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Salon Echo

Chicago, Illinois, cook

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019

Salon Echo

Chicago, Illinois, cook

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019

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Vanessa Esterbrook

21 May 2019

Jessica does the best brows in the biz. I even got my boyfriend to get his done!!


Michele W.

27 April 2019

I have been to this salon a few times now - first with Jessica doing custom facials and just this morning with Pear doing a color/cut appointment. The receptionist is polite and friendly, the space is relaxing, and they use Aveda natural products. The rates are reasonable considering this is a more custom type of salon and they use Aveda products. A real gem. I am now a fan and have found my spot! Thank you Jessica and Pear for great skill and care! I highly recommend this salon. More...


Brittany N.

16 April 2019

Atmosphere was great and the staff was friendly! Pear did a awesome job of making sure she understood what I was looking for in my hair cut. She took her time and gave me exactly the cut I was hoping for. Highly recommend this salon! More...


Robin R.

5 April 2019

I went to Salon Echo yesterday for the first time, even though I am aware that it has been there for years!I went to high school with Maria, but I kept going elsewhere to get my hair done because I am a creature of habit. Yesterday I could not drive to the suburbs and I live and work right near Edgewater, so I showed up for my appointment at Salon Echo that I had booked a few days before...My hair turned out so great that I wish it would look like this forever. You know how it is when your hair is done by a professional; it always looks so awesome that you want the stylist to come to your house every few days and do your hair.Pear was my colorist and stylist. Her work is so careful and amazing and on-point. My hair is the most difficult hair to color; it refuses to take the color that is put on it. Pear conquered my issue single-handedly with a little bowl of color and a brush, and her education and research to get the job done.My hair is also not easy to blow dry and style. It is thick and frizzy, and a very time-consuming process that I refuse to do on my own. Pear took her time and stood by me and dried my hair and it looked so amazing that I did not believe it was my hair.Salon Echo has a new regular client now - the salon is large, beautiful, super clean, nice and calm and chill. I was offered hot tea and cold water and my time there was fabulous. Salon Echo is definitely a gem tucked away by the L on Bryn Mawr.Price was great too.Just go and find out for yourself . More...


Laura Bienz

29 March 2019

I always love my facial time with Jessica. She works wonders, and then gives me skincare advice and tips too that don't break my wallet and seriously help me in between visits.


Julia D.

23 March 2019

Have been here a few times for a cut with Pear. She has done a fabulous job with my longer layered cut! I really enjoy chatting with her during our appointment and get compliments on my hair afterwards. The environment of the salon is very nice and it's super convenient for me. Thanks so much for the great work! More...


Catherine Winer

27 February 2019

Been going here for haircuts and eyebrow waxing for almost 2 years now! I love the staff and I'm always satisfied with how I look!


Pam A.

23 January 2019

I have always gone downtown for a massage. A friend of mine recommended Salon Echo and I was very pleased! I was greeted by friendly customer service at the reception desk. And I experienced a very thorough deep tissue massage, so relaxing, tight muscles perfectly loosened. I will definitely be back on a regular basis! More...


Katie A.

4 October 2018

I went to Salon Echo last night for the second time with Pear cutting my hair into a VERY cute pixie cut. I decided to write a review because I have worked in customer service in the past and I was painfully aware last night I was "THAT client." I had to call to reschedule an hour before my appointment, and even after that I was 10 minutes late. I wish I remembered the front desk attendant's name because she was so patient with me and cool about it. I had said that my cut would just be a neck trim...but then I changed my mind and wanted a completely new look. Again, the staff didn't blink an eye and were flexible. The cut required a lot of time, and Pear was such an expert in figuring out what I wanted to get it just right. You can tell that she loves her job and her craft. Women's short haircuts are the test of a skilled stylist, and she did an incredible job. I finished after closing time, and I had forgotten that tips are cash only. Mortified, I asked if I could run to the bank to get cash. Front desk attendant could have given me attitude about this because I was imposing on her evening, but she graciously let me run to the bank and back. This staff earned a 30% tip from me because they were so excellent. I just want to say bravo to Salon Echo for providing me with such exemplary service and being so compassionate when I was a hot mess last night LOL. Thanks ladies!!!! More...


Lilly C.

3 October 2018

Maria, the owner, was my stylist today and she is great! I love this salon, it is also very conveniently located off the red line. Definitely check this place out!


Trish K.

