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Event and stage management.

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Set It Out Reviews

Set It Out Reviews

Review of Set It Out by Meera Fahy
4 01/07/2018 Meera Fahy

Had a few shaky run-ins with motion before, but this time the service was stellar. Dropped my purse down the side of the bar and they had a full force team helping me out. It was sik

Review of Set It Out by Debra Allen
4 26/05/2018 Debra Allen

Surprisingly good venue! It's very big, with balconies so the vertically challenged amongst us have a chance of seeing the stage. There are plenty of toilets, which is unusual, and the security people are very efficient (poor guy who collapsed last night was getting help almost instantly). Only down sides are the small bar, so a long wait for (expensive) drinks, and the temperature when it's full - but the outside area is large so plenty of room for everyone to cool off. I'd definitely go back.

Review of Set It Out by michele richards
4 26/05/2018 michele richards

I liked it. I liked being able to go outside or inside. I liked the look of the old building, however i wasnt there long enough to use the facilities and inside it was unbelievably hot.

Review of Set It Out by James Brine
2 25/05/2018 James Brine

Attended ‘Brit pop must be destroyed’ live band event. Incredible line up, should be couldn’t fail evening but I’m afraid it was disappointing because of the sound. I know every word from every song ever played by terrorvision, wildhearts and dodgy and stood 1 person back from the front, I couldn’t tell which song they were playing. Probably great if you are going for a club night and don’t care about sound definition but if you want to hear the band you paid £32 to hear. You may be disappointed. I’m generally not overly fussy about these things and accept that venues have their limitations but all this place needs is a decent sound guy to take one look on a night with a full crowd and it and it would probably be sorted. Do it guys.
In its defence, the mezzanines they have installed are great and allow all a great view with lots of consideration for the disabled.
Such a great venue ruined by rubbish sound.

Review of Set It Out by Filip Zukowski
5 11/05/2018 Filip Zukowski

Been motion a few times and it's been good really good every time. One time we did have a bit of a sitch with the bouncers and my friend wasn't allowed in at around 10:30 because he was "too drunk" when he only had a can of beer and was actually the most sober one out of all of us, it seemed like they judged his drunkenness based on something they observed, like a small trip maybe? But they did allow him in about half an hour later as he said he'd wait until he's allowed back in as there's no reason he shouldn't be allowed in. Good place overall

Review of Set It Out by Martin Wszelaki
4 11/04/2018 Martin Wszelaki

Fantastic underground, hipster, music venue based in old warehouse. Good sound, enough of fine bars around (but prices could be not so high!), Lotz of facilities. Upper Circle in perfect distance from the stage. Cool smoking area. Very polite security.
Minuses? Stairs - hazard when crowdy.

Review of Set It Out by Tim Fox Evans
5 23/03/2018 Tim Fox Evans

Great venue...( We saw Sigrid..) beer, nice atmosphere and small enough place to get a good view/ move around.

Review of Set It Out by James Bancroft
5 18/03/2018 James Bancroft

A massive venue for clubbing nights and gig's.
There are many different rooms with different styles of music and DJs,I've been to a 90s rave night and a chemical brothers gig here and the sound system is amazing.

Review of Set It Out by Matthew Roberts
4 14/03/2018 Matthew Roberts

Not too bad! Pretty much a warehouse so won't be to everyone's taste but is pretty sizeable and you get good angles of the stage pretty much wherever you are.

Review of Set It Out by Darren Regester
5 13/03/2018 Darren Regester

Fantastic venue. Great sound. Nice big open space on one level so great views all round. Reasonable drinks and great security team.

Review of Set It Out by Cam Melling
5 22/02/2018 Cam Melling

Definitely one of my favourite clubs I've been to and the addition of another room is an added bonus to an already huge club.

Review of Set It Out by Victor Stoicheci
5 18/02/2018 Victor Stoicheci

Absolutely class place. Do recommend going at least once in your life to a DnB event here. Didn't take any photos of the place but here's some dudes absolutely loving it there.

Review of Set It Out by Daniel Evans
5 18/02/2018 Daniel Evans

Amazing venue always providing a huge variety of acts all year round. Never had a bad night here.

Review of Set It Out by Captain Obvious
1 07/02/2018 Captain Obvious

The security team denied me entry and accused me of being on drugs even though I'd only consumed alcohol. After protesting they got their paramedic to shine a light in my pupils before concluding that I was on benzodiazepine even though I've never taken this in my life. It was a highly frustrating experience made worse by the fact that the next time I went they denied me entry again until I "admitted" that I'd been on drugs last time. I understand that mistakes like this can happen but the arrogance and disrespect they showed me was really uncalled for. Motion was my favourite club until this experience but now I generally avoid it.

