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Legal experts in personal injury claims, medical negligence claims, residential conveyancing, commercial property, Will drafting and Estate Probate planning working nationally throughout England and Wales.

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Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by N Mehta
1 13/06/2018 N Mehta

Been tried to contact them for weeks now. No one picking up the phone, or responding to my emails. Already taken more than 3 years for my claim.
I'd have to agree with some of the negative reviews here.
They force you to take their insurance, something they never mention when they first sign you on. Force may not be the right word as it is up to you still but they make it out that you must take it.
It is clear that to scott rees you are just a number, your injury or fight to get treatment is of no importance - just how much they can settle a claim for. Defiantly regret using these guys.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Marcia Ffrench
5 05/06/2018 Marcia Ffrench

A Brilliant Set of People - They Act In Your Best Interest

In December 2016 I was in a very bad road traffic accident in which I suffered amongst other medical issues - broken ribs, one of my lungs collapsed and the other bruised, memory loss due to a head collision I was also told I was in an induced coma state for over one week.

I decided not to go with the legal team my insurance company provided and decided to allow Scott Rees and Company to represent my interest in this matter - this is one of the best decision I have made in my life.
I will use one work to describe my experience with Scott Rees & Company - Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant. Apologies make that seven words.

From the onset I felt a level of comfort and confidence that my case was being handled by the right set of people. My first contact with Scott Rees & Company was with a young man Mr Chris Walker (I later learned that he is a partner at the company) - This young man and the team of persons he work with are absolutely brilliant.

Chris Walker - was a GOD Sent
Chris Walker took the time to explain the procedure of handling my case to me and what would happen next. Chris did not just treat me like a client his approach was humane and at all times with respect and dignity. He introduced me to his team who along with himself will be having direct contact with my case (Sam Walker, Naomi Conner and Gillian Yates).

This team organised my medical treatment, transport etc. as a matter of fact they organised everything. I was give frequent updates on how the case was progressing. These update was done through telephone, email or a letter and at time all three medium of communication were used to inform me. Chris Walker even responded to my queries on weekends or when he is on holidays.

The medical care I received through Chris Walker and his Team was first class. I did not have to do anything but get better. The medical care was done through a third party and managed by a case manager Kelly Rudd. Kelly Rudd was very meticulous and tenacious with my case and how she wrote my reports she was absolutely brilliant, she came to all my appointments and her encouragement during a difficult time ‘’thank you is not enough’’. A doctor with the critical care team mention to me that my healing progress was well in advance by a few months, because legal wise and medical treatment I did not have to worry myself about anything.

I will share some of the phenomenal achievements of my case done through Chris Walker; Sam Walker; Naomi Conner; Gillian Yates and Kelly Rudd:
 I received 2307.69 percentage more in compensation than I was told I would have received (that was the reason I did not go with the legal team my insurance company proposed)
 I was privilege to information I was told I would never see or get (that was the reason I did not go with the legal team my insurance company proposed)
 I was making advance medical progress - though I am still not there 100%

One thing I would like to say to a fantastic team – Thank You. Mr Chris Walker if I was wearing a hat I would tilt it to you sir Thank you.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Naomi Wijesingha
5 03/06/2018 Naomi Wijesingha

Great service from Scott Reed & Co. I originally was assigned someone who left very early on in the case, Daniel Curwen took over and has been absolutely fantastic from the get go. He made my case easy to understand, he was always contactable (would usually reply to emails within 30mins!) and just overall a very friendly person to speak to. Honestly great service and would definitely reccomend!

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by sue pawlykiwskyj
5 22/05/2018 sue pawlykiwskyj

Paul Harrison did a great job of looking after me.
I would recommend him and Scott rees if you need a solicitors services.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Scott Carr
5 17/05/2018 Scott Carr

Very good services from these guys I dealt with Mark Warner I would highly recommend him and the rest of the team I've only give 5 stars as it won't let me give 10 stars that's how good they are at dealing with my claim many thanks to mark and the team

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Sophie Brookes
5 16/05/2018 Sophie Brookes

I am very pleased with the work done by Scott Rees and Co Solicitors who represented me for my car crash and compensation claim. I was hit from the front while driving down a main road from a car coming from a side road (As a passenger) and even though the whole thing seemed scary at first Lee Givnan guided me through the whole process and kept me up-to-date throughout! I got the treatment I needed and the claim was settled soon after and I couldnt be happier! Thank you!