7 September 2018

I love my hair!  Melissa did wonders with returning me to my roots.  No pun intended.  I feel like my old self and I've gotten many compliments.  Thank you!


Julia-Kaye R

31 August 2018

I've gone to 4 Chicago salons in the last 2 years, and this was the best by far (with service, pricing, and atmosphere)! I've tried everything from Robert Jeffery to small local places, and this is the perfect combination of high-quality salon service and friendly atmosphere with a neighborhood feel. I was with Pear, a student, and she was amazing (both professionally and fun to talk to during the service). I finally feel like I found someone who heard what I wanted and delivered it perfectly. More...


Rosamund L.

16 August 2018

I followed Jess from her previous position in Evanston, and I'm so glad I did. She's (still) great, and Salon Echo is my go-to place for waxing (my eyebrows are reaching their fullest potential) and serious business skincare. What else? It's right off the Bryn Mawr Red Line stop, the staff is nice and professional, they have late and early appointment times. I couldn't ask for much more. More...


Katherine Skrine

1 August 2018

I’ve been going to Jess for my eyebrows for about 8 years, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with them! I’ve followed her from Lincoln Park to Evanston to Salon Echo- I’ll travel more than an hour both ways to go see her! 10/10!


lazyeye N

1 August 2018

It's hard to find a great stylist. Melissa is it for me! She is very professional and extremely talented! She listens and does amazing work. Thank you


Olivia K.

19 July 2018

I was in Chicago for a week and I needed to get an eyebrow/ upper lip wax for an upcoming photo session. I was able to get right in when I contacted the owner over yelp. The location is super convenient- right off the red line stop at Bryn Mawr and the service is wonderful. The atmosphere is great- as you'd expect of a salon. Jessica did a great job with my brows and I'm very happy about my experience! More...


Thomas S.

30 June 2018

Had a great salon experience with Emily. The salon has great standards, energy and customer service. Emily was super nice and engaged in the service. Conversation was wonderful and I would happily go back again. Salon Echo is an Edgewater gem. More...


Anthonia Tutu

28 May 2018

In love with everything. Very lovely and friendly staff to begin with. I went for a facial it was just great and super relaxing. Jessica did such an awesome job, plus she gave lots of advice and recommendations for my skin care. Plus EXTRA hand massage after masking my face! (So heavenly). I'm very pleased, will definitely visit again. Keep up the good work guys; from a very satisfied customer. More...


Steve Cull

28 May 2018

I was going to one of those "men" centered salons. I am not a sports guy and don't need to see sports scores when I am getting a haircut, nor do I need to see dead animals on the walls. And I started to wonder, after the 3rd cut, why the stylist kept talking to me as if we were like in a relationship. Ok, there is a South Park episode where the local school girls open up a social cafe and pander to the boys who end up spending all their money because they feel like they are special and the girls actually like them. Sadly, its just a transaction so to speak. After the 3rd time I made the connection. Duh! ! It was just convenient to my location/schedule. So, when Maria cut my hair at Salon, I realized just how bad of a cut I was getting. You know the difference when you get a cut from someone that knows exactly what they are doing. And the conversation was authentic and I didn't feel like I was trapped in a South Park episode. More...


Simone C.

25 February 2018

My experience at Salon Echo was wonderful. I had not been to a salon in a long time and was nervous. I have silver hair and the first thing stylists usually turn to is color. It was really wonderful that on one said anything about coloring my hair-in fact I got nothing but compliments about the color it is. Melissa listened. LISTENED. She gave me exactly what I wanted; a flattering, versatile and easy haircut that is getting better each day. I walked out of the salon feeling like a queen. It had been years since my "real haircut." Since my hair is a wavy, it takes a week or so for it to show its true self. A week later it needed a little touch up. Five minutes and a few ships later it was perfect. The salon is clean and bright. Everyone I met was really nice. I will be going back! More...


Megan O.

8 December 2017

We cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Maria and the Salon Echo Team. When planning a wedding or any big event, the best advice we can offer is hire the pros and trust them to do the work and do it well. Never could something be more accurate than with Maria who was a dream come true from start to finish. Maria and her team are hands down fantastic stylists and makeup artists. They are even more skilled at making you feel comfortable and in control when in their company. They were energetic, confident and a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the day itself. They even coordinated all the logistics with us throughout the year from facial and skin regiments, to prepping my hair extensions, to spa days for us to relax. Take it from us, purchase the full bridal packages with Salon Echo...best decision ever!Thanks again for providing a first-class service. With one of the biggest days of our lives and such a huge action packed event we couldn't have been luckier than to share it with all of you! More...


