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Amy McMullan

29 July 2019



Anil prasad

16 July 2019

Amazing place to workout. Way better than the other gyms and the best part you'll get all the equipments there.



28 April 2019

Excellent Gym in city centre of Glasgow.


Roddy McTawdry

28 April 2019

Initially I found the gym really quite intimidating but not because of all the guys walking around with unnecessary lumps, because of all the women walking around without unnecessary lumps. It's difficult not to look as absolutely nobody's wearing baggies, there's a lot of heavy breathing and sweating, and I guess it turns out I'm just not very cool. The place is wall-to-wall covered in mirrors so if your eyes do accidentally wander you will get caught. I definitely did. However after at least one excruciating moment every single visit, I soon find myself completely overwhelmed by whatever it is I've gotten myself into. I'm an ageing skateboarder and as such my body is in tatters, plus I've always taken a good drink so over the many unsympathetic years my fitness has fallen into disrepair. I've only used the gym to attend classes so far and I must admit I am impressed with what's on offer. Every class I've attended has been hell apart from pilates which is silly, and each of the fitness couches has been really good, really encouraging but not over the top. Plus every single one has enquired about injuries before class begins and has kept an eye on me throughout. I have been made to feel really welcome every visit and I do feel the benefit after only a couple of weeks. Attending a gym isn't quite as bad as I was expecting it to be. I could probably use a girlfriend though. More...


Keith Salmon

29 March 2019

It's great that it's 24 hours ! If I can't sleep I just go for a workout


Tarce Eadie

27 February 2019

Great equipment. Open 24/7.


Scottish Git

27 February 2019

Decent sized gym with recently upgraded changing rooms, the bigger and better city centre gym when compared to the hope st branch.


Sully Ahmad

28 January 2019

All equipments are there does get a bit busy but off peak times you'll be able to get on to weights and machines easily. Also. It's 24 hours so can go whenever you feel like More...


Yazzy X

29 December 2018

This is easily my favourite Pure Gym branch and one of the originals that opened in Glasgow. It's extremely spacious with 3 floors and in a good location. My favourite thing about the gym is that it's opened 24/7 as I find myself going all hours of the day. Very convenient. More...



30 November 2018

Not a bad gym at all and for the price I highly recommend


Hazel O'Brien

22 April 2018

brilliant gym, always clean and staff friedly andf helpful. good value for money


Hani Almadani

1 April 2018

Very good sport equipment, 3 levels, open 24 hrs, proficianal trainers, hight standard, too many classes for all trainers levels, one of the best gym in Glasgow, highly recommended for the sporty people to excersise.



23 March 2018

great classes! convenient 24 hour access. facilities not so great, since toilets in the ladies locker rooms are ALWAYS blocked


Justine Abola

16 March 2018

Very big and has a lot of equipment


Aga Kryspin

6 March 2018

Everything's better than at Hope st: staff, classes, space, changing rooms, atmosphere.


G Page

12 February 2018

All good. I like it.


Demir Akarsu

2 January 2018

Can't oversell this gym enough. I was there everyday from 17:30-18:30. Was never too busy and I could use whatever I wanted without queuing (except squat racks).

Lots of equipment, lots of benches, free weights, classes. Friendly gym goers


Katherine Radcliffe

23 November 2017

This is the best Pure Gym I've ever used (I travel for work and use them all over the country.)

It's perfect for bodybuilding. There are six squat racks and two Olympic deadlift platforms. They also have a hex bar and a safety squat bar (I have only ever seen a safety squat bar in independent bodybuilding gyms.)

On another level are weight machines and another small free weights area, as well as a "functional" fitness area with a big cage/rack thing and lots of kettle bells and slam balls, etc.

I'm sure it's very crowded after 5pm. Any city centre gym will be.


Fan Li

29 August 2017

The gym is great but it is also busy because of this.



15 August 2017

Great atmosphere, busy mon to friday evenings.