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Sara G.

8 June 2019

I recently got Restalyne filler from Peggy Humphries in my lips and nasolabial folds (smile lines). It was my first time, and I love the results. I would highly recommend Peggy!She was kind and reassuring and really knows her stuff. We spent most of the appointment discussing what to expect, and making sure we were on the same page with what I wanted. She was very informative of the different kind of treatment options and different fillers. I was very concerned with my lips looking too "done" and she explained exactly what she was going to do and how it would look when it was healed.She was so gentle that the injections didn't hurt at all. She's very slow and careful. Before I went in, I read up online what to expect when getting fillers, and I was mentally prepared to leave with bruising on my face that would last for several days. I was so overjoyed when I had NO bruising! I talked to someone else that had filler from her, and she didn't have bruising either! I cannot stress the importance of getting filler from a good practitioner, it makes all the difference!I was a bit swollen right after, and she gave me post-care instructions. I iced my lips a bit when I got home, slept on my back with an extra pillow, and avoided exercise and heat for 24 hours. The swelling went down in about three days. I am so happy with the results! It looks really natural. I look overall younger and fresher and more well-rested, but not in a way where you can tell something was done.I will definitely be going back to Peggy for regular upkeep. More...


Zoë Mae Chertov

21 May 2019

Santa Cruz CORE has helped me in so many ways! Their expert massage therapists and chiropractors have helped address my hip and shoulder pain, even when part of it stemmed for more complex issues. I started seeing an acupuncturist regularly to help calm my anxiety. And on top of it all, I’ve reached my fitness goals thanks to their awesome group classes and rad trainers. As a local family business, Santa Cruz CORE is vested in our wellbeing. More...


Sam S.

15 May 2019

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rhodes Walton, who is a chiropractor here. I came in with debilitating sciatica pain. Unlike my last chiropractor in Arizona ( who is also wonderful ), Dr. Walton did not adjust my neck and he still made my sciatica pain go away! I am frightened of the neck "cracking" and Dr. Walton didn't go there. He pushes down really hard on various muscles in the legs and abdomen and BOOM! no more pain. I had about a 70% pain reduction after the first session and after one month and 4 sessions, and almost 100% pain free - no more hobbling out of bed and taking ibuprofen and icing my back. My last chiropractor in Arizona had me coming in 3 days a week ( although I was much worse back then ) but Dr. Walton told me I didn't need to come in constantly. He told me the goal is to see him once a month and I certainly will.  His sessions are very quick. He is also personable, pleasant, super smart and a very nice man.  If you are suffering from sciatica, Dr. Walton will make that horrible pain go away like magic. More...


Sam Segall

15 May 2019

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rhodes Walton. I saw him because of debilitating sciatica pain. Unlike my last chiropractor in Arizona ( who is also wonderful ), Dr. Walton did not adjust my neck and he still made my sciatica pain go away! I am frightened of the neck "cracking" and Dr. Walton didn't go there. He pushes down really hard on various muscles in the legs and abdomen and BOOM! no more pain. I had about a 70% pain reduction after the first session. After one month and 4 sessions, almost 100% pain free - no more hobbling out of bed and taking ibuprofen and icing my back. My last chiropractor in Arizona had me coming in 3 days a week ( although I was much worse back then ) but Dr. Walton told me I didn't need to come in constantly. He told me the goal is to see him once a month and I certainly will. His sessions are very quick. He is also personable, pleasant, super smart and a very nice man. If you are suffering from sciatica, Dr. Walton will make that horrible pain go away like magic. More...


Neil Pearlberg

13 May 2019

Excellent !!! thank you Santa Cruz Core!!


Amani P.

9 May 2019

I currently work out 4-5 days a week on my own but have experienced a plateau in my progress. I met with Beau, one of their corrective exercise specialists and trainers, to learn more about how I could improve my routines. He made sure he understood what I was coming in for and the goals I was hoping to achieve and created a realistic timeline and took me through an entire workout. In body weight exercises alone, he opened my eyes to how I could better focus on engaging my muscles to achieve better form during my workouts. In the end I walked out with a multi-step plan that I can work on my own and all my measurements so that when I check in with him the following time, there is an accurate baseline to compare to. I feel more confident and knowledgeable now that I did prior and am excited to follow the progress!! More...


Lupe E.

1 May 2019

I called on a Saturday and a real person answered the phone. I was pleasantly surprised because who actually answers their business phones anymore? Well Santa Cruz Core does. The receptionist who I believe was in their Santa Cruz office kindly and knowledgeably answered my questions and gave me information I didn't even think to ask. I was able to schedule a deep tissue massage with Zoila at the Watsonville location on Penny Lane for the following Monday. The massage was excellent. I've been a massage therapist for 14 years and II was thrilled with the quality of this massage. During the check in Zoila asked me questions about my body and she addressed every area I mentioned. It was truly a deep tissue massage. And it was exactly what my aching body needed. I'm already booked again with Zoila for next week. The day after my massage I got a call from Santa Cruz Core checking in about how I was feeling after my massage. Quality employees and a lovely local place for a great massage. I highly recommend the business and my new massage therapist Zoila. More...


Briana B.

14 March 2019

It was my first time at This location I was recommended to try acupuncture which at first the thought of needles I don't like but I gave it a try I was nervous but the staff was great gave me an idea of what I was walking into an it was not bad at all I barely felt anything next thing you know I fell asleep. When I first got there I was stiff nervous an walking out i was relaxed it was a great first time experience shout out to the staff for being patient with me an answering all my questions More...


A V.

