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Rosemarie Regal

8 August 2019

Excellent food and service. Love sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather-. Highly recommended


Eric S.

20 July 2019

We really enjoyed Sapore. I want to give a special mention for their service. We were a large group and had a person in a wheelchair. They had originally set us up for a room upstairs, but it was inaccessible for a wheelchair. The hostess got right to work and arranged it so we could all dine downstairs.  They were very attentive and I was very grateful. If you do have a person in your party who can't go upstairs, I would recommend mentioning it when you reserve, it will be best for the restaurant and you. Thank you Sapore for going the extra mile for us! More...


Gabe Lorente

14 July 2019

we had a party of 50 and the Staff did an amazing job... And the food was awesome!


Melissa B.

11 July 2019

Tonight was the first time eating here and I loved it.  The food was fantastic. I'm 100% Italian and I must say I will be coming back.  The staff is awesome.


Vicki L.

3 July 2019

Friendly service, tasty pasta. Full bar. Good for groups or a date. Outdoor seating options are a plus.


Sakuna B.

25 June 2019

Walked around for a few blocks and found this pleasant and welcoming restaurant. We had a satisfying lunch here. Our sever Sahara was wonderful. Sahara always checked on us and made sure everything was to our liking. Keep up the great Job Sahara and Staff of Sapore Italiano. We will definitely come back. 2 thumbs up to the food also. More...


Bob A.

13 June 2019

Great experience. Great food and service. I started with a glass of sangiovese. Good. Ordered an appetizer of the specials menu - Parma prosciutto and burrata. - Bliss. Really high quality prosciutto and a solid burrata. *Note: While waiting for the dish  the owner tried to gift me an order of caprese. So nice! And I turned it down, lol, because I had burrata on my mind. And then the Parma stole the show!Switched to their gnarly head pinot noir. Ordered their meatballs. Very, very good. Beef, pork, and veal. Super tender. Loved this, especially with the pinot. The only exception to an otherwise great dining experience, was my dessert choice - semi freddo. Good flavor, but the consistency was off. It was more like a somewhat hard icecream rather than a cross between a soft icecream and a mousse. I ate 1/4 of it and explained it to the server, who was very nice and attentive, btw. It remained on the bill, which was disappointing, but I'd still recommend this place and would certainly return again. 3.75 Stars More...


Christina L.

5 June 2019

Always consistent, always delicious!! Amazing rustic Italian food, heavy pours at the bar and friendly staff. Never had a bad experience and I've been coming for years.


Lisa T.

5 June 2019

As an Italian from New Jersey living in SF, this place is legit. Ordered the fettuccine bolognese and spinach ricotta ravioli with homemade meatballs to start. The meatballs were light and cooked to perfection. Both pastas were handmade and al dente. The bread tastes like it was made in a brick oven. Sop up that leftover meat sauce with that bread, close your eyes and you're in Italy. We thought the meal was finished, then a complimentary tiramisu was placed on the table. Super light and fluffy with a liquor finish. Shout out to our waiter Oscar. Grazie mile. More...


Cristy RZ

3 June 2019

Helio is a great host, real Italian food


Lynette F.

23 May 2019

The staff was very nice. They started our group with homemade meatballs and the sauce and fresh bread it was all to die for. Ordered the pollo pizzaole with the fettuccine fresh pasta and again it was probably some of the best sauce (or gravy depending on where you're from) I've ever had. More...


Maria T Brooks

18 May 2019

Great food ! Service is great! Oscar was our server. He is amazing.


ed s.

30 April 2019

Great Italian place with good food and service. Dinner is busy so reservations are a good idea. Price point is good also and starting to have more California wines to choose from. Also great place for the family.


Petet S.

24 April 2019

Fantastic evening and amazing food for our birthday celebration with long time friends.  Eveline, our server, along with Sahara her colleague,  made our experience even more special.   Definitely planning to return.


Lawrence L.

20 April 2019

Charming Italian Bistro located in the heart a Burlingame along trendy Burlingame Avenue.   Lots of great pasta and pizza selections to choose from.   Excellent interior ambience and service. More...


Peaches H.

30 March 2019

I come here every other month or so and it is one of my favorites. The tomato bread dipping sauce is by far one of the bests that they know to always bring me extra! The gnocchi is so soft and the sauce is perfect! Love coming back here and the service is always amazing! More...


Julie Brennan

25 March 2019

Love this place! the pasta is amazing!


Bill Sandorff

19 March 2019

Great food and friendly staff.


Jeff Pink

13 March 2019

Always 5 Star. The Food And The Staff Are Top Shelf.


Joe R.

4 March 2019

Homemade pasta is the key at Sapore Italiano in downtown Burlingame for an authentic Italian meal!From the moment we arrived, we felt like long time patron's of Sapore. The host couldn't be more charming and friendly, perhaps it was my last name that drew a connection, but it was fun talking about the owner's origin our travels and experiences in Italy.When we arrived at 6:45pm for our 7pm reservation we were seated immediately and the restaurant was a buzz on a Friday night. Not the quietest restaurant around, but certainly filled with people enjoying the experience and flavors of Italy. We started with a Caprese Salad and two Cesare Salads which we all shared. The Caprese Salad was my only disappointment I'll say because the mozzarella cheese was not nearly as flavorful as what we have when we are in Napoli Italia, but none-the-less was right on par with what is typically served here in the States. The Cesare Salad on the other hand was delicious. Could swear that the dressing was homemade and was light but extremely flavorful and highly recommended. We ordered three dinners, Ravioli Ricotta, Pollo Pizzaiola and the Fettuccine Bolognese, all were exceptional I must admit! Seems to me that even though it was our first time to Sapore we have a feeling that all their dinners are fabulous. With all this good food there was no room for dessert as much as the Affogato was calling my name. If you're not familiar with this Italian dessert imagine an Italian coffee-based dessert. It usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped or "drowned" with a shot of hot espresso. Service was on right on par and server Sahara was right on! We also learned Centro Pizza on Broadway in Burlingame is also run by the same owner and understand the pizza is very Neapolitan and hope to try it the next time we are in the area! More...


George Kelechian

3 March 2019

Elio is my buddy I love the place always”


Gaelyn O.

3 March 2019

The service was excellent here! Our poor server was dealing with two large parties upstairs and was run ragged by the fact they one of the large parties ordered 25 separate checks for their cocktails. May I remind people that your server is only human and has to remember all of your orders PLUS what check goes where the next time you pull that?As for the food, they did an excellent job on making sure my order was dairy free and our server knew exactly which dishes could be made non-dairy without having the check with the kitchen. We had the brussel sprouts with  pancetta and I had the rigatoni. The food wasn't anything mind blowing, but it was acceptable. The balsamic was a a little bit too sweet for our tastes, but pancetta fixes everything right? The rigatoni was just ok, but then again my standards are high and I came in with no expectations what so ever. One person in the party was excited over the small clams in the linguine alle vongole, but that was pretty much the only great compliment for the night. This place is getting five stars not for the food, but for the excellent service. More...


Allen L.

1 March 2019

Foods are so tasty there. Good service too. Love their steak and fish. This restaurant is packed even on a weekday. They must be good.


Carla C.

14 February 2019

My husband surprised for Valentine's Day and it was absolutely decorated nicely and romantically!!!! From the service to the food everything was perfect!!!! I highly recommend this restaurant!!!! Hands down to the staff able to manage this busy crazy day!!!! A night to remember!!!!! More...


Sandy M.

23 January 2019

Food review:This place was splendid!The waiters were very nice and I would definitely recommend.The main course was very good.It was really a nice simple place.There was not that many waiters.Which doesn't matter that much to me but maybe to other people.The desert was a very tasty, yummy meal! Even the strawberry's on the side were fresh.Over all good!!!!!!P.s Why did I give it 4 stars?( I would have given five and a half stars but didn't let me )I felt like the service could have been better Thank you got your understanding More...


Nicholas W.

28 December 2018

My favorite Italian place.  They give you bread with a nice olive+oil sauce while you wait for your food.  Lunch menu available on weekends is a big plus for me, since I am reluctant to spend 20+ dollars for a meal.  The chicken marsala is great.  The gorgonzola pasta has a texture to it that's out of this world--legit my favorite pasta I've ever eaten, though I have a thing for gorgonzola.  The ravioli is good although the portion is a bit lacking.  The one dish that is not very good is a pasta with a "creamy marinara" sauce and beef.  I can't quite recall what that item was called, I think it's the second least expensive pasta.  It sounds really good but it wasn't.  Still, I've been here half a dozen times, and I am not at all upset that one meal I had wasn't stellar.  To me, this seems like the cheapest place where you can get an upper end Italian food experience.  Dinner tends to be much more crowded than lunch. More...


Mia G.

21 December 2018

Please get a new bartender or ask her to be a little more welcoming. Not friendly at all.  After ordering my drink, saw her rolling her eyes through the small mirror at the bar.  Great Margaritas though! Left a good tip, maybe that will make her smile! More...


Lindsay R.

15 December 2018

One of Burlingame's hidden gems. Great customer service, amazing food (recommend the Rigatoni) and always a good time.


Jason S.

9 December 2018

Best Italian food in a town with already decent Italian food.  You can have a great dinner just at Happy hour or splurge for the full boat.  Owner is always on site and friendly to talk to... enjoyed eating at the bar twice now... great service from Dana tonight at the bar!  Love it and will bring family over whenever they are in town! More...


Leslie C.

22 November 2018

Came here for drinks at the bar. Jessica was the best bartender; friendly and excellent service. Thank you Jessica!!!


Anthony Delcorto

19 November 2018

Yes very good! Love the food!!


Robert S.

13 November 2018

Had a great meal here, my pal's favorite restaurant. Started out with arancini risetta, smaller than I am accustomed to but admittedly delicious. For my main course I had rooster pasta with duck ragu. Simply marvelous. No complaints whatsoever, clean, well lit, great food. More...


Cris D.

11 November 2018

This is probably my favorite Italian restaurant on the Peninsula!I have now been to this restaurant a handful of times since my first review if you years ago. I am amazed at the consistency, and qualityquality of the food. The service has been impeccable. If you know Italian food, these guys will go out of their way to create dishes that may not even be on the menu.Since there were a group of us, we asked if we could order some dishes family style. Without a blink, the owner made some great recommendations, made some customizations to accommodate our palates and delivered an amazing array of food. They took the time to create customized appetizer platters of various meats and another platter of various grilled veggies drizzled with olive oil for our non pork/beef eating friends. If you are in the Burlingame area, this is a must visit. More...


Rebeca Patino

10 November 2018

Great place! Food tastes great, you won’t be disappointed


Ronald Chang

3 November 2018

Food - Great! Atmosphere - Great! Service - Great!


Bhawna J.

22 October 2018

Great Italian food with a wonderful ambience. This restaurant has nice antique art on the wall with seating on two floors. The service was really good. I used yelp reservations for reserving a table for dinner. We tried the gnocchi and the ravioli along with a Sauvignon Blanc. Everything tasted fantastic. More...


Steve K.

22 September 2018

Very nice meal. Good cab. Veal lasagne I really like the quiet atmosphere. People celebrating at nearby tables.


Michael W.

19 September 2018

Came here for a business dinner on recommendation.  Our service was excellent, the food was fantastic.  Even when I threw the "Vegan & Gluten Free" curve ball, they knocked it out of the park. More...


Yvonne Quigtar

14 September 2018

I just love the food and wine selections here! Very close to home so it’s very convenient for a nice Italian dinner.


Elizabeth T.

9 September 2018

Coming from NY I'm always skeptical of Italian, but this hit the spot. Not fancy but food was well portioned.


Helen z.

29 July 2018

My absolute favorite place to go to in the area for Italian food! The ambiance is nice and the food is delicious. I love their tomato and olive oil for the bread they give you as you are waiting for your entree. My favorites are the rigatoni rustica and the linguine vongole. Definitely worth giving this place a try. More...


Dawn W.

21 July 2018

The rustic rigatoni is AMAZING!!! Ambience is fantastic as well.  Waitress was super sweet and the owner came over to seat up personally.   Will definitely dine here again!! More...


Faustina Medea

15 July 2018



Les O.

12 July 2018

This place is the real deal! Italian food the way it's supposed to be made. Homemade pasta. Reminds me of Italy, it's a small place but very nice. And the food is excellent. I've had the pasta Amatricana, Pear and Gorgonzola Ravioli and the Panzanella salad.  I highly recommend any of those or anything on the menu. Don't go to San Fran to eat, come here! More...


Stephanie Hahn Nolan

5 July 2018

Delicious food and completely gracious staff!


