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Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

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Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire



Sandler Training has grown to be the leader with an entirely new attitude to sales and management processes.

David Sandler, began sales training and development in the early 1970s. He created a proven sales training programme for small- and mid-sized companies and FTSE 500 companies.


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Natalie Matthews

18 March 2019

I have worked in media sales for over 20 plus years, and was a pretty good traditional sales person, I would hit increasing targets year on year by combining both cold calling and servicing existing clients. Like most sales people I enjoyed the regular contact and friendliness speaking with regular clients but when it came to putting time aside to do cold calling, I would come up with every excuse why something else took priority! Doubts would enter my head – why would they want to speak to me? What if…

The last 2-3 years selling had become harder and harder. I was frustrated that I heard ‘No Budget’ more times than I would like. Or clients order I thought was coming my way - DIDN’T. Hitting targets was getting really hard!

I now work for Chris Davies at Sandler MK for last 8 months and have undergone the Sandler sales training. This training has showed me how to get rid of this little doubting Thomas – which Sandler call head-trash to ensure I have better sales conversation with prospects and understand much better what needs to be fixed.

I now cold call most of the week, I look forward to speaking to different companies, different industries – I have great conversations, more prospects calling me back. I now have much more courage (I know I’m OK) and if someone does say I’m not interested I’m OK with it. I would rather know quickly than spend my time chasing someone who really has no interest and has gone into hiding.


J Evans

2 February 2019

Brilliant, I was able to put in valuable processes into the business to ensure that staff were accountable and it totally changed the culture of the organisation. Huge saving in staffing costs and customer satisfation and revenues increased More...


Bringing creativity & fun to what can be an intimidating change process for many. Hearing stories of success is the most rewarding aspect.

Corporate career can NEVER be as satisfying as first hand results from your own endeavours

Training is not for everyone and it usually only takes 20 mins or so to discover if there's not going to be a fit between someone's business goals and the services I provide so perhaps it makes sense to take a moment to talk over a coffee and see?



Treating 'Sales' as a Profession.

Delivered over 4 Half Days or 2 Day 'Bootcamp' style. Elementary sales training thats effective and authentic in its delivery.

Leadership training that bridges the gap between 'Experience' and an 'MBA'. Real world techniques that can be used immediately to bring the best out of ourselves and our teams.

Spend £Millions on marketing and product development only to lose customers through an ill advised approach from Frontline professionals in your team. This isn't a 'Can I help you....' program, this tools up your valuable professionals to be able to engage with clients at any level, financial, operational, technical etc. and deliver the chance for great customer service and repeatable revenues.

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