Cathy Peterson

14 November 2017

Maria is very talented at cutting and coloring hair. The Salon is run very well


Allana B.

1 October 2017

I used to go to this place to do my hair. I was ALWAYS satisfied with the result. They were always gentle with my hair, even though my hair is hard to deal with sometimes. I really enjoyed going there and atmosphere is very nice and welcoming. But we moved to California and I haven't found a good hair salon yet... every place I went is nothing like Salon Echo. I miss you service and great experience. I'm in Sacramento CA. More...


Angell Street

28 August 2017

Reflexology is going to change your life. Book now. One of the best treatments I have had. Mind and body happy!


Tutu Abhulimen

9 August 2017

In love with everything. Very lovely and friendly staff to begin with. I went for a facial it was just great and super relaxing. Jessica did such an awesome job, plus she gave lots of advice and recommendations for my skin care. Plus EXTRA hand massage after masking my face! (So heavenly). I'm very pleased, will definitely visit again. Keep up the good work guys; from a very satisfied customer. More...


Haley C.

7 July 2017

FINALLY. After a salon nightmare in my past (not here), I was nervous trying to find a place to get my hair cut ahsn I moved to Chicago. I didnt need to be worried here. I think I had the owner, and she was amazing. Talked to me about a good cut for my hair type, how to style my hair, why I had fraying and how to fix it. She actually listened to what I wanted and then delivered!! Sure, its a little higher on the money scale, but not crazy expensive. I think it's worth it to pay a little more and get an amazing experience / hair cut. More...


Molly L.

25 June 2017

I absolutely love Salon Echo! This is the only place I will get my hair cut, even it if means I have to wait months before coming back home to Chicago from college. I've been coming to Maria for over 10 years and I am happy with every cut. She always knows what I want and does a fantastic job. I have also had my hair styled by Maria for high school formals and I was always very happy with the results. Additionally, the student price is hard to beat considering the quality Aveda products, staff, and overall experience at the salon. I highly encourage people to go to Salon Echo if they haven't already. More...


Kim B.

12 May 2017

I had a facial with Jessica and it was AWESOME! It was so relaxing and she was was absolutely wonderful, magical hands! I was definitely due for a spring refresh and this was the place to do it! Highly recommend!


Wenchy W.

8 May 2017

Love this salon, and Maria the owner! She was very attentive to my requests when she did my hair and the cut that she gave me was fabulous. She also took the time to blow out my hair which she didn't need to do because my hair is very heavy and thick and curly yet she still offered to blow it out for me, instead of just drying with the diffuser. The massage therapist Phi-Wan was great, and really worked over some areas I had tight knots in. The space is lovely and let very clean. I can't wait to try their pedicure station, as it looks awesome! More...


Evan T.

29 March 2017

Regarding MASSAGE. Splendid massages from Phiwan. (l deeply regret if I misspelled his name.) I've had many massages before, but this man is Yoda as far as I'm concerned. That's a good thing.Read on if you're considering healing your body and soul. I live in the neighborhood and know that Bryn Mawr isn't the cutest street in the world. Don't let that scare you away from a massage at Echo. The street is also very safe even though it's nowhere near as "cute" as the main drag of Clark in Andersonville. I wasn't shopping for "cute". I was in desperate physical pain from a Trapezius strain. Marvelous, friendly, and professional team all around, IMHO. Get a massage from Phiwan. He knows the human body so well and can work out longstanding pain you didn't know was there. You only have one body. Treat yo'self! Not only do you deserve it, but after getting one you'll be all the more ready to meet the slings and arrows these challenging days throw at you. Professional massages in general can seem occasionally pricey to some. Please know I *absolutely* respect that fact, Yelpers. However, their prices were competitive and fair. More importantly, sometimes we all start getting penny-wise and pound-foolish. If you need it, you need it. I needed it and badly. Give them a try. Your body and your soul will thank you.Echo team and Phiwan... Sincere THANK YOU for saving my broken body. I'll be returning soon. More...


Quinn S.

23 March 2017

Brand Loyal! I have searched near, far, high and low for someone that gets my hair and what works for me. It has taken me many years to find Vardan... who'd have thought right here in my neighborhood!?!? Repeat client of Vardan's here, and he nails it every single time! Cut, color and always great conversation! See you again soon! More...


