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**Relief from acute & chronic pain using innovative, comprehensive, advanced massage therapy techniques.


**Energy education (individual sessions & groupworkshops) for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & financial wellness


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Helping people transform! As a former anatomy teacher, I enjoy educating people about their own bodies! (Most of us "drive it like we stole it"!)

Being trained in a modality with fewer than 300 peers worldwide doesn't lend itself to fitting the corporate massage therapy mold! (Besides, who wants to be mold-y?!)


They should choose me if they are serious about their commitment to be *willing* to heal.


Relief from acute & chronic pain.. You really CAN feel better!

Did you know that you are in a constant dialogue with all your 50 trillion cells? What are you telling your body? (And what is your body trying to tell YOU?) Come learn how to have a clearer relationship with your Self (after all, it's bound to be your longest!)