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Sandyford Wellness Centre

Sandyford Business District, Dublin

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Sandyford Wellness Centre

Sandyford Business District, Dublin


A professional counselling and psychotherapy centre with qualified and accredited therapists. We offer support in all areas of distress, and also have specialists in all of the following areas:
Adolescent Counselling - 14 years and over only;



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A healthy diet is critical to wellbeing! If your diet is poor and lacking balance, or is very low in nutritionally dense food, you will likely be experiencing anxiety (high cortisol - stress hormone) or depression (low serotonin - feel good hormone) or both. This is because when your gut is not working, your hormones are not working. And when your hormones don't work properly - neither do you. Low energy, poor quality sleep, stress, and low mood - these are all symptoms of an unhealthy diet over a sustained period of time.

This is one of our specialist areas at Sandyford Wellness Centre. Our 12 Week Eating Freely Program combines counselling and nutritional rehabilitation to anyone struggling with Binge Eating Disorder or Bulimia.

Binge Eating Disorder is almost always underpinned by some sort of adverse experience or trauma, and is usually present for several years or more. Often sufferers believe they are simply 'weak' or 'have no willpower', and try to tackle the problem through repeated dieting - with no permanent success.

Our 12 Week 'Eating Freely' Program combines correct nutritional advice and gut rehabilitation alongside professional counselling and support to help resolve the underlying emotional issue.

Getting a card or an email from a client after they have finished a period of counselling with us to say thank you - and telling us about all the good things that are happening in their lives as a result of clearing some old trauma or recovering from a difficult experience or event. To know that we helped that happen - it is priceless.

All of our Therapists are self-employed, and came to counselling as a mature student. All of our team at Sandyford Wellness Centre are dedicated to helping people live their best life, free from their past and/or 'tooled up' to cope with any difficult challenges they face. We all love what we do and are passionate about our work!

It is our greatest wish that we contribute to cutting through the non-sense that people have to cope with today - from 24/7 connectivity to workplace stress including everything from long commutes to unpaid overtime to bullying, body / weight insecurity, social media pressure and anything else life throws at you today, or threw at you long ago.

There is no need to struggle in silence. Our professional, sensitive and practical team of experienced therapists are here to help you.