Stephen O.

22 March 2017

Honestly, I tend to be a little "high maintenance" when it comes to the service that I expect.If that also applies to you, then Salon Echo will not disappoint. Upon entering, I was greeted by the lovely Mercy, and within seconds, offered a choice of beverage and comfortable seating. There happened to be some soothing music playing and I only had to wait a brief  moment for the BEST Thai massage I've EVER had with their therapist, Phiwan. What can I say? This practitioner is the consummate professional-very precise and skilled with his technique. Of course this is only one facet of this place. So, you should try Salon Echo soon ! More...


Lindsay Koepke

14 March 2017

LOVE Salon Echo! Every experience I have had here is great. I have had my hair cut and gotten some wax work done. All the staff is polite and very friendly. They make you feel comfortable at all times. The salon is clean and has a relaxing atmosphere. Great place! More...


Zoe G.

1 March 2017

I really love Salon Echo and I am so glad I discovered this gem! Jessica, one of the estheticians on staff, does an incredible job with my brows. No matter how messy they are, she always seems to bring them back to a perfect shape. I have had some bad eyebrow waxing experiences in the past, so it a relief, to say the least, to have found Jessica. On the other hand, I have also had a haircut by Eric, who was equally outstanding. I told him to just "do whatever" and he blew me away. He cut my hair perfectly to fit my face. Not to mention, if you are a student, they have a very generous discount. Overall, I am so happy to have such a wonderful salon in my neighborhood, and I recommend it to all! More...


D C.

29 January 2017

Salon Echo is an Edgewater gem!  Located footsteps from the Bryn Mawr red line El stop, it's a perfect break from the city.  Treat yourself to a facial with Jessica. She is amazing- so knowledgeable about skin and natural products and so talented with facial massage and fabulous combinations of scents, steam and heat.  You leave feeling fantastic and your skin looks radiant! More...


Kim C.

6 January 2017

Erik and the folks at Salon Echo are the best. He is a hair magician! I cannot more strongly recommend this Salon.


Molly B.

2 January 2017

Had an amazing experience with their brow specialist. Very professional and great attention to detail.


Jennifer B.

5 December 2016

Booked an underarm wax with Jessica, ended up adding eyebrow threading and shaping while being waxed. What I'd consider to be virtually painless wax, and my brows look great too. No reaction to the wax and great results on both services. Jessica is amazing! More...


M K.

9 September 2016

I am a recent client of Salon Echo; that's because my "wax girl", Jessica, is working there now. I have had Jessica complete all of my waxing for about two years now; she is TERRIFIC, and a very seasoned beauty professional. I have no problem traveling from the loop, to receive impeccable service. I have not had the opportunity to experience any other services the salon offers, but hopefully one day soon! More...


Mo G.

24 August 2016

I really like this place. I used to have Julio cut my hair which was fine - then I let my hair grow, and grow, and grow until i just wanted a serious chop chop. i saw Eric as Julio moved on.He listened to what I wanted, made very useful suggestions, and worked really hard on getting me the exact cut i wanted. Really nice guy too. Easy to talk to yet not too chatty.Perfect. I'll see him again for sure. More...


Laurie P.

14 July 2016

I decided to have a spa day and saw that Salon Echo offered a Stress free lavender body service The receptionist was incredibly friendly and was able to get me in at 2 pm the same day and also schedule a pedicure.Quinn was incredibly knowledgeable about the services that she was performing and since I had never had a wrap before she made sure to let me know each strep that she was performing. By the end of the service, I was incredibly relaxed and ready to fall asleep.Next onto the pedicure, the pedicure station was incredibly clean and Bele helped me pick out matching colors for my toes and ever fit me in for a manicure! Bele was friendly, talkative, and took her time to perform both my manicure and pedicure.I will definitely be back and if you are looking for a great spa day, Salon Echo is a great place to go! More...


Ursula M.

19 June 2016

I've recently moved to Chicago and have been looking for someone I could trust my hair... Eric was great and understood exactly what I wanted, and he did an even better job than I could have ever imagined!


Jennifer W.

