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London's leading chiropractors, physical therapists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, remedial massage therapists, Shiatsu, Swedish, Sports and deep tissue massage. Diagnostic digital X-rays.

We are the experts in treating :

Neck, Shoulder and Arm pain
Back pain and Sciatica
Chest and Middle-back pain
Rib / breast pain of Musculoskeletal origin
Coccyx and Pelvic pain
Sports injuries and Dance injuries
The worlds leaders in Posture Rehabilitation and Spinal Curvature Correction

Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics Reviews


Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Rhiannon Dando
5 10/01/2019 Rhiannon Dando

I work with Chris Berlingierie. I visited because I was suffering from a slipped disc and had shooting pain running up and down both legs. My GP’s solution was that I should take pain killers,so I began to research online and found the sayer clinic. Chris is an amazing practitioner and he helped to minimise the pain very quickly. I still visit Chris and feel assurred that my condition is vastly improved. I know longer suffer any pain in my legs and have been able to return to ana drive lifestyle with confidence.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Thomas Metscher
5 13/12/2017 Thomas Metscher

I have been a patient at Sayer Clinics for about 8 months and I must say Michael Durtnall's treatment and Karolina Krzaczek's physiotherapy really changed my life. I first came to see Michael in April 2017 after suffering from bad and persistent back and neck tension as well as costochondritis for about 1.5 years. By the time I came to see Michael, over 1.5 years I had consulted 3 different doctors (including expensive private ones, 3 different osteopaths and 2 different physiotherapists in London. None of these could identify what my problem was and in fact treated me incorrectly: physiotherapists would not treat my tension affected areas because they "didn't want to make it worse" and an orthopaedic surgeon I consulted gave me a mix of pain killers that severely affected how I perceived. It got to the point where I was incredibly frustrated. I thought nobody could help and that I would never get well, do sports and be pain free again. What a relief and what a change when I saw Michael! He is extremely knowledgeable about back and neck and frankly any skeletal and muscular issue. From the first appointment I felt that this practice was different: Michael did a thorough assessment of my condition and quickly drew up a plan of how to tackle my problems. He made me do regular physiotherapy with Karolina whose treatment and exercises helped me tremendously in easing my muscular tension and in learning how to ameliorate and release tension and pain if and when I get it. Both of them are also extremely nice and pleasant. I highly recommend anyone with complex and severe neck, back and other skeletal or muscular problems to see Michael and Karolina at Sayer Clinics. Highly recommend them!

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Michael Beckett
5 17/11/2017 Michael Beckett

Having suffered from neck pain and associated dizziness it was a relief to visit Chris Berlingieri - he got straight to the cause of the problem and within a week the dizziness dissipated and the neck pain was easing. Follow up visits have helped the pain to all but disappear within a short period of time. Highly recommended.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Nihal Hamdy
5 04/09/2017 Nihal Hamdy

I lived with my horrible exhausting lack of energy because of my lower back pain since I was 14 years old, it became unbearable when I fell down the stairs and had coccyx fracture in 2014. I had pain 24seven I avoided doing any kind of effort even house work, I even couldn't sit for a long time which affected my work. Now I'm a different person! first time I went to Sayer clinic I only requested that they get me to have a normal life with no pain and I could workout again! I was only 29 years old. they did more than they promised such a professional team! they all work together and all get any update about your case so whenever you go they know what you have been through yesterday or the week before. And if you have any inquiries the Admin ladies Alexandra and Lucie are stars they response immediately. First time I went in in 2015 I fully understood what I have though i had the chance to travel abroad but no one helped me with an answer. I Went back to Sayer clinic in March 2016 then back again in July 2017 had intensive sessions with Michael Durtnal,Marek Gibson,Marta Dias De Oliveira,Katy Gonçalves. I will be going back for my last treatment sessions in November or December this year again. Finally I would like to state that the treatment plan Michael told me the first day I met him is absolutely true such an honest person and knows what he is doing.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Cadão
5 11/07/2017 Cadão

I had several sessions with Katy Gonçalves and she was great to take care of my frozen shoulder and swollen ankle.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Alice Lancastle
5 13/05/2017 Alice Lancastle

Absolutely fantastic experience. Incredibly professional, knowledgeable and efficeient. Chris sent me extra videos and exercises to speed and aid my recovery. I would recommend to anyone.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Paul Taylor
5 06/02/2017 Paul Taylor

Very helpful, completely eased my back pain and with exercises it seems to be staying away too. Highly recommended

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by pietro p
5 05/02/2017 pietro p

Dr Berlingieri at Sayer Clinic helped me incredibly in getting back in shape. The chiropractic treatments with him would literally get me back at 100% in a matter of days. Also I received great advice on how to better take care of my posture and back in general. Highly recommended!!