A. C.

3 July 2018

I wish I lived closer to Sapore, I would enjoy a buon piatto di pasta more often. Elio treats his restaurant like his home and his patrons like guests in his home. He will go out of his way to make the evening perfect, from food to service. Bravo Elio!  A presto! More...


Irina E.

30 June 2018

I got the amazing fresh bread and dried tomato oil to complement it and thought, "wow, the food in this place must be amazing." However, the gnocchi were overcooked, and the interior is quite dated and on the tacky side. So, only 4 stars after all. Good enough for a nice Italian meal. More...


Urmi S.

13 June 2018

It was all very tasty and the service was great!(went with a friend during an early non-Friday weekday lunch so it was pretty empty )


Tom Y.

4 June 2018

This place was great for the largish party I had,  I had about 35 people and the owner was extremely accommodating especially considering we had some demanding guests. The servers were fast and attentive and smart. We had previously looked around for a few places to host this lunch party and this was by far the best choice, when it was all said and done the guests raved about the quality of the food and as hosts we were so thankful.  I have eaten here quite a few times and want to say this is probably the best Italian food in Burlingame and San Mateo County. More...


Josefina A.

26 May 2018

Stopped in for a Saturday lunch. Was seated right away. My salad is fresh and delish. And everything else coming out the kitchen looks delish.  The pasta is all made on-site. The place itself is quaint and well lit. Bar is full and impressive wine list. More...


Ellie W.

17 May 2018

5 stars for their RIGATONI 5 stars for service. Keeping this short and simple, I live for and carbicide by their bread n spreads & hands down their RIGATONI!if you're on here reading reviews or looking through their photos and wondering what you should get that you won't be disappointed is their RIGATONI RUSTICA! More...


Maggie C.

24 April 2018

Sapore Italiano has been my favorite restaurant since I moved to the Bay Area four years ago! I'm moving away this coming weekend and the thought of leaving this restaurant behind could bring me to tears (& I'm not exaggerating). The Sacchetto Vegetariano is my go-to and like nothing else I've had! The sun-dried tomato dip that's given with bread when you arrive is perfection & the staff is always great. I went in a couple months ago to ask about a special they sometimes have on the dinner menu & Elio (the owner) told me it's a regular on their lunch menu and they'd be happy to make it for me for dinner any time. I've gone for dinner a couple times a week since deciding to move and Elio has been so gracious each time; treating myself & friends like family while we're there. I tell everyone I know to try this place out & couldn't recommend it more! More...


Erin N.

23 April 2018

This was my first time trying this place out! We went for my friend's birthday and the owner actually sat us down and had a mini chocolate cake dessert brought to us with the little candle. The waiters were really nice and very helpful! They even helped my friend kind of customize her meal because she's a little picky about what she eats - she had a cream sauce instead of some other sauce and she doesn't like clams so that was switched to prawns. And the meal with and without customization was $20.My other friend had the ravioli ($18) which she loved and was filling.I got the rigatoni rustics (which is pictured) and it was really good, I finished the whole thing. Although it was really good, my only concern was that it was also $18 for my plate. And it wasn't that large. The ambiance was this classy-Italian-hole-in-the-wall feel. I'd come again! More...


Karinda K.

10 March 2018

Great place to grab lunch or dinner. First of all the bread is amazing which is a necessity for good A good Italian restaurant. The spinach ravioli was amazing, and the pizza was heavenly. Oh, and the tiramisu was some of the best I have had in my entire life. More...


Sam A.

6 March 2018

Service was great, and food tasted good. I had the salmon with quinoa and the bruschetta. My only complaint is that the tomatoes on the bruschetta and the quinoa were cold as if it had just come out of the fridge. Not ideal.


Julie B.

24 February 2018

We love Sapore Italiano! We come to Burlingame once a year and make sure we visit Sapore!


Sunny C.

9 December 2017

I attended a holiday party dinner here and the service was amazing. We booked out the upstairs and had the whole space to ourselves. Pasta was delicious! The beef had great flavor but may just very slightly over cooked. Good selection of red wines. There is only one bathroom so sometimes there is a wait and the parking lot costs money ($3) More...


G. Lue D.

26 November 2017

Elio was very gracious and welcomed me to his private viewing party for Italy vs Spain in the Euro 2016 round of 16.  He made a hell of a cup of espresso and breakfast for all the men in attendance and the vibe was out of this world.  Grazie Elio.  I will be back for dinner with my wife ASAP! Forza Italia!I can't wait to see the menu. More...



21 November 2017

Best little Italian place. Service is always excellent. The bread and tomato dip is amazing. Food is superb.


Florence H.

17 November 2017

I LOVE THIS PLACE! Coming up from Los Angeles, I really wanted to try some Italian food to see if it was comparable to what we have down here. I have to say, this place really hits the spot! I got the Rigatoni Rustica and it was full of flavor! I saw everyone else getting it around me and I decided why not?! No words can describe how it tasted but trust me, you'll love it. Service was amazing as well along with its traditional ambiance. Loved everything about this place and I highly recommend it! More...


Perda P.

24 September 2017

Great Italian food and service! Appetizers were really good (bruschette, carpaccio, salads very fresh and tasty), then I had the scaloppine marsala as main course which was fantastic! Good selection of Italian wines as well. More...


Alyse P.

24 September 2017

Yum! One of the best Italian food restaurants in town! No wonder it's stood the test of time. Delicious food. Great service. Strong cocktails.My favorite bite to eat is the filet. Their appetizers are all delicious.We also ordered catering for our holiday parties. They do generous size trays of their rustic pasta and gnocchi. Highly recommended!! More...


Walter Stuber

23 September 2017

Sehr freundliches und flottes Personal, viel Herzlichkeit. gepflegte Weine und sehr gutes und frisches Essen. Ich kann hierfür 5+ erteilen. Very friendly and fast staff, a lot of cordiality. well-kept wines and very good and fresh food. I can give 5+ for this. More...


Ivan Bandov

11 September 2017

Great spot for a night out. Love the upstairs seating area


Colleen Sullivan

26 August 2017

Wonderful restaurant and excellent bartenders and staff. Very friendly!


Vismay G.

22 August 2017

Had dinner last night .. food is top notch .. had the flat pasta with vegetables and rigatoni .. excellent .. don't miss the espresso at the end !


Julie Harder McQueeney

20 August 2017

Superior service and lovely food. thank you. I actually took home lasagna, because no one can make it for one, and I do love mine. thank you, Sapore Italiano


Rachel R.

20 August 2017

Sapore is definitely one of my go to places for Italian food in Burlingame. The atmosphere is really nice. Even with a lot of people, the restaurant is never too loud.When you first sit down, they bring a basket of bread with what I think is sun-dried tomato spread. Whatever it is, it's really good and makes the bread even better. The specials menu usually has good dishes and I tend to order from there a lot. They pretty much always have a risotto option and most recently that's what I got. It had chicken, sundries tomatoes, and arugula. They also grated fresh cheese on top. As always, it was delicious. The risotto portions are huge and I brought about a third of it home for lunch the next day.Other dishes I like are the ravioli and the prosciutto stuffed chicken. Their pizza is good as well and sometimes we'll get that or fried calamari as an appetizer. You really can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Also, their pasta is homemade which is a plus! More...


N G.

14 August 2017

One of the best Italian restaurants around.  The food is amazing, the service is top notch.  My family has dining at Sapore for over 14 years!


Betsy Kurtenbach

30 July 2017

Excellent food and service. Love sitting outside enjoying the weather- great vino And champagne too. Highlty recommend


Alexany Gaona

17 July 2017



Christina N.

8 July 2017

Came here for lunch with my coworkers on a Friday and it was practically empty. Service was great and food was decent. I enjoyed my linguine vongole a lot, and felt that the portion was fairly generous for the price.We also ordered the caprese and meatballs to share. Both were delicious.They serve warm bread for the table as well!Nothing spectacular, but it wasnt bad either. More...


Darla V.

1 July 2017

This place was so authentic. We had the pizza with sausage and mushrooms and it was so crisp on the outside and had a good tender bite inside. Perfecto. We also had meatballs and the caprese to share along w the pizza and of course lagunitas beer and it was supposed to be a snack at 3:30 but it was our dinner and there was four of us. Very satisfying. More...


Nina U.

25 June 2017

When I think of Italian, I love cheap places but you get what you pay for. This place wasn't cheap cheap but the food was pretty yummy. The service was good too.We were in a middle of a heat wave so the restaurant (like everywhere else) was super hot upstairs but at least they had a fan for us. We surprised our friend at dinner and had a great celebration: - Bruschetta- Caresese- Carpaccio Veneto (I loved the pile of arugula on it)- Radicchio e Rucola (delicious salad)- Gnocchi al Gorgonzola (split between 2 people was more than filling)- Involtino di Pollo (chicken was very tender and tasty)- Gamberoni al Limone (shrimp was good) More...


Anne S.

19 June 2017

It pains me to review this place with only two stars. But I must be true to self. We used to LOVE this place. Once bustling with local and out-of-town diners receiving great quality food and excellent service. My family recently went to Sapore Italiano for lunch on Father's Day. At 12noon on Father's Day, the place was maybe 30% full with a party upstairs. The best thing about the food was the bread and sundried tomato dip - which was FABULOUS. I ordered the rigatoni rustica, which I used to love. This time, the flavor was bland and just above OK. For the restaurant being less than half busy, I rate the service from poor to mediocre. I didn't feel like a welcomed customer. The high price does not meet the quality and service. Overall, it was a lackluster experience. Again -- so sad, but so true. I hate to see another local joint wither away, but without any major improvement, I don't know how much longer Sapore Italiano will grace Burlingame Avenue. More...


Nataly G.

6 June 2017

Came here for the first time the other day while browsing the street for some good Italian food (my fave food.) When we came in (around 5pm on a Saturday) it was pretty empty and the waitresses looked like they just got to work - they just had tank tops and shirt. While the waiters did look professional and put together.Our waiter was really nice, brought us bread and a yummy sundried tomato dip! The menu isn't too broad, there weren't some typical dishes like fettuccine Alfredo or anything but still enough variety where you can find something!I ordered the Gnocchi de la Gorgonzola and it was super yummy! Whenever I order Gnocchi from other places I typically just eat the potato and leave the sauce but here I was scraping at the sauce because it was so delicious! I even had leftovers that I boxed up.My dad LOVED his dish? I forget the name but it had game hen and he loved it! Overall we all enjoyed our dishes and our outing here.Would recommend for a nice quiet dinner! More...


Brittany S.

2 June 2017

Good food but the absolute WORST customer service. The female bartender with long blonde hair was very unprofessional. After being seated at 9pm she gave us water and did not return until 9:30pm when I flagged her down to take our order. At 9:45 I had to flag down the owner to get us bread because we were starving. Only after the owner flagged her down did she say that they ran out of calamari and because of that our entrees were not being made yet. The kitchen brought out our food out within 5 minutes however right at 10pm she drops off the check and says they are closing out. We continue to eat and 2 minutes later she returns and says we need to pay because she is off and leaving the restaurant. She picked our check and left while we were still eating. We had to ask a bar back to get us water.  She was HORRIBE and though the food was good I will not be returning and will not recommend this restaurant. More...


Tanner W.

1 June 2017

Excellent Italian food with a great atmosphere! The owner and employees do a great job running the place. If you are able to make it there at a set time I recommend making a reservation. Cheers


Karen S.

10 April 2017

I came here for my dad's birthday and brought the family. The staff is always so friendly and there was no corkage fee or cake cutting fee. Everyone was so accommodating and my dad who is very picky thoroughly enjoyed the food. I have not had anything other than the rigatoni rustica. It is so good I never want to try anything else! More...


Jones T.

31 March 2017

Good wine selectionsFood was averagePortions smallRigatoni and pappardelle were both averageService was great


Donna W.

22 March 2017

This is a cosy ,reliable neighborhood restaurant. The atmosphere is friendly though it can sometimes be extremely loud. We've been going there for years and are never disappointed.



19 March 2017

Delicious, great service, beautiful ambience. My husband and I visited the Bay Area. I found Sapore Italiano and am so happy I did. Their food is authentic Italian and out of this world. Fried calamari - cooked to perfection. Mussels in a wine sauce - so delicious. Chocolate cake - irresistible. The service is just as good as the food. I highly recommend Sapore Italiano. More...


Kathy C.

7 March 2017

I always order the Rustica with capellini. I've only been a few times and this dish is wonderful. The only reason why I give it 3 stars is because I haven't tried anything else on the menu!!


Valerie P.

25 February 2017

One of my favorite Italian places on the area. I love the decorations and it usually has a bustling, friendly atmosphere.Delicious and surprisingly affordable, as long as you don't order the expensive wines.


Elsie Q.

