave without my needles! Fantastic service. More...


Jono Cary

30 July 2018

Sweet natured kind and extremely efficient. The highest quality of sewing available in Bournemouth! I was down for a ball in Bournemouth and and needed some buttons repairing and some buttons for braces sewing on, literally 10mins later all problems solved. Highly recommended.


Jade Sturdy

30 July 2018

Excellent service. Especially for those of us that cannot sew and would therefore throw away.


Jason Downey

30 July 2017

Great prices and very efficient, thanks


Scott Matthews

30 July 2017

Can not recommend this place enough. Have taken a few items here and the results have always been fantastic.