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by M Khajah
5 14/12/2016 M Khajah

Highly professional and would recommend Dr. Berlingieri, helped loosen up my shoulder by aligning my back with great ease. Really got a lot out of the first session. An overall great experience

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Liz Findlay
5 01/12/2016 Liz Findlay

Very professional and they've really helped me with my coccyx, back and neck problems. I specifically recommend Leta as she's great with the releases and is always such a joy!

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Aljohara Alhegelan
5 22/08/2016 Aljohara Alhegelan

I went to see Dr. Michael four years after hurting my back. I chose sayer clinics because of all the good reviews I found online and I did not regret it. Dr. Michael pays attention to every detail, big or small, and takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. After only 3 months I believe most of the damage was undone and I cannot recommend him enough. My treatment included chiropractic sessions with him and Dr. Briony, and physiotherapy sessions mostly with Sofia and Marta who are very skilled. Overall, all of the staff at the Sayer Clinics have always been very helpful and friendly.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Ross Bowie
5 11/06/2016 Ross Bowie

While visiting London I developed lower back pain and stiffness which was interfering with our sightseeing. After an evaluation, massage and chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Berlingueri I was back to 100% and was able to fully enjoy the rest of our stay. I have back and neck problems occasionally and see chiropractors here in Canada. I was most impressed with Dr. Berlingueri's thorough approach and combination of massage, activator and traditional adjustment techniques to eliminate my pain.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by paul aspden
5 26/05/2016 paul aspden

I have been having treatment with Dr Michael Durtnall at the Sayer Clinic for the last few months due to spinal injuries caused by various skiing accidents. Michael is the first person to uncover the root cause behind my issues (despite me seeing various Osteopaths and Doctors over the last 4 years). His diagnosis, treatments and rehab are alleviating years of constant pain.
This is truly an exceptional clinic providing first class service with super advice.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Abi Alawie
5 29/04/2016 Abi Alawie

I have been suffering with neck pains and migraines, causing me concern and overall posture discomfort. Over time, I attempted to try various remedies which did not resolve the core issues.

Dr Michael Durtnall at the Sayer Clinic London was extremely professional with his methodology analysis and acupuncture used.

I would most definitely recommend Michael and his team for making a considerate difference with professional integrity.

Abi Alawie, May 2016

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Carol Barlow
5 25/04/2016 Carol Barlow

I would like to say that the clinic is very welcomming and my physio, Marta is of the very highest standard,with a wonderful manner which puts you at ease and outstanding in her specialist field. I have no hesitation in recommending her and the clinic.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Karen Ferguson
5 13/04/2016 Karen Ferguson

Words can not begin to describe how thankful I am that I found Michael and Marta at Sayer Clinic. They have truly turned my life around in the last 12 months. I suffered with chronic coccyx pain and other associated pains and numbness which nobody seemed able to treat, I was told I had to live with it but this simply is not true. If you have similar health problems, please put your faith in sayer clinic like I did and you will not regret it. They truly are the best and I will be forever grateful.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Amy Hewer
5 12/04/2016 Amy Hewer

I have been seeing both Michael Durtnall (chiropractor) and Marta Oliveira (physio) over the past 12 months for a long term coccyx injury and pelvic/hip pain and cant rate them highly enough - cant imagine where I would have been without them! I had seen a number of therapists before finding them and had limited progress up until that point - Michael gave me a clear diagnosis after a long time without being able to get one and both him and Marta have worked together on getting me back on track since then. Highly recommend both of them and the clinic in general.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Roma Finlinson
5 11/04/2016 Roma Finlinson

I started having severe rib pain when I was 3 months pregnant that got progressively worse during the pregnancy. After the pregnancy I saw numerous consultants, physics and chiropractors to get my rib sorted but 2 years on and several procedures later I was in chronic pain everyday.