18 February 2017

Last night had dinner here, ordered fettuccine bolognese it was yummy and with it house can red wine and dessert tiramisu! I recommend this place. I would come back again. More...


Meeta C.

17 February 2017

We went here on the Friday before Valentine's Day and it was super packed and no tables. But they were very accommodating they offered us the table outside. It's was typical BAY weather so we sat outside. He turned the heater on and came and checked on us to see if we were comfortable before we ordered. We were!We had to be salmon special and seafood pasta. Both were delicious and we will definitely go back. More...


John M.

16 February 2017

Very average place, would have given it 3 stars but the price makes that too hard to justify.Let's start with the average. Food was decent, not bad. Nothing amazing, but overall pretty good. We were also seatThe Bad:Food served was outright different than described on the menu. I had a special which was described as chicken stuffed with spinach, cheese and prosciutto. Instead of the prosciutto it came with raisins. When coming to post this review I noticed others who didn't receive a dish that matched the description.Service was pretty poor. Not because our waiter wasn't trying, but because I think they literally had one waiter working the entire place. I tipped him well because apparently the owners didn't see fit to staff two waiters in the packed restaurant. Seriously I saw this guy working every table within eyesight and I could see almost the entire restaurant. Water was refilled once the entire time. More...


M R.

14 February 2017

I love this place. I come here for family occasions and dinner with my girlfriend all the time. Food is great, especially the rigatoni and seafood soup. Service is even better, and sometimes they've provided drinks/dessert on the house.. Can't beat that. More...


JoRia FernImperial

6 February 2017

Had the best food, best appetizer & wine, thanks for wonderful celebration of my 50th bday


Vida A.

4 February 2017

Worst service I've had in awhile. We sat at the bar and waited for the bartender to help us but she didn't acknowledge our presence until after the busser asked if we needed menus. Then she asked if we wanted wine and we declined at which point she stopped talking to us. It was only after we asked a couple times to order food that she came back. When our food arrived, we had no silverware in sight and just waited, while the busser said the silverware would come soon. The food is solid, but we felt horribly unwelcome. More...


Johnan F.

30 January 2017

The best Italian food. Service was great. I been here couple times and they are alway great. Rigetoni rustica. Vongole. scallopine Marsella. This is real Italian food.


Rebecca R.

26 January 2017

Rigatoni, ravioli and gnocchi are amazing! The calamari and bruschetta are delicious too. You have to end your meal with the tiramisu - it's to die for. Delicious food and excellent service makes it easy to give this restaurant a 5 star review. Highly recommend! More...


Linda K.

9 January 2017

Great vibes!! Good food! If you'd like to be in a classy, easy going restaurant on busy Burlingame avenue, this is a great choice for dinner on a Friday night.


Silvia Renee

28 December 2016

A very good Italian restaurant. The brushetta was amazing.


Karen M.

26 November 2016

I was very dissapointed by the food and service.  I ordered the margarati pizza with basil, all that was on the pizza was cheese, no basil.  The waitress didn't check in to see if we needed anything or ask how the food was.  Somene had gotta be smoking inside or have the backdoor open, as the smell was coming all the way to the front seating area.For a friday night, there was maybe 5 people in the restaurant, that should have been a sign.  Won't be going back. More...


Marie Benedetti

11 November 2016

Very authentic Italian dishes, great atmosphere and good service.... a must to eat here�️


Jessica Jow Shinseki

10 November 2016

Good food and intimate experience. Great catering manager very accommodating to our large party.


Albert J Younger

7 November 2016

Very nice, comfortable space; excellent cocktails and food. My wife had the best Gnocchi! My brother-in-law an I had the special short ribs and my sister-in-law had the Spinach Ravioli in the most delicious red sauce. We finished with a delicious sampler of the dessert offerings and Limoncello: Canoli, Tiramisu and semi-freddo! We enjoyed our visit and can't wait to go back again soon. More...


Haydee A.

6 November 2016

We hosted a bridal shower here and Elio and his staff were amazing! They individualized the menu for us and even gave us free appetizers. They were beyond what we expected. The room upstairs was the perfect size and we felt like we had the place to ourselves (separate from the dining downstairs). I HIGHLY recommend hosting a party here. More...


Sarah V.

2 November 2016

I had a delay on my flight back to Los Angeles so my friend from San Francisco picked me up from the airport and we decided to drive into this small town nearby called Burlingame for some espresso and desserts. We happened to come across this ristorante and figured they might have just that.We walked in at 8pm and my friend and I got the biggest stare from this middle-aged lady bartender. She had frizzy rusty red hair and dark rimmed glasses. She was in conversation with this couple who were guests at the bar and when she saw us walk in she just stared at us so hard to where it was uncomfortable for my friend and I. To break the awkward silence I had to be the one who greeted her. I said, "Hello!" We sat at the bar, waited and still the bartender was still chatting with the couple. No greet or anything. At that point my friend and I got up and proceeded to leave and finally then she said "Oh did you want something?" Um, yea right!  It was obvious she had profiled us. I wonder if the food is just as bad as the service. I will never know because I will never go there to eat and I will tell 10 of my friends and so on about how awful my experience was at this place. Go to Pizzeria Delfina across the street instead. It's good food, young, hip and so much better vibe than this sh****t. More...


Romina Giuliacci- Kiesel

30 October 2016

Authentic Italian food!! Great ambiance, wine and wait staff! �


Mackenzie Blanchard Arball

17 October 2016

Incredible service and beautiful food. Will be back again!


M Z.

11 October 2016

This place is fantastic! Everything from there pastas to pizza is excellent, especially their wine selection. It is one of my favorite places to eat in Burlingame, in fact I often times will cruise on down even when I am staying in the city for work. Love it. You have to try it!


Becky Staup

6 October 2016

This is our favorite Italian restaurant. Elio is terrific!!


Roxy P.

6 October 2016

This review is so long overdue! I came here for the first time about a few weeks back with my girlfriends and the food was on point! You won't regret trying this place.  However, it can be expensive when you add in a bottle of wine too ;) More...


Mrs. R.

26 September 2016

I just threw my mother a surprise 60th birthday here and the food was great! The owner was very easy to work with and so was the staff. The presentation of the food could have been a little better, but they don't charge a rental fee to use their private upstairs loft, so to pay per person for the food, was a really great deal. They also allowed me to bring in my own wine with no corkage fee. Thanks Sapore, for being awesome! More...


Elizabeth Contreras

10 September 2016

I LOVE this Restaurant, all the food and service are really good. I really liked how we didn't have to call the waiters over, they were very aware.


Núñez Mireya

10 September 2016

Love love this place!!! We came to celebrate my niece and nephew Birthday! My Family and I really enjoy our experience :) My hands down to the chef and his team, Ingredient's where FRESH, dishes where unique and everything tasted AMAZING! Traditional Italian flavor was in every dish, from Appetizers, Pastas to Main Courses, they where all so DELICIOUS! From the moment you walk in the door it feels like you're at home! The staff is so attentive, friendly and you never have to ask for anything. Do your self a favor... go have dinner at Sapore Italiano :) More...


Thais O.

25 August 2016

I simply love this Place!Came here for the third time and was not disappointed: I am half Italian and I can assure this place has FRESH Italian food, with some creativity.I recommend: beet salad with arugula and goat cheese. I had also a pasta with veggies inside - delicious! More...


Laura T.

24 August 2016

My aunt and I were craving Italian cuisine one day so we Yelped a couple of places outside the city. We came upon Sapore and were intrigued by the rigatoni photos posted by many reviewers. Sapore is located in such a beautiful neighborhood in Burlingame. There are so many restaurants nearby to choose from. The waiter brought us good sliced French baguette along with butter and a sundried-tomato oil spread. We shared the Rigatoni pasta dish that had sausage, mushrooms and petite peas. It was delicious! The tomato cream sauce was definitely the winner. We also shared the calamari as well as the Margarita pizza. We loved everything and would come back. More...


Jennifer S.

13 August 2016

This place is a great find!  Pleasant atmosphere with delicious Italian fare.  The home made ravioli was delicious and the gnocchi was so lovely and light with a rich gorgonzola sauce.  Good service and accommodating hostess.  Would definitely come back! More...


Zana L.

11 August 2016

Love it here. Homemade bread! Love the Rigatoni with sausage. Usually busy but they've always accommodated us without a reservation


Maria P.

8 August 2016

Being Italian I know good food. I have eaten here so many times over the course of over 6 years and I never ate a bad meal. Everything is always fresh and delicious. I go every chance I can. I have tried many different dishes and they are all wonderful.Finally a place that does real Italian.This was a long overdue review More...


Amelie E.

3 August 2016

Great serviceNice peopleItaly in Burlingame Really good foodI will come back :) good job !Maybe the menu could be a little bit bigger with more different pizzas :)


Drew V.

27 July 2016

My favorite Italian restaurant by far!!!! Sapore has the best food and the best service. I've been going here for many years and will continue to go here for years to come. My favorite meal on the menu is the rigatoni rustica. I order it practically every time. More...


Emilia V.

26 July 2016

Delicious, authentic Italian food! I come here with my son often for some pizza and conversation. It never fails to be absolutely perfect, crispy and hot, salty and perfectly satisfying. Reasonable prices and a really pleasant atmosphere. More...


Thomas Allyn R.

21 July 2016

Not sure why this restaurant isn't more highly rated.  Bottomline: SOLID "GO TO" place! I'd frequent here if I lived nearby. SITUATION: I had a pop up business meeting / dinner with someone that had flown in and was staying one night in the vicinity. SERVICE: Excellent!   Began with the Captain.  She could not get me reservations on such short notice, but asked me if we could make it in 30 min. and she would make sure we got seated at a table.  She did so. Her word was her bond.  Then came the wait staff, impressing my East Coast guest as attentive but not pushy.  Just what was needed.FOOD: Fresh and succulent. Although it did not impress me as 5-star/Michelin recipes, I thought I'd come back for the food next time I am in the vicinity.  My guest also remarked on how "California fresh" all the ingredients in his meal were and how well prepared everything on his plate turned out.  Given his access to good restaurants, both were earned compliments and again, just what I had anticipated.  Thank you. More...


Raymond M.

20 July 2016

Where to start... Sapore Italiano is one of my favorite places to go for lunch! I am a usual there but I must admit, I wasn't very fond of pasta before I had the rigatoni rustica. Now I can't seem to stay away from it! The staff are very friendly for the most part (nobody is perfect and you cannot expect them to be). They make you feel at home and do their best to provide you with everything the restaurant has to offer. Really, you can't go wrong coming here. I'd give them more stars if I could! More...


Rebecca E.

18 July 2016

Wonderful food and festive atmosphere.  Consistently authentic   Sicilian food.


Penne Tognetti

15 July 2016

I have been to Sapore many times. They make the best gnocchi with pesto. They are light, and melt in your mouth. Always great service!


Lody Cura

8 July 2016

Great food and service. However, seeing a waitress in shorts just take away the feeling and ambiance that you're in a "nice" restaurant. Maybe a more put together and less casual wear won't hurt. The guys look great! More...


Briana M.

8 July 2016

Sapore is a great authentic Italian restaurant. Love having their pear pasta special, so good. Been coming here and the staff is really nice. A good friendly neighborhood restaurant on the avenue! More...


m c.

6 July 2016

Elio is a wonderful owner.  His restaurant is always consistent.  We had our wedding reception at his restaurant and all of our guests were extremely impressed with his food, especially their pasta!  We had close to 120 guests and everyone was served on time and the quality of the food was too notched!  Elio knew we were from out of state so he worked closely with us and made it super easy for us to plan a wedding from a different state. Highly recommend his restaurant for any events or just causal dining! More...


Elsie S.

28 June 2016

AMBIANCE Feels like... an Italian home.  Comfy. Clean. Family style tables.  I picked this place for my mom's surprise 70th birthday party luncheon, because of the private room upstairs.  There was plenty of room for 40 people, with a small room to sit the kids for their own little party.  It was perfect, there was also a small balcony for us to open and move around and take pictures.FOOD... Excellente!  For $30 per person, we got a 5 course meal - antipasto, insalata mista with vinaigrette, fluffy Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci, and everyone had their choice of: Veal scaloppini in lemon cappers, grilled salmon fillet, or Marsala Chicken breast topped with mushrooms, and lastly, coffee and tiramisu.  Sizes of the main course were huge.  Everyone was surprised, especially for our size of the party.  The kids also enjoyed their meals of pizza or spaghetti.CUSTOMER SERVICE... Elio and his staff were so accommodating and friendly.  Got everyone's orders right and timely. PARKING... Public parking lot in the back.  The restaurant also has a few reserved spots.OVERALL... Satisfied.  Happy with the decision to host a party there, given it was my first time.  Based on recommendations and Yelp reviews.  My mom was surely surprised and loved the experience at Sapore!TIPS... the marsala chicken was saucy and grilled salmon was moist and flavorful.  Def my fave dishes! More...