Review of Set It Out by Joe Brown
4 02/02/2018 Joe Brown

Excellent venue, staff pretty good too with a common sense approach from security.

The sound system is excellent with a good acoustic layout.

Drinks a bit overpriced but to be expected. I didn't really explore the outdoor areas but looked good.

Review of Set It Out by Xavier Nash
4 23/01/2018 Xavier Nash

-Great music
-Very busy and great atmosphere
-Multiple stages
-No indoor toilets only portaloos

Review of Set It Out by Ryan J
5 13/01/2018 Ryan J

Yessss motion! Best venue in Bristol! Absolutely pinging to go again!

Review of Set It Out by Tom Mace
4 27/12/2017 Tom Mace

Music good 50% of the time and 80% of the time you won't care. Many people on party enhancers. Best to decide in advance if this is your kind of scene. If so, could be a mental night.

Review of Set It Out by Matt Robinson
4 21/12/2017 Matt Robinson

Went here for Halloween 2016. Great venue, absolutely huge! And it had a Ball pit. although I lost my lightsaber it it.

Review of Set It Out by Ed Fry
4 19/12/2017 Ed Fry

Great club venue with some pretty big acts playing. Always good fun

Review of Set It Out by Tadeáš Tauchin
5 12/12/2017 Tadeáš Tauchin

This is the G spot of electronic culture of south-west. Breathtaking events with great lineups and thanks to the spaces true underground atmosphere.

Review of Set It Out by Jacob Anstey
5 11/12/2017 Jacob Anstey

Great venue it your a raver. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good night out

Review of Set It Out by Marcus Standish
1 21/11/2017 Marcus Standish

I went on Friday 17th Nov to see bicep. Though the venue seemed cool and the music was good, the whole experience was eclipsed by the awful queue and crush once inside the venue. It had clearly been oversold, and they had insufficient staff managing the queue, which we had to wait in for around 90 minutes. Shame.

Review of Set It Out by Joshua Broughton
4 20/11/2017 Joshua Broughton

Good music venue, I saw Metronomy here. A bit out of the way though, bit walkable from my hotel (Travelodge on Mitchell lane).

Review of Set It Out by Vladimir Doktorov
5 18/11/2017 Vladimir Doktorov

Definitely one of the best music venues, best line ups, good prices and friendly staff, free water available as well.

Review of Set It Out by Vladimir Doktorov
5 04/11/2017 Vladimir Doktorov

Definitely one of the best music venues, best line ups, good prices and friendly staff, free water available as well.

Review of Set It Out by Stuart Clarke
3 23/10/2017 Stuart Clarke

You can tell how close you're getting to motion because the number of licked out wraps and plastic bags littering the pavements increases exponentially.

Review of Set It Out by Ellie Bessant
4 16/10/2017 Ellie Bessant

Saw a Hospitality night. It was great but have to say, there was a little bit of high end hiss with the soundsystem & sooooo packed by the end!

Review of Set It Out by Brody Vaughan
4 07/10/2017 Brody Vaughan

Eddie Murphy said it best, I just want to party all the time, party all the time Party all the tiiiiime

Review of Set It Out by Piotr Wojcikowski
4 27/08/2017 Piotr Wojcikowski

Amazing music, 4 music halls plus beer and cider for £ 4 per piece. Free water available in the bar for guests. Just superrrrrr l place for groups.

Review of Set It Out by Alex Cox
2 20/08/2017 Alex Cox

Absolute joke.
Went to an event and queued for an hour, people pushing in front and the bouncers didn't take any notice. Ended up paying again to get in because we'd passed the entry time by 5 minutes, despite being in the queue for over an hour. Drinks were ridiculously overpriced £7 plus for a double is criminal!

Review of Set It Out by Mark Tippett
5 21/07/2017 Mark Tippett

It's dingey. It is divey. It is perfect. Outstanding acts, great bar service and sensible security guards. Never had a bad time here.

Review of Set It Out by Jon Watts
5 04/07/2017 Jon Watts

Awesome time! Very hot though! Can't wait to go again!

Review of Set It Out by jon bessant
5 18/06/2017 jon bessant

Fantastic venue. Great selection of music and a brilliant atmosphere. This place throws the best parties in the city.

Review of Set It Out by Pavel Jisl
4 15/06/2017 Pavel Jisl

Visited Hospitality BBQ XXL there. I cannot tell much about the club itself as party was outdoor. But I liked the place, both venues - main on "parking lot" and another on terrace.

