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Santa Monica Paws is a small family owned pet business that was established in Santa Monica, CA in 2015 by a Certified Dog Trainer named Theresa Chern. Santa Monica Paws travels far and wide throughout the city of Los Angeles, California to help dozens of pet owners in need of puppy or adult dog & cat behavior training, animal pet sitting, community daycare, and dog walking. Check out Santa Monica Paws by going to their website and following them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @SantaMonicaPaws.

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Santa Monica Paws Reviews

Santa Monica Paws Reviews

Review of Santa Monica Paws by Shaun
5 26/06/2018 Shaun

Theresa and Brad are excellent animal trainers/leaders and were very professional. They knew exactly what our problem areas were with our dogs from the first consultation and designed a custom training plan to address our challenges. It was so fun and easy working with them and our dogs we even signed up for more classes to have them work with our new cat Minx so she will be a welcomed part of our dog/cat family.

Santa Monica Paws replied:
Thank you very much for your wonderful review. We are greatful we met you guys. It's been a pleasure working for you & your animal family and we love helping you every step of the way!
Review of Santa Monica Paws by Alan Buckelew
5 03/05/2018 Alan Buckelew

I used Santa Monica Paws to train my rescue puppy. They are a great team that are very organized and provide not only great training, but all the documentation needed to ensure your puppy quickly becomes the well trained canine you are seeking. I couldn't be happier with the training and support Santa Monica Paws provides

Santa Monica Paws replied:
Thank you for your wonderful review. It's been a pleasure to work with you & your puppy. We hope that we can assist you guys again soon! Happy Training!
Review of Santa Monica Paws by Melissa Evidente
5 Melissa Evidente

Theresa and Brad are miracle workers! My dog, Hunter, was leash reactive and a bit aggressive, but after just one day with them, I already noticed improvements. It has now been a little over a week and Hunter is like a totally different dog. He no longer barks or growls uncontrollably at other dogs and strangers, so walking him is now a fun and pleasant experience, as opposed to a stressful event. Now, instead of having to apologize to every person with a dog we encounter while on walks, other people are apologizing to me for THEIR misbehaving dog, while mine stays calm and collected! Seriously, a miracle. Hunter is much more obedient in every other basic training aspect as well - sit, down, drop it, wait, go to crate, etc. I honestly can't believe it. I have used a number of other private trainers for Hunter before, but nothing worked until I met PawsabilityForDogs. Highly recommended!!

Review of Santa Monica Paws by Nora Charles
5 Nora Charles

I am so happy that we found Santa Monica Paws for our dog. I love that they take her hiking to beautiful places! When she hears the text "ding" in the morning, and my husband grabs her pink leash, she knows they're on their way to pick her up. She gets so happy and excited! I'm almost jealous, as sometimes I feel like she loves Theresa more than me! LOL! That's OK ;)

Review of Santa Monica Paws by Linn Tømte
5 Linn Tømte

I highly recommend this business to every dog owner on the west side. Theresa and brad are experts and very experienced and professional at this field! I'm so happy I found Santa Monica Paws! This is very convenient Especially for me working a full time job I know that they give my dog enough exercise to stay happy and present when I get home every day. Santa Monica paws will never let you and your dog down. They are right about quality vs quantity. I can see that with my dog.

Santa Monica Paws

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Santa Monica Paws Q&A

Santa Monica Paws Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Dog Training is my favorite part of what I do, which is NOT a job, but rather a LIFESTYLE for me, because I love it so much! I get to feel rewarded every moment of the day, and most of all I get to help humans build a better life for themselves while they learn how to create a well balanced relationship with their pets including their dog, cat, bird, rabbit, etc.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I used to be a Recreation Therapist for 20 years of my life, and although it was rewarding, it became too draining emotionally and mentally for me. Plus, I've always had a desire to work with animals in full capacity in my life and I know in my heart that Dog Training is the most well suited path for me. I am not only so well suited for this challenge, but this type of LIFESTYLE allows me more freedom than I ever had before when I worked for someone else all those years of my life, and now that I work for my self, I love everything about it, including being around animals 24/7, and the unconditional love and affection they provide for me and my clients is incredibly rewarding and that is priceless!