12 March 2019

I just want to say I love core! From the front desk to the trainers everyone is so welcoming and nice! Came in to try their personal training and got the best workout of my life! It wasn't just about pushing my limits like other trainers, Carlos made sure every movement was pushing me to better form, balance and not injuring myself. Moves I've been doing forever with other trainers, I realized I was doing wrong, setting me up for injury and not even getting the most out of the training session. I also started going to their chiropractor and the more affordable core45 classes and love them! The classes are like personal training with a few other people. Sometimes you get lucky and it's just you or one other person. I love that there's so many options under one roof and they always give me great deals to try something new. Next is massage! More...


Kristi J.

17 February 2019

I have been coming to Core for 10 months now and have wanted to leave a 10  rating since my first visit. Everyone and everything they offer here at Core is phenomenal. The office staff are impeccable and their customer service is to be applauded. The trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists (Juan A. Is the cream of the crop) and acupuncturists are all top notch. I have worked with many in each area and overly satisfied is an understatement. They make a point to know you by name, all communicate about your progress and each support you toward meeting your goals. You can tell the owners set high standards and expectations for their business and I can see why it is so successful. I can't say enough about the training and therapy that I receive here; I have met and exceeded each of my goals due to the personnel here at Core....everyone goes the extra mile More...


sunni c.

10 December 2018

Love love love this woman owned business. The best massage, trainers and people in the biz. Just go down there and I promise you won't regret it!


Marisa Jansen

30 September 2018

This place has everything you need, chiropractor, personal trainer, massage, acupuncture, nutritionists...and they take my insurance too. They're all amazing. I am stronger and healthier now than I was before I had my 2 kids. I highly recommend this place to all. More...


Laura Diaz

1 August 2018

Love Santa Cruz Core! Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, upbeat, caring and supportive. I see a personal trainer, chiropractor and masseuse. My husband has had acupuncture and cupping. The whole staff works as a team to improve a client's health. They have helped raise my awareness about my body and the areas that need work. They are patient and always willing to explain everything. I have seen improvements in my body. So thankful that we have a place like this in Watsonville. I'm very appreciative of everyone at Core. Keep up the good work! More...


Caryn B.

28 July 2018

I was accommodated right away(Thanks, Jaimi Jansen) and given an appointment for therapeutic massage to help me when I was in acute pain.  I was so grateful and impressed with my masseuse, Juan!  I plan to add them to my team of health care practitioners! More...


Taylor Boone

27 July 2018

Best Massage I have ever had! I truly can't wait for my next one as the results I am having are trilling! Back on my bike and running up the stairs after a year-long injury that took those options away from me. Maria is intuitive, skilled and one of the best! Thank you for helping me get back to an active life. More...


Larry C.

12 June 2018

I had written a very unkind review a little while ago, because of a misunderstanding between us and some of the staff with regard to accounting.  I am happy to report that the company contacted us and corrected the situation, and was very amenable to working with us on it.  We ask them to please accept our apologies for our own part in the misunderstanding.  As to the quality of the actual services provided (the massages and staff friendliness), all was truly great. More...


Nick W.

31 May 2018

Very professional and well-run business, everyone I have interacted with at Core was great at their jobs. I had a billing misunderstanding with them and they quickly and generously fixed the problem, very pleasant to deal with. The masseuse I see (Cala) is very intuitive and is obviously well schooled in physiology, anatomy and massage, her work is very impressive. If you're an athlete and need relief from the stresses of training or an injury, I couldn't think of someone better to recommend. More...


Donna B.

28 May 2018

Marie is a wonderful trainer! I love her semi-private classes and feel I am getting great workouts.


Daniel Rola

28 May 2018

Best gym and integrative wellness center in Watsonville!


Desiree Chavez

28 May 2018

Santa Cruz CORE has been a game changer! I suffered and coped with insomnia for over 3 years before coming to CORE and I was introduced to the Vasper. For about a month I did Vasper twice a week and my sleep improved drastically! I do Vasper now once a week but at least twice a month-but even if I miss my body has evolved and the sleep I'm getting is quality sleep and I can sleep way more than 3 hrs a night which is HUGE for me! Just that alone has improved my health and well being. The staff at CORE are friendly and fun and supportive. Appreciate this gem! More...


Renee Wall

28 May 2018

I usually go to the Santa Cruz location but I have gone to Watsonville once and it was a great experience! I got an 80-minute massage with Cala, who was voted best massage therapist in the county. She provided a fantastic massage and I really like the Watsonville space! Excited that CORE has opened a second location!! They are an awesome team. More...


Barb B.

21 May 2018

I have been going to Santa Cruz Core for the past few years. Initially for PT and training as well as visits to the best chiropractor in town. Now I go in about once a month for massage therapy. The staff is so friendly and patient and I love the reminders I receive - whether it is via text, email, or a friendly reminder on my cell phone. They have expanded to the studio next door and modernized the interior. I highly recommend Santa Cruz Core and Fitness. It helped me with self-care and listening to my body. More...


Kimberlee Mozingo

16 May 2018

I am a client, I came to CORE with chronic knee and neck pain. I no longer have that pain. If you want the best of the best, then CORE is your place. The best services, the best practitioners, the best staff (in front and behind the scenes). Why are they the best? Because they care about improving your life and your wellness. They treat each client's needs individually and don't follow a one-model method of treating injuries. Thank you CORE. You make Santa Cruz a better place. More...


Kimberlee M.

15 May 2018

I am a client, I came to CORE with chronic knee and neck pain.  I no longer have that pain.  If you want the best of the best, then CORE is your place.  The best services; massage, acupuncture; training; pt, the best practitioners, the best staff.   They care about improving your health; your overall wellness.  The owner, Jaimi, is passionate about helping everyone out of pain; whether that pain be physical; emotional or mental.  She continues to bring cutting edge therapies to Core because she cares. More...


Marissa J.

5 May 2018

Lora is an absolute amazing massage therapist. Her deep tissue massage is life changing. Best massage I've ever had. She's so kind and very knowledgeable!


Ronette S. Parker

12 April 2018

The BEST massage I’ve ever gotten! Super friendly staff!