Sherry C.

5 June 2016

5 stars across the board. I couldn't ask for more. I can't believe I just found out about this place recently when they have been around for 15 years. The interior design of the place is very Italian like. I have been around Italy and this place reminds me a feel to it. Very clean, relaxing music, clean bathroom, feels luxurious.The service is excellent. The servers are very knowledgeable on the food, it's ingredients and how it taste. They serve it well and accordingly. They ask you what you want and what you need to better serve you, during your meal. Food: I ordered angel hair pasta, spaghetti olio, gnocchi on rustic sauce. All of them are WOW orders. I've also had the Bruschetta and Tiramisu and both are another WOW.  I will definitely come back and highly recoomend this place. More...


Emily T.

23 May 2016

Absolutely delicious Italian food! And great atmosphere. Visiting from out of town and decided to try. Not disappointed! It was exactly the wonderful cafe with amazing Italian food I was hoping for. More...


Zenobia D.

22 May 2016

Excellent food, nice atmosphere , friendly waitstaff. Will come back again when in the area. Everyone in our party enjoyed their meal.


Sarah Newsom Healy

20 May 2016

I love this place.Elio is a very accommodating friendly person. Very reasonable, good service, authentic Italian cuisine.


J. T.

20 May 2016

Italian restaurant all the way. Good food, drinks and service. Nice atmosphere too.


Liria Brugman

17 May 2016

Muy buen restaurante exelente te la comida y la atencoon.bonito lugar para reuniones.


Albert M.

16 May 2016

Eight here twice this weekend. Had the rigatoni. Loved it. Are at the bar. Great service. Relaxed but attentive. Homemade pasta. Highly recommend.


J K.

12 May 2016

Great experience having our 30-person baby shower here last weekend. The service was good, the food was good, and the room size was perfect for our party. The owner was extremely accommodating and also allowed me to make some customizations to the menu and have the food served buffet-style. Our guests seemed to love the veal and the ravioli in particular. We also had salmon and chicken, and everyone seemed to be happy and didn't hesitate to get seconds. There are a number of public parking lots in the area, so this venue worked out perfectly for guests coming from all over the Bay area. More...


Vicky B.

11 May 2016

I ordered Sapore Italiano for corporate business on-site catered lunch @ Visa Inc., 14 people each for 2 separate meetings.  The 5 star Woohoo As good as it gets rating couldn't apply more.  First of all, they DO deliver without having to go through 3rd party delivery.  Both days food delivered exactly on schedule, every detail attended to, nothing was forgotten.  Presentation of food was spectacular, they take pride in appearance.  But the taste, the flavors, was the grand finale of overall spectacular experience.  Yesterday Chicken Parmigiana, Caesar salad, potatoes, vegetables.  Today Bruscetta, Caprese salad, Rigatoni Rustica, Eggplant Parmigiana, Tiramisu.  SO DELICIOUS.  My executive guests were raving about the lunch, as were employee attendees.  Sapore Italiano is not another Italian restaurant chain, it's the real deal... good old fashioned authentic Italian fare with class act service. More...


Ralph R.

11 May 2016

We and our kids love it. Kids' meals are pretty good sized portions, and everything we ordered was pretty tasty. The Involution di Pollo, caprese,  gnocchi, and veal scallopini marsala were all big hits with us. Add a bottle of red, and we left very happy and full. More...


LaRay H.

17 April 2016

Perfect spot to bring the family or go solo and make fast friends with the regulars at the bar.This local delicious Italian Restruant is a must if you want to practice your Italian skills with the staff or host a private party that your guest will rave about the authentic cuisine for years. The accommodating staff is willing to modify any item on the menu to suit your dietary restrictions or flavor preferences. It has become the weekly got to spot for many. Dine in or take out, I am certain you will come back for more. More...


Lucino G.

17 April 2016

Great old-school Italian restaurant on the ave! Love their pasta dishes. Elio is a very welcoming owner, he's a great host. Had a great time with the family! Will be back. More...


Aakash T.

10 April 2016

The service and food is excellent. Black mussels in the spicy tomato sauce and the involtino di pollo are top notch!


Analyst C.

30 March 2016

Came here with a girlfriend for dinner. Ordered mixed salad-loved it! Ordered the involving Di pollo. and my girlfriend ordered the Rigatoni Rustica -she loved it. We ordered tiramisu-the best!Negative-it took a long time to get the dessert on our table. Service needs to improve. More...


N T.

15 March 2016

The best Italian restaurant!  The food and service are awesome! The owners are wonderful and make you feel at home!


Eric L.

28 February 2016

Good local Italian spot.I highly recommend the gnocchi here..very soft and fluffyThe pizza campagnola (mushroom and sausage) is a solid choice


Lian C.

27 February 2016

Once we stepped into the restaurant, i felt as though I entered Italy, it was so cozy and the aesthetic gave a very Italian feeling. Our servers were very nice and welcoming.We ordered the gnocchi and the salmon fettuccine pasta. The entrees come with soup of the day or salad. So we thought we'd get one of each. Big mistake; the soup of the day was a chick pea soup that was so perfect, and it goes so well with the home made bread.The texture and taste was on point. So we got the salad exchanged for the soup. We started off very well so our expectations of our entrees were very high as well. The gnocchi was far off from disappointment, but the salmon fettuccine wasn't very fresh. The fish had that stale smell, the fishy stink that fresh fishes wouldn't have. But the home made fettuccine was very good, it had a great texture to it. They were very quick to change the pasta for me and served me a spaghetti bolognaise. The sauce was delicious and so was the spaghetti. Sadly we were too full for dessert but we will definitely return if we ever go by Burlingame. The experience was wonderful and definitely worth the decent pricing. More...


Jo M.

15 February 2016

Came here for my cousin's baby shower. The buffet consisted of Chicken marsala, veggies, salmon, pasta and tiramisu.The location is a bit hard to see wedged in between businesses in the heart of downtown, but inside the atmosphere is warm and quaint.Food was delicious and filling just as Italian food should be. No complaints at all. It was a lovely experience.The stand out for me was the tiramisu. It was one of the best I have had .We will be back. More...


Catherine Q.

10 February 2016

Good food, decent services, pretty casual environment.


Mike A.

27 January 2016

Owner reached out to me and resolved the issue by rebating the overcharge and an invite back. Thanks Elio for taking care of this.


Leo M.

23 January 2016

A popular restaurant tucked away in plain sight in Burlingame, I'd recommend making a reservation ahead of time. There was definitely a wait on a Friday evening. The pastas tasted and felt fresh and cooked just right - the rigatoni rustica and the fettuccine bolognese were both great dishes. They have a vast selection of wine, but don't forget to consider ordering their house wine, which is quite good - I believe I had the chianti - can't go wrong - slightly sweet, not too dry with decent body and flavor. I would definitely recommend this place if you're in the mood for good Italian food. Oh, and don't forget about the dessert - the affogato is definitely worth a try. More...


Vita N.

20 January 2016

We had a party of ~20 people for an important celebration. As a true Italian, I can say that the food was excellent! Really really good. We had a combination of  appetizers, salad, a choice among chicken Marsala, salmon or ravioli (I chose Ravioli of course...they were delishhh!!!) and finally Tiramisu(again, the best I have tried in a restaurant here in Cali). The service was also excellent. I will definitely be back to try some other dishes!! More...


Edgar P.

26 December 2015

I left happy and full and excited to explore my world. The flavors were big, distinct, and lovely. We enjoyed the antepasto delle Due Sicilie, Gamberoni all lemon, pizza with mushrooms and sausage,  and complementary bread. I had a glass of Lodi Zinfandel,  which turned out to be really lovely. The antipasto had enough pieces for three people to try all of the flavors. Some were OK, and others delicious, but everything was interesting. The Gamberoni all lemon made this meal awesome.  The prawns were big and tasty--perhaps just a bit overdone. The sauce was beautiful though; and we enjoyed it with the prawns,  vegetables,  and crusts from the pizza. Speaking of the pizza, the complementary bread and the pizza crust were perfect yeast breads. The crust had a little snap when I bit into it, but was also soft and fragerant. This is a great place to enjoy a luxurious dinner, or bring your family. However,  it is a bit pricey and you should call ahead for reservations. More...



19 December 2015

My wife and I had lunch there today. The manager was quick to seat us. The waiter was very attentive and the food was excellent. I asked the manager to help me with the wine list. His choice paired perfect with my pasta dish. Can't wait to return. More...


Hen A.

18 December 2015

seemingly quiet and empty in early lunch hours, but filling up to max capacity quickly...water provided and browsing menu..drink orders first...warm, soft center, good chew and crusty outer bread provided...red tomato sauce for bread, but warning on strong anchovy...soup or salad choice...light vinaigrette dressed simple salad greens...or, a hearty bean and pasta filled clear broth soup...an eggplant parmesan for main lunch meal...finding excellent in cream tomato saucing..baked crusty cheesy top tasty...an excellent lunch meal roughly $20 per person..staff providing great service and working hard...excellent for large group reservations... More...


Eduardo Menendez

22 November 2015

Food is made with love as my son has always express a great description of taste all over restaurant ..


Luana Rowland

22 November 2015

My favorite Italian restaurant this side of Roma !! The pasta, the waiters, the ambiance, the cappuccino, the sidewalk tables all on Burlingame Avenue.


Sally Caldwell

19 November 2015

Love this little place. Great atmosphere sphere, great service, and fabulous food. Their capellini pomodoro is the best!


Greg Holt

12 November 2015

We visited this amazing shop when we dropped off Chloe at SFO to go to Scotland for her winter semester abroad. The joy and hospitality shown by the owner cannot be overstated. He knew we we not from around there, as a restaurant owner/chef myself, that tells me that he has regulars, the cornerstone of all successful shops. He drew us in with his joy and sat us right away. The food was perfect, every little bit. But it was the hospitality that won me over. Just as we ordered our appetizers, his appetizer showed up at our table. A sampler of on menu and off menu bites. so delightful. Perfect, non hovering service all through the meal. We tried to order dessert, it was a celebration after all, but, he had already sent a dessert sampler. Oh those cannolies! If I can, someday, make someone feel as welcome and cared for as a guest in my restaurant, I will consider myself a success. Thank you for showing such care Greg and the family Holts More...


Noreen Haniu-Blas Ada Toves-Phillips

11 November 2015

My new favorite Italian restaurant! LOVED everything and the service was exceptional!


Michael L.

6 November 2015

Going through my photos, I forgot I even ate here.Sapore, what does that even mean?I guess it means delicious and awesome service because thats exactly what I got here. Bazinga!Came here on a Friday night because the place across the street had an hour wait.The hostess went to go check the back and sat our table of 5 in about 5 minutes.We passed the bar on the way in and I noticed only 2 beers on Tap, more would be nice but people wouldnt come here for the beer LOL.The waiter was nice and attentive to our tables needs(Birthday) and they bring out bread for the table when you sit down.I had the Veal Scaloppini, when it was brought out it had formidable scent, stings the nostrils.. In a good way..  The veal was cooked just right, the pale color reminded me of how cruel us people can be, but I digress...  It was good.  Go Here, Try It.  Get the Veal.Also had some cheese pizza, thin, cheesy, good crust. Also had some desserts, some ice cream type cake, and creme brulee.The waiter even brought out a candle lit small cake and sang Happy Birthday.Sapore Good Food, Great Service; 60% of the time, Every time! More...


D L.

1 November 2015

Very nice!  The food and service were both GREAT.  The Salmon was juicy,  not overcooked and a very generous portion.  The pasta special  (sorry, I don't remember the name of it) was excellent. Not too bad on the price, it is Burlingame after all, LOL. There was a lot of good things on the menu,  we'll definitely go back again. More...


Joanne Moretti

30 October 2015

Best Italian on the Peninsula


Michael L.

28 October 2015

The food was amazing Marianna at the bar helped select a nice wine and suggested the rigatoni rustica.   It was a great combination     The tiramisu was home made.   It was as good as the north end in boston   Loved it I will be back!!!! More...


Loretta T.

