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Award Winning Vocalist Singer Multi Instrumentalist Songwriter Film Composer Producer Photographer

Owner CEO of The Michael Mulholland Company
Cherokee Trail ~ Sacred Pipe Music
Publishing & Licensing
Sector 7 Studio Productions
Michael Mulholland Photography

State of Art Professional Recording Studio specializing in Music Recording Voice Overs Scoring Film Producer Engineer Editing Mixing & Mastering & Photography

Full Avid Pro Tools Studio
Full Sony Creative Software Studio (Endorsed)
Mac & PC Studio integrated
Sound Samples Library
Sound Design
All HD


Canon 5D mkIII Pro DSLR Camera HD Video
Canon Rebel 450D Pro Camera HD Video
Canon Vixia Camcorder HD Video & Stills
Nikon CoolPix HD Camera & Video
Sony High 8 HD Digital Camcorder & Stills
iPhone 7 Plus Photography & Video

Full Suite of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom etc.

Visit me on for a short list of Film & Television Credits as well as my website at

At Sector 7 Studio Productions

“Your Production Will Thank You”

Sector 7 Studio Productions Reviews


Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by Barry Caldwell
5 27/06/2018 Barry Caldwell

I have known Michael 26 years and have worked with him on many projects, as a singer, drummer, composer, songwriter and recording engineer. He wrote the music for a commercial I directed that aired in 5 countries. His score for my short film won awards. While I've never hired him as a photographer, I have followed his growth in that endeavor and find his work to be stunning. I look forward to our next collaboration. I highly recommend him. Five stars aren't enough.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by Tom Stevens
5 19/06/2018 Tom Stevens

Mike is one of the most talented photographers, musicians and humble people I know, An amazing artist as well as an incredible dad. Anyone who is lucky enough to meet him on this journey we call life, is a better person for it. Please chose him for your next photo session, you won't regret it.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by Benjamin Nagy
5 19/06/2018 Benjamin Nagy

The man is talented beyond words a perfectionist and that’s rare in today’s world highly recommended

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by Jennifer
5 19/06/2018 Jennifer

Michael is a very talented man. He See's the true beauty and essense in everything living. And he does more than prove it with each and every photograph. He never strives to just be good, but to be the best. And he is one of the best. You will .ost definitely see it in his work.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by A.W.
5 19/06/2018 A.W.

A complete joy to work with! We've had great creative collaborations.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by Kay Lynn Corley
5 19/06/2018 Kay Lynn Corley

Michael you know how to capture the beautiful colors of nature's blessings

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by Jack Smith
5 17/06/2018 Jack Smith

All one needs to do is review Michaels portfolio and see for themselves what a professional he has become! His quality of work has set a new benchmark in the industry.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by Bana
5 16/06/2018 Bana

Michael you know how to capture all of natures blessing. Your photography.
, Depict the essence of humanity.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by Tina Marie Krajewski
5 16/06/2018 Tina Marie Krajewski

.Michael Mulholland exudes brilliance in everything he does. Whether it be musically or in his art through his photography I'm blessed to have him as a friend in my life.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by Dave Waterbury
5 16/06/2018 Dave Waterbury

Michael has a great eye for photography and his customer-service is top-shelf.
I highly recommend him.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by John Podlaski
5 16/06/2018 John Podlaski

Michael has developed an expertise over the years by continuing those things he has a passion for. His many photographs bring out the infinite detail and sharpness of a scene; his music talents include writing, playing instruments, and performing a wide range of music in the studio or on stage. Michael combines these talents to create videos of any topic.

I'd highly recommend Sector 7 Studio Productions for any of your project needs. You'll feel confident knowing that Michael has your best interests in mind.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by hutch
5 16/06/2018 hutch

Michael's photography is awesome he does great work

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by Sheryl Dalton
5 16/06/2018 Sheryl Dalton

Michaels photos are nothing short of amazing!! I love his work.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by LeRoy Prince
5 16/06/2018 LeRoy Prince

Michael is an amazing artist, producer, and photographer. The level of professional creativity he brings to any project is amazing and unique. World class.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by Patricia Pfaeltzer
5 16/06/2018 Patricia Pfaeltzer

Michael takes great care in everything he does! Whether it be art, photography, or music, the ways he expresses himself is magical and with a lot of passion -- and it shows in his finished products.

Review of Sector 7 Studio Productions by G Simonian
5 16/06/2018 G Simonian

Michael Mulholland is an amazing highly talented artist photographer vocalist singer songwriter producer his photography and music are world 🌎 famous Michael is a renowned experienced artist in everything he sets out to accomplish and his career and success are all the proof anyone would need to hire Michael Mulholland for your photography needs and Music studio needs especially if you want him singing and playing instruments

Sector 7 Studio Productions replied:
Thank you so very much for such an amazing review

Many Blessings


Sector 7 Studio Productions

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Sector 7 Studio Productions Q&A

Company Q&A

What’s the secret to taking a great photograph?