Cecilia M.

11 April 2018

I accidentally came across Santa Cruz Core and could not be happier! The receptionist are always so kind and helpful, and I am so impressed with how Craig (the acupuncturist) truly cares about the whole well being of his patients. I have been to a couple of other places for acupuncture, but no one has given me the same holistic care as Craig has. I will keep coming back and have recommended them to numerous friends and family. Thank you! More...


Taylor Boone

7 April 2018

Hands down the best massage I have ever had!!! Intuative and powerful! Maria got me back into action and I will be making this apart of my monthly routine. It’s taken me several massage therapist over years of searching to find the best! Thank you CORE & Maria! More...


Corey Folsom

5 March 2018

Dr. Grady was very skilled and he obviously cared about my situation. I really appreciate the graciousness of the whole team at Core Fitness - thanks to everyone! Corey Folsom


Vivian A.

13 January 2018

Great all around well-being services all under one roof. Not just a gym.  I am doing a body transformation challenge and I wanted a trainer to guide me thru this process.  Jaimi gave me my evaluation and set a program for me that will meet all my needs.  Her knowledge is amazing..Jaimi's  vast knowledge about all aspects of fitness far surpasses any trainer I have had in the past.  I would highly recommend Core to anyone who wants a comprehensive program that not only meets their fitness goals but also provides a lifestyle change. More...


Mrs. P.

11 January 2018

I have been going to Core for a few years now. Not only has the Core staff helped me with pain management and fitness goals, including methods from chiropractic to massage, excellent personal training to Vasper (an exercise machine that works systemically to improve fitness and increase healing) they have stood by me through a serious injury that paused my life for over a year. Jaimi Jansen, the owner, has personally taken her time to talk with me and understand what it has been like. She has not just empathy, but decency. She has tried to help me financially to be able to get the continued help and services I need to get healthy again and to stay healthy. Without her and her husband Beau (who is the best trainer I have ever worked with and I was a college scholarship athlete), I would likely be stuck in injury and pain, and with no fitness goals in sight. I am very grateful for all they have done for me, for their forgiveness and understanding when I was at my worst, and all they continue to do to help others live a pain free and happily active life. Thank you Jaimi, Beau, Dr. Ryan, Jay, and all the Core staff who make such a difference every day. More...


Donna Baird-Horne

17 December 2017

Nicole is an absolutely amazing massage therapist! Listed as an intern, she has a huge amount of experience from her work in Italy, wonderfully strong hands and very pleasant manner. She has an incredible technique different from what is taught in CA which has a great effect on sore muscles. I'm looking forward to my next massage with her. Gui is the trainer who teaches the semi private training workouts I usually attend. He is the BEST! He has a great personality, is highly knowledgeable and does a fantastic job keeping me fit. I love going to his classes, which often fill up because his classes make you sweat while having fun. He mixes things up so your muscles are always challenged and he knows how to push you to do your best. I also love his taste in Brazilian music! More...


Korrine F.

1 November 2017

I wrote a review on 10/17/17 about my unsavory experiences with SCCF. The very next day, Jaimi (the owner) responded with a lengthy explanation outlining her disappointment in the service I had received and pledged to make it right. More importantly, she thanked me for bringing to her attention the unintended shortcomings I'd experienced. She took my comments seriously and invited me to come in for a complimentary massage. The massage was top-notch, the front desk staff was professional, and I even received a follow-up call to make sure I was thoroughly satisfied. I appreciate Jaimi's honesty and tireless efforts to make me a happy customer. Well done! More...


Ciara C.

17 September 2017

Very polite and helpful; really work with you to solve problems and give you an amazing experience. Their massages are relaxing and make you feel refreshed.


Adrian C.

12 September 2017

Friendly staff people and top-notch, custom-fit programming to fit my somewhat difficult need set. Beau is GREAT at what he does. Feel like I'm in the best hands.


Suzie G.

25 August 2017

My experience was overall very positive.  Rachel at the front desk was very friendly and professional. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Craig and will be returning to him.  The only downside (and the reason I didn't rank it a 10) was that I thought the facility was a bit crowded/cluttered.  I am used to seeing PT space more open.  Fortunately, I didn't use the work out area, since it seemed really small.  Craig's acupuncture room was nice though - and that's all I really should care about. More...


Kerry C.

16 August 2017

I have a lot of health problems, some of which cause pain, which is why I went to SCCF for a massage. When I go to places like this I always dread having to hear everyone's ideas of what I should do to get better. (I have a team of doctor's working on me, I'm not seeking other ill-informed opinions.) When I came here and told them about what I'm going through the person checking me in just said "That sounds really hard." and it was SO NICE just to get some sympathy and help instead of condescending opinion. The massage Jane gave was a 10 alone but the behavior of everyone there is what will keep me coming back as often as I am able. More...


Jenn Eames

27 July 2017

I love that this place is a one stop shop - personal training, massage, and chiropractic. Everyone is nice and chill, but still pushes you to achieve your best. They work with your schedule, insurance carriers, and workout abilities. I'm glad I took the chance with the initial Groupon and now am a returning customer. More...


Caitlin M.

22 June 2017

They have good/affordable offers and promotions. I had Acupuncture with Craig Sakimoto and got a Groupon for two sessions. He made me feel comfortable and provided quality service. Front desk staff was also very friendly. More...


Jenny I.

