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Lynda Marlin-Roca

8 May 2019

Krista leads her clients on an energetic/spiritual journey with humor, compassion and awareness of her clients' individual needs. She shares her gifts freely and has opened up new worlds to me. More...


Joy Codilla

30 March 2019

When I met Krista, she made me feel very welcome in her space. She's really awesome and helped put a lot of my life into perspective! She only wants the best for those that come to her! More...


Geremy Reroma

29 January 2019

Krista performed hypnotism on meto focus and lower my anxiety level. It has helped me because i was able able to take on, succeeded and passed my exam for nursing. Krista keeps reminding me notto forget to breath and strengthen my chakra by taking a couple minutes a day to meditate and be thankful everyday. More...


Nadia Estela

31 October 2018

Incredible!! known Krista for many years and she is an inspiration to everyone she touches. She gives and empowers. I have been blessed by her honesty and empathy.


Anastasia Agramonte

3 July 2018

I attended Krista's F.A.C.E. Technique Workshop in early June. I went in expecting to learn a few yoga moves, but I left with so much more. I left feeling validated, honored and rejuvenated. Her raw, honest & vibrant energy coupled with the varied techniques kept the participants engaged, calm and motivated. Krista helped me to identify areas of weakness and her F.A.C.E. technique fostered a plan for me to take action even after the workshop. As a mental health provider, I would recommend you sign up for her service if you are looking for a holistic way to release internal tension and plan for improved emotional and spiritual health. More...



29 May 2018

I can't thank Krista enough for the help she gave me. She opened my eyes and helped me realize that everything has purpose and meaning. Sometimes its just not our time. I wish I could talk to her everyday! More...


Christine Waryha

29 May 2018

Krista truly has a special gift and has helped me tremendously in so many areas of my life. Her warm and bubbly personality made me comfortable opening up about anything and everything. Since day 1, Krista’s advice has allowed me to grow into a more positive and peaceful person with more clarity than ever! I’ll always hold onto the skills I’ve learned from her and understand how important it is to practice them on a daily basis. I wish everyone had a Krista in their neighborhood!! Even though I’ll be moving out of the area, I won’t hesitate to make the drive to see her again. Thank you thank you thank you, Krista! More...


Romarie Espino

29 May 2018

I was referred to Krista by a friend and to be honest, at first I was skeptical in seeing her because it's not easy for me to open up to just anyone. But once I walked into the room, she welcomed me with open arms and as I started talking to her more I felt comfortable within minutes. She's very easy to talk to and after my session, I felt relieved as if weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She helped me see and understand things that I was too blind to see, and I can't thank her enough for it. If you're feeling down or in a rut, I seriously recommend you go to her! More...


Santina C

29 May 2018

Krista is great she was very helpful in a very difficult time for me. Her inspiration put me in a more positive place. I will also be very grateful to her.


Maria Ganthier

31 July 2017

I always knew Krista as the best hairstylist!! She did wonders to my hair throughout the years. Recently I reconnected with my cousin who got her angel cards read by her a year ago. She then shared her journey with me of finding herself, soul searching, and positive energy. Honestly I never believe in these things. I always thought the spiritual world was weird! Recently things have happened in my life where I felt the need to seek life coaching. I went on Krista's page before I saw her and already I felt her helping. After just two sessions, I can say she has changed my life. Not an exaggeration! She has helped me so much and what's awesome is I can text her at anytime if I need her and she will be there for me. Her positive energy can be felt from miles away and it's so comforting. I stand behind her 100% because she is so genuine. You can feel her intention when you have a session with her. She truely wants to help you and be there for you. You feel so much love when talking to her! She truely is an amazing person! More...


Jenny Calderon

29 May 2017

Though I knew of her spunky personality I would've never thought she would be someone I would turn to for all things positive! Krista made my first ever Angel reading experience a complete success. While I have always been spiritual, I never heard of "angel readings." The moment I walked into Krista's space after a not so wonderful day, I felt a sense of calmness. She thoroughly explained what the reading entailed and made me feel super comfortable. It was the most centering experience I ever had. As soon as I sat down, I knew I was meant to be there at that very moment, so much that I started to cry and didn't know why! Krista assured me it was completely normal. I didn't say a word to her about the many occurrences in my life but I didn't have to, she knew. Everything she expressed was RIGHT ON. I'm usually the person that would say, "oh please, that's BS," but so not the case with Krista. Since my first visit (there have been many more since then), my heart feels lighter, my vibes always positive, and my spirituality truly indescribable. Thank you Krista for being such a beautiful & positive light! More...


Harrison Patti

23 January 2017

Krista is such an inspiration. Ever since I started my spiritual journey, I found myself experiencing the pushes and pulls of some, perhaps, disingenuous advisors. Meeting Krista was a breath of fresh air. She is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I've seen her twice and will definitely keep in contact with her. She's a must see! More...


Danielle Pignatiello

12 November 2016

Krista is so friendly and welcoming. Her readings are always on point. I've referred all my friends and family to see her!


Carol Hanashy

11 November 2016

Such a postive life changing experience!

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