Why should our clients choose you?

I come from a more modern day school of thought and philosophy when it comes to training animals. Animal Training to me is a lifestyle NOT a job. Considering I've been a dog trainer for almost 5 years, my expertise as a Therapist for 20 years prior to this has prepared me to help humans and animals bond in a well balance manner. I find that my many years of expertise of using fun physical games and mentally stimulating activities with disabled humans to improve their health and functioning has carried over into my path while working with humans and their precious family pets. We all want a well balanced calm pet, and that is the optimal result that I always guarentee for my clients who have the goal to acheive balance in their own life. As long as the human understands that they need to change their behavior in order for their pets behavior to significantly change, and they consistently follow through with all of the recommendations and resources I give them, they will be satisfied with the results that they have created and I merely facilitated.

Services provided by Santa Monica Paws

Santa Monica Paws Services

Puppy & Adult Dog Behavior Training

We provide specialized private in-home puppy and adult dog training lessons, behavioral assessments, and customized behavior modification treatment programs for client's in the comfort of their home and in the community. No matter what your dog's issues, we've practically experienced it all. No matter how difficult it seems to face the reality of your situation, we understand that all you really want is: to create balance and harmony in your home environment with your pets. We guarentee that we have what it takes to give you a little of our "animal instincts" to help you change things around!

Community Daycare

This service is our PREMIER Quality service! Our daycare program is not your typical doggie daycare service. You no longer have to drop your dog off somewhere in a room that is cramped with too many dogs. We pick up and drop off your dog and as our program name "Community Daycare" suggests, we keep your dog out in the community with us all day! Your fur baby will be mobile and will usually get the chance to go to several different dog friendly locations throughout the day during their "daycamp with training" experience. Many pet owners want to join our daycare program because their dog has some form of anxiety, and they know that their dog needs community socialization as well as human and dog socialization. That's exactly what we provide! We offer basic training for each individual client that joins our program, so that they can build their confidence and remain calm in situations that they perceive to be stressful unfamiliar situations. We also provide a more personalized and customized feeling for our daycare customers, because our daycare program is very small and we have a maximum capacity of 6 dogs for safety purposes. Our spots fill up fast, so sometimes we have a waiting list! The reason being, is that not all new applicants will pass our rigorous temperment test and behavioral assessment in order to be accepted into our program. This is a selective "elite program" that is uniqely designed and operated because we carefully measure out the temperments of each dog that we approve in our program, to improve the chances of each member's success.

Pet Sitting (at your home)

Our experienced pet owners and handlers (we are covered by $100,000.00 in Pet Liability Insurance) are well equipt to meet all your household and pets needs any day of the week that you need to go out of town! Our Pet Sitting program is unique in that we also take extra special care of your other family pets while you are gone! Those other family pets may include birds, rabbits, turtles, fish, and cats. We got you covered, and there's no need to fret over finding a qualified trustworthy professional, because we have what it takes to make sure your pets feel happy, safe, and comfortable in their own home. No more sending your dog away to a boarding facility or vet office where they will not be "cage free", and must be restricted in their freedom to roam and play with other dogs and humans. We know that not only do your family pets need extra special TLC, but they need to be interacted with, fed and given exercise several times throughout the day! That's just what we will do for you at a cost that is reasonable and affordable! Now that's value that you can count on!

Work history from Santa Monica Paws

Work History

Founder of Santa Monica Paws

Santa Monica Paws

From November 2015 to present.

Santa Monica Paws is a small family owned pet business that specializes in Dog Behavior Training. We also provide a supreme Community Daycare and Pet Sitting Service on a daily basis 7 days a week for your convenience.


Parnerships with established Animal Organizations

We have partnered with Michaelson Foundation, Adopt & Shopt Rescue and we are the Liason Transitional Dog Trainers for their organization. Additionally, we have partnered with WAG walking company and provide Leadership Training Seminars at their local events in Los Angeles, California.

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