Freedom of relaxation and enjoyment. the thrill and fun of having fun in photography. Enjoy being where you are, have no inhibitions, be yourself, be free and I’ll take care of the rest. I’ll make fun and super easy to pose and engage the lens.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

What are they looking for, what style of shots, wardrobe, nature, or city shots, timing, lighting, venue, parties, personal, what makes them nervous so I can make them at ease and free of inhibition to completely have fun, relax and let me engage them and their inner self to achieve the best shots for them.

What do you love most about your job?

Capturing the nature of the subject, making it memorable, making it emotional, and breathtaking to capture those I’m capturing.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I love photography, I love truly love capturing the element of each moment, capturing the subject(s) in their natural state of being, in balance with harmony with nature...

Why should our clients choose you?

I’m as real and fun as they come and my clients are never disappointed. My art, my talents, are my life, those very gifts I’ve been blessed with, and whether I’m on a stage performing, being in front of the camera, those vast experiences have given me the very best of expertise I share with those I capture in their very own personal element.

Services provided by Sector 7 Studio Productions


Headshot Photography

Specializing in Headshots for Actors Actresses Musicians Artists Business Headshots on location in a natural setting. I offer professional photography with wardrobe changes. Depending on the subjects needs I’m highly flexible and make for a fun exciting experience for both the subject and myself. Remember, if we’re not having fun, we’re not doing art.

Animals Pets Photography

I most certainly love capturing animals pets ate the most loving fun adorable moments. Spending time with pets is something I very much enjoy. It’s heart warming and touching to capture them in the element.

Nature Photography

The outdoors the wilderness the wildlife the trees the flowers standing rocks & boulders the mountains rivers & streams to lakes and oceans the waves crashing into the sand & rocks the ever mystical flow of the waterfalls just reels me in. Capturing nature at its finest is what’s closest to my mind body & soul. The spiritual captures that lurers in the viewers that look ever so closely they can feel everything in motion.

Real Estate Photography

Capturing the elements of homes & property is absolutely joyful for me. Bringing out the beauty in each home, bringing to life the rooms and their size. Capturing all that’s alluring to the prospective buyer is the plus that sells a home. Seeing it furnished and capturing on camera just what each home has to offer the minds and hearts of those seeking to purchase their first home or for the sizing up home as Family grows. My real estate photography tells the story of each home I capture so that the new home owner can visualize through my art all the ideas their creative selves can dream up to beautify their home just so perfectly to their hearts content.

Flower Photography

I, in absolution, truly love capturing flowers. From bud to blossom annuals to perennials capturing the ever essence of the beauty that one can almost smell their aroma. My many volumes of flower Photography have been featured on Nat Geo and with many licenses in use for publication my flower Photography speaks volumes of my connection with nature that very balance with harmony with nature.

Landscape Photography

Getting outdoors is where it all begins. Discovering locations after locations and keep out their searching for and most commonly stumbling upon the most perfect natural landscapes our Mother Earth has to offer. It’s an endless journey for landscape photography as it’s truly a big very vast world out there just waiting to be touch by the purest of human soul. Capturing those elements that bring to life in a still all that nature has to offer whether you’re an artist or one who simply love the vast landscapes we tend to roam, but bringing it home in a capture and blowing that capture up into a life size memory lasts for eternity. Precious moments that never fade.

Model Photography

Capturing the beauty of models is one thing I enjoy most. Although I’m not much of a studio flash photographer my skill set keeps expanding the more these opportunities present themselves. Im more experienced out on location capturing the beauty of models in natural light and I’m looking forward to the many opportunities that await me. I’m flexible with this style of photography and am negotiable on pricing but I’m most certain I can do the task at hand. I don’t have access to hair stylists and makeup artists nor for those with these skill sets for on location shoots however if given the opportunity I’d pull through just fine. If anyone is interested in setting up a shoot with me I’m willing to shoot for a fair fee.. Just contact me, let’s communicate and make it happen

Children Photography

This I’m best at. Because I have 5 kids and 4 grandchildren I’ve had tons of practice in capturing my family in their most precious adorable loving moments. Timeless images of every moment of their lives from birth to toddlers to their first day of kindergarten. I have several photos of my youngest sons on my website to view. Children are precious, pure of heart, unpredictable, cuteness that brings tears is what I capture in children. See my photography on my website at The captures of my twin boys I have keep me young in living in most timeless precious moments I’ve captured by and of the lens.

Work history from Sector 7 Studio Productions

Work History

Award Winning Vocalist Singer Songwriter Film Composer Producer

Sector 7 Studio Productions

From January 1994 to present.

