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590films is a full service video production company.

At 590films, we create the stories that help organizations and companies do great things. Whether you want to raise a million dollars, reach more people, or simply educate the world, we’ve got your back.


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Kelsey R.

11 March 2019

For the past couple years we at Physicians for Reproductive Health have had the honor of working with Scott and Julia at 590films. Their willingness to meet us where we're at for each project, go with the flow, while still maintaining a professional structure and delivering within our timeframe is hard to beat. They are quick to understand an organization's needs not just from a logistical and deliverable perspective, but from the values and priorities that make that organization unique. They truly capture the feeling and emotion we're trying to evoke in each piece we've worked with them on. Can't wait to continue working with them in years to come. Thank you 590films! More...


Megan M.

2 January 2019

590Films is top notch! The producer and director, Scott Elliott, is a man of many talents. As a videographer, his skills are unmatched and so diverse he can take a vague concept and turn it into a video you never thought to imagine. In addition to delivering projects on time and within budget, he always professionally conducts interviews and exchanges with our clients and staff.  Since working with Scott in early 2016 on a number of videos, I have always been excited to see the final works he delivers. He's a kindhearted, patient and detail-orientated person. I'm looking forward to continuing my work with Scott for years to come. More...


Natalie T.

22 March 2018

This past year my organization WomenStrong International worked with 590 Films to create a dozen or so videos. After spending hours in a tiny cramped hotel room interviewing all of our subjects, they quickly turned around the first draft of videos to us. They took into account every edit we requested and made helpful suggestions along the way so we could have a suite of high quality videos to tell our story. I would highly recommend Scott and Julia and look forward to working with them again soon. More...


David T.

5 May 2016

I've been working with 590 Films for years now. They have produced many pieces for me --ranging from lengthy, detailed, strategically driven documentary pieces to brief, light, fun active stuff.  I have never worked with any group that has such a potent blend of professionalism, flexibility, and incredibly high standards of craft.They are incredibly great to work with: flexible and easygoing without sacrificing an iota of quality or focus.  I highly recommend them! More...

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I love the collaborative nature of filmmaking. We have a great team at 590films, led by my sister Julia and I. We love working with all of the creative people who help us tell stories. And we love working with clients as well!

We are committed to helping out clients tell their stories and we will go above and beyond to do so. We have never missed a deadline and often beat our deadlines. With over 20 years combined experience in the industry, we know how to make films and tell stories, but we stay completely on top of the latest trends in social media, music, cameras and technique.



590films is a full-service video production company, soup to nuts. We come up with visual and storytelling concepts, organize shoots, conduct interviews and gather beautiful footage. We write compelling scripts and edit moving pieces that we’ll deliver to you in whatever format best suits your needs and provides you with the greatest impact. Why hire us? To start, we’ve produced and directed award-winning documentaries and we bring that sensibility to every single project we do. We know how to digest huge amounts of complicated information and tease out a heart-tugging story. Over our 15 years in business, we’ve collaborated with some topnotch marketing companies. In the process, we’ve learned a thing or two about branding. We know to read everything we can get our hands on, interview key stakeholders, research the market, and listen, listen, listen. Then we write up a treatment proposing our creative concepts. Not to brag (okay, we’ll brag a little), but often our ideas drive an entire project across assets — web and print. Out in the field, we can make even the most reluctant participant pour their heart out in an interview. We have technical bonafides and a creative eye that we bring to both filming and editing. We work with an amazing team of freelancers, including kickass photographers, that we bring onto our projects depending on the scope. From every angle, we know how to tell a good story—one that will change minds and inspire action.