25 October 2015

Dining at Sapore feels like dining at a family's house. You are welcomed by the warmth of the waiters and owner. I have been there twice - for lunch and for my big birthday celebration.  I worked with the owner Elio to plan my birthday party of 15 people in the Terrace room. From planning the menu, figuring out the layout of the tables/space, to the logistics of the day, Elio was flexible and accommodating. On the day of the event, the waiters worked tirelessly the entire time to serve my guests and ensure we had everything we needed. That's a lot of walking up and down the stairs! We felt truly taken care of, and really made the day special. The food - The Filet Mignon with Truffle sauce was tender and flavorful. Many restaurants you barely taste the truffle flavor, not an issue at Sapore - the truffle flavor was divine! The Rigatoni Rustica was perfectly al dente, tasty, and the right amount of cream. The special of the day, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara was TO DIE FOR. My husband and I decided to try it, thinking it would be another pasta dish that was nice. We both looked at each other at first bite in surprise - it was simply divine. The pasta was al dente, the amount of cream was not overwhelming typical with other Italian restaurants, and the pancetta added smokiness to the entire dish. We still think about the dish months later.      Whether you are considering dining there for a simple meal or holding a special event, I highly recommend you consider Sapore - a great combination of warm hospitality, beautiful and cozy ambiance (high ceilings with natural sunlight), and delicious food! More...


MzzzK C.

18 October 2015

I had my wedding reception in the upstairs back room,and the set up was amazing. I love that this restaurant has a prefix menu,which made it easier to keep what was being served. The drinks were separate from the menu, but you get your salad, entree,and dessert. The owner is extremely nice, and very accommodating to what I needed to make the day special. The waiter was patient, even though we had a large party. The food was tasty especially the tiramisu with coffee. I have no complaints. If you want to hold a party here, this is the place to go. More...


Scott S.

17 October 2015

Phoned up for a table. Arrived got shown to tackle quickly. Got drinks and bread really quickly. Food was excellent. Service was rapid. Good experience.


Emma Dimaculangan-Rastrullo

4 October 2015

Great food and great staff. Spent almost 3 hours catching up with longtime friends and did not hurry us out of the restaurant. Warm family ambiance.


Becky M.

4 October 2015

This place is delicious - I went with my boyfriend on the way to the airport for a quick dinner. The service was exceptional, the food was good, and we had the most delicious wine (I believe it was called the Federalist and it had a picture of Benjamin Franklin on it - it was a Cabernet Savignon).The reason we stopped here was because a colleague had recommended it to me, and I hadn't been yet. Also it was one of the best reviewed restaurants in downtown Burlingame. The place did not disappoint - first of all I love any place that serves bread before a meal - Atkins can keep his diet, thank you very much. I like my carbs :). We ordered the caprese salad and it was some of the freshest mozzarella I have had. For an entree we split the mussels which were HUGE (the mussels themselves, the portion size itself was pretty average). The sauce that they came in was delicious and perfect for dipping the bread. I wish we had tried one of the pasta dishes - the table next to us was having a pasta with a red sauce that looked absolutely delicous. Did I mention how great the service was? The waiters were prompt and attentive - they had our water glasses ready to go as soon as we sat down, and didn't balk when we asked for a refill of our bread basket. They were happy to recommend items from the menu and were patient as we made our choices. It was a Wednesday evening and the restaurant was PACKED - but it could have just as easily been only myself and my date with how great the service was. The layout of the restaurant is interesting - it's one long, narrow room which can make it feel a bit crowded but we were still able to have a discussion without feeling like the couple next to us could here. There is also a loft room with tables, which looks like it could be really cool - and good if you like your dinner with a side of people watching :)All in all it was reasonably priced - an appetizer and entree to share, and a bottle of wine came to about $30 per person. Pretty reasonable given the area. Burlingame is still less expensive than neighboring Palo Alto and Mountain View, but for sure prices are on the rise. This place is very romantic and reasonable - good for a first or fiftieth date. More...


Jeffrey P.

20 September 2015

I've lived here all my life and until I started dating my girlfriend 5 months ago I had never eaten here. Now it's our go to restaurant. I've been on a diet and my first cheat meal had to v3 nowhere else but here. The Rustica pasta is amazing. Everything I've ever had here though has been fantastic. The staff is great and they always greet us like we're family. Totally recommend Sapore. More...


Dino P.

16 September 2015

Moving from an area with a heavy Italian population serving some of the most authentic Italian food around, stumbling upon Sapore is closest thing to being home. From the owner treating you like a regular each of time I walk in to the perfectly cooked dishes, this place is my go-to for Italian in the Bay Area. More...


Maria C.

12 September 2015

Was looking for a nice Italian restaurant in the Burlingame, CA area and ran across 4+ star reviews for Sapore Italian Restaurant.  Even though there were good and meh reviews, the good reviews over shadowed the bad so we thought we'd give it a try.  The other couple we had dinner with was family (daughter and new boyfriend) but Gen Xer's so we wanted an upscale but not pricey place at which we could have a private conversation but enough "action" to keep it fun.  Sapore filled the bill!  The atmosphere was pleasantly "hip".  We sat upstairs and were happy we could carry a conversation and yet watch the larger group of diners for "entertainment".  We saw couples as well as families which gave us a good impression.  The bar area served food as well and looked inviting.  Location was very convenient - parking was by luck as we got street parking right in front as did our daughter.  I'm giving it 4 stars because the food was good but not spectacular - the menu was pretty basic but satisfying.  We had gnocchi which was fabulous and sand dabs (a fish, if you don't know - which I didn't), veal Marsala (fabulous as well) and rigatoni, since many reviews recommended it - and we agree it was some of the best we've had and we are self-proclaimed foodies.  I'd recommend this place for any event - families, business, intimate dinners and large groups.   Definitely recommend and would go back again. More...


Dean Stuart

11 September 2015

I came here with my mother and sister. Everything was exceptional; service, food, drinks. Amazing!


Terri N.

10 September 2015

We have frequented the restaurant and the quality of the food is consistently very good.  The menu is not as extensive as I would like but the food is really good.


April Z.

7 September 2015

The service at this place is phenomenal! We came here for lunch and the restaurant wasn't that busy yet. But we literally did not have to ask for a single thing. They promptly brought out more bread baskets when they saw that we had emptied ours and refilled our water when our cups were running low.The lunch entrees come with a choice of soup or salad and both were incredibly yummy. Their bread even came with a homemade tomato dressing that was so delicious. The entrees themselves were very well portioned and very good. Everything was perfect.The restaurant is large and has a sky light with natural lighting. Although we are inside, we were able to enjoy our food like it was outdoors. It was clean and the waiters were very nice and patient. After our meal, I ordered an affogato and it was the biggest affogato I'd ever seen. They gave so much gelato and the espresso on the side so you can pour it over yourself. Everything is priced really well as well. Each entree was under $15 for lunch. I think we've found our go to Italian restaurant! I am definitely positive we are going to come back here more often! More...


Jimmy L.

2 September 2015

I've been coming here for a couple of years now and I love the staff first and foremost. The food is just what the doctor ordered if you are looking for quality Italian dishes. I recommend the ravioli di Verza with the walnut cream sauce, delish! Full bar and a few tap beers no to mention a variety of excellent wines. Located in downtown Burlingame its prime real estate. Check it out. More...


Alejandra P.

30 August 2015

This review is mainly geared towards service although the food was excellent!!I really wish I could have given this place 5 stars. Maybe a little of my fault perhaps. My boyfriend and I came here on a Saturday night around 7P per the good reviews.The restaurant itself isn't too big but it's a decent size. Not very well lit, but I liked the ambience. It had a relaxing feel to it. It has two levels with the upstairs being smaller than downstairs but pretty neat arrangement regardless.Anyways, the hostess seated us promptly and asked if we would like to sit upstairs or downstairs (I should have picked downstairs since the beginning and this place would have gotten 5 stars) and I chose upstairs. The waitress (whose name I regretfully forgot to ask) came and asked how everything was going so I reciprocated the question. She proceeded to ask for drinks we got them had a little time and she asked if we were ready to order. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted so I wanted my boyfriend to order first. She gave me this glare when asking what I wanted and it just made me uncomfortable so I just told her to ask my boyfriend first. Everything fine. Let me make something clear, my boyfriend is one of the most easy going people you will meet. He is pretty shy but gets along with everyone he meets and never has any issues. He asked the waitress for a recommendation on what pasta to choose and he phrased it like so: "what's better? This pasta or the other one." And she kept asking him what he meant - as if it took a rocket scientist to know....so he had to clarify and say which tasted better. She then proceeded to have this tone of voice that made me feel like an idiot and I wasn't even asking the question. She gave him a very stupid response and said "depends on what sauce you like: red or white" *facepalm* I could have used google for that. Come on! You work at a restaurant! What do people order more?!!! My goodness. Oh, it gets better. She asked us if we wanted a salad and I said yes and she asked what kind. Honestly, I'm used to being given options (ex: we have a plain salad or Cesar salad or Greek salad) and I got really nervous that she was giving me this blank stare so I just said the first thing that popped in my head - house salad. She said OK but never offered dressing. The darn thing came with nothing but olive oil! I could not finish the whole thing. Oh, and it was $7.95. Wish she would have offered dressing or say they didn't have any and I wouldn't have ordered it!!!Whatever vibe she was giving off that day really made me and my boyfriend uncomfortable. After we ordered we both kind of looked at each other and didn't really say much just had this look of "what the hell just happened." We ended up finishing our bread because my boyfriend was starving and I asked him to ask for more bread and he told me to. We had a little mini back and forth conversation on who was going to ask because I didn't feel comfortable asking our very rude waitress. He already established how he felt about her after saying she was only going to get a $2 tip LOL!Thank goodness the hostess showed up to seat another party and thank goodness she didn't jolt downstairs quickly. I stopped her and asked her if there were different servers downstairs and she said yes, a little confused at first. She then proceeded to ask me if there was something wrong with our waitress and I said: "yes, I don't like her very much." So she promptly seated us downstairs where a lot of other people looked. Oh well. She was super super nice and it made my boyfriend and I feel so much better.We ended up getting this gentleman who was very nice to us and super attentive and it made us feel very relieved. I really enjoyed the food as well! As did my boyfriend and that's rare because he never loves anything. I am so thankful the hostess was super nice to us as was our new waiter. It made our experience 10x better! I really hope no one experiences the unpleasant waitress we had upstairs because it sure does ruin your appetite!Anyways, aside from that everything was marvelous. More...


Tami C.

20 August 2015

There is nothing better in this world than great Italian food. Italian food makes the whole world a better place.This little joint does it right! The pasta rustica is heaven. Mouth watering good. Once I order it I wait patiently for it to arrive because I know I'm about to Indulge in creamy goodness. The burratta is also delicious. Service is great. Love the attentive staff. I'm getting hungry just writing this review! More...


Stacy G.

16 August 2015

I went to dinner at sapore for the first time yesterday after I heard really good things about this place first everyone was so nice and smiling and welcoming we got a table downstairs and our server her name is Carla was very nice and professional we asked about the food and she recommended the rigatoni rustica and the gnocchi and she paired it with a really good wine bottle it was amazing ... The food came out and it was out of this word delicious and perfect amount ... I really enjoyed dinner and at the end since we have never been to sapore before Carla offered us a tiramisu on the house that was homemade and so tasty... I would definetly recommend this place and I will be back maybe every week ... Great ambience amazing service and exquisite food :) More...


Blake B.

5 July 2015

We ate here for a rehearsal dinner this past weekend and had a great experience.  We were in the upstairs rooms so it had a very intimate feel.  There were so many people that we didn't get the drinks we ordered but after we sat down the service and everything was great.  We had a fixed course meal and everything was really tasty.  We had a salad, gnocchi and a huge piece of chicken as the main course.I'd recommend coming here for a great Italian meal! More...


Tasha A.

22 June 2015

Not amazing but solid food. Consistent every time we go there. There is nothing in the Italian category in the Peninsula that we've found to be mind blowing so far so  Sapore is a good choice for good food, good service, and convenient location.


Jaching H.

2 June 2015

Consistently good.  Try the spinach ravioli.  Surprisingly light and filling at the same time.  Sit upstairs in the loft area overlooking the bottom floor if you can.  There is a skylight that lets in beautiful natural light. Love this cute place! More...


Jennifer R.

31 May 2015

My boyfriend took me to this restaurant for a date night and I have to say, it was the best restaurant we been to in a long time! The service is incredible. They are professional, sophisticated and extremely friendly. I ordered a glass of Pinot Gris that was fantastic and my boyfriend ordered a merlot. Unfortunately they were out of his wine choice, so the waiter recommended one of his favourites. It was a hit! I had the Caesar salad to start. I was expecting amazing things since the dressing is made in house, but I actually found it to be a little bland. It needed something - possibly more lemon and anchovies. For dinner I had the zuppa de pesce which was really good. They were able to accommodate my shrimp allergy without an issue. I'm used to having white fish in it, but there was salmon this evening. I found it to be slightly overpowering, but still good. The broth was amazing - lots of parsley and garlic. Hands down, the best tiramisu I have ever had. I would go there just for the tiramisu. The portion is large enough to share and is so fresh. It's not soggy and there's just a hint of mocha flavour. It's a must when dining here!It's easily getting 5 stars for its outstanding service, great wine, beautiful ambiance and fantastic tiramisu. More...