27 April 2017

I had called to cancel my membership in a private group training held at my work due to the fact that I wasn't able to attend as often as I hoped (the trainings were great btw). The understanding lady who helped me offered to let me use my last months fee as a credit towards a different service. I thought that was so nice of her, and I really appreciated that! I chose to try a massage, and was set up for an appointment with Massage Therapist Michelle Davies. I'm so glad I did because it was hands down the BEST massage that I've ever received. I had gotten a few massages in the past at different spas, and they were always kind of meh experiences. I just thought that I didn't really like massages all that much. My massage with Michelle was completely different. You can tell immediately that she has had a lot of specialized schooling and training by her technique and professionalism. One thing that especially made a difference during the massage was when she found an area on the side of my hip that was surprisingly sensitive and painful. She could tell that it was a tender spot for me before I even said anything, and immediately checked in with me. She worked gently to ease the pain, and it felt so much better within 5 minutes! Some other things that really impressed me was that she was very considerate with the draping of the top sheet throughout the massage so that you never feel too exposed, she was very attuned to my emotional and physical state, and she has a very gentle and soothing spirit. I had some questions on things I could do to improve various aspects of my health, and she took the time to talk to me and to also show me some stretches that could help with my bad posture. I left feeling better than I have in ages! And also left with more awareness of things that I had ignored about my body that I should probably pay more attention to - such as the fact that I have always tended to favor one side of my hips over the other, and all the little aches that come with working in front of a computer all day. Since then, I have been back again and also signed up for the monthly massage membership because I think it's a valuable tool for my health. More...


Adon Newman

9 March 2017

Great massage, friendly staff, clean place. All around great experience!


Gemma S.

23 February 2017

I have been put through the gamut trying to find a place to heal me. I've had back pain for 9 months and I have been to so many places, both eastern and western. After a lot of treatments my doctor said that maybe I have Fibromyalgia. It didn't sit well with me so I decided to try one more place and that place was Santa Cruz CORE. Start to finish they have been so professional, caring and dedicated. Their customer service is on point and each of the staff members is so knowledgeable. I've received amazing care from Dr. Rhodes (chiro), Beau (PT) and an amazing massage as well. This is really the only place that has worked for me (an they are covered by insurance)....give them a try! More...


Adam C.

18 February 2017

I've never felt more taken care of by their team. They take the time to understand my goals, where I'm at and how to adjust to accommodate my growth. I can't give them enough praise. You can't have a reward like investing in your body.  Their mentorship and guidance to push hard each workout is incredible.  I feel better, look better and I appreciate Jaimi and Beau for that. More...


Dwayne Dawson

30 January 2017

Santa Cruz Core and Jaimi are great! They are always up date date on the latest in fitness knowledge/advancements!


Kristen Faris

18 January 2017

Gui @ Santa Cruz Core is an amazing trainer. He motivates me to come every week with his positive, supportive approach. I feel stronger and more confident thanks to his coaching. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer! More...


Mary Racioppi

4 January 2017

Craig is amazing! I was so relaxed after my acupuncture session, it was like a mini vacation. He differently found his calling in life!


Jack S.

16 December 2016

Santa Cruz CORE is definitely worth checking out if you haven't yet. The entire staff is very friendly and well educated. I am a 35 year old man who was in a motorcycle accident back in the summer of 2012 which left me disabled with osteoarthritis in my left knee and permanent nerve damage in my left leg, knee and foot. I have been to CORE for both massages and use of their VASPER machine which has done wonders!The massages are amazing and affordable! They are very attentive, as well as make sure to properly assess what your body needs and will explain anything they might notice that could use a little extra love. The VASPER machine has truly surprised me! I have RSD/CRPS or in other words, chronic pain nerve damage. I have tried almost everything under the sun to help with my pain including 18 sympathetic nerve block injections into my lower back, lots of different cocktails of pain and neurological drugs, basically being a test dummy... Very few things have worked if at all. When Jaimi first explained to me how VASPER works, it sounded like the science of it all made sense. However I won't deny that there was still just a little bit of skepticism (or lack of faith...) due to my past experiences with repeated failures in every other form of medical/rehabilitative intervention. After the FIRST session with VASPER, I noticed a difference! My pain level the next day was lower than it has been in a long time!! I couldn't wait to get back in there to try it out some more as they told me I will notice more progression with more frequent, repeated sessions. I have now been in for 5 sessions and I'm officially hooked! It has improved my over all condition since I've started. I have more natural energy as well as I get better sleep at night, life in general I just feel more motivated/enthused and with reduced pain levels I find not needing as much pain medications. Also to mention that you get a complete workout session in only 20 minutes and as well it is a great mood elevator! I have only been capable to lift weights with my upper body while sitting on a bench ever since my accident because I can't get any good cardio in with my leg, or so I thought... I miss running, jogging and over all just getting my heart rate up which now I get to feel that again thanks to VASPER! A HUGE THANKS as well to Jaimi and everyone else at CORE! You've changed my life!!! More...


Catherine Patterson Valdez

3 December 2016

I want to say Gui a Master Trainer helped me build my core to the point I can do movements I haven't been able to do for years. Thank you to all the staff who are wonderful. More...


Desiree C.

23 November 2016

I visited this establishment on a Groupon and was really surprised. I hade a massage and Maria was my masseuse. I get a lot of massages, but this was a great one. I really enjoyed her combination of different styles and hand pressure was perfect. Santa Cruz Core was small, but offered a great menu of services. More...


Jorge Chen

21 September 2016

This place is fantastic!!! All the employees truly care about their clients. I'm so glad that I got introduced to this place via Groupon...You would think every place in Santa Cruz is great, but this place is amazing! Yvonne was my therapist and not only was she very knowledgeable but very, very good in working with me. I noticed immediate differences from day 1. I highly recommend this Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab for sure. :) More...


Glenda B.

14 September 2016

Wonderful experience! They are the BEST KEPT Secret here in SC ...It wasn't until I met and spoke with their amazing marketing guru Sarah Maxwell that I was even aware of them. So her inspiration and knowledge about this company was great ..so I decided to start with a massage.  So happy and they have more services I can't wait to try! Top Quality and affordable! Thanks Core! .... Oh and Thank you too Sarah! She is a stand for health and the community! Glenda More...


