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Seven Hills Software

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

2 hires on Bark
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Seven Hills Software

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

2 hires on Bark


Seven Hills Software offers affordable bespoke software, mobile, and web development to small businesses. We work with clients from the very start of the process to build perfect software that fits your specification exactly.
Starting at the design stage we will work with you to find out what you need building, all the way through the process of building, testing and publishing your project.


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24 January 2019

Sam understood exactly what I was after and built me a great app that helps me keep organised with my home selling business. Sam made sure he kept me up to date along the way with what he was doing and that I was happy with the outcome. I would defiantly recommend sam to any businesses looking for someone to build them an app/website etc More...

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A great website needs to work flawlessly, look great and be intuitive and easy to use. A website that doesn't have every single one of those aspects may as well not exist. What's the point of a great looking site that nobody can figure out how to use? What's the point of a great layout if the website has broken features?

The first question is always "What is the problem the product needs to solve?". This seems obvious but when building bespoke software it is the most important thing to keep in mind. If we know the problem, every step we take through the process will work towards the solution.
Other questions that will help us deliver on your needs are
"What features do you need?"
"What do you want the software to look and feel like?"
"What is your budget and ideal timeframe for the product?"
"Who will be using the product?"

I have always worked in small business and have even owned a local locksmith business. This means I know the unique problems small businesses face. I know the feeling of risk you take when working with someone new, it is far greater when the business is your own. This is why I gaurentee my work, if I don't deliver then you don't either.
I have smaller overheads than large firms which keeps costs down, but I can deliver a product more unique to you and can involve you in any parts of development you want.


Bespoke web development solutions for businesses. We will work with you to build web apps from the ground up with fantastic functionality that goes above and beyond what a normal website can do. Examples of some of the features we can build into your Web apps include automated texting, appointment booking, card payments, and database controls.

If you need a web presence we will get you set up with a website designed only for you. We will set up your domain name, web hosting and website custom built for you. We work with you right from the beginning to give you a website you can be proud of.

We will build a web based app that can run alongside your current website. This can be a great way to add functionality to a basic website without rebuilding from the ground up. Examples include a customer booking system, online payment or advanced contact forms.

We will build your mobile app with the latest technology so it works flawlessly across all devices. We can build in the latest features, including data management, accounts, push notifications, and more.