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Ben George

26 June 2018

A beautiful park right on the edge of the city centre. This shady park offers a great place to sit and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.


Brian Baty

24 June 2018

Leases Park nice place for adults and children, cafe in the Park, lower down Tennis courts and Volley ball, massive Pond get there and enjoy just do it get out ...


Fei Xia

10 June 2018

Nicely landscaped green space with woods, open green areas and a well-maintained pond. The buildings however are a bit sub-par both in their contributions to the scenes and quality. Last time I visited there seemed to be something ill going on in the pond as quite a few dead fish could be seen. Hope this is not a big problem. More...


Anli Ahamadi

3 June 2018

Good for pleasure and rest
The kids playground is not bad as well
You can see shows for free.


Amazing Pretty

31 May 2018

Leazes park is great as you can: play, relax and reflect. It a good place to cool your head and calm down. I recommend this place to everyone as you can do all sorts of things.


Toni Anderson

18 May 2018

I really love this park as there's loads of great stuff here. There's a lake , a café, tennis courts and plenty of green space for a picnic areas and bbqs.


Brian Hall

11 May 2018

Just 5mins away from Newcastle centre, behind St. James' park. Over the road from 2 hospitals. Nice quiet haven to sit and get some peace and rest. The boating lake have resident swans an moor hens More...


Kris Mason

22 April 2018

A nice little place in the city centre. Always enjoy walking around here.


Felipe Teixeira

22 April 2018

Really nice park. Has a nice footpath around a really small lake. It worth it!


Nath Aceval

12 April 2018

One of the biggest and beautiful parks of Newcastle. It is absolutely amazing both during winter and summertime


Jonathan Goss

24 February 2018

A city centre park with tree lined walks and a small lake. Somewhat faded version of its former self, with the play areas in need of tlc. A great place for an al fresco lunch when the weather permits. More...


Dishy Dave

19 February 2018

Fabulous park. The swans queue up neatly for bread and take it very politely from your hands, then go to the back of the queue and wait to come round again! I always thought swans were aggressive and dangerous, but these Geordie swans are perfect ladies and gentlemen! More...


Georgina Kirtley

17 February 2018

Lovely family park or lovers walk group of mates allowed barbecues if quick enough there's one stone barbecue to use,fishing allowed have to put fish back, boat rides in pond, fields to have disposable barbecue trays, sunbathing, chilling with pals, family football, me and kids enjoyed many family, friends barbecues there games with kids big fishing net for sakhi to fish , feed swan's, ducks , lovely memories of kids when they were younger


Callum Metcalf

16 January 2018

Lovely big park to walk around with friends or alone and it has a big pond in the middle, a very big change from the hustle and bustle of a city



7 January 2018

A very pretty park with a small pond with swans, geese, ducks and more. Diverse plantation and well kept grounds. It has two children play grounds ( for older and younger children). There are also tennis courts and basketball court - popular in warmer months. There is a small cafe there and access to the toilets. In summer months there are usually few events run in this park. I personally really like this place!! More...


Jane Anderson

26 December 2017

A bit muddy in December but still pretty. Play area is good and has stuff you don't find in other parks


Viktor Koch

7 December 2017

Lovely park for walking exploring the lake and the different type of birds visiting it. If you searching a place to photograph birds it is ome of the best place in the city, it was for me!


Ibrahim AbdelKhalek

3 December 2017

You can spend lovely time walking through the park and maybe try to identify the different kinds of birds in and around the lake. Very relaxing and refreshing. Highly recommended More...


Terry Allen

25 November 2017

Good park. Has a boating lake.not for kids on their own like most places these days unfortunately.


Michael Wall

18 November 2017

Nice place to visit in daylight ...Do not venture there alone after hours as it tends to attract a fair amount of dodgy characters


Jonathan Goss

8 November 2017

A city centre park with tree lined walls and a small lake. Somewhat faded version of its former self, with the play areas in need of tlc. A great place for an al fresco lunch when the weather permits. More...


John Simmonette

7 October 2017

Jurassic kingdom was a fantastic experience for my 4 year old son & I,


Angela Liddle

30 September 2017

Great victorian style park with lake, maze, park and paths. Shame the cafe is closed.


Gary Ogilvie

16 September 2017

Nice park with lake near to St James' Park football stadium. Toilets available.


Marty Tate

13 September 2017

Great place to go fishing, some nice carp to mid twentys



6 September 2017

So pure so beautiful. A good place for relaxation.


sou ind

22 August 2017

It's a nice and decent size park. As it's inside the city centre it will give you New York central park type of feeling, but not entirely. My rating is 4 out of 5 only because when you sit inside the park or walk you will see less flowers. More flowers gardening will make it a perfect park:) More...


Alkhalil Al-Sarhani

12 August 2017

Nice lake and view. Decent tennis courts are available for free.


Scott Watters

28 June 2017

Lovely park with a great pond and lots of wildlife.


Anna May Forster

13 June 2017

Nice enough but people need to stop leaving rubbish all over the place


Louise Elliot

29 April 2017

So lucky to have a beautiful park in our city centre. It's just a shame that vandals have destroyed the statuary and balustrades - totally senseless!


Anna Regan

26 March 2017

I love feeding the swans and the ducks here. My favourites are the tufted ducks!


Charles Lee

17 February 2017

Beautiful park right next to St James with a pond, tennis courts and a bandstand.


Hans Juneby

8 February 2017

Nice place to relax and escape the city


Mauritz GH

19 January 2017

Nice park right behind St. James Park, big pond with lots of ducks, swans and geese.


Cillian Thomas Eoin Finlay

8 December 2016

A great place to escape the city centre without leaving the city centre!


Chalana R Malluwawadu

29 November 2016

Really nice place to relax in the summer


connor patterson

10 November 2016

can be some idiots in the park but the park itself is very nice


John-paul Bradley

8 October 2016

Great peaceful Victorian park close to city centre


Fariz Abi Karami

27 September 2016

Really lovely place.. No wonder Newcastle is a happy city.


Alan Rodmell

5 April 2016

A nice place to take the kids for a walk. In the centre of town Leazes is a well kept Park with all you would expect. Lake, kids Park, tennis courts etc.


Chris Allport

15 February 2016

beautiful scenic park. tennis courts, duck pond, sculpture and art installations dotted around


Ben Haley

28 December 2015

A great park experience. Come for a walk, take the dogs, take the family! Just avoid the weird goth groups hiding in the shadier parts.


Ryan Shilling

5 December 2015

A Victorian park tucked away in the city. With beautiful views and a wide range of critters, the park is a lovely place to stroll, gaze, and relax. It also features a children's park and tennis courts, and the bandstand is an awesome place to chill out with friends. More...


Cheng Lin Chong

25 November 2015

The scenery is so beautiful. Can be one of the place to visit in Newcastle for travellers.

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