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by ian griffiths
5 03/05/2018 ian griffiths

could not fault the team at scott rees i didnt have to do anything explained every thing to me and very profesional

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Alex Tomlinson
5 18/04/2018 Alex Tomlinson

Had great service through Scott Rees, my case was handled efficiently and explained to me in depth. I was always looked after by the same person which was Ian W, throughout my case and he was always friendly and professional, he deserves a promotion. Thanks very much guys very satisfied.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Alojz Blount
5 03/04/2018 Alojz Blount

A big Thank you to Samantha Cummings for settling my personal injury claim and to Kamran Ditta,whom I initially dealt with. I'm very impressed with the very high quality legal representation I received, and very pleased with the final results. I highly reccomend Scott Rees & Co solicitors.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Caroline Jackson
4 08/03/2018 Caroline Jackson

Emily Spalding has dealt with my case with efficiency. Always keeping me updated on the progress. When I would email her, I would receive a response shortly afterwards! Thank you Emily for getting a great end result!

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Karrar Alsaidi
1 07/03/2018 Karrar Alsaidi

It's a shame I cannot give 0 stars. My claim took 3 years and 1 month !! Yes you read that correctly, more than 3 years. And after all the calls and appointments and unprofessional communication from Scott Rees I received only £975, and they took over £500 because of insurance I had to take according to their solicitor. Forced me to take it. Bunch of Liers and Thieves. What supposed to be a £8000 injury claim came down to £975 !! Please avoid at all cost. Look for a proper solicitor company and not these amateurs !! And I will definitely sue them in the future

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Dean Brunton
1 27/02/2018 Dean Brunton

My personal experience with this company is very poor and 1 star is generous as personally I would of rated 0. There is a serious lack of communication for example numberous messages asking for information from one of the claims handlers whilst I was away with limited access to emails, phone etc. I made the handler aware that I was away during this time before I left. Also a previous handler kept giving information that was incorrect or he was lying in order to make it sound like he was progressing my claim. There is many more issues I have had with this company my advice is stay clear.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Am K
1 21/02/2018 Am K

Scott Rees pay agencies such as the National Accident Helpline to promote them. DO NOT FALL FOR IT and go elsewhere before you regret it. It is the most unprofessional firm I have dealt with and has inexperienced solicitors who just care about the how much your claim is worth. They do NOT care about your injury or justice. Go to a firm who will actually fight for your case and communicate well with you instead of taking months to get back to you. I regret ever taking my case to them so do not make the same mistake.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Jay Fisher
5 19/02/2018 Jay Fisher

I can't thank the staff at Scott Rees & Co enough.
They've been fantastic to deal with, always kept me up to speed with what was going on.
Louise M Dempsey and Victoria Calzon-Matilla really were lights at the end of the tunnel. They were friendly, polite and helpful always explaining everything clearly and understandably.
Thank you so much for everything you done ladies!

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Joanne Barry
5 31/01/2018 Joanne Barry

Perfect service for my son, would recommend Scott Rees & Co to anyone. I would personally like to thank Lucy Ashbrook for the speedy process and support in helping my son Reece.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Mohammad Izhar
1 20/01/2018 Mohammad Izhar

I would not even give one star!!!! Avoid at all costs!! I put my full trust into this company and was let down badly. Following years of time spent chasing them for updates they eventually valued my claim £3500 but around 2 years later told me to accept the first offer of £3500 without a fight when the claim was worth £8000! I was told over and over that my case wasnt strong one even the other side accepting fault at a very early stage. My claim was dragged for 3 years and I wish I had changed Solicitors. my experience went rapidly down hill from that point. They will never call you back when you ring them they are always in the meeting . So many people deals with one claim everyone gives you different information. They should be called Scott Reece LIERS not LAWYERS. They don’t even stick to there own terms & conditions & won’t give you much information about percentage but when the case gets settled then they charge you for PHONE Calls (which they never make) also charge you for some insurance stuff which they should be charging the T/P after all the charges you’ll left with nothing. THEY LOST ALL MY ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS AND PAYSLIPS, I sent them documents back in 08/2016 and since then I’ve requested that to be send back to me on more them 10 occasions but they still haven’t sent it back, I have followed the complaint procedure but that didn’t go anywhere And all they do is refer you back to Ombudsman. Please do not use this company if you wish to retain your sanity .