24 March 2016

I love having an eco conscious salon in my neighborhood!  I get all of my services here and have been going here for 8 years.  Can't believe I haven't reviewed this great place before!Eric gives a fantastic hair cut and the best highlights ever.  He's amazing with color.  (And the eco friendly color doesn't have that chemical smell.  Awesome!)I also get pedicures from Bele.  I'm a runner and the knee to toes pedicure feels fantastic.  She also has great taste if you ask for help choosing a color.  Finally, I always go to Phi Wan for a massage.  He incorporates some stretching into the massage and uses the perfect amount of pressure. More...


Susan S.

26 February 2016

I had come in to get my legs waxed by Quinn and she was really fun, did a great job, and made me feel like I was just hanging out with a friend as opposed to transacting business. So one day I wanted to get about 80% of my hair cut off so I went in to ask who they recommended for curly hair, and I made an appointment with Eric. I waited a week after the cut to write this review to make sure I was still really happy with it, and during that time I got a lot of compliments. Eric is fantastic and knew what I wanted even better than I did, and I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. I went back in to have Quinn do my brows and she and Eric were both really friendly and welcoming when they saw me and made me feel like a welcome guest. They use Aveda products so the whole place smells amazing, and the value is really excellent -- lots of high-end touches without an outrageous pricetag. People with curly hair: Eric is your go-to, especially if you want a shorter cut, and Quinn is an artist with brows. More...


Angela S.

30 January 2016

I've been visiting Salon Echo for eight years. It's easy to get to, right off the red line and in a cute shopping district on Bryn Mawr. Everyone is friendly and the salon is inviting. And I've loved my stylist, Eric, for color and cuts. He not only loves what he does and does it well, he's so much fun to talk with about music and life. The Aveda signatures are awesome too, such as the wonderful scent of the products, the head and shoulder massage, and the hand treatment. More...


Kae F.

6 December 2015

I walked in after traveling from the airport and was hopeful for a quick manicure. The staff was polite and accommodating, and they squeezed me into their schedule on a busy day. I had a high quality manicure from a lovely woman, the facilities were quite nice, and there was a wide variety of colors to choose from. I would recommend to anyone in the area! More...


Molly C.

17 October 2015

This morning I went to another salon - not Salon Echo - and got THE WORST haircut I've ever had. Desperate because I leave for an important business trip tomorrow, I started calling all the the salons near my house with good Yelp reviews. I called Salon Echo and explained my situation and they were so nice and found a slot to fit me in the same day. I then got one of my BEST haircuts ever. Vardan worked miracles out of just a few inches of hair that was left from the terrible haircut. I love the aveda products and the feel of the salon. I've been searching for the perfect place and I think I've found it! Salon Echo is the silver lining to the terrible haircut that I got. I can't wait to go back. More...


Kassandra G.

15 October 2015

This was my first time going to Salon Echo. I am so glad I did! I had a facial during Spa Week and it was worth going back at full price! Bele did my facial and she is amazing!!! She explained everything she did which I appreciated. She would check in with me too making sure the pressure was not too great or anything is too hot, etc. The massage I received while the mask set in was superb!! She asked good questions about my skin type as well as allegories etc. Bele also gave some great product recommendations. My face really does feel great!It is super close to the Bryn Mawr Red Line stop which is very convenient. Definitely will be coming back and also recommend it to anyone who might be considering it. I might have to come back for some other services as well. Ask for Bele, she is terrific! More...


Kristie W.

3 October 2015

I am so glad I found this place!  I was looking for a place in Edgewater that I could trust for waxing.  I met with Quinn, and I had a GREAT experience.  She is warm, fun, and a professional. Plus, I am paying less than I did in Lakeview, the service throughout was terrific, and they are committed to helping the environment.  I will be back. More...


Courtney C.

6 May 2015

I was in need of a brow wax and didn't feel like traveling far. Luckily Salon Echo is easily accessible via CTA bus or the Red Line. I had an eyebrow wax with Quinn. She was very nice and did a great job. She was even playing some great music in her anesthetic room. The salon is a bit of an oasis despite the fact it's right by the Red Line and in a somewhat busy area of Bryn Mawr.I will be sure to come back to Quinn. You can't beat a $15 brow wax. I'd highly recommend a 15-20% tip as well. More...


Leah K.

4 April 2015

After having a baby & moving, my hair was in need of some major TLC and my experience here was great! Even though I didn't really have a good idea of what I wanted (other than professional help), Tara gave me a great color and cut.The salon itself has a serene vibe without being pretentious and I thought all the staff was friendly from the moment I walked in the door. I thought the pricing was pretty reasonable for hair services in the city and I firmly believe it was money well spent.I drove and street parking was easy but it's located right off the red line too. Even though I luckily had some cash on hand, I wish I had known ahead of time that tips are cash only (but I'm sure that's listed somewhere on their website and I missed it.) I will definitely be back More...


