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BETTY Loeffel

31 October 2018

Wonderful work going here to save these poor animal's.


Bob Eliot

1 October 2018

I am a volunteer for Second Chance. We are a no kill shelter, and we are always looking for good homes for our cats and dogs. Please consider adopting from us.


Glorificuss Hellgoddess

1 October 2018

Great people. Great animal care.


Kim Marie

We adopted Dougie today and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much. ❤️


Janice Alley

Got some great furry friends from them. Loveable boys Loki and Buddy and my little butterball Candi.


Vita Santoro Cassidy

I adopted my cat and I never been happier! What a good cat


Maria Vezza Wroblewski

Many thanks to Madeline and Grace for our sweetheart , Rosie. She is the sweetest and goofiest chi beagle ever. Thank you for saving her and for taking care of her.


Adrea Tandatnick

I was working for Second Chance in Hicksville and I got a message saying on Tuesday all of the cats had moved to petsmart. That make me very angry and now I don't have a volunteer job for second chance. More...


Lori Dell Bauer

Negative experience with this rescue. I submitted an application and it was approved. I texted back-and-forth with Grace who was going to get back to me in a little while. That was several weeks ago.


Jennifer Brennan Cuilan

My husband happened into second chance at petsmart, and said I needed to go there immediately...and we couldn't be more thrilled with our new baby girl, Daisy Bleu. I was happy the reps took time to make sure I was a good candidate for her, she's a perfect match for our family. She's settling in beautifully and we feel lucky that she's with us. More...


Edward Wisely

I love Second Chance. The ladies who run Second Chance are great. They are caring, knowledgeable professionals. The volunteers were fantastic. Thank you so much for our dog "Cappy". Cappy is such a joy in our lives. We are so happy with him. He makes me laugh daily. Our Vet loves him. He is the star of our petsmart class. He learns everyday. Thank you again. More...


Raija Hentunen

I adopted Pepper this past weekend and I couldn't be more in love. Everyone from the rescue is very nice and Grace was super knowledgeable about Pepper as well as tips and tricks for care. I would highly recommend that anyone comes to Second Chance to adopt their new furbaby! � More...


Jess Schaefer

We adopted Matty almost a year ago and are so in love. Grace and all the staff were friendly and so thorough with our adoption process and it makes me happy knowing they are dedicated to finding all the animals a stable, loving home. Awesome organization! We need more like it! More...


Meghan Leston

Amazing. We adopted two brothers (Great Dane and lab mix.). As we were in the process of buying a house they were fostered until we were able to take them...we are so happy with our dogs. They are happy and loving pets that make a wonderful addition to
Our home. Second chance runs a great foster and we can't thank them enough for their hard work and the loving care our boys received from Jan (foster per mom) enough.


Christin Medina

Military veteran .. trying to adopt a dog .. got approved .. told us the dog we wanted was available and was processing application .. text back and forth with grace who would only answer texts occasionally .. then she stopped replying .. felt like we got the run around .. this is why people choose to buy .. very disappointed More...

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