Shelley D.

23 May 2015

Thank you Oscar for an excellent meal and superb service! The tiramisu is the best I have ever had!


Nancy M.

14 May 2015

A nice local restaurant featuring a solid variety of pastas, fresh salads, pizza and a good selection of secondi plates.  A quaint bar area to gather with friends and share a drink.   Warm welcoming staff. More...


Crystal S.

5 May 2015

This is the place to go for a real Italian meal. As a native Italian, I tend to judge Italian food a lot and it's hard to find homemade fresh Italian food that doesn't taste sugary or watery. I was planning on eating at a place down the street but they ended up being closed. But I'm really glad they were or I wouldn't have stumbled upon this gem. We met Elio, the owner, at the door and he invited us in. He was super friendly and hospitable and treated me and my friends like family. The waiter we had was really nice and very attentive of us. The atmosphere was quiet and relaxing with dim lighting. Their tiramisu is to die for. It was a perfect meal. Thank you Elio! I'll be back! Ci vediamo presto! More...


Megan B.

6 April 2015

My fiancé and I live in southern CA but are having our wedding in northern CA in May. We were looking for a lunch venue to host our guests after the early wedding and Sapore Italiano was recommended to us so we figured we would give it a try. We were not disappointed. The owner greeted us like family and made us feel right at home. The food was AMAZING, the wait staff were prompt and  courteous and the atmosphere of the restaurant was charming. Needless to say we reserved Sapore for our lunch venue on the spot. We can't wait to celebrate our big day at Sapore!!! More...


Sarah W.

22 March 2015

Best. Tiramisu. In the peninsula. If you like Berkeley's Crixa Cakes version you'll love this one even more!Flavorful with mascarpone, hints of vanilla with perfectly spongey (not soggy!) lady fingers. Some espresso flavor, but not much. For me, this was perfection. I don't know anything about authenticity, though I wish someone would inform me of this! That said, there were three parties surrounding us that were speaking in Italian, so I suppose that says something!The pastas/entrees are fine, but the star is by far the Tiramisu. GET THE TIRAMISU. More...


Peter F.

16 March 2015

It overall was a really nice experience.  The hostess put us at a fabulous table overlooking the main floor seating area, the wait staff was prompt, attentive and there but not intrusive.  The food was solid, with my wife having the Salmon special which was prepared perfectly, (and she's really fussy about her Salmon as she eats it 3 to 4 times a week and hates when it comes out dry and overcooked)  I had the Risotto with Chicken and it was both flavorful and enough to leave me with leftovers.  We each had appetizers which were good and the bread and olive oil worked well.  This reminded me of many, many of the trattorias we ate in on several trips to Italy, a good solid restaurant, don't go expecting the French Laundry. More...


Kimberly P.

15 March 2015

I held a private event in one of the upstairs spaces and it turned out beautifully. The staff was so nice and gracious, the service was excellent and they even helped me carry a few of the heavier items up the stairs!The guests from the party were so impressed with the space and the food which as always was delicious. I hope to use the space again for future parties! More...


Nurith P.

13 March 2015

Food was delicious, fresh with home made pasta noodles. Got great service as well. We'll definitely be back!


Mike V.

6 March 2015

A solid Italian experience - courteous, truly Italian staff, diverse, quality menu options (and wine list), and a classy, social ambiance.We ordered a wine which turned out to not be available.  They returned with a far superior (and much more pricey) bottle which was the most similar.  Fantastic customer service.One of the better Burlingame dining experiences. More...



2 March 2015

I love this place, food is really good, healthy, friendly staff, good wine, delicious pizzas and pastas. 5 star!


Emma H.

15 February 2015

I was in the mood for Italian and chose this spot because it was $$ instead of $$$ and had a lot of reviews. When we showed up and looked at the menu it was small and didn't really have anything on it that appealed to me at the time. I saw the gnocchi but I don't like bleu cheese and the sauce was creamy Gorgonzola. I felt discouraged but then noticed somebody had posted a pic of gnocchi with the rustica sauce and I decided I would try to order that eve ln though it was not on the menu.  The bread and sun dried tomato pesto that comes before your meal is really wonderful and it's a good thing they give you tiny portions of that otherwise I wouldn't have been able to control myself. I asked to taste the Montepulciano and the server brought the bottle up with a glass an poured me a taste.  Was not thrilled about this method because it made me feel pressured to ordered it, otherwise he would have had to go back to the downstairs bar to get another bottle.  Had he just brought me a taste I would not have felt bad about ordering something else. Furthermore, if I had been the server I would have brought a second option to suggest.  That's because I care a lot that people are satisfied, I used to serve tables and always went above and beyond, but that's just me... The calamari was not good, the tiny little fryer basket it was served in was adorable and they tartar was great.  But the calamari was greasy and under seasoned and most of the basket was just piece of flaked off fried breading.  The rustic sauce is awesome and on the gnocchi it was just decadent.  My friend ordered the chicken with cheese spinach stuffed inside.  It was quite dry and just OK, I would not recommend it.  Luckily my plate was more than enough for two, with leftovers too.  The dessert menu looked nice but we were stuffed. Overall the service was not very warm or friendly and the chicken was not great but the gnocchi rustic is more than reason enough to return. More...


Davida B.

12 February 2015

Absolutely amazing. From the appetizers to dessert the food was excellent and well worth the pricing. Enjoyed the spinach ravioli that came out with a wonderful sauce that was not overbearing (as it can be with this dish). Finished with a wonderful tiramisu that was well balanced. Enjoyed a great red wine with our meals which paired well whether a vegetarian or meaty meal. Waiter was attentive but not overbearing, we came at a quiet time but I can see how it would get busy quickly. More...


Ann F.

10 February 2015

Sapore is a beautiful small Italian restaurant in Burlingame. The food is delicious, and the service is attentive but not overbearing. My husband and I visited recently on a Saturday night. The room was busy but we were seated immediately, even though we were early for our reservation.  We had wine and fresh bread with a lovely garlicky tomato jam while  leisurely perusing the menus.  We ordered appetizers and waited for them to arrive, then ordered entrees.  It was lovely to sit and enjoy the experience without being rushed. The food was all fresh and beautifully presented. Oscar our waiter was charming and knowledgeable.  This is a place that we will visit again, and recommend to friends. Thank you Sapore for a delightful evening. More...


Carol G.

25 January 2015

Met relatives from around the Bay Area because Burlingame was a good spot. Very few restaurants of quality do a Saturday lunch service on Saturdays so this was perfect. Some of the dishes we had were chicken salad, frittata, a panini, tiramisu, creme brulee, semi freddo. All were delicious. Service was friendly. We will return. More...


Cory A.

24 January 2015

I took a bit here for a first date and it was such a hit. The initial reaction is " this is Italy".


Vanessa S.

23 January 2015

Great food, drinks, and service. We loved everything! Bruschetta, Capaleni, Prawns, and great Coke is always a plus. Thank you!


Liza C.

5 January 2015

I came here with my family because it was 4 stars with over 500 reviews...uhm I'd say it's more like a 3 or 3 1/2 star with over 500 reviews type of resturant. The people working there were nice. The food was..ok. but the interior was so pretty.Inside gives a charming old authentic Italian rustic feel to it.* The atmosphere is family friendly(like teens -up) and date friendly ;). Yet it's classy.*The food was..ok:-The bread and the sauce you get was pretty good. -We order fried calamari and that was also really good but for 8 dollars the portions were really small.  -I got gnocchi and it was good but too chewy and too salty.- My mom got a clam seafood pasta..that was also really salty. - My dad got fish and wasn't all impressed.- My brother got rustica pasta..it was quite bland. - My sister got this lobster and shrimp ravioli..it tasted more like crab and the portions were small. I can say the food was ok..but the atmosphere of the resturant left a bigger impression. I wouldn't come back here though unless the food becomes better. But I DO recommend 1st timers to try it out. It could've just been our personal experiences that weren't all impressive.*details for the interior ( It's 2 story's and upstairs is a balcony over viewing the inside of the resturant and 2 other rooms. One big one with a couple tables and then one for bigger parties). In the big room is a big window that stretches horizontally and at night the view is sooo pretty. The inside of the resturant is sort of dark but gives a nice evening atmosphere. The whole resturant is made of mainly wood (gorgeous).) More...


Kelly D.

1 January 2015

This place could be in a movie, it's so charming. The staff knows everyone (and even stop to chat when we run into them on the street). The food tastes so homemade (because it is!) and the bread + sundried tomato-garlic dip that they serve as an app is killer. This type of restaurant usually gets killed by large chains and I'm so glad it's around. Try the sachetto or the capellini or the crab pasta or the lamb chops; even their simple spaghetti is the best I've had at any restaurant. We've spent two New Year's Eve's in a row here because it's so good and memorable! More...


Alice L.

24 December 2014

The food is as good as the service here.  The lunch pasta dishes are generously portioned (I had enough for dinner also) and come with a soup or salad.  Had the rigatoni for about $13.  The soft crusted bread was brought to the table with an AMAZING sun dried tomato (or it could have been roasted red bell pepper) dip/topping that was full of flavor.  I ate the entire break basket because the dip was so good.Ambiance is rustic and warm, perfect for all groups, intimate or family.  It can get pretty noisy in here though because the main floor and the upper floor dining is open to the high ceiling. More...


Cecilia D.

24 December 2014

Totally loved this place. I came with my boyfriend for a date night. The service and the food were both great. We had bruschetta: the tomatoes were fresh and I could taste the olive oil on top. The server helped us choose the wine: I had a glass of Primitivo - highly recommended if you like full body red wines. We then shared a pizza (the sausage on top was delicious) and a Spaghetti aloe Vongole pasta (the white wine sauce was so good that at the end we helped ourselves with bread to eat it). The owner was so friendly that at the end of the night he gave us a slice of Tiramisu'. The rustic ambience and the real Italian taste is just AMAZING! More...


Kevin L.

2 December 2014

Been coming here frequently with my fiancee on date nights and with friends. They provide good service and good wine recommendations.


J H.

1 December 2014

Great management - always present. Rigatoni rustica is best dish. Not the greatest layout with table on top of table in small area. Willing to overlook it for the great food and kind servers. More...


Kao S.

22 November 2014

I love Italian food and I love pasta. This place has a great homey feeling like you're in a family's kitchen.  The staff their are attentive and polite. It may be a bit pricey due to the fact that's in in Burlingame Ave. We usually have pasta here so I can't rate on anything else but I'm sure it's delicious. Def try it out if you're in the area. Happy Eating!!!! More...


Margaret K.

21 November 2014

Best veal scaloppine Marsala I've had in years!  Service was wonderful and wine was great!


Kathy B.

11 November 2014

Incredibly busy on a Monday night.  And the wait did not disappoint.  The rigatoni rustica was fabulous.  Our son's pasta was so large we could not believe it was a kid's plate.  Not complaining as I sit here eating his leftovers.  We also had the veal marsala.  All just yummy.  Would give five stars but the wait was longer at the table than waiting FOR the table.  This is not, however, going to keep us from coming back. More...


Olivia P.

24 October 2014

Great place to get a delicious Italian meal. Everything out there these days is Americanized. Fantastic meal with carpaccio veneto as an appetizer, split a margherita pizza with the fam, and had the ravioli do ricotta e spinaci! This place does not disappoint!


Tommaso T.

20 October 2014

Great place for authentic Italian dining in Burlingame. The service is friendly and owner very jovial, especially with the kids.Also I would have to disagree with the alternatives suggested by some of the other reviewers. Those so-called Italian restaurants are phony and pretentious imitations and trust me, I grew up in Italy and know what I am talking about. More...


Chris M.

16 September 2014

We sat at the bar because we didn't have a reservation. Rhonda served us at the bar. She was fantastic! Very informative, very fun! And the food was great.


Pam W.

7 September 2014

Thanks for the recommendation Jose Castro. Enjoyed our lunch of gnocchi in gorgonzola. And tagliorini with crab in light cream sauce. Pastas cooked perfectly and delicious flavors in the sauces too. Yummy bread and dipping sauce served when we were seated almost filled us up. Nice wine list by the glass with a delicious projects. Next time we are in Burlingame we will visit again More...


Eat, Pray,Love E.

28 August 2014

Checked out this place last Sunday with no issue finding a table nor finding a parking :)The bread and sun dried tomatoe sauce was one of the highlights :) I ordered the Rigatoni with chicken and it came out great :) I really like the ambience and their hospitality :) will definitely go back ;)


Sage P.