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by christopher tharby
5 20/01/2018 christopher tharby


Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Tony Whitehouse
5 04/01/2018 Tony Whitehouse

Im happy with the outcome of my claim, i will be recommending scott reece to my friends in future

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Kosmin Kosmin
5 20/12/2017 Kosmin Kosmin

Very fast and very responsive. I am very happy with the service and the claim too. Julian Evitts helped me a lot. First class service.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Charlotte Bradley
5 18/12/2017 Charlotte Bradley

Scott Richardson was dealing with my claim which has been a speedy process, Scott has also kept me informed every step of the way, so I’ve had no worries what so ever. I would definitely recommend Scott Rees&Co to deal with any personal injury claims, they have been brilliant. So thanks to Scott.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Pat Walter
1 11/12/2017 Pat Walter

I had a case that had a chance. This company did not bother. Instead they looked at it from the employers prospective. It took so long for this company to put energy in my case and the original person dealing with my case i never got to speak to. Its now been 3 years since my accident im still trying to recover with my body and am being refered back to physiotherapy yet again. Wasnt happy at all with this company. I first explained outline of my case, they then sent a guy out who didnt let me get a word in at all during signing the papers. I waited ages months before being transfered to a different person who looked at the case and details in the wrong light than i actually described from the begining. Why am i leaving this review now? Because i finally recently got online as a google guide and felt i had no help from this company.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by salina hussain
5 06/12/2017 salina hussain

Can not fault this company at all specially ben gill who was dealing with my case everything was straight forward he was always on top of replies calls etc overall recieved a great service from the company highly recommend them thanks for everything

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Samantha Cummings
5 30/11/2017 Samantha Cummings

I have had a very good experience with Scott Rees and Co. Lee Givnan have kept me informed about what is happening and what’s going on next and I would definitely use them again.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by JT Lewis
5 16/11/2017 JT Lewis

Thank you to Scott Rees for bringing my claim to a favourable conclusion, the claim took a while but my claims handler Lee and his colleagues ensured that i was kept in the loop.
I would definately recommend their service.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Mahendra Patel
5 09/11/2017 Mahendra Patel

Scott Rees & Co are fantastic. I was introduced to them via a Claim Management company. They were very thorough in all of there communications, initial contact right thru to settlement, they aimed to achieve the best possible settlement relevant to my vehicle collision. They regularly kept myself up to date with any updates during the case and were easily contactable and communicative with any questions I had.

I cannot thank Scott Richardson in particularly enough for all his help and support during this whole process. I would highly recommend Scott Rees & Co for any Claim and look forward to referring them.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Graham Holden
5 09/11/2017 Graham Holden

I was dealt with by a guy called Scott Richardson who was very efficient, very professional and very knowledgeable about what I needed to know and do. Made a change to deal with someone like him. Thanks Scott and if it's your company then I'm sure it will be hugely successful

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Sean O'Hara
5 08/11/2017 Sean O'Hara

My claim was a long process but, Gary was clear and helpful throughout and now at the last point of the proceedings, he has been really professional in sorting out the best deal.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Michael
5 31/10/2017 Michael

Would 100% Recommend Scott Rees & Co to anyone! Would like to thank Helen Corvan for all the effort she put into my case, keeping me constantly updated as to what was going on and for getting a settlement that I am very pleased with!!

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Ama Ugbeye
1 27/10/2017 Ama Ugbeye

Absolute waste of time! My accident occurred in July 2016 and Scott Reece immediately reached out to me (yes, they came to me). I was assigned Gary Milligan to handle my case and I can boldly say he did absolutely NOTHING to help me. My first major issue was when I was constantly having to beg for physio therapy I was entitled to post medical examination that I really needed at the time. He kept telling me he’d arrange it but of course never did. The only time I would ever hear from him was if I’d send emails asking for updates regarding my case, to which he would always reply with a long draft of text that I never understood. I was made to repeat my claim over and over again as Gary couldn’t wrap his head around it for some strange reason. This went on for a whole year and three months. I really wish I was exaggerating but the neglect was remarkable. Today I was informed that my case would be closed due to poor prospects (I assume for Scott Reece). While I can appreciate that it was probably just a business affair on their part, the fact that my well being never mattered to Gary Milligan or to Scott Reece appalls me. I was injured in an accident I know wasn’t my fault but to them I didn’t deserve justice. They believed my case wouldn’t make them any money so they cut me off so abruptly after months and months of back and forth, repetitive communicating. My issue isn’t with Scott Reece directly, as I’m sure they might have a number of reputable solicitors under them but Gary Milligan certainly isn’t one of them. To me he was incredibly unprofessional and he’s letting you down BIG TIME!
I didn’t know who to complain to so I thought I’d write a review 😊