Lauren L.

14 March 2015

Made an appointment last minute, on a whim, because I will be going on vacation in the Dominican Republic in a week.  They were thankfully able to squeeze me in for a bikini, underarm, and brow wax appointment same-day!  The salon is not huge, but it is definitely clean and the receptionists are sweet, friendly people.  I received a cold glass of water and only had to wait a few minutes for my appointment.  Quinn did my waxing, and she was great. Not only is she a very sweet person, she actually cares about the job she does on you and wants you to be happy. No pushy, in a rush, rude aestheticians here! She made me feel comfortable during an otherwise seemingly awkward service. So far I am very happy with my results and would definitely consider other services here (especially since it is only a couple of blocks from my apartment!) The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because my brow waxing wasn't exactly the best I've had, and the price I paid for my services was a bit higher than I normally pay elsewhere. ($15 eyebrow, $20 underarm, $55 bikini) Side note: They recycle up to 100% of their waste, and care about their environmental impact :) More...


lupe m.

12 February 2015

I went in for a self-created 'day of beauty': a Self renewal facial, a haircut and a waxing (birthday gift to myself). The facial was wonderful-I don't know if I can ever go back to only an hour long facial after this one-which was a luxurious 2 hours long, included feet and hand treatments and massage as well as a very intense head and face massage.  I do believe my face was actually glowing afterwards. Quinn is wonderful, soft spoken and calming and used all natural products tailored to my skin type. Haircut-great, Eric gave me exactly the trim I wanted and styled me wonderfully. Wax-again, Quinn, professional and great treatment-I have had many other waxings before by old pros who pride themselves on how quickly they can get the wax over with-but Quinn was very detailed and again very skin-care oriented which I really appreciate.Thanks Salon Echo for a great afternoon-I will be returning to see you soon! More...


Amanda V.

19 January 2015

My stylist and this salon get 5 stars, even with a minor hiccup.  I scheduled my haircut and style through Pretty Quick, and it caused a little confusion just before my appointment.  The owner of the salon called me about 45 minutes before my appointment to ask if I was a representative of Pretty Quick, as she had never heard of the service before.  However, the salon honored my appointment and by the time I paid at the end of my service, they had sorted everything out with Pretty Quick and I was able to use my PQ account to pay.  Salon:  The owner was in the salon and was mopping the floor (she mopped it at least twice while I was getting my hair cut) to clean up the (winter) salt tracked in from the sidewalk.  She also personally thanked me for helping them clear up the PQ hiccup.  Seemed clean and quiet, good music but not overly loud, and the fixtures were all very new and comfortable - nothing worse than an uncomfortable wash sink or worn-down chairs.  Now, onto the cut:Vardan was my stylist.  He was personable, really friendly, and did not pry into my personal life.  Personally, I don't enjoy that in a stylist until they become my regular and we've seen each other for at least 4 appointments.  Again, just my opinion.  Still, Vardan was super entertaining and was really effortless with my hair.  He took the time to chat about proper care in the winter months, and how to maintain and encourage my natural wave.  HUGE PLUS:  This is the first stylist I've ever worked with who hasn't suggested color!!!  I am not a fan of color - I prefer to henna my hair when I color.  I am currently growing out the last bit of henna in my hair, and it was so refreshing to have a stylist love my hair *as it is* and not try to convince me to get expensive and high-maintenance dye jobs.  I'm just not that girl, personally.  My cut is fabulous - so many compliments and I feel like a million bucks.  :)  I will definitely be going back to Vardan and Salon Echo in the future! More...


m d.

15 January 2015

Follow up: The owner got in touch with me and let me know that the student prices aren't changing and she wasn't aware of this incident. So hopefully the issue has been resolved--probably worth giving it a shot, students. More...


Racheal S.

16 December 2014

Rosemary at Salon Echo is the only person in the world that I will let touch my eyebrows. I began seeing Rosemary for my eyebrow waxes in the spring of 2014 by recommendation of a friend, and have yet to be disappointed. Rosemary knows what looks good on your face type, and willingly gives tips to keep your eyebrows looking good between waxes. The best part is that they use eco-friendly materials. Great eyebrows and helping to save the environment? Salon Echo is a must try. More...