Sarah Maxwell

14 September 2016

All about integrated and long lasting wellness from the inside out with nutrition, massage, acupuncture, personal training and chiropractic care. All under one roof to help you easily be your best YOU! More...


Jorge C.

5 September 2016

Yvonne is awesome...This place is great...Very attentive and courteous.  I would highly recommend it for sure.  Everyone is very friendly!


gayle l.

3 September 2016

I scheduled an appointment for a 2nd massage on a groupon and was given only options for evening hours.  When I called to change the appointment I discovered they had scheduled me with a male practitioner without my knowledge.  After a few more mishaps and misunderstandings Jami (the owner) called and we got things resolved.  I have respect for a small business owner (I've been one) who stays actively involved in the smooth running of their business. More...


Stacey F.

13 July 2016

I just started going to CORE . I have had three total appointments. So far it has been great, though to be honest, I have never done anything like this before, so I don't know if it is "as good as it gets" or not. So, four stars for now, maybe five stars later. The thing that has impressed me so far is that people seem to take time to not only get to know me and my body and its issues, but also to take time to explain what they are doing and why. (Note, one of the downsides of lots of communication, is that sometimes appointments don't always seem to run on time, which is the main reason I am currently at 4 stars and not 5).I have had a lot of body work in the past. I have had chiropractic (with Dr. Sawyer who I would not at all recommend), massage, physical therapy, rolfing, and all the places I have been have had sort of a "one size fits all" approach. They go through the motions of asking "what's up with your body", but they don't actually have any tools to find out for themselves. Of course, my experience of my body is only my experience, and it is an experience seen through pain, but I am not a professional; I can't speak eloquently about which muscles are strong and which are weak. All I know is what hurts. At CORE, I feel like people take the time to do tests on my body to see what is weak and what is strong, what is tight and what is loose, what needs work, and what I can currently handle in terms of the workload. I also feel like they explain to me what they are doing and how they are interpreting the results. It is nice to have an explanation that makes sense for the pain and to feel like I have a course of action based on what seems like a fairly scientific study. I just wish my insurance covered it or it felt cheaper. More...


Julie L.

2 July 2016

I had my first of many deep tissue massage with Desiree Chavez a couple of nights ago.  OMGOSH!! I had the best massage in my life - I received allot of relief from the constant pain from a work injury.  I only found them because of the Groupon offer and I am so glad I bought 3 visits for a Swedish massage, I upgraded to a deep tissue massage as soon as she showed me the difference.  My lower back felt locked up and I couldn't get relief with stretches, in face the stretches made it worse. I will be back even after my discounted Groupon is spent.Desiree told me the muscles affected and that this was more than likely from compensation of the work injury on my right side over two months ago.THANKFUL TO HAVE FOUND THIS FULL SERVICE PLACE that can has chiropractors, core strenthening help.  I am hopeful!!! More...


Julie Larsen

2 July 2016

I bought a Groupon for 3 visits because I have a work injury and needed additional help getting some relief from the pain in my neck, spine, shoulder, and lower back. Desiree Chavez was so awesome - she knew where the knots and tightness were, and gave me some relief at the first appointment. I will be returning and spending my own money to help my recovery!! I didn't know anything about this place until the Groupon showed up and I will tell everyone what a difference this one appointment has made. And it gave me hope that I could have relief from the constant pain.Thank you Desiree Chavez!! I'LL BE BACK!!! More...


Michelle L.

24 May 2016

I'd been struggling with a chronic, progressively worsening injury / issue for almost a full year that locked up my hips and everything connected to it. I tried two chiropractors, two acupuncturists, an orthopedic doc, a "witch doctor" and a medical intuitive in my desperate attempt to recover my mobility and eliminate the chronic ache and pain whenever I walked, stood or slept.I tried supplements, needles, massage, spinal adjustments, blood tests, etc. and spent thousands of dollars in the process, to no avail.Then I discovered RHODES, the chiropractor at this facility.He immediately, ACCURATELY (finally!) assessed what the problem was and diligently set to work to resolve it.  There are no words to describe the relief I felt as I found my hips, joints, ligaments, etc. loosen up, and my ability to walk, without pain (rather than waddle in small steps) return...and my mobility restored. This took a series of 9 sessions, and it was worth every cent and minute.If you've tried everything and you're still in pain, you MUST see this man. He's designed an effective, unique protocol for addressing soft-tissue trauma. He's a pioneer in his field.What's also great about this unique resource is they reprogram you so you exercise correctly and don't inadvertently undermine your physiology. As someone who has done group exercise classes for decades (spin, step, kettle ball, strength, boot camp, etc.) it's really impossible to do the workouts with perfect form unless someone is supervising you. These folks will put you on the right path.Rhodes is THE man. If you're in pain, Call Rhodes pronto. He's a true healer- and a gifted one. I'm soooo grateful to him for restoring my mobility- and my life. More...


Demitra D.

23 April 2016

I have always resented the impersonal atmospheres of many fitness centers, and as a result, chose to avoid them entirely. Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab has proven that there are still wellness professionals out there who care about their clients. I enjoy my time there and every service offered is absolutely phenomenal! 5 stars!!! More...


Kimberly P.

5 February 2016

As a dancer of 20 years, I've accumulated 3 chronic injuries. For the first time in my life I can happily say these painful areas are dissipating by using HMT (HansON Muscle Therapy) with Personal trainer Beau Jansen. He is one of the kindest, and most gentle souls I've had the pleasure to work with; despite his massive muscles and extremely toned physique don't be frightened- he's an uplifting and surprisingly zen panda bear. With most PT's I find they work at the superficial level of the injury, never fully allowing one's body to heal properly; fortunately enough Beau has a deeper understanding of how the mind, body, and spirit relate to one another which allows for complete healing. If you're willing put in the mental and physical work, you can see amazing results at Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab. More...


Corey D.

