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Hello and Welcome

My Name is Sebastian
SEBCO Design & Build is a family run business providing a wide range of home improvement and maintenance services

We provide a comprehensive service in:

* Extensions

* Loft Conversion

* Full Refurbishment


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28 November 2019

Sebco promised he would complete my loft conversion in four weeks and he did. It is a good finish. He also did some other jobs which were not as successful. You must insist he includes all jobs and promises of guarantees on the contract. Also ensure you keep a % back for snagging.
He promised to find and detect a leak in my roof but he didn't do this. So I now have a new loft but still a leaking roof. During the job he assured me that the problem was solved.
He completed electrics for the loft conversion and hallway. However the switches do not correspond with the correct lights.
When his men are working they put a lot of stuff in the bath without any protection which has scratched my bath.
Before the money is paid he promises a lot but once the money is paid he suddenly forgets what he has said or denies what he promised.
Please check and double check your contract and ensure all verbal agreements are included.
Sebastian and his workmen get upset if you want to give your opinion or your preference on finishes and components, despite you being the one that will be paying for it and living at the property. Don't let them intimidate you, once they understand that even as a woman you know what your talking about they begin to compromise. All the above I could forgive and forget. It is annoying having to turn on the bedroom light from the downstairs switch, I look at the scratches in the bath and frown. However what I can't forgive is that when I called him to tell him the roof was still leaking, into the bedroom ceiling that he had just repaired, after arguing (he's good at that) he said that he was only doing me a favour and that the roof was not part of his job. This is despite me giving him the job on the guarantee that he detect and fix the leak. He uses the doing you a favour a lot despite me telling him on many occasions I don't want any favours, I just want the jobs discussed to be completed for which I will pay fully.
In conclusion: ensure everything is in the contract. he will rush you to sign on the day he attends and will want a deposit on the day he attends. Take as much time as you want (he said I would miss my slot if I didn't decide that day) to read over, and ask for everything to be specified and priced. He lumped the leak job in with the loft job (where he had to take the tiles out anyway to access the loft). Now he denies he was supposed to fix the leak. Who would have a loft conversion without getting a leak in the roof fixed? It's the principle and that is unfortunately what is sad about some of the building trade today, no principles.

24 June 2019

We had a single storey extension built by Sebco Desing&Build and it was absolute pleasure. I had apprehensions and was quite worried as it’s our first time dealing with a Builder and our first home, but I really enjoyed seeing it all come together. Seb and his team were wonderful and the work done is beautiful better than I thought
Seb also left us a little gift A set of had crafted chopping boards from the left over Oak kitchen Worktops How thoughtful
Thank you guys

Katarzyna Thank you for your kind words We are glad you a amazing experience. We did too See you next time Take care

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I love the freedom it gives me and the potential difference that we can make in someone’s life
I find that exiting it gives me joy to be in a position to be able to do that.

I realised that I was creative and have a vision and the attention to detail.

I enjoy what I do immensely and I don’t see it as work. To be honest sometimes I cant believe I get to do this and get paid for it