Review of Set It Out by Mat Pearce
5 15/05/2017 Mat Pearce

2nd time here, watched Gentleman's dub club and recently Leftfield. Great venue, plenty of bars although they get busy. Top notch sound system and seem to attract big names, so will no doubt be back soon.

Review of Set It Out by Dayna O'Sheea
1 Dayna O'Sheea

Dissapointed. Rude staff. Overcrowded.

I came to Motion for the very first time last weekend for the Junction 2 event.

Even though the music was fantastic, the one way system that was put in place was a complete joke. The place was packed, yet queues were forming everywhere.

A good example is that at one point I needed the loo (and was upstairs), eventually made my way to the toilets, then had to complete the journey in the one way system in order to get back to where I started, but on arrival at the right set of stairs (that was crazy), I was told no-one was going up. I had spent over an hour visiting the ladies, when it should have only taken 5/10 minutes. I saw about 20+ people come downstairs, yet no-one was allowed up.

The staff were extremely rude and couldn't understand why I was frustrated that my friends were all waiting for me where I'd left them.

Due to paying a large sum for my ticket (3rd tier) and not being able to use the club as intended/wasting time cueing/trying to find the right entrance or exits, I will not be attending the nightclub again.

Review of Set It Out by Rob Ali
1 Rob Ali

Unbelievable. Witnessed a piece of shit security guard pull someone for a little bag of something they shouldn't have and then proceeded to ask for 20 quid and they could stay. Absolutely unexcusable behaviour from the guys meant to be looking after everyone.2nd time I've heard this happen. Deserves to lose his license.
Overpriced drinks and far too busy.
Shame, used to love nights at motion,another venue down the pan

Review of Set It Out by Eleanor Cox
1 Eleanor Cox

Motion, I expect a refund for your World Cup quarter final screening on Saturday. Charging people £7.80 a ticket (NOT £6 as advertised) and you couldn't even sort a decent way to screen the match, relying on BBC iPlayer and a dodgy wi-fi connection which froze every two minutes. We left after 10 minutes - such a joke!!!!! I'd like my money back please

Review of Set It Out by Jamie Windley
1 Jamie Windley

Could only see half of the screen for the England v Panama game. Basic stuff here. At the very least you should get this part right if you're hosting a world cup screening. On top of this, advertised as outdoor screening but was indoors. Who organises these things?

Review of Set It Out by Tracy Caldwell
5 Tracy Caldwell

I last visited Motion in 2010! I came back to see Seth Troxler & Ben Klock last night.

What a night � good levels of friendly security, a slick process of getting everyone in, every member of staff I spoke to were really lovely and friendly people. Great sound system and a really good crowd - no weirdos bumbling around. I felt safe at all times.

I didn’t feel the venue was over crowded at all as per some reviews, it’s called an atmosphere, however I have been clubbing for nearly 18 years, so used to going to busy clubs around the world during that time.

Well done Motion. I think a lot of clubs could learn a lot from you guys, especially in the current climate where you’re having to fight with the powers that be!

Review of Set It Out by Jade Nurse
1 Jade Nurse

Well where do I begin....

If I could put lower than the 1 star rating on here I would, you deserve a -5 for your pathetic performance at yesterday’s football screening.might I add QUARTER FINAL SCREENING - important time in our lives and you gave a poor excuse for a celebratory day. Glad we didn’t stay until the end because you would of flipped my mood.

My boyfriend paid for a 5 person ticket with a pitcher (NO PITCHER) yet only 4 of could make it in the end still wasn’t allowed the 5 drink tokens we paid for. Drinks were warm and your free drink was a can of San Miguel cider wasn’t even an option. Who even drinks San Miguel ?

Think it’s an utter joke that you even advertise a pitcher to begin with knowing you won’t have them? If your idea of a pitcher is 5 san Miguel’s you need to rethink your drinking game altogether.

Can I also just state how the managers attitude is actually a joke, asked him a simple question to be met with some stenching ass attitude. Also thought it was extremely rude from the so say manager to shout to the security guard who told me to speak to the manager about my other drink token to turn around and shout “ don’t be sending people over to me with things like that” excuse me but if you are the manager you need to rethink your attitude and deal with your customers respectfully as we all did just pay for a pile of shit.

None of us could even see the screen not that it worked anyway.
The screen kept buffering this happened during the game too! You expect people to sit and wait for it to finish buffering in one of our country’s most important games. Missed half the game because you streamed through iplayer, worse decision YOU made!