6 July 2015

Update on my last post.. Due to a misunderstanding at the reception desk my   Groupon  was initially not honored but Jaimi personally called me back and corrected the mistake .. I love supporting local businesses I'm pretty sure a big corp. woulda never extended that courtesy..Thanks sc core More...


Lisa M.

19 April 2015

I wrote my first review in Decembe 2013.  I'm happy to report I'm still working out and still impressed by Santa Cruz Core Fitness.  I've maintained my weight goals and I'm staying strong and fit thanks to the trainers and personal attention and support I receive.   Working out here helps me stay focused on heathy lifestyle choices and I look forward to seeing my friends each morning at my semi-private training classes.  Lyndsay B is my trainer now and she's great!  She's aware of my restrictions (due to past surgeries or injuries) and modifies my work-outs to help me be in the best shape ever!    Thank SC Core Fitness & Rehab! More...


Ariel Rittenhouse

15 April 2015

As an Olympic athlete I highly recommend everyone to try Santa Cruz Core Fitness and Rehab. After training hard I need help with recovery and I can always count on Core Fitness. I get the best massages that leave me feeling refreshed and ready for another day of practice. Not only do they offer wonderful massages but a lot of other services, such as personal training and nutritional counseling. The gym is clean and with top of the line training technology, such as the Vasper Machine. Everyone has a positive attitude, and all the employees are very helpful. Core Fitness is a great place for everyone, from someone just wants to improve their health and wellness, to someone who is an elite athlete like me. More...


Sutton A.

8 April 2015

This place is awesome. It's one of the only places in California that has the Vasper machine open to the public. Everyone gets three free sessions to try the machine out and see what it's like, which is pretty amazing seeing how it's only been available to pro athletic teams and the military before but now there's a machine in Santa Cruz! The one thing is they have a form that has a list of conditions that you need make sure you get a doctors approval before using the machine so if you have any major issues you should call and ask beforehand so you save yourself a trip. They have a lot of other services and I haven't tried all of them but the Vasper machine will definitely keep me coming back to this place. More...


Amy p.

7 January 2015

Got a deep tissue massage from George and it was one of the best massages I've ever had. I've had dozens of massages and it was so nice to find someone with a firm grasp of anatomy and body mechanics. Cannot recommend him highly enough! More...


Nicole H.

3 December 2014

I came in for personal training and was enrolled by the President, Jaimi. I was initially hesitant to purchase a month of packages, and Jaimi reassured me that if it didn't work out, she would cancel and refund me. I had one session with Lyndsay; she was sweet, enthusiastic and very personable. Due to my own reasons I could not continue with training - I emailed Jaimi to cancel and not only received a rapid response, asking if I could tell her what they could do better, but she also offered to train me herself; When I told her I was unable to continue, she made sure my money was refunded promptly. Jaimi was polite, timely, and graciousGREAT people!! More...


Kianna Hersey

3 December 2014

Nicole is absolutely amazing! The best personal trainer ever! I'm tired because she is awesome!


Timmy Hunt

7 October 2014

Place is amazing.. From personal training to the new Vasper technology to amazing nutritional products and incredible massage.. #getit


Ginger R.

14 April 2014

This is for the massage, not the workout portion of the business.Leon is very good, kind and made me feel comfortable. The gym was loud for me but once I was back in the room I could relax. Not much more needed. I recommend his work to my friends:) More...


Robin P.

20 March 2014

I had a massage with Serena and she did exactly what I was hoping for. I'd never had a massage and she was very gentle. She was cautious of my problem spots and overall super sweet!


Molly B.

9 February 2014

This was my first time at Santa Cruz Core Fitness. I had a massage from Autumn and she did an amazing job. Just the right amount of pressure. She really worked out the kinks! I am still getting familiar with SCCF, but am impressed so far. I already have my next massage appointment booked! More...


Kayla Johnson

11 December 2013

After hearing rave reviews from friends and family, I decided to give Core a call about their massage services to help me with some neck and shoulder pains from a recent car accent. I signed up for a monthly membership and now I have something very relaxing to look forward to every month! Both massage therapists that I have experienced have been courteous and professional, including giving me tips for stretching my muscle strains in between massages. The staff is very kind and helpful, you can tell they all go out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable. I am very happy with Santa Cruz Core's services, I will be coming back and telling my friends! More...


Bri Chmel

8 December 2013

This place has it all under one roof! Excellent trainers and staff!


Ashley T.

5 December 2013

I've been coming to SC CORE for almost a year. My triathlon club, Santa Cruz Triathlon Association, does a weekly boot camp class here. I come regularly to get my cardio on. We'd had Nicole as our trainer forever, and she was tough! I felt like I got the best quality workouts when she taught. Occasionally we were taught by Jillian, who is also a great instructor. We've currently been working with James, and his military background shines through in his workouts.I had won a free functional movement screening earlier in the year, which I did with Beau. He was helpful and attentive. He explained my scores and was very thorough.The owner, Jaimi, is always around and keeping the whole place in check. She is very involved with all of her trainers, classes, and the clientele. More...


Kimberly C.

26 November 2013

I went in for a Groupon massage. Christine gave me a fantastic massage. I was very happy with that. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of the long medical form I had to fill out before getting the massage and the "interview." The questions were questions a doctor would ask and seemed excessive and inappropriate just for a massage. I also didn't like the pre-massage interview. I had to meet with someone first, who I thought was the massage therapist, who also asked me questions about what I wanted in my massage. But then she announced that she was going to get the massage therapist. Really? Then why was she asking what I wanted in a massage if she wasn't the one who was going to give it? So then Christine came in and also asked what I wanted in a massage. Why did I just spend 10 minutes talking to someone about that if the information wasn't passed on? I don't think they communicated with each other, so I felt a little "played" like they were trying to find ways to sell me some other service. They did suggest other services, but that wasn't a hard core sell so it was okay. I'm not sure I'd go back only because I hate wasting time (half an hour pre-massage BS stuff), but Christine was actually really worth it so maybe I would. More...