26 August 2014

Yummy potato gnocchi! Had the calamari and bruschetta as well! Great service, great people, great atmosphere!


smitha k.

16 August 2014

Great food and quick service! We ordered a sampler plate of the appetizers which was great, their bruschetta was to die for. The salmon was done to perfection. Will definitely go there again! More...


Rony J.

12 August 2014

Amazing potato gnocchi. Rigatoni was to die for. And the kids really love the sausage and federal pizza.


M K.

7 July 2014

Sapore catered a private event at our home, and the quality of food and service was great! We met with Elio ahead of time, and he gave great suggestions on what to/not to order based on our guest count and setup. He even let us borrow the chaffing dishes for our party. Our guests were really impressed and enjoyed their meals (meatballs, spinach ravioli, chicken parmesan, and rigatoni rustica). We highly recommend Sapore for catering! More...


Henry M.

2 July 2014

Very good foods, lovely people.  We were guests at a party so I can not comment on value, but we shall return.


Sal F.

2 July 2014

Delicious and authentic Italian food. Pretty reasonable for Burlingame. Serving sizes were good. The service was friendly without being annoying.


Christine K.

2 July 2014

yelp did not steer me wrong. sapore's homemade pasta has me craving for more. everybody in my party was extremely happy with their dishes. one person even compared it to her experience eating in italy. i have yet to go to italy so i can't validate that... but the couple seated next to us was speaking in italian with our server who had the most darling italian accent. More...


Urvi C.

1 July 2014

Amazing food... Light, fresh and extremely flavorful!!! To top it, waiters spoke in the ascent... Felt like I was in Italy!


Bonnie S.

31 May 2014

Food is amazing.  Service was excellent.  Of you are going make a reservation.  The line to wait was 45 mins at 6 pm.  Excellent bread and sun dried tomato/ dip to start.  Diet coke.  49.00 for two. 2 salads and shared an entree More...


Tess Y.

28 May 2014

Couldn't be happier with a random date night at this Italian joint. We didn't have reservations and they gladly accepted and seated us immediately. They sat up stairs overlooking the main dining, a small space bit good for a couple tables. Everything was good from the bread and sundried tomato spread, carbonara and dessert. Will definitely come back. More...


Christina A.

26 May 2014

Sapore is definitely the best Italian restaurant in 1000 Mile radius. Their gnocchi are simply the best you'll ever have! I've gone there for many years and the food never disappoints me. I literally tried every meal on their menu. The best pasta, the best fish, the best salads... and the bread appetizer is homemade and warm...True authentic Italian food by true authentic Italians. More...


D S.

16 May 2014

Delicious crispy bread and pesto as a complimentary treat!Mouth watering pasta and pizza's.We are vegetarian and they had just what we needed to fill our grumbling bellies!Friendly and fast service.


Sharlyn Navarro

11 May 2014

Food are prelibato & delizioso. Affordable party packages that can be customized, 2 spaces for private events. You can even bring your own cake! The event manager Elio is very helpful, easy to reach & returns calls promptly. More...


Shale N.

10 May 2014

Food are prelibato & delizioso. Affordable party packages that can be customized, 2 spaces for private events. You can even bring your own cake! The event manager Elio is very helpful, easy to get hold to & returns calls promptly. More...


Ronald L.

6 May 2014

I sought out an italian restaurant for my pasta cravings and what I found was a nice and fancy gem in Burlingame.  I have only good things to say about the pastas that my +1 and I tried.  The two were the tagliolini con carciofi and the spaghetti carbonara.  I'll start with the spaghetti carbonara since it's easier to discuss.  Cheesy with cured meat, it's a charcuterie lover's dream.  Portions were of a considerable size so paired that with wine and the complimentary bread, you'll be wise to bring home a take away box instead of trying to scarf the whole thing down.  The tagliolini con carciofi comes with scallops and artichokes.  While it may not be as tasty as the spaghetti carbonara, it fulfills a different dream.  That dream is of a seafood lover.  Lots and lots of scallops are in the entree.  Again, the size is humongous so please remember to ask for a take away box before you go. More...


Claudia B.

29 April 2014

Gnocchi great consistency, just the right ratio of potatoes and flour.  bolognese sauce not good, pure oil not much flavor had to add salt and pepper and then the little sauce that comes with the bread otherwise I wasn't memorable. 90 degrees outside they could of turned the AC on. Good service, good price. Burlingame Ave is under construction so parking is a little hard. More...


Tiffany Michelle L.

24 April 2014

Pretty much all the food was very delicious, try the Gnocchi if you come here.We ordered this potato thing: Gnocchi that was soft and was covered in 3 separate sauces on one plate: red, white, and green. Potatoes are good and all but I'm not usually a fan of potatoes, except sometimes. I liked that plate, the creamy white sauce was my favorite.I had the Fusilli alla Rustica pasta dish. It was good.For dessert we had the Tiramisu, which was good also. More...


Gayatri S.

20 April 2014

Great food and service. They were ready to convert most of the things in the menu to a vegetarian dish. I was craving for a garlic bread, (which they don't have in the menu) but were sweet to make it for me. In just love with the Garlic bread now. The pasta's were great too. Will be going again for sure. More...



9 April 2014

Great food! Server was nice...really busy place glad I made reservations.  The prices were not bad at all and the portion was perfect.  We ordered random plates and shared. It was a great idea! Def coming back! More...


Chanda M.

8 April 2014

I went here for lunch for the first time at lunch yesterday, drawn in by the positive reviews on yelp.  I will most def. be back!  In a word, ROBUST!!  I wish I had discovered this place earlier.I was impressed w/the quality of the dishes we ordered!!  I had the rigatoni w/sausage and peas in a cream tomato sauce.  I was pretty surprised that it was not too heavy and the ingredients were bursting w/a rich flavor. The complimentary bread was so soft and fresh, and the quantity was perfect for me and my lunch date. The sweet sundried tomato in olive oil 'dip' was to die for.  Tiramisu - heavenly and decadent, the best I've had in the Bay Area. The mascarpone in it was perfecto.  Large portions even for lunch, wow!  The only request I have is to ease up on the salt.Our waiter and the water supplier were attentive.  Our server gets bonus points for letting us sit  where we chose, not mere centimeters away from other diners (the way the average places seat you).  Some conversational privacy is always appreciated!  The high ceilings and light made for a welcome dining experience. More...


Kay Z.

3 April 2014

Gnocchi is incredible, best I've ever had.  Creamy, soft & tasty.  Still can't believe it.  Husband liked his pizza too.  Nice ambiance & nice little downtown area. More...


Frank L.

1 April 2014

Food are very good as well as service. Wish they have more choice for Veggie dish on the manu


Jay J.

28 March 2014

Ate here tonight and our server was Tony. The striped bass was really good as was the salmon.We opted to not eat dessert but the Owner we struck conversation with so he brought us the tiramisu and it was delish.


Rani C.

26 March 2014

I've eaten at Sapore Italiano a few times and it's always amazing.  The staff is friendly  and extremely inviting and warm. I've ordered the Gnocchi, the Salmon, pasta with meatballs, and everything is always amazing and so fresh and delicious! The gnocchi melts in your mouth. For dessert, I've had the spumoni and I still dream about going back.The have a great upstairs where I had my baby shower that's great for groups.  Awesome for families or date night. More...


Anu M.

24 March 2014

We came to Sapore for an early dinner on Saturday, while heading to the city. With no reservations, we were seated immediately and we chose to sit upstairs. Had we come a little later without reservations, there would have been a long wait time. I noticed that the restaurant was filling up soon with patrons.There was complimentary bread and sundried tomatoes - real good! I ordered a Gnocchi and my husband chose Sacchetto Vegetariano. Both were really delicious! The gnocchi was soft and melted in my mouth. The tomato cream sauce that came with the Sachhetto Vegetariano was delish! No room for dessert and we left the place with a full stomach and a sumptuous meal.Will not hesitate to return when I am in the Burlingame neighborhood. More...


Steve J.

10 March 2014

We really liked this place. Went here on Saturday evening. It wasn't too crowded at all. Didn't even have to wait (probably due to the street construction). The service was really quick and super friendly. We order the carpaccio to start. It was fresh and tasty. The meat tasted great with the arugula and lemon. Then we moved on to a pasta with clams in a butter white white sauce. This dish was just ok. Felt like the noodles were a bit under cooked. We also hd the Italian sausage, mushroom and cheese pizza. This is what won my heart. hella good!  It was wonderful. The server topped us off with a small layer I fresh parmasean cheese and it was lovely. Well done. All in all, a great meal. The last entertaining part if the experience was the accent of our server. I don't know how true the accent was but he switched from a thick Italian accent to no accent at all. Haha. It was just funny. This has nothing to do with the quality of food or level of service because they both were great. It was just funny. More...


Kathryn Y.

10 March 2014

Ate here with family last year. Food was delicious and service was very good.We sat at the top level where we were kind of secluded from the rest of the restaurant, it was nice.


Bob F.

8 March 2014

Oh Sapore Sapore Sapore. Another place I keep going back to. Can't go wrong with the  carpaccio, rigatoni. I usually order the same thing every single time I come here. Today I'm being adventurous it's the chicken risotto on the special menu today. More...


Holly L.

4 March 2014

We had our engagement party here and it was perfect! We rented out the top level room and had 50 people attend and the size of the room and the way they set up the tables was exactly what we wanted. They let us come in at 5 to decorate and we had the room until 10...we actually ended up staying past until 10:30 and they didn't kick us out, just let us leave on our own, so awesome. I would highly recommend this as a place to throw a special event. More...


Palmer M.

2 March 2014

Great place to come with friends or family. Right on Burlingame avenue. Has a very warm hearted staff. Good variety of Italian dishes from pizza to pasta to scallopini. Nicely decorated restaurant to make you feel like your in Italy. Although it's nicely decorated you feel comfortable going in without being dressed up. Besides having good food it's a great place to socialize. It has a nice remodeled bar with a tv to watch sports too. More...


Paul C.

2 March 2014

I love this Italian restaurant.  I order the seafood pasta.  Yummy!! My girlfriend has a special.  It is a salmon.  Delicious too.  The house made vanilla hazelnut and chocolate gelato dessert are perfect to wrap up our lunch.  We will be back! More...


Javier P.

28 February 2014

One day my food buddy and I were craving Italian food so we came for dinner here.We started of the Lobster Ravioli appetizer. I was pleasantly impressed by the ravioli itself.  The pasta was thin than what I'm used to, but had a good texure and flavor. The sauce was well balanced because it didn't over power the lobster. You could really taste both perfectly.The Rigatoni Rustica which was my dish. With its ground sausage, peas, bell peppers, mushrooms and tomato cream sauce was marinated into the rigatoni while it was being cooked. Amazing flavor. More meat would of been nice.My friend had the Spaghettini Alle Vongole. For such a simple dish it was amazingly taste. The pasta was not salty at all which left me wondering what else they could of used to give it flavor and the clams were fresh. We also got a free tiramisu thanks to our server whose name I can't remember. The tiramisu wasn't too sweet and was fluffy and soft.Overall, the service was good, attentive servers, and the food was delicious. More...


Josh R.

25 February 2014

Dropped in with the family early on a Saturday and found the place quite comfortable and casual- not too noisy!   Had the Sardinian pasta with Italian sausage and saffron.  Dish was FANTASTIC!!! Simple, tasty and the right portion.  Everyone loved their dish..   VERY generous pour on the wine! The only (slightly negative) experience is that the waiter forgot my soup, but made up for it by comp'ing us a very tasty Tiramisu for desert.Will definitely keep this in the repertoire for dinners in Burlingame! More...


Emily C.

16 February 2014

I came here last Friday for Valentine's day dinner with my boyfriend and it did not disappoint! Made reservations ahead of time and we were seated right away in the upstairs section. Noise level was minimal and we enjoyed a semi-quiet dinner together. We started off with the calamari which was served with a side of both marinara sauce and tartar sauce. For our meals, we ordered the lobster ravioli and the Risotto Pescadero and two glasses of wine :)My boyfriend's lobster ravioli was a bit disappointing to us, but that might be because I had ordered the risotto in comparison. The risotto had clams, mussels, salmon, and calamari in it which seemed much more appealing to the stomach and to the eye! Portion sizes were fairly large so we were pretty stuffed and passed on dessert.Overall, I would definitely recommend this place for a casual dinner or date night out! More...


Stu H.