I finally came across the Sayer Clinic and under the care of Michael and Karolina I'm finally on the mend and can look forward to a pain free life again. They are the first people who were really hands on and worked on the issues causing the pain instead of just giving me painkillers to mask the pain.

I can't recommend them highly enough.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Krissi Smith
5 20/02/2016 Krissi Smith

Great Clinic, really do know their stuff and make a real difference, true experts in their field, you will get guaranteed results. In 2008 I could barely move now I am doing things I couldn't have imaged doing a few years back. Most pleased and regular customer who suffered extreme chronic back pain.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Andrei Amaricai
5 05/02/2016 Andrei Amaricai

I rarely write reviews, but my experience with Sayer Clinic has just been so amazing that I felt compelled to write one! From the easy use of their website booking an appointment to the warm welcoming at the clinic, I have been to other places and seen other doctors, but none of them gave me the results that Dr Michael Durtnall did. After 2 years of lower back pain which got me worried since I’m only 25 yo, Dr Michael has helped me relieving some pain on the spot and put up a plan to fix my problems, reassuring me I’ll be a new man in 2-3 months time. I highly recommend to visit the team at Sayer if you too are suffering of back pain.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Claire Durtnall
5 21/01/2016 Claire Durtnall

Married for 28 years to brilliant London chiropractor Michael Durtnall, I've always had a great man reminding me to sit straight and keep my optimum weight and fitness - and so I've always had a perfect back.
Now in my 50s I have recently suffered shoulder and middle back pain with pins and needles in my hands and fingers.

Michael remobilised my spine and advised me to see his highly knowledgeable and gifted therapists Nobue Imai and Sofia Pinto who have ironed out my knotted muscles, flossed-away my tendinitis and cured my wrist and arm pain.

Now I feel in tip-top condition without resorting to medics, drugs and painkillers.

I am now able to return to my ballet classes and beautiful posture.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Lai Sou
5 05/07/2015 Lai Sou

I had excruciating pain in my back, bottom and sciatica from the sixth month of my pregnancy. My GP and hospital couldn't help me so I searched online and found Sayer Clinic in Kensington and chose chiropractor Chris Berlingieri as a manipulation specialist for pregnancy back pain.

Chris manipulated my pelvis joints easily without any discomfort or pain using a gentle technique for pregnant women. Surprise! All my pain just went and I could immediately walk normally again. The rest of my pregnancy was great with occasional visits to Chris to keep my joints working perfectly. If you are suffering pregnancy back pain please see Chris at Sayer clinics as soon as you can.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Peter Gritton
5 14/06/2015 Peter Gritton

Michael Durtnall is a genius. He knows the human body and understands people and why we sometimes find we've tied ourselves up in knots. He untied my 'knots' (neck and shoulder) in a short series of well-programmed appointments using a variety of techniques. And then a couple of incredibly effective and informative physiotherapy sessions with Sofia Pinto at Sayer (another genius) did the trick.
I now know more about my body and the ridiculous strains I put on it than at any other stage in my life. I now recognise some of the behavioural patterns that lead to knotting myself up again - you could say Michael and Sofia have educated me as well as treated me.
I also have the comfort of knowing that if I ever have physical problems again I can return to Sayer Clinic and be treated wholly/holistically = properly.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Kinga Gaborjani
5 12/06/2015 Kinga Gaborjani

I cannot recommend Michael Durtnall and the Sayer Clinics highly enough. I have a rather attention-seeking spine and it has been looked after most wonderfully there. Before my first treatment, my lower back had been so painful that I could barely walk. For several months, I could only do a few steps and it was only getting worse. My GP said it was probably due to my age. I am 38...
I saw other specialists but nobody could offer any help, until a friend recommended Michael. Thanks to him, I can now walk and work without difficulties. I might have to give up the idea of running a marathon but I am feeling like a different person. He is caring, generous, gentle and I feel completely safe there.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Harriet Gritton
5 09/06/2015 Harriet Gritton

I can't recommend Dr Michael Durtnall and his team at Sayer Clinics highly enough.
He has corrected my posture and re-aligned my spine, stopping considerable back pain that I was suffering from several years ago. I am so grateful for all Michael's care. They are a wonderful team.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Li An Tan
5 05/06/2015 Li An Tan

I have been going to Dr Michael Durtnall for about half a year now and since then he had helped relieved my neck pain and headaches and improved my posture! i really thank him for that! Highly recommended!