Shawn Harris

23 November 2013

I love this place! :-)


Abigail L.

18 November 2013

I've been coming to the Semi Private Training classes at SC Core since spring 2013.  I purchased a groupon for the Semi Private Training and I loved it so much I had to keep coming.  Nicole is the best fitness teacher I've ever had.  The classes are a great mix of cardio and weights.  There is never more than 4 or 5 people in your class so you get really individualized attention.  There is a good variety of clean equipment to use for the classes.  I've never had a problem with the front desk.  The receptionists always remember my name and they are always very helpful.  Jaimi, the owner, is really nice and if you ever have any problems, questions, or suggestions she is eager to improve her business and help you out.  The place is very small but well laid out.  They also have a pretty good website where you can log on and schedule your own classes or services yourself. More...


Gretchen Fullmer

18 November 2013

Look forward to the evening when I can go for my workout with Nicole. I have a blast!


Lisa Miroyan

18 November 2013

This is the best place ever! Personal attention, support, great "feel" and great people! I'm stronger than ever and lost 17 pounds!


Caitlin Rickard

14 November 2013

Love all the services offered here! The trainers, massage therapists, and chiropractor all do an excellent job!


Bernadette S.

13 October 2013

Christine gave me an awesome massage!!!At one point, when I complained, she had to go out and shush an employee who was talking loudly on his phone right outside the massage room.The staff is very big on selling their services - a bit annoying. More...


Suresh S.

21 September 2013

I has a massage at Santa Cruz Core Fitness yesterday using a Groupon.  It was great. I would highly recommend them for a 1 hour Swedish massage. It was as good as deep tissue massage. I am still feeling the effects and it is great. Slept like baby last night. More...


Katy B.

1 August 2013

Using a Groupon, I have done several semi-private training sessions.  I plan to keep working out here after I use up the Groupon.  Everyone there has been kind, helpful, and knowledgeable.   I am sore--but good sore--after almost every session.  I really appreciate that each instructor has their own style, so that within one program, I can have a variety of workouts.  If you want a great workout, and some good laughs along the way, try CORE. More...


Gina T.

29 June 2013

I got a groupon massage with George.  It was my first time for a massage and my first time at Santa Cruz Core Fitness.  The place is very comfortable and welcoming.  George was helpful and explained things, didn't make me feel self conscious, and gave the right amount of conversation during the massage.  I like the place, the people and the service.  And when I would say I could not afford something, they did not push! Great place.  Thankyou. More...


Angela P.

5 February 2013

Walking into Santa Cruz Core Fitness was the best thing I ever did; it changed my life! Jaimi and the crew there are all about integrative healing/health. Everyone there is so helpful and supportive, I gained a lot of knowledge about my body frame and how to improve it. Very valuable staff, from physical therapy to acupuncture, to massages.. perfect place for healing.  I highly recommend! More...


Natalie G.

11 January 2013

Today I learned about a great supplement that can help my joints! Great nutrition advice!


Amanda W.

21 December 2012

I love this gym! I never thought I would say I enjoy going to the gym but I take that all back with this gym. The staff is one of a kind, they treat you with respect and love their job helping others become physically healthier. Beau is an amazing personal trainer and always has a new routine so you never feel like your stuck in a rut. I know they offer massages, acupuncture and other treatments as well...one day I'll get around to trying those as well. More...


Christopher Steven O.

20 December 2012

I'm liking the place a lot so far. I went in for a Groupon massage which was pretty good, they look small from the outside but they have back peaceful rooms for the massages. Update, try to book Autumn if you want a proper deep tissue massage, she is amazing.They also did an sort of functional movement evaluation for me. I have had something like this done before and it's a great tool for assessing where your body could use some help. I might try their personal training that works with this assessment too, nice that they have some many options here for training and rehab.So far all on staff have been cool. More...


Fog N.

18 December 2012

Core is a one of a kind work-out center, personal training, and advice. I got to know core through the Santa Cruz Triathlon Association - we would do weekly group workouts in the parking lot and surrounding area. They were so much fun and challenging. I had never done personal training so decided to give it a go at Core and was highly impressed. I started with doing a complete body review - something I had never done before. I learned that I was great in some areas and fairly weak in others - all that I had never known before. We developed a highly personalized work out regime that I can do at home.The trainers and specialists there are highly knowledgeable and really listened to me. More...


Kendra S.

7 December 2012

I went to this one stop wellness for acupuncture for the first time. I was a little nervous, but Celeste was amazing! She focused on healing certain health issues. I noted improvement with migraines and body aches/joint pain. I wish it wasn't so far from my home so that I could keep going. They even accept some insurance carriers to help with costs. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. It's a happy place to be! More...


Marcus A.

9 October 2012

Phenomenal Talent!  Knowledgeable in a variety of massage styles, good sense of "body inquiry" and solid strength!  Grounded and compassionate! One of the best massage therapists I've worked with in the Santa Cruz are, and elsewhere - hand down!! More...


Mary S.

20 June 2012

Had a super massage from Kecia.  She did a great job.  She was caring, kind and has really great technique. I went in to de-stress and a sore knee.  She smoothed away my stress and worked gently but effectively to relieve some of the knee pain.  SUPER!  Also  Ask for the massage room at the back.  It's quiet. More...


Greg L.

9 April 2012

I can't believe there are nearly 50 reviews for CORE and not one of them is for Ashley Carone, one of its massage therapists. I'm dumbfounded. She is as good as it gets. Why do you think she booked out 3 or 4 weeks in advance? Duh! Because she's THAT good. Massage therapy sessions begin and end with the hands and Ashley's are both soothing and effective. Her accommodating approach is very client-centered, and that means YOU benefit! So, what are you waiting for? 831-425-9500. More...