Absolute joke when tried to leave with the drinks we paid for we had to chuck them in the bin, might I add these drinks were plastic cups too! Yet the person behind us was allowed to take his drink because it was in a plastic cup. You cause you’re own issues, should be 1 rule for all.... plus we will be getting our money back for the those drinks thanks.

We were not the only group of people to have got up and left either.

And after all this fuss we also had to que outside whilst the football was stRting on the screen although we got there in reasonable timing, we finally met up with our friends who had been queuing for a drink for a solid 15 minutes to be given that delightful warm beer. ( yes that is sarcasm, you should have stated no pitcher would have been involved from the beginning & gave us our extra token WE PAID FOR)!

We had no chance in even queuing for our shitty warm beer anyway as the que was wrapped around the seating area, should of really thought about your strategy beforehand, because let’s face it think some other people would agree wasn’t great was it?

Review of Set It Out by Kirsty Hoare
3 Kirsty Hoare

After traveling from Southampton and paying £30 for a ticket on Saturday. We got into the venue quick and easy and we’re enjoying the music. 20 minutes later we were all panicking due to the space we DIDN’T have!! Literally couldn’t deal with it, what if there was a fire or everyone had to be evacuated?? How dangerous!! We ended up paying an extra £20 for VIP just so we could enjoy the night and actually move. Once we’re up there we were told we had to go down stairs to use the toilets� seriously?? In the end we were aloud to use the ones up in vip and they were disgusting �. If we didn’t pay that extra £20 we would have left but we’d traveled for it. So in the end paid £50 for a ticket ridiculous �!!! The music was on point but I can see why people moan about the over crowding. Think about customers not your money please

Review of Set It Out by Juan Callejas Medina
1 Juan Callejas Medina

Motion used to be really good. I am regular customer of this place but doing the things like you do guys I am not coming neither recommend the place to anyone. Aggressive security, horrible service.
No ice at all in all night (Nina Kraviz’s party). Also you stopped letting people to the main room at 4’30 when Nina Kraviz was playing. Then around the same time you kicked out a lot of people.
If you count count me out!
And you can see all the posts:
-100 people unhappy
-1 happy
Keep going guys, you are doing well!

Review of Set It Out by Elizabeth Payne
1 Elizabeth Payne

Had a great night- awesome bands, loads of bars and lots of toilets. So I had a fantastic night a really great night. But then the band finished. The cloakroom is outside, and the queue led to the inside. Were people allowed to wait inside since the temperature was at freezing? No. Were the toilets allowed (also outside)? No. So at freezing temperatures there's 100 people outside in t-shirts being shouted out by security. I can't leave until I have my coat and this is apparently not a sufficient answer.

Review of Set It Out by Haley Marie
5 Haley Marie

We had an amazing time. At hospitality bbq sun was shining, our event was outside plenty of benches to sit. Watching the boats go by as we danced. I was impressed with the size of the venue think if it was inside it would have been great night/day. Looking forward to coming back again....we travelled from the Midlands..

Review of Set It Out by Emma Walker
5 Emma Walker

After reading everyone’s reviews before we went, I was dreading visiting. We went to the Edris Elba night. It was absolutely fantastic, it does what it says on the tin. It is a warehouse set up but has the added bonus of outside area to get fresh air and cool down. Yes toilets are filthy but that’s to be expected, so so busy. Edris Elba of course was fantastic!!

Review of Set It Out by Gemma Louise
1 Gemma Louise

Not only shocking screening (and money grabbing) but the guy in charge was extremely rude. Tried to claim we didn't get a free drink as we had entered from the fuse event first. When I questioned the false advertisement his response was "prove it!" which i did and he had to eat his own words! He should be ashamed.
However credit to the security guy (situated between the two events) he was very friendly and answered all our questions happily!

Review of Set It Out by Amy Amos
1 Amy Amos

Too tight to get a proper internet connection, screen kept buffering, missed the second goal and the celebration at the end amongst other key moments. Jokes! Burgers are a joke, they only cook one at a time, and last time they closed kitchen as they’d had a Deliveroo order for 17 burgers. Don’t advertise food if you can’t supply it!

Review of Set It Out by Sam Whitcombe
1 Sam Whitcombe

Couldnt of been more of a disapointment for what was one of the biggest games in the last 50 years..
Got in 45 minutes before the game to a nice warm seat in the sun, where you couldnt see the screen. Stood in the drinks que for 20 minutes then collected my free warm beer.

Didnt matter though because atleast we were going to watch England progress in the world cup. Actually we couldnt watch it because the dumbasses didnt know how to work freeview so we had to watch it on IPlayer.

