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We are a creative agency, working with new and businesses to develop responsive websites, digital experiences and brad identities that connect and engage.

If you'd like to generate more leads and cut through the noise of your market, we can help you to do that by creating assets that are tailored to help you reach specific goals. Whether that's simply raising awareness, or selling and promoting a new line of products.

Our process is research-led - we design based on facts. Merging crisp aesthetics with solid function ensures that it looks great and effectively communicates to the right people. Whether you need to polish and expand your digital channels; your website or social media, or to create a brochure as part of a direct mail campaign, we can cater to your needs with our versatile skill-set.

Seesaw Q&A

Seesaw Q&A

What makes a great website?

Most importantly, your website needs to understand the needs of your audience. For example, if it is designed to sell products, then the products need to be at the forefront of the experience and you want minimum hassle in between adding them to a cart and checking out.
At the very core, a great website is easy to navigate and simple to interact with. But not so simple that it loses your customers interest as soon as they land on it. Depending on the purpose of the website, the visual aesthetics and functionality can vary drastically.
A key requirement for both your SEO and User Experience is to have a website that is fully responsive and can deliver an engaging experience regardless of where the user is viewing it from.
A great website has a solid hierarchy and visual rhythm that makes it enjoyable to move from A to B. Even if only half the information is relevant to the user, it makes all the different to have content that is neatly organised and presented in a way that isn't overwhelming. This can be done through typographic scales and clever use of the golden ratio that makes things easy to look at.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

There are various questions that I will ask you before starting a project.
You may already have a clear plan / destination in place. Otherwise, these questions will help me to determine what it is your business needs - perhaps you think that a new website will solve decreasing rates of engagement, when the problem is really within the core of your brand and how you communicate with them.
• What problem are you trying to solve? (Do you need more customers? Do you want to reach out to new audiences? Are your current audiences losing interest?)
• Why does your business or product do?
• What's the story behind it?
• Who are your main competitors?
• Why would I choose you over them?
• Who are your ideal customers?
• Do you have market research that you can share with us?
• Do you have a budget in mind?
• What timeframe are we looking at?

Describe your creative process.

Listening > Research > Concepts > Delivery.
Every project starts with listening and research. I might come in and meet your staff, or spend a day getting a feel for the way you operate. We will put together a clear brief that outlines the specific requirements of each component and stage of the project, as well as resource costs. It will cover key checkpoints, timelines and meetings.
I need to understand what your business is and what it does, who your competitors are, what you want to achieve and where you're aiming to position yourself within the market.
Having a solid foundation built on facts and information allows for an informed design process that delivers results. The better I can understand your market and the direction you would like to go in, the more accurately I can tune what it is that I'm creating to meet those needs.
Research also includes visual brainstorming, where we will analyse your competition and define what kind of look and feel you would like to achieve.
Once the research stage is complete - depending on the scale of the project - we can move on to generating visual concepts.
If it's a full re-brand, then we would start with putting together the core identity; the logo, typefaces, colour scheme, imagery and so on. A brand identity needs to be visually consistent, flexible and adaptable for future growth. Providing you with everything that you need to maintain the integrity of your image. The identity gives birth to all the other assets, such as the website and business stationary.
If it's just a website, then we will begin with collecting all of the content together, or making a plan for the content. The content is what informs the structure and design of the website, and needs to be set in stone before we start building any core functionality (well, unless you don't mind being charged extra if it changes half way through).
The Concept > Delivery phase can be somewhat wiggly, as creativity generally tends to move in strange ways, and not always in a straight line. This is where the real magic happens.

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

This is mostly covered within the answers to questions and creative process above.

What do you love most about your job?

The most satisfying part of my job is the satisfaction it brings when I deliver a project. To both the client and myself. By no means is working in the creative industry easy - it's probably one of the most challenging careers out there - and it is the challenge that I find immensely rewarding.
Design is what I love, and what I'm good at (in complete humility, of course). Being able to offer those things as a service that I can make a living from is a gift, and not something that I take for granted.

What inspired you to start your own business?

My main reason for starting a business is so that I can choose who and how I work with people. It gives me the freedom to live my life the way that I want to and not be constrained by a fixed regime.
By no means does it mean working less - it's a lot more work than I'd ever imagined. But the rewards are huge and immensely gratifying. Not only have I learnt how to design to high standards, but also to do my accounts and pay taxes - who wouldn't be excited by the thought of that?

Why should our clients choose you?