Sarah G.

24 January 2012

I love the acupuncturists and masseuses here.  They are helpful and knowledgeable.  This was my first time going to acupuncture and I felt really at ease and happy to receive it (not to mention- it really helped my sciatica!).


Edward L.

14 July 2011

I visited Santa Cruz Core for a Swedish massage. My body had been aching for several weeks when I arrived. I was greeted with a broad smile and a hand shake by SCHELL who informed me, I would be working with her that day. Upon entering the massage room, i immediately noticed the flowing water sculpture and the calming New Age music on the stereo.Before disrobing, she inquired as to any problems I had been having or special areas of need. I was impressed because I felt this  was a good way to express sensitivity toward the patient. I was able to relax and work with her healing hands by using deep breathing during the session. The end result was I felt 100% better after the massage and would not hesitate to recommend her body work to anybody. Keep up the good work SCHELL. More...


Lotus J.

21 June 2011

Shauna! Shauna! Shauna!!Her massages are not for the faint of heart. If you want something light and airy she's probably not your girl, but if you want a down and dirty deep tissue massage that will leave you feeling like you've been worked then Shauna is THE BEST! She's got an amazing psychic ability of knowing exactly where I need to be worked on and cutting right through any deep tension that exists in that spot. A true gem. More...


J P.

27 April 2011

I have always been an avid gym-goer.  I prided myself on going to the gym four to five times a week...but over the past few years, I noticed that my usual routine wasn't cutting it anymore.   Apparently riding the eliptical while reading US enough.   I had gained 20lbs in five years and I was certainly not happy about it.  So with my wedding fast approaching, I signed up for Santa Cruz CORE via a Groupon offer.  At first, I was a little intimidated...it was unlike any "gym" experience I had had before...there was so much attention on ME that I was not used to.  Any discomfort with the newness of the program quickly faded as I set into my new routine at CORE.  It has been almost five months and I can safely say, I am a CORE addict.  What began as a bridal boot camp has turned into a lifestyle.I love the all the staff, they have all been great and I think I have met and/or been trained by just about everyone on the team.  They all communicate with each other and really seem to know your your level of fitness and how to help you reach your next goal.In reading the billing issues that some users have written about, I can unequivocally state that I have never had any issues with CORE billing.  Actually, Jaimi  has gone out of her way to work with me and come up with a program that is affordable.  Bottom line:  I have lost almost 20lbs through nutrition counseling (with Jaimi) and group training sessions.  I can fit into clothes that I have not worn since my early 20's...I am in the best shape I have been in for probably 10 years.CORE has changed my body and my life (ugh, sounds so cheesy but true!).  I look forward to going there and I always leave feeling better than I did walking in.  :D More...


Caroline M.

14 February 2011

I bought a Groupon in January and have been going to Group Training sessions for about a month at Santa Cruz Core. It's been awesome -- while I was in pretty good cardio shape when I started, I've been working to gain some strength and prevent injuries as I'm currently training for my first half marathon. I can see results already in just the few weeks that I've been doing it -- it's the first time I've ever stuck to strength training routine long enough to see any results or feel stronger! I definitely thought when I bought the deeply-discounted month with my Groupon I would just go for the first month, but I've been sold by the results of my first month to buy another! (Great for my muscles and Santa Cruz Core's bottom line... pretty bad for my wallet as I'm a student!). The location is perfect for me as I live in Santa Cruz, the space is clean and always full of energy, and most of all, the trainers are motivating, friendly, and knowledgable. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get stronger and fitter. :) More...


Stacey K.

7 February 2011

I've been working with Caitlin for about a month now and she is fantastic. I needed a workout plan I could do on my own, at home or the gym, and she designed something completely doable in a lunch hour. She is supportive, professional and friendly. I highly recommend working with her. More...


Jane W.

8 December 2010

I was desperately looking fir help with sciatic pain from a tight periformis  muscle  They recommended deep tissue massage.  After 3 sessions with Samantha, my pain was gone.  She is terrific. More...


Nadine B.

5 December 2010

I purchased a Groupon for a shiatzu massage. Never had shiatzu before and it was AWESOME! Samantha was so sweet and no achy muscle or knot remained in my body when I walked out of there. I signed up for another massage with Samantha. Love the concept of Core Fitness. Looking forward to learning more about what Core has to offer! More...


Jake P.

27 April 2010

The triathlon club I belong to (Santa Cruz Triathlon Association) does our Tuesday core workouts here and they are great! Great variety for what we need.  They also seem to offer a ton of other classes and services that would probably fit anyone's needs. Check 'em out! More...


Ben R.

8 February 2010

Personal training has always been such a turn off to me. I guess I never thought that the money was worth it. I was so wrong. I am a business owner and do not have time to waste, period the end. Going to the gym has become such a waste of time to me, I just don't get the results that I want. I am totally hooked on CORE! Jared Floodman is outstanding! He has helped me so much I can't tell you. He even called me after our workout to make sure I was staying on top of our new routine and to just check in. Customer Service is so important to me being that I provide it everyday to my clients. Thanks Jared for your help and positive attitude. More...


Tamara L.

10 November 2009

I went to Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab for a personal training session with Jaimi Ellison, the owner.  I was super impressed with the routine she put me through.  Every exercise was tailored to what my personal fitness goals were, and I got a lot of good ideas about how to take better care of my bum knee.  I will return again for more personal training and also it seems like they have a lot of other group classes and amenities that I want to check out.  There was a lot of clean new equipment and the music was good too. More...


Border C.

9 October 2009

I think this place is great.  The trainers work me hard and are very friendly.  Wonderful idea to have such a wide variety of techniques and capabilities under one roof.  They help with goal setting and reaching!  I have worked with both Jaimi and Tamar and highly recommend them. More...