Hannah S.

27 October 2014

It's taken me too long to write this review! Maria, Salon Echo's owner, has been cutting my curly hair for 5+ years. She's the only one I trust with my curls and she never lets me down. I always leave happy with my haircut. Maria intuitively knows how to cut hair. Curly hair gals out there can trust Maria! More...


Mary H.

22 October 2014

My daughter and I grabbed the Spa Week special and got a facial with a hand and foot massage. Since my lovely daughter has never had a facial before, I was interested to see how she liked it. It was great! And her skin did indeed look different - very glowing and healthy! I particularly liked the hot stone massage. I'd never had one before, and was amazed at how great my hands felt after the massage and holding the hot stones for a while. Even though my daughter didn't want the foot massage (doesn't like people touching her feet) and didn't have the hand massage for some reason, she and I will definitely be back! What a great experience! More...


Ashley C.

17 September 2014

This is my second time reviewing Salon Echo - I just love this place that much. I don't get in here often, but when I do, I am always pleased by the everyone's generosity and attention to detail (For example: a hand massage while my conditioner sets in - love, love, love!) I see Eric and not only enjoy his company, but also appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge of the industry with clients. Knowing that your stylist values the healthiest products and methods out there ensures that you're receiving the very best treatment.Tonight I found out that Salon Echo now recycles nearly all of their waste and materials. That's amazing! Maria and her staff go the extra mile for their customers as well as the world around them. Such a feel good place! More...


Bridgid R.

12 April 2014

I get great cuts, color, and waxes here.  My kids' haircuts are far better than the cheap places we used to take them to.  Friendly and clean.  Eco-conscious. More...


Olivia H.

12 January 2014

I am not a vain person, but do enjoy feeling good about myself.  I've been frequenting the salon for the past 2 years in order to enhance whatever beauty that I have and to give myself relief from the stress of everyday life.  If you are looking for a positive change, this is the place to go.I have my haircuts done by Maria, the owner.  She has always been very professional and attentive to what I want.  I can tell her that I want a "carefree" , " no-nonsense" "modern", "going-out" hairstyle and she transforms my vague suggestions into a nice look.  The end result is always a haircut that people compliment me on and one that I can handle styling on a day to day basis.   She also suggests what products to put in your hair to maintain the look, including products you already own and never tries to push products to sell you.  Maria is always very friendly, on top of the latest trends, and is very knowledgable about sustainability, local restaurants, events and life in general.   It is never a dull moment when I get my hair cut by her.Bele handles my mani and pedis.  She does great work with the nails and gives my feet a rejuvenating work over.  The nail polish also lasts for a long time and she always gives the best suggestions on color.  My conversations with her are also very enjoyable.Rosemary is an amazing aethetician and has a holistic approach.  Her 1 hr facials are very relaxing, and she will customize the session using different essential oils, facial masks and massage techniques.  She will dissolve any stress that you have.  Let me tell you - my skin has dramatically improved and I can go makeup free and feel good doing so.In March 2013 I trusted the ladies for my wedding day- hair, nails and makeup.  I wanted a natural look for my daytime wedding, but still wanted to look like me.  In the months leading up to the big day, we had discussed the look that I desired and went through some trials to make sure we were all on the same page.  On my wedding day:Maria came super early (7am!) to start prepping my hair for my wedding at noon.   She put my hair up in this cute bun with waves on the side and it lasted the WHOLE day.  I've never seen my hair look and behave that well.    Bele: Made sure my nails were in great condition.  Gave me a hand and arm massage, touched up my french manicure as some of the white had slightly chipped.  Gave my cuticles a blast of hydration.  Of course everyone is going to be looking at my ring finger.  Nails were gorgeous.  Jennifer (aesthetician no longer here):  Applied and set my makeup and reassured me that my mascara was not going to run unto my face.   I felt like a celebrity having these three ladies work on me, and they really made me a beautiful bride.As for the salon itself, the place is warm and inviting, there are paintings from local artists on the walls.  The music is relaxing and they will always offer you some of that great tasting Aveda tea (which they also sell).I usually bike here for my services since they give you a discount if you do.  On bad weather days, I take the L since it is next to the Bryn Mawr stop.  On the few occasions I've driven here, parking on the street has never been a problem.With my busy schedule, I am glad they send out email reminders 2 days prior to your appointment.Also, Alberto and the rest of the front desk staff are very accommodating in rescheduling your appointments if something comes up.All of the staff are PROFESSIONALS and you can look forward to building a relationship with them.   Go here and unleash your beauty. More...