On top of being qualified, experienced and highly focused on what I do - I am a compassionate individual with a strong sense of integrity. I value your time, and I like to form strong alliances that will last for many years. I always appreciate the opportunity to work with an individual or business that is as driven or motivated as I am to make a difference. To innovate and explore.

Seesaw Reviews

Seesaw Reviews

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Google Reviews

Review of Seesaw by Leigh Harrison
1 month ago

Duke is well run, fun, friendly, creative and well located for central Leeds. We've been happy residents with Duke for about a year and half now and have had a great times throughout, clients enjoying coming here to visit and friends and family enjoy coming here for the cafeteria/bar - good times!

Leigh Harrison
Review of Seesaw by Elle Crane
1 month ago

I started renting a co-working space at Dukes after working from home for 8 months, and there's been no looking back. Of all the spaces I looked at in Leeds this by far had the best vibe - the space is comfortable, spacious, there's a great eclectic mix of people and good facilities. I definitely find myself being more productive here, am able to separate home and work better and get to enjoy great social events too. Being here is like having all the best aspects of working in an office, I always look forward to coming in.

Elle Crane
Review of Seesaw by David Kemp
1 month ago

I've been renting a desk at Duke Studios for about a year and a half now, and I couldn't recommend it more.
The space itself is light and airy. The Duke staff are all friendly. The café/bar onsite is a bonus.
On the map it looks a little bit out of the way, but its only 5 minutes from the shops, Crown Point retail park is over the road, and I can easily walk to the railway station in 15 minutes.
The best bit, for me as a one-man-band, is having other people around, and the other tenants at Duke are all ace. There's a really nice mix of different companies doing different things (it's not just hipster designers), and people are happy to share experiences and advice.

David Kemp
Review of Seesaw by Zoe East
1 month ago

Duke is an awesome work space, when I started freelancing I worked from a desk at the end of my bed which was lonely and uninspiring. I went into the Duke incubation space through Leeds College of Art last January and that was the best thing that could have happened for me and my business. I received six months of invaluable mentoring for the owners of Duke, Laura and James, and I had a studio space I could call my own. The design of Duke is amazing, different to any other workspace I've seen and it is designed so well to lead to collaboration on many levels. Since leaving my studio I spent a short time on Co-working then got my own desk at Duke. Both co-working and desks are a great place to work, everyone is up for collaboration and the longer I am here the more of that I see. Duke has a really great community feel, everyone is friendly and there are loads of social activities every month as well as all the hard work!

Zoe East
Review of Seesaw by Rich Daley
1 month ago

I've been a resident at Duke Studios for 7 months, first in the coworking space and now on a dedicated desk. This is the best place I have ever worked, by miles.

The range of different people here is the main benefit, from techies like me through photographers, social media experts and graphic designers to copywriters, travel writers, film makers, animators... you name it, someone here does it. And we really do collaborate on things - if I need someone with particular skills for a project or a client, I can always find someone awesome.

Going from years in the corporate world to becoming self-employed was terrifying because I really didn't want to lose my connection to people, and the social aspect of working in an office, and Duke has me covered here too: it provides a non-stop stream of organised social events, and Friday happy hour is the perfect social end to the week.

Rich Daley
Review of Seesaw by Andrew Vickers
1 month ago

Interesting development - bar and cafe. A bit off the beaten track but worth a visit. In reality it is not far from city centre civilisation! Various events are taking place here.

Andrew Vickers
Review of Seesaw by Ben Smith
1 month ago

Well designed and great co-working space, friendly people and scrumptious cafe and bar attached to it

Ben Smith
Review of Seesaw by Anthony Smith
1 month ago

Nice Café, enjoyed the big disco there this summer

Anthony Smith
Review of Seesaw by charlotte tolan
3 months ago

Grub and grog always serve amazing food and good vegan selections.

charlotte tolan
Review of Seesaw by Dick Davies
8 months ago

Lovely work place. Been in for meetings. The café is great too.

Dick Davies
Review of Seesaw by Matt Whittle
5 months ago

Pop up space with a nice coffee shop, its a shame its situated next to a noisy main road!

Matt Whittle
Review of Seesaw by Mezza B
3 months ago

Great venue!

Mezza B
Review of Seesaw by Sam Nash
3 months ago


Sam Nash
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No, 3 Sheaf St, Leeds LS10 1HD, UK

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We craft simple but powerful brand identities that capture the essence of your business and communicate messages clearly and effectively.

Responsive Web Design

We build versatile and adaptive digital experiences that engage with your audiences and inspire them to take action.

Print Design

We can design, layout and organise posters, advertisements and brochures to show off your business or products and make an impact within your market.

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