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San Diego Complementary Care

University Heights, California


San Diego Complementary Care

University Heights, California


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Tu N.

22 September 2017

I went to Kali 2.5 years ago for some life coaching/hypnotherapy sessions. Honestly, it was one of the best investment I have made for myself. She connect the dots to why I had issues with constantly being a quitter on projects and hobbies, and that my subconscious was the root of it. With that all cleared in the open, she pretty much helped me aligned myself and kept me grounded.Kali, 3 months after our sessions. I quit the job I absolutely hated and started working for myself. Through the connections I've made, I am now working for a major corporation and it's a job I absolutely love and extremely blessed to have. You taught to me listen to my gut and to keep pushing towards what makes me happy. My life is still going very well. THANK YOU. More...


Gloria T.

25 February 2017

I was referred to Kali by my fiance, who sought treatment for the panic attacks and anxiety he'd get while flying and driving on highways. I saw what a difference it made for him and wanted to experience similar changes in myself after having a panic attack while speaking in front of a group of people and struggling with anxiety in similar settings after that. It was especially important to me to nip this issue in the bud, because I was going to be interviewing for grad schools and based on my anxiety speaking with and presenting to clients at my current job, I knew that if I didn't get help, then I would have the same struggles in one-on-one and group interviews for school.From the moment I spoke with Kali, she was warm, friendly, and a wonderful listener. While I hoped to just undergo hypnosis and have everything fixed, her coaching and therapy skills came into play and she helped me with so much more than my issues with public speaking. After six sessions, I walked out of her office feeling confident, proud and ready to tackle anything, both at my stressful job and in my upcoming interviews. These feelings carried over into my interviews and I felt confident and calm throughout the entire process, including during a mock presentation in front of a group of people. I know that my skills and abilities were deep down inside of me the entire time, but without Kali, I would have had trouble finding them.I truly feel it is because of my time with her that I was accepted to my top two choices for grad school and will have the opportunity to pursue a career I've been thinking about for years. Thank you for everything, Kali! More...


Nietzsche C.

15 February 2017

My username should say it all. I am a business owner and can see a gimmick a mile away. Kali and her wholeness, smoking cessation therapy is my next door at my office building. She had been my neighbor for 2 years before trying her therapy!Originally I went in with the idea of trying to get hypnotized (thought it would be an interesting experience!) to see if I could cut down on my cigarettes. Cigarette tax is kicking in in April. She has already done that...No longer do I have a cigarette first thing in the morning. Her approach is both spiritual and scientific.Spiritual:Love. She helps you love yourself for who you are and not based on your experiences. She digs until she gets to the core of your being. Scientific:She has you use different techniques to get the results needed for your goals. For instance, to stop my smoking...She has me smell a wet cigarette before each time I decide to smoke a cigarette. She uses your senses as well as your reasoning to sync in an unconcious level to remove association or divert them. I could go on forever. These are just small examples and may not be the best. Either way, her therapy to life wholeness, even business coaching and smoking (cigarette cessation) probably any addiction treatment is guaranteed to give you the self confidence and techniques you would need to live your life with Love and wholeness. Thank you Kali and see you at the next session!!!! More...


Sukhpreet K.

7 March 2016

I was looking for some help in figuring out a way to deal with my fears and anxiety. I found Kali online and went to see her early this year. I found Kali to be a wonderful person and really good at what she does. She is very compassionate, empathetic, supportive, and always makes you feel as if you are her top priority. I realized that there is no instant fix, and with practice and guidance from Kali and using the tools that she gave me I can overcome my fears and achieve my desires in life. I am much more confident now. She made me realize my real power within me. The tools that she made me use are my biggest asset. Even though I am done with my sessions with her. I use her tools on regular basis and feels as if Kali is sitting next to me guiding me. She takes all the time to answer your questions whether on the subject of how mind works or any other questions. She is very patient and listens without interrupting, that helped me a lot. I felt relaxed after every session. Now that my sessions are over with her, I miss her and her positive energy. Thank you Kali for all your support and guidance and bringing my life to a new understanding. Thank you ! More...


Andrew M.

10 March 2015

I started seeing Kali toward the end of 2014. I'd been laid off from my job of 12 years several months prior and had recently relocated to San Diego, and I was looking for help in figuring out what I wanted to do with my life and career during this time of transition and beyond. I found Kali to be a wonderful therapist and coach. She's sharp, empathetic, supportive, and always makes you feel as if you are her top priority. One thing I truly appreciated about Kali is that she's tough. She will call you on your BS and push you in ways that may make you feel uncomfortable at first, but it's all part of the process of breaking through barriers that are holding you back. She will give you work to do and expect to see progress made, and she will not tiptoe around the issues you need to confront. I know that genuine growth and change does not come easily so as long as you understand this, do not expect instant miracles, and are willing to do the work, then Kali will give you the tools you need to bring real positive change into your life. I had to stop seeing Kali for budgetary reasons but I will not hesitate to see her again if I need additional guidance or help. I did not always look forward to our sessions -- because often I had not done all the work I was supposed to -- but I always left our sessions feeling relaxed, empowered, and self-assured. Thank you, Kali, for believing in me! More...


Monica H.

11 November 2014

Wonderful practitioner!Warm atmosphere, nice blend of clinical and humanitarian angles. We connected right away and look forward to more amazing sessions. Highly recommended.


Tracy S.

11 August 2014

Life changer!  I came to Kali with the original goal to quit smoking (which I have). Little did I know that she would also go on to help me revolutionize my life on a much broader and more profound level than just smoking cessation.  If you are ready to do the work, Kali is a wonderful guide to help get you to where you want to be.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! More...


Bruno A.

13 September 2012

Kali does amazing work and is helping me with different areas of my life. Highly recommended A++++


Sarah B.

20 April 2012

Kali is amazing!  When I first called her and spoke to her on the phone, I could tell she was a gifted listener and truly compassionate.  She noticed my choice of words and instantly corrected them, pointing out how important our thoughts are connected to our bodies.  I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed during our hypnotherapy sessions. Her calming voice and guidance with my visualizations were incredible and helped so much with the pain and anxiety I was experiencing.  The mind and body are truly connected - and both need to be healthy - in order for complete health.  Everyone would benefit from going to Kali - not to mention that she is totally affordable!  It is obvious she is not doing it for the money, but truly because of her compassion and gift!! More...


Barbara M.

22 September 2011

Kali is amazingly talented and insightful in her work as a hypnotherapist.   Before meeting her I was a bit skeptical and wary of the process.  But Kali immediately put me at ease.  She was a fabulous listener.  She was able to take all of the scattered pieces of what I was telling her and put them together in a way that I knew she understood.   She helped me create visualizations that I could use any time I needed them.  My life has been remarkably changed by the process and Kali's caring and loving support.  Five stars is just not enough to describe her talents. More...


Renee J.

7 April 2011

I've been seeing Kali on and off for the past 3 yrs. She has helped me to make many long lasting life changes .. amoung other things. She was truly a godsend in my life. I would highly recommend her to everyone. She just goes about and beyond what she really needs to do durinng appointments  She is very compassionate and caring.  Renee More...