(The 1 star is really because no stars isn’t an option)

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Phil Beckwith
5 19/10/2017 Phil Beckwith

From start to finish I have been kept updated with the progress of my claim, if I could rate higher I would. I would have no hesitation to recommend first class service .

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by S Rahman
5 19/10/2017 S Rahman

My name is Mr S Rahman, I am dilighted and overwhelmed and very satisfied with the high level of expertise and continuous advice, guidance that put me and my family at ease by my solicitor
[ Mr Daniel Curwen ] at Scott Rees Solicitors
who is handling my road traffic accident claim in a very highly professional way.

My Solisitor Mr Daniel Curwen, despite his heavy work load always managed to communicate with me via email and phone along the very stressful and challenging time me and my family were and still going through keeping us up to date always providing us with a high level of legal advice along the wa, which was and still is very reassuring

I have recommended my solicitor Mr Daniel Curwen and many other Scott Rees Solicitors to my friends and family for great high quality professional legal advice for accident claims, and am also aware Scott Rees Solicitors deal with many other areas of legal advice and Work, I recommend highly that you not only call Scott Rees Solicitors for legal advice, i ask you also kindly tell others of this great leagal Name Scott Rees Solisitor’s, add them to your diary

Keep up the great work Mr Daniel Curwen, very satisfied with your professionalism, me and my family sincerely thank you Sir

Kind regards

Mr S Rahman

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Rachel Tindale
5 09/10/2017 Rachel Tindale

This company were very quick to respond just wanted to say a big thank you to Christopher McIntyre for being so supportive and helpful.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Barket Ali
5 28/09/2017 Barket Ali

Scott Rees dealt with a claim for my daughter, the case was settled quickly and with minimal fuss. I would use them again in future and would be happy to recommend them. Thank you

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Trish Skenfield
5 21/09/2017 Trish Skenfield

I was very impressed with the excellent service I received from Louise Dempsey who went the extra mile to pursue my claim. Louise was both professional and friendly and explained everything to me in a clear, concise manner. Would definitely recommend Scott Rees & Co. Thank you Louise.

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by A Chowdhury
1 23/08/2017 A Chowdhury

Scott & rees solicitor firm is and absolute nightmare
they are very incompetent they've took so long for my small claim which was so simple claim most solicitors are trainee working for the firm and they are very rude and arrogant! will never recommend anyone they will bump! Peopel for money that's one thing for sure they've known for con man
it's very sad ?

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Caitlin Whitehead
5 23/08/2017 Caitlin Whitehead

Would like to thank Joseph Lee for the brilliant customer service received and the professional manner in which he dealt with my claim. Would definitely recommend him/ the team!

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Gareth Beckett
1 03/08/2017 Gareth Beckett

Would never use them again. Felt like I had to do all the chasing to find out information on my case. Just a source of money to them not got that feeling I was important. It's been nearly 3 years for this claim. Been left with a joke of a settlement. Don't expect a reply. Stay away from this company!!!!!

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Kyle
1 11/07/2017 Kyle

At first was very good, they took all the details for my case before advising me to wait until after my op. Waited, it went successfully but as there were no complications during the procedure, it meant I had no case. I wouldn't of pursued it at all if I knew this before my operation. I'm after compensation for the period of 3-4 years of repeated misdiagnosis, leading to more intrusive operation as a result. The issue was found on the first appointment with a different GP, at the same practice. Fell like i have just been fobbed off??

Going elsewhere, no skin of my nose!

Review of Scott Rees & Co Solicitors by Stuart Jardine
5 03/07/2017 Stuart Jardine

Lucy looked after my case and was everything you'd want from a solicitor so I was very happy she was assigned to my case. I found her to be very helpful and she kept me up to date throughout the whole process. Very pleased with the service provided and would highly recommend this firm to anyone.
Thank you for all your hard work Lucy.

Scott Rees & Co Solicitors

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