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Karenne Mills
5 03/06/2015 Karenne Mills

Michael Durtnall was recommended to me as I was experiencing neck and shoulder problems. I had been experiencing problems for some time and had sought help from a number of other medical professionals without success. Michael was concerned to check x-rays before undertaking any treatment and when he had identified the problems he was able to provide relief in only a few appointments. Michael was also very keen to stress the need to work at my posture to stop problems recurring and suggested changes to my office chair and computer set-up which have made an enormous difference. I did not think complete relief from neck and back pain was possible but Michael's extensive knowledge and skill have provided this. I will certainly recommend Sayer Clinics to my family and friends.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Ben Parry
5 02/06/2015 Ben Parry

The best chiropractor anywhere in the world! Michael Durtnall is a miracle worker. Ben (Roehampton)

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Tracey Bryer
Tracey Bryer

Chris Berligieri is my life back would be lost with out him!!!!!!!!!! I have scoliosis Sayer clinics have helped me more than anywhere else that i've ever been.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Pham Thi Canh
5 Pham Thi Canh

a very useful page! :)

The pain caused in the neck is a normal illness, which can occur due to many reasons. The disorder may due to any disorder in tissue. The neck pains can cause swelling in the neck leading to pain and irritation while moving the neck.

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Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Chrisand Mel
5 Chrisand Mel

I am very cautious about my back and the Sayer Clinics are the only people that I would trust to treat me - their expertise is second-to-none.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Cherelle Rose Patterson
5 Cherelle Rose Patterson

Thank you so much for helping me fine tune my posture. Can't wait for my next session. Michael made me feel at ease and I trusted everything he said, amazing!

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Brian Curtis
5 Brian Curtis

Turning my neck was stiff and painful increasingly to the point where I couldn't sleep or work properly. I saw Dr. Adam Kay at Sayer clinic in Kensington for a short course of affordable chiropractic treatment and now have a full range of movement and no pain.
Excellent outcome. I definitely recommend Dr. Adam Kay.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Mathew Redfern
5 Mathew Redfern

I went to the Sayer clinic suffering with Coccyx pain which made sitting down very un-comfortable at at times near impossible, after a few treatments I noticed a positive difference and now having had around eight treatments I feel almost as good as new and have been able to do things I couldn't before. If you are suffering with any similar Coccyx pain I cannot recommend them highly enough, just try them, you won't regret it :)

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Claudia Pereira
5 Claudia Pereira

The treatment was brilliant to me because after years I finally got completely healed from a sprain in my ankle. I've been regularly having a problem in my ankle which would stop me to walk for weeks and had gone to several doctors. Only through the acupuncture treatment of Dr. Olga I was finally cured from it. I also got free from all the tension in my back and started to get much more relaxed, which allowed me to work more concentrated. I recommend the treatment of this clinic for the well-being of all the body and mind.

Review of Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics by Jacqui Asad
5 Jacqui Asad

Dr Durtnall has given my daughter her life back. The NHS acknowledged her pain but didn't know how treat costochondritis. After months of tests and chronic pain not getting any better, we were told her only choice is pain management. Leaving a 17 year old girl potentially a victim of severe pain for the rest of her life. She was on a huge amount of painkillers.That was until we saw Dr Durtnall. He's patient, kind and just amazing! Turning her life around from the first visit. We travel nearly 2 hours to get the best treatment there is from a leading expert whose knowledge and dedication is second to none. It's so great to see her be able to walk again and not rely on a wheelchair. It's even better to see her smile and less tears in pain. Seeing Dr Durtnall is the best thing we ever did I don't know what we'd do without his support he's just wonderful.

Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics

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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays Private Medical or Chiropractic referral for high-definition, low-dose X-rays or see one of our chiropractors first as a New Patient for an Initial consultation and examination to decide IF, and WHICH, xrays are needed - West London Kensington W8 STANDING OR SITTING digital, diagnostic, musculoskeletal x-rays for arthritis, fractures, scoliosis, whiplash injuries, degenerative joint disease, neck pain (cervical), low-back pain (lumbo-sacral spine, sacroiliac joints and hips), thoracic spine, ribs, shoulder, elbow, hips, knees, ankles, feet, arms and hands.

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