10 February 2014

Our birthday party of 11 (including 2 small children) shared a wonderful celebration yesterday at Sapore. I made all the arrangements by phone from New York several weeks ago, and we were graciously and expertly seated on arrival at the strange hour of 4pm. (I phoned ahead at 3:15 and asked that two antipasti and two pizzas be available at seating, and, bingo, there they were)! We all ordered from the daily special and/or regular menus, and the food was delicious and artfully plated. Vegetables were adeptly prepared, colorful, and not just thrown onto the plates.  Try the fish preparations and the veal options.  Service was professional, attentive, and warm. Our son and his family live in Burlingame and we visit frequently so we look forward to numerous visits. Don't let the reconstruction of the western end of Burlingame Avenue deter you. There is plenty of public parking nearby. More...


Frankie M.

31 January 2014

I went there on a dinner date. It was 5:30pm on a Wednesday and it was not crowded at all. The food, wine and service were all good. It was a nice place for a date.


Linda C.

27 January 2014

We came here for my husband's birthday dinner (we won't mention which one).  The food was excellent as was the service.  We sat upstairs in the balcony area.  Very cozy and great service.  Definitely recommend getting a reservation because it got very busy.  We had the veggie pizza as an appetizer and this was delish.  The crust was amazing and we wolfed down more than we should have as an appetizer.  It was just too good.  Then I had the Rigatoni Rustica which was yummy.  The husband had the Cabonara, which had some really nice bacon and was perfectly cooked.  Both were great, but I liked the rigatoni better.  We finished off the meal with the dessert sampler, basically 3 desserts for the price of 2.  We left with full stomachs and happy hearts. More...


Ray M.

24 January 2014

Wonderful meal...service was great!  I felt like the people knew all of the customers as they walked in.  I'd definitely return!


jeannie c.

24 January 2014

Thank you Yelp and all it's followers and reviewers! Tried this place based on reviews.... PHENOMENAL! We got the gnocchi, based on the reviews. A-mazing.  The rigatoni rigatoni also stellar. AND the sarchetto vegetarians... Fantastic. Couldn't be happier with the food!! Thank you! More...


Francois H.

20 January 2014

Very classic , good food and affordable , defiantly a place to come back to and try other dishes ... Complimentary bread and sun dried tomato sauce , really nice


Yolanda Y.

20 January 2014

I was looking for a good place to take out colleagues for a pleasant dinner and this came up on yelp. To be totally honest it was a tie between this spot and another similar sounding place nearby but since this place allowed me to make a reservation right through this app it was an easy pick. We got seated right away and got the orders rolling. The food here is about four stars, the prices are okay but the service was outstanding! I was so happy with my decision to bring my guests here because I think they too were impressed by the staff. Anything we needed or asked for, we got! And quickly! Kudos to the staff and manager here! More...


Ash M.

8 January 2014

Came here for a family birthday dinner last night. Our server was wonderful and accommodated the birthday cake we brought with us. I had the spaghetti with clams in a spicy white wine sauce and it was very delicious. My cousin got the gnocchi and after trying one bite, I knew I probably should have ordered that instead despite how good my spaghetti was. This is probably the best gnocchi I've ever eaten. It's pillowy goodness that melts in your mouth. If the gorgonzola sauce is too rich for you, they also have a tomato sauce you can substitute in.I'm definitely coming back when I'm in the area. More...


Saeideh B.

21 December 2013

Authentic Italian food. The sun dried tomato dip that comes with bread is heavenly, just amazing, so flavorful and delicoius. That was by itself enough for me to come out of the restaurant happy.We ordered the spinach ravioli and the rigatoni rusticated. The sauces are so special and delicious. I enjoyed my ravioli a lot and the hubby loved his pasta. I only give it a 4 star because although we had reservation, we had to wait to be seated and the service was just OK. More...


Kat W.

15 December 2013

Sapore was an excellent experience. We had a reservation and showed up a bit early so we had to wait a little, which was fine with us since we were early. Nevertheless, after being seated, our server showed up, apologized, and said we'd get a tiramisu on the house. We were confused, but we were there for the tiramisu especially so of course we jumped on it. We were immediately served bread with this tomato sauce/dip(?), both were delicious! A great opening to our coming meals. For dinner, we ordered the calamari (side of marinara sauce and tartar sauce went well with the perfectly fried squid), the radicchio (and arugula?) salad (not bitter and the vinaigrette was not too acidic), lamb shank (falling off the bone goodness with a side of creamy polenta and buttery string beans), lobster ravioli (they did not skimp on lobster!), and spaghetti amatriciana (not too spicy, the way we like it). They were great portions and delicious. Our server also could be a male model, which was a nice plus to the great service we were getting. My brother never had an empty glass of water and our server gave us pleasant conversation and just the right amount of attention. For dessert we had the semifreddo and our tiramisu. The tiramisu was amazing and what a size! The semifreddo was also very good, but the tiramisu kinda stole the show. This place is great for family meals or a date and a pleasant experience. More...


Amanda B.

14 December 2013

Sapore is great. We had to wait and realized most people made reservations. THere is and up and downstairs. The hostess was young and kinda rude the whole time or else I would have gone for 5 stars.Anyway, the food was the star here. I love when I don't know the names on the menu- real Italian. The waiters and owner were all chattering in Italian. I had the chocolate torte which was perfection. Rich and chocolately. THen I loved the bread- very fresh. The lentil sou was great- it was on special that night. For my meal I had the salmon with artichokes and it was divine. My friend had a stuffed piece of meat- I was so into my food I didn't pay full attention.There is secret parking in the back by the Wells Fargo after hours for free. This is in a cute little old town looking part of town that you can window shop after. THe restaurant is next to a Wallgreens. More...


Karen G.

12 December 2013

First time here so my mom recommend the parma prosciutto panini.  Glad I listened to my mom it was so good. Services was good too. will definitely be back.


Donna A.

12 December 2013

We were visiting from out of town, and Stella Alpina was all booked up, so we tried Sapore.  We've eaten gnocchi all over the world, but this was the best we've ever had.  The place was packed, however, despite that, the service was excellent.  We ordered a bottle of the Pinot Noir, but they had run out of it, and gave us a higher priced Pinot at the same price of the one they had run out of.  It was excellent.  We also had the prawns and the lobster ravioli.  Both excellent.  The sorbet was the perfect ending to a wonderful meal.  We will definitely be back! More...


M J B.

6 December 2013

Great food staff is friendly and I LOVE the bar!One of the best restaurants in Burlingame.


Kristin H.

2 December 2013

Okay, so I lied....I gave them another try...and I am so glad I did!!  The service was outstanding and the food was great!  I ordered the Sachetto, a vegetable-filled pasta "pouch" in a creamy tomato sauce.  It is a vegetarian dish, although I am not.  It was very good.  The vegetables were fresh and still crunchy, the sauce was very nice - not overwhelming, and it complemented the pasta well.My friend ordered a panini and it was also wonderful.  The waiter suggested a wine to pair with our meals and he nailed it!  Great selection! :)I am SOOOO glad I gave them another try - I will be back!!! More...


J G.

2 December 2013

Great, cute little place close to SFO. To start off, we got the burrata special. It was truly fantastic. Also loved the homemade pasta options. My boyfriend got the sacchato vegitariano, which was outstanding- the light tomato cream sauce was delicious. The fettuccine was also great.  For dessert, the server brought us the most amazing tiramisu.  We'll definitely stop back in on our next trip! More...


Jack B.

20 November 2013

Excellent, authentic food. Owners are very kind and personable. Can be slow at times due to large groups, but don't hold it against them.


Gaia B.

16 November 2013

I love this place - delicious food, good wine, prompt, courteous service, nice atmosphere. I'd been to Sapore a number of times for lunch, but this was the first time for dinner and the first visit for my partner. We arrived early on a Saturday - about 5:45 and the place was hopping - but the maitre'd was attentive, the servers efficient - dishes arrived quite quickly, water was refilled regularly and we were checked on without being hassled. Dishes were cleared promptly but not until it was clear we were finished. We weren't rushed - the food was delicious and all ran like clockwork. And we were especially pleased to see how many families had brought their childrenand grandchildren and how welcome they were made to feel. Nice to see the generations sharing pasta dishes, discussing the food, enjoying dinner together. We'll be back. I don't eat a lot of pasta - I'm more of a salad/soup/starter fan: the caponata is delicious - caramelized onions with the eggplant were wonderful and I'm on a mission to see if I can duplicate it at home. I love the grilled calamari salad, especially, and the lemon gelato is outstanding. Full marks. More...


Juanita Salazar Rodriguez

9 November 2013

Love the food and service!!! Always have @ good time!! Thanks ;)


C W.

8 November 2013

this was my second visit and it was just as good as the first.  their homemade pasta is to die for!


Derrick S.

2 November 2013

Wonderful find through Yelp.  The 4 Star rating is accurate if not underestimated,  Be sure to make reservations as this place was packed.


Chocoolate I.

28 October 2013

This is a great restaurant in every way. I believe I have eaten here four times and one of the things that immediately stood out is the freshly made pasta. Everyone at my table noticed this. This time I had the lentil soup and appreciate the taste immensely. I wanted penne pasta and although it was not on the menu the waiter said he would get the chef to make it and they added excellent tasting sausage. This restaurant is in a great location, has great service, reasonable prices and large portions. Additionally, they have an excellent happy hour and nice wine list. For the first time there was a negative. I felt the October 26th evening maitre d' was rude and inattentive. She basically saw that I was trying to get her attention when I arrived and walked past me as if I was not there. The bartender did the same thing so when I finally walked over to the maitre d' and said "did you not see me" I opted to sit at my table with "baby" and wait for my client rather than have a pre-dinner glass of wine. When the maitre d' took us to the restaurant area she never pointed out which table was ours because she was preoccupied with a large group that was waiting between the bar area and dining area so we were basically left standing there.My three centsIf you go on a Saturday or Friday I would ask if they have a large group scheduled. Although the dining tables are fashioned in a way to accommodate large groups there is no place for large groups to congregate if the bar stools are taken and during the first ten minutes of my meal I felt surrounded by inconsiderate people waiting to sit down. Ask to be seated upstairs if a large group is scheduled.This is an excellent restaurant to be sure and heretofore I have always received excellent service and will return regularly because I think last week they had an "off day" but I will make sure I am seated upstairs and probably call ahead to avoid days when large groups are scheduled. More...


Castro L.

27 October 2013

Went for lunch on a Sunday. Lunch menuIs not to extensive but everything we had off it was fresh and well prepared from appetizers to entrees to desserts. Awesome! Very reasonable prices. Great service. The owner andChef greet people and see how everything Was. I like that. Personal service is alwaysA plus. Thanks for a great meal! More...


Larry D.

15 October 2013

Great apps and the home made gnocchi is very, very good! I will be back. Wait staff was helpful and knew the menu.


Ken K.

27 September 2013

The reviews are all over the place here, from people on my friends list, to folks I follow (or "stalk" if you will....don't hate, you do it to me too!), from good to the bad to the fugly. So it all boils down to your expectations and what really makes you happy. The best thing to do coming here is just keep an open mind, and don't compare it to regional Italian that you find in SF. But if you like say, Divino in Belmont and Stella Alpina nearby, you might be pleasantly surprised. And it's not bad for the neighborhood.It was a relative's farewell / last night in town, so it was a semi casual feast to say the least.Fried calamari - we all joked that this was the Hong Kong version of "salt pepper fried squid". Except these are tiny compared to the Ahnuld Schwazzen Egger buff giant squids that you find in HK (and some are ridiculously harder to fry to the right texture). Otherwise a decent rendition that wasn't classic tempura. The "whiskers" and legs were the highlight, not so the meaty part of the rings. Was already quite tasty without the spicy marinara dip sauce.Antipasto for two - a combo platter of appetizers. Caponata (eggplant) was decent, the sweet cold bell peppers quite refreshing, mozzarella on tomato good but rather textbook, bruschetta ok, mortadella slices (with pistachio) were good. Olives I personally don't care about. Good if you want some variety, but it's sized for two or more people. We didn't finish everything, only because the portion was so bigFra diavolo (sauce) with lobster and spaghettini - on the specials menu, and for about $23, you get a half lobster (on the small skinny side) which is not a bad upgrade vs a simple plate of pasta. Bucatini with pancetta and spicy marina sauce - I thought this was decent for what the restaurant could do...certainly wasn't expecting some Roman style amatriciana. Good bucatini texture, I'd say this was just a wee bit better than the bucatini I had at Colosseo in SF (North Beach), and a slightly better portion.Shared a bottle of a Sangiovese...had two glasses too much :-o but it was a special occasion.But it's ok....washed it down with an affogato which was quite nice.Even better was the house special dessert (on the specials menu), house made pistachio gelato. Highly recommended. The acoustics of the restaurant isn't exactly the best...when lots of diners are talking it is harder to hear conversations at the table. If you have a big party, upstairs might fit the bill for whatever celebration. More...