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Scottsdale Hypnosis

Scottsdale, AZ, Maricopa

6 hires on Bark
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Scottsdale Hypnosis

Scottsdale, AZ, Maricopa

6 hires on Bark


Scottsdale Hypnosis is owned by Colleen Hitchcock, BCH, CCHt, CI

Colleen truly enjoys and has great success working with clients on issues from dealing with addictions, anxiety, phobias, pain control, weight loss, depression, loss, smoking cessation, success, prosperity, and competitive goals.


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24 May 2019

Incredibly helpful in getting me past chronic sleeplessness! Colleen is enormously talented and caring

17 May 2019

Colleen Hitchcock, you are a gifted, talented higher being. I thank you for helping me with my sons condition. We are excited and blessed to have found you. We thank you again for your compassion, kindness and understanding. Love always the “Reichel’s” More...

16 May 2019

Colleen does a wonderful job and is truely concerned for her patients goals. She is not a scam, unless you make her that way. She gives you all the tools to reach your goal. Just like anything else you have to make the commitment and follow her take home program (free included in the price of your session). You only pay for extra sessions if you want to, no arm twisting with Colleen. More...

14 May 2019

Scottsdale Hypnosis helped me so much so that I plan to study Hypnotherapy so I may help others.

11 April 2019

I bought a Groupon to try this out with a couple different goals!  I loved the process and working with Colleen that I purchased a package of more sessions!  She has helped me with many things so I would for sure recommend her for what ever you want to improve in your life!  Colleen gives you continued support even after you leave your session by sending a recorded version. She has many useful tools in her tool bag and will share them with you.  She is not a clock watcher you can tell she cares and takes the time she needs with you to assist in finding what your issues are and how can she help you.  You feel safe, secure and comfortable in her office as well as with her professionalism.  I highly recommend Colleen and her process! More...

23 July 2018

Scottsdale Hypnosis has helped my with my health, finances and smoking addiction. It has helped me be more successful.

14 June 2018

Wonderful experience at Scottsdale hypnosis with Colleen. I came in with insomnia, and some anxiety and depression issues. I slept better than I have in weeks, and was whistling at work the next day.

I tried hypnosis before, but this was the 1st time I actually got RESULTS. I highly recommend this business!

13 June 2018

I just finished my 1st session with Colleen and it was really fantastic.I was having issues with anxiety, stress and insomnia.     I made significant improvement after 1 session.   Highly recommend Colleen.  She is highly skilled and gets results. More...

2 June 2018

I am a Hypnotist— and Colleen Hitchcock is the hypnotist I turn to when I need a hypnosis session for myself. Yeah, she’s that good. She’s also an amazing counselor and personal coach and never fails to unearth the deepest insights. See her. You’ll look back someday and realize that was the turning point in your life when things finally got better. More...

25 March 2018

Colleen is AMAZING! She is so intuitive and knows what you need. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make changes in their life.

1 March 2018

I was finally able to quit smoking without any craving or withdrawal symptoms. It only took two sessions and Collen was great. I highly recommend her

1 December 2017

I didn't know much about Hypnosis before but i'm a fan now. It's relaxing and helps you reset your attitude towards life or any goals you might have. I've seen vast improvements in my own life from being depressed to being back on track to where I need to be and very motivated. Colleen is very professional while being extremely personable at the same time. I would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling to see the positive in their lives or has large goals that seem impossible at times. More...

22 July 2016

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. However Colleen made me feel comfortable and explained hypnotherapy and it's uses. Colleen takes a personal interest in your successColleen sent me home too with a recording of our session that I go to when feeling the need to relax. More...


I love connecting with individuals who become aware they are being held back from some old thinking in their head that no longer serves them. They have a desire to change and be the best they can be, and want to explore with hypnosis how to unleash their unlimited power.

My mother used hypnosis on me when I was in 5th grade to get over a troublesome class I had. It worked. I became an A student in it. I grew to love guided imagery for the creative story of it, then saw how I could help friends that were stuck. I became a change agent for Fortune 100 companies who were making corporate culture changes, always still loving the power of hypnosis. Then after a stint as a creative writer for the publishing industry and Hollywood films, I became a hypnotist. Every individual I work with is so unique and I enjoy seeing the positive changes daily!

Your hypnosis session is designed to be calm, relaxing, comfortable & professional, no matter what issue you are addressing. The office is very calming and relaxing, with comfortable new plush leather chairs to kick back.

I"m an effective, well-trained hypnotist who can customize all my sessions to meet your individual issues--and show you how fun and great hypnosis is for you. Whether we approach smoking cessation, stress, anxiety, weight loss or any other number of issues, all the sessions will have an incredible impact on your life.

The success will be because I took the time to get to know you and learn the particulars of how you think around this issue to make your session create your positive change. I truly care about each and every client.

Working in the Emergency Room at a Medical Center trains me to be able to think quickly and responsive around any issue.


Trained by the best in the country for smoking cessation, who has a 95% effective rate on 7,000 people, I don't want to leave anyone behind. So whether you want a 3 hour quit session with a guarantee, or two session program, or want to work to wean yourself from cigarettes and select your quit day, I work with you as you choose.

I've been very successful at working with numerous addictions including alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, and illegal drug usage. If addiction is severe I can work with you pre-detox, so that detoxing is easier for you, and post detox, to coach you beyond the addiction and into a healthier lifestyle.

I'm the only hypnotist in the Valley trained through Sheila Granger's Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program and a Weight Loss Expert. I have created a new program called Melting Weight which incorporates an easy way to allow you to shift into healthier eating and lifestyle. Come in for 1 session, the 4 session Melting Weight program with books, materials, CDs, or an on-going weight loss coaching with materials and to support your long term goals or weight loss over 50 pounds.

Hypnosis is one of the best things you can do to come to grips with your stress and anxiety. Sessions are designed to relax your heart rate and learn how to manage your stress and anxiety at home. Come in for 1 session or take the 5 session Program that I created.

Money has a great impact on our lives. Without it we are stressed, while pursuing it, we are stressed, if losing it, we have depression. This program was created for investors that are riding the rollercoaster of day trading and investing, those that want to set goals and achieve their desires, and those that want to get ahead in their career and attain their life goals. This is a 5 week program.

Hypnosis is excellent for helping to clear through past issues and traumas, to become clear of the present and help you move forward. This is a 5 week program to help with emotional balance with your body, mind & spirit. A one time emotional clearing session is also available.

If you feel there is an obstacle getting in your way in this life time, but can find no reason for it, or just want to explore who you were and experiences in a past life. Come in for a session with Colleen Hitchcock, who is known worldwide for her writings on death and dying!

Hypnosis will be supportive and healing to your health issues. Come in for 1 session, or a program to address a more serious issue and it's cause. Issues can include: Weight Issues, Smoking Cessation, Coma Patients, Overdose, Heroin & Drug Withdrawals, Alcohol Addiction, Anxiety, Stress, Fears, Phobias, ADD, Mentally Impaired, Obesity, Insomnia, Past Recall Issues, Sexual Abuse, Gambling Addiction, Self Esteem and Confidence, Competition, Success, Prosperity, Good Luck, Finding Soulmate, Clarifying Career Path, and other medical issues include: Heart, High Blood Pressure, Chest Pains, Migraines, Abdomen Pains, IBS, Crohn's, Liver Failure, Kidney Failure, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Pain Control, Fibromyalgia, Prescription Withdrawal, Enlarged Prostrate, Erectile Dysfunction, Fertility Issues, Seizures, Head Injury, Loss, Grief, Suicide Attempts & More.