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Nina Monroe

7 June 2018

Judo has been absolutely wonderful for my boys. Sempai has 1st class instructors and I am very glad to be apart of this Judo Club. I love how the instructors work with all ages and skill levels More...


Rachel Yamamoto

7 June 2018

We love Sempai. It is family oriented, focusing on training and technique and strength, not just paying your way through the ranks. The kids work hard and take care of each other and it shows! My daughters love it and they have made huge strides since we started. More...


Charles H.

29 February 2016

I love this place! They keep things simple and do a great job of teaching every part of the art of Judo! Best Judo dojo in Nebraska!


Charles Holcomb

7 June 2015

What a great group of martial artists! I wouldn't dream of sending my girls anywhere else.


Laura Franco

7 June 2014

I Learned early on at Sempai they are not just a group of people trying to get their black belts, they are also a family. When one hurts we all hurt , when one suffers we all suffer. It has been said " Strong people don' t put others down..... they raise them up". At Sempai we strive to be strong Mentally, Physically and in our charter, we are always there to raise each other up. At sempai we are a family and our door is always open to let new people in. More...



7 June 2014

When I first started out I wasn't sure of myself but the head instructor and his fellow assistant black belt teachers gave me the patient and understanding to get me where I am today. They even gave me one on one teaching when I asked so I could better understand the particular technique or even move for that class. The kindness and sense of a family community here at the academy is tremendous and our teachers are always pushing us to strive to better ourselves. I wouldn't want to go to any other class if it wasn't at Sempai Judo Academy. More...


Matt Schoville

7 June 2013

My daughters train here with Reinders Sensei and his staff. They are amazing. After only 3 months of training both my daughters competed and won gold medals! This place is very family oriented and prices are extremely reasonable. The family discount really makes a difference. All four of my girls take Judo, I do the circuit training, and my wife does the women's self defense. More...


Gino Colenmaciti

7 June 2013

The head instructor is nice and relaxed but has a vast amount of knowledge. All the assistant instructors are awesome and have great talent as well. I have never been to a Judo school in this area with 7 or 8 black belts on the mat at one time. From what I have seen there is almost always 4 of them and they actually work out with you and teach you at the same time. I love this school More...