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Personal training services:
- 1-2-1 Personal Training Session
- Advanced and designed meal plan program
- Training program


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By checking current fitness level I create designed training program and tasty meal plan. Then I help people perform exercises with proper form to achieve steady progression. I explain nutrition and lifestyle habits what's make all process much much easier. My goal is to find the best strategy to help people find and develop their fitness. Everything in very friendly and motivational environment.

Secret of getting the body of your dream is to find the most suitable strategy for your lifestyle. It should be methods what person can stick to it and enjoy. Temporary diets and brutal training working just temporary and nobody can do it to rest of their life. Yes it is still possible have your favourite food, some of the alkohol and other treats if you really want to and maintain body of your dreams.

First of corse are moneys what I receive for my job then is satisfaction of my clients with the results what they achieved by cooperation with me. To be honest satisfaction with money is the same when I see happiness of my clients when they are reaching their goals.

I love to be my own boss and I love cooperate with people and deliver happiness and positivity to their life. Personal Training is that profession what let me do this on my own terms for what I am gratefull.

Because I am one of the best Personal Trainers in my area. I am teaching people the most effective methods to achieve any fitness goals. This is something what they can learn and use through rest of their lives. I am delivering also happiness and positivity because this is very important virtues what make all process easier. Also based on my researches all my clients recommend me and they would chose me again if they have to. Downside is that after a while people do not need me any more because they are able to do own training in safety and effective way by they own.