Owner CEO The Michael Mulholland Company Cherokee Trail ~ Sacred Pipe Music Publishing & Licensing Sector 7 Studio Productions Award Winning Vocalist Singer Songwriter Film Composer Producer Photographer Full Professional Recording Studio specializing in Recording Re-Recording Engineering Mixing Mastering Editing Voice Overs Film Composer Scoring Sound Design Film & Television Gaming Multimedia Commercials Full Pro Tools Studio MAC Full Pro Tools Studio PC Full Sony Creative Media Software (Endorsed) Neeves Pre Amps Neeves Compressors Focusrite Pre Amps Presonus Pre Amps DynAudio BM-15 Monitors DynAudio BM-15 Sub KRK Rockit 5 & 8 Monitors KRK ST-6 Passive Monitors 36’ HD Big Screen Monitors x2 23’ HD Computer Monitor 22’ HD Computer Monitor x2 Mac Pro HP Pavillion PC Shure Microphones Rhodes Microphones Fender Strat USA (Endorsed) Fender Tele ‘52 (Endorsed) Schecter EA-1 (Endorsed) Vox ‘67 Super Metor Alvarez Acoustic Alvarez Bass Taylor Acoustic Martin Acoustic Griffin (Endorsed) McDSP Plug-ins Full Waves Suite Plug-ins Spectrasonics Suite Omnisphere Stylus RMX Trillian Native Instruments Guitar Rig 1-5 Kontakt 1-4 Marshall Amps Crate Amps Line 6 Amps Line 6 Pod Line 6 Floor Board Pod (Full) ‘78 8 PC Ludwig Drumkit Paiste Cymbals Yamaha Motif 88 Key Korg Tritan Mini Young Wang Baby Grand Piano Camera Gear Canon 5D mkIII DSLR Canon 450d DSLR Canon HD Camcorder Sony HD High 8 Camcorder Nikon CoolPix 20.1 Megapixel Camera iPhone 7 Plus iPad Pro Assortment of Filters Assortment of Tripods Selfie Sticks Multiple Simultaneous Use Cameras HP Envy HD 64 Bit PC (On Location)

Vocalist Performer

Sony PlayStation Line 6 Guitar Hero II

From May 2003.

Vocalist Performer for Theme Song “Shout at the Devil” by Motley Crue Performed by Michael Mulholland for Sony PlayStation Game Guitar Hero II, also for Guitar Amp Company Line 6 Guitar Port

Lead Vocalist

Medicine Wheel

From May 1991 to January 1995.

Lead Vocalist Front Man for world famous hard rock band Medicine Wheel with world tours. Signed to EMI & Polygram Records.


Sector 7 Studio Productions

From January 1994 to present.

Photographer Head Shots Photography Models Photography Family Photography Children Photography Pets Photography Babies Photography Party Photography Engagement Photography Wedding Photography Family Gathering Photography Business Photography Commercial Property Photography Real Estate Photography Nature Photography Wildlife Photography Landscape Photography Homes & Gardens Photography Flowers Photography Family Outing Photography Graduation Photography School Events Photography Corporate Events Photography Etc... Gear... Canon 5D mkIII DSLR Full Frame Sensor Pro Canon 5D mkIII DSLR HD Full Frame Sensor Video Camera Pro Canon 450D DSLR Crop Sensor Pro Canon 450D DSLR Crop Sensor HD Video Pro Canon Vixia HD Camcorder & Still Pro Nikon CoolPix HD Camera & HD Video Sony High 8 HD Tape Camcorder Pro iPhone 7 Plus Photography & Video Assortment of Tripods & Sticks Utilizing All Cameras for photo shoots to capture alternative angles & the use of various cameras to achieve a vast assortment of settings, lenses, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, White Balance photos to choose from. When I perform photography for person (s) subjects, nature, wildlife, animals, flowers, landscapes, real estate, children etc., I like to use All my cameras, shooting series of photos through all my cameras & lenses. And by shooting in this manner I tend to find some of the best photography can come from the most simple to use cameras. I shoot with both of my Canons while taking extra photos with my iPhone 7 Plus and my little pocket Nikon CoolPix Cameras. For me, it’s all about having more to choose from, more to offer my clients. I don’t shoot photography for myself, I shoot photography for my clients, for the children, Families, nature & wildlife, everything I capture is from me embedding myself in the natural form, the natural element of the scene, the pose, the wardrobe, the expressions, the mood, the setting, lighting, shade, reflections, the most simple ray of sunlight, the love, the smiles, the tears of joy, the laughter of children, the playfulness of pets, everything & anything at its prime element in perfect balance with harmony with nature. It’s my hearts content to give more than receive. And the beauty in the capture is all the gratification I need.

Film Composer

Sector 7 Studio Productions

From August 2008.

Film Composer Scored the original music for Award Winning Film “Reflections” starring Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena Warrior Princess, Star Trek) James Morrison (24 TVShow) Louis Lombardi (Soprranos) Jim Beaver (Lockwood HBO Show) Winner of 25 Awards. Winner of the Gold Best Score in Film at Sundance Film Festival

Film Composer

Sector 7 Studio Productions

Award Winning Film “The Fighter” Starring Christian Bale & Mark Walberg Writer performer producer publisher & Licensing of music for the film.

Film Composer Vocalist Singer Songwriter Producer Engineer

Sector 7 Studio Productions

From January 1993 to present.

Film Composer, Award Winning Vocalist Singer Songwriter Film Composer Producer Publishing & Licensing With more than 300 licenses in use. Music for Film & TV Vocalist Writer Performer Producer Studio Engineer for Film Television Multi Media Gaming etc. See website for more information. Visit me on IMDB for films & tv work as well as my website

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