After the 1st 5 minutes of the match, IPlayer needed to be shut down and restarted twice and after that it was constantly stopping to load. People started to shout and moan before people started to leave.
We left after the 15th minute to try and watch it somewhere with a working TV.

Looking forward to getting my money back

Review of Set It Out by Tom Graham
1 Tom Graham

Football at motion was a massive jokes, advertise free pint, which is a can and no option of cider. Couldn't even see the game as half the screen was unveiwable. Advertised outdoor screens and was all indoors. Real shame tbh could have gone to a few more games but now certainly not! Piss poor greedy bastards

Review of Set It Out by Sarah Braithwaite
2 Sarah Braithwaite

Well What a disappointment the rum and reggae festival was..... travelled for 3 hours and booked hotel thinking it was worth the cost for a rum and reggae festival...... I use festival very lightly.
The one free sample was pretty much non alcoholic, the building was absolutely freezing and not one chair inside.

Drinks by token only...£20 for 4 drinks !!! Even if you wanted a bottle of beer it was one stamp.

Food .... now this was upsetting I was looking forward to some salt fish, fish cakes,mutton and goat curry, roti etc .... there wasn’t any of that.

Music... the band and steel band man where very good and did a fab job.
The dj music .... well I wasn’t expecting ub40 !!

It was also very packed and impossible to move.... if there was a fire we would all die!!!
A few of older bouncers seem to be enjoying themselves the younger ones seem to be doing their job.

I wouldn’t go again and wouldn’t recommend it, but I must say the staff were all very friendly, polite and helpful so 5* to them....also the lady cleaning the toilets was lovely and I was also jealous of her warm coat.

So all in all it was a waste of money with the travelling and hotel costs. I could of stood in the freezing cold at home whilst listening to ub40!

So my review is don’t bother going if you have to travel and if you do wear trainers and a jumper it’s just a big warehouse and the stage could of been a loading bay.
So staff and bands good.....the rest was pretty lame �

Review of Set It Out by Nathan Searle
1 Nathan Searle

Absolute joke of a place for the biggest football match in recent English history. The drinks were luke warm, the free "pint" voucher was only for a can of san Miguel (couldn't even get a can of cider with it). A group ticket of 5 was meant to include a free pitcher but instead they gave you 5 free drinks vouchers for a warm can of san Miguel. WORST OF ALL, the "big screen" of which was awful quality, kept freezing every few minutes because it was streamed over BBC IPlayer, people even started chanting "we want our money back". I left after the first 10 minutes of the game, as did a load of other people.

Lied to about the drinks and the attitude from staff was awful.

How you can hold your hand out and charge for that is actually disgusting.
I want my money back.

Review of Set It Out by Laura Mellor
1 Laura Mellor

World Cup screening at Motion was a joke! It was being streamed live from the BBC website and crashed constantly. We had to leave after 5mins to try and watch the game elsewhere.
No where near enough seating for the number of tickets sold and on the hottest day of the year you could only see the game if you sat in the sun.

Don’t bother wasting your time and money on this for the semi-final.

Review of Set It Out by Kendal Berry
1 Kendal Berry

Your outdoor football screening is really Terrible. Paid for a group of five that comes free with a pitcher.... no pitcher/ available today. The beers and cider were all warm today. You should have been more prepared with the cooling of alcohol. Secondly the screen was freezing every couple of minutes.,considering the amount of money you are pulling in every weekend I’m sure you could have invested in a better system than streaming! I think
You should actually refund people. Warm beers and a terrible streaming service is pretty terrible considering you’ve raked it in.

Review of Set It Out by Robbie Heaton
1 Robbie Heaton

I bought a £23 group of 5 ticket with a free pitcher for yesterday’s screening.
We arrived at 2:30pm on the biggest day of our lives to be met with a huge queue to enter the venue.
After a 15 min wait, we got to the guy handing out the drink tokens. Apparently pitchers aren’t a thing and we were getting a can of San Miguel each instead. I had a spare ticket on the group of 5 so I approached who I was told was the manager to which he abruptly asked, ‘what do you want?’ And when I asked for the 5th token I was given a flat ‘no’, despite paying for 5?
None of that matters tho as it was now 5 mins before kick off and friends who got in before us had been queuing at the bar for 20 mins so we had no chance of claiming the free warm can.
Just before kick off the screen was buffering and froze, they fixed it by refreshing BBC iPlayer a few times and we missed the first 30 seconds of the game. This happened another half a dozen times before the 20th minute so we decided to leave.
This was an absolute shambles, the event was over sold and the rude manager should’ve been a warning to what was to come.
I look forward to a response and a refund.

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