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Once determined the customer´s needs, the location and the budget to take a decision about which system we had to use, I am able to design the system applying my sound physics knowledge and using system´s prediction softwares (Mapp Online, SoundVision, etc.) to calculate the best system´s performance as well as calculations for subsequent system´s adjustments. For example, I used to make the digital arc cardioid polar patterns to cancel the SUB´s summing at stage area, line arrays coverage, out fill coverage, delay towers, etc.

Throughout 14 years I have been mixing for many gigs, TV shows, musicals, theatre and events. I have no problem using analog, digital or hybrid mixers, I have worked with YAMAHA, Digidesign (AVID), Digico, Soundcraft, Midas and Innovason mixing

As stage technician, my responsability is to analyze the microphone/line technics, positions, channel lists and power and signal distribution, and set it up properly. I always pay attention to cleanlinees, to have a kind and confortable stage area for technicians and musicians, mainly when are several bands or show on the stage.

I used to manage video projectors, large format screens, LED Barco Displays and LCD displays, video mixers, scalers, splitters, cameras as well as computer related stuff like interfaces, media servers and software (Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects, Arkaos, Resolume, Modul8, etc.) I have also knowledge of 3D mapping techniques and software (MadMapper, VTP7, Catalyst, Syphon, etc.)

I have worked with many different systems and trademarks: - Line array & Speaker Systems: Meyer Sound, L-Acoustics, Nexo, Adamson, JBL, D&B, Martin Audio. - Speaker processors: Galileo, XTA, Lake, DBX - Mixing Desks: Digidesign (AVID), YAMAHA, Midas, Soundcraft, Innovason, DigiCo. - Power amps: Lab Gruppen, Crown, Powersoft and Altair. - Signal processors: Yamaha, Lexicon TC Electronics, Eventide, Focus Rite, Klark Technics, BBS, dBx, Avalon, Waves, Universal Audio. - Microphones: AKG, Sennheisser, Shure, Audio Technica, Neumann, DPA. - Video Projectors and displays: Sanyo, Panasonic, Sony. - LED Video systems: Barco. - Video Components: Matrox, Analog Way, Black Magic. - Electric Chain Hoists: Chain master, Lodestar, Stagemaker.