Masha K.

10 October 2013

This review is quite overdue but after many exceptional experiences it's time to give credit where credit is due! The hardest part of moving to Chicago from NYC for me was finding a new hairstylist. I cannot tell you how many different salons in the city I tried before I found Julio. It pains me to say this (for fear of not getting appointments) but if you're looking for a new cut, style or.. the best blow out OF YOUR LIFE.. go see Julio.  He is an amazing stylist, always friendly and very professional. Alberto from the front desk is also very friendly and accommodating. More...


Theresa O.

3 August 2013

I have been a super happy client of Salon Echo for over 4 years!!  My stylist is Vardan and I not only deeply appreciate his Mad Skills and Phenomenal Talent, but he is super fun too and I always greatly enjoy my time in his chair!!  Salon Echo is extremely customer service oriented and the space is so hip and cool!!  I also have aesthetician services there and have had massages as well - - - Yea Salon Echo and Yea Vardan!!! More...


Emily D.

27 June 2013

Belle is absolutely amazing! I've been here twice now & each time my nails have been outstanding. She is incredibly thorough & sanitary. If you or anyone you know is looking for a new nail technician in Chicago, look no further than Belle! I could not recommend a better salon in Chicago! More...


Melissa S.

20 June 2013

Why do I love this place?  Julio, Aveda products, nice ambiance, great customer service.  Not cheap, but I generally feel that I get what I'm paying for.Julio has been doing my hair (long with blond highlights) since August 2012.  He spends time listening to what I want, makes suggestions, and always remembers what he did on the last visit.  He is friendly, fun and has a great rapport with his clients and coworkers.  Wonderful scalp massage during shampoos.  He is exceptionally talented at blow-outs and styling (he teaches blow dry classes to stylists at another salon), so you should definitely consider booking him for a blow dry and style service if you have a special occasion or just want to feel great for a night out.    I've had manicures with Belle, she is very chatty and attentive to detail.  She doesn't rush and will treat you to lots of hand, arm, and shoulder massages!   The front desk is always friendly and accommodating. You will always be offered tea (the Aveda herbal blend is wonderful!) or other beverages.  All of my phone calls to book, reschedule, cancel, etc are always handled efficiently by the reception staff.  One day, due to a child care crisis, I had to take both my kids to the salon for the first 20 minutes of my hair cut.  Julio and the front desk staff didn't complain- instead they helped me keep the kids occupied! (of course, I never repeated that experience!)  Prior to becoming a regular customer in August 2012, I had been to Salon Echo a number of times throughout the years- and I agree with many of the negative reviews for that time period.  However, I think that this salon/spa has finally found its groove and is now a truly undiscovered gem. More...


Jennifer B.

13 May 2013

I love this place!  Recently got two great haircuts (from two different stylists), color, and great advice on product.The radiance facial from Rosemary was fantastic and I felt so pampered and tended to.  I felt and looked great after...have been going there for years for waxing-Jennifer is awesome.I love the atmosphere and look of the place-very tranquil and soothing.It feels to me like a downtown salon without the downtown price or "tude".  I feel like they have done right by me, from the front desk people on down the line.  Totally 100% recommend Salon Echo. More...


Salina A.

4 March 2013

Salon Echo is a wonderful neighborhood salon and spa. It Is Relaxing and beautiful place that a talented staff. Also the prices are very reasonable.


David D.

25 July 2012

Got an hour long facial here about a week ago and it was awesome!The staff was very very friendly and not aggressive with the upselling at all. I bought a couple products that I have yet to try, but I did feel like my skin was already better after one facial. Thank you Ana you did a great job! I will come again for sure  :) More...


Natalie H.

6 July 2012

Very good experience with Salon Echo!  Firstly... I discovered them after receiving a SpaFinder.com giftcard which they accepted without any BS (you know how some places are like, "oh, this giftcard is only valid from 1-1:30pm...during summer...if it's just rained...only on tuesdays...and if you're wearing a yellow t-shirt..." you get my point).  --Not Salon Echo!Anyway, my main point is that I had purchased a $200 facial package in March and had to cancel on them twice.  After a mini life crisis I couldn't make my appointment and didn't return their calls for my missed appointment... When I called them (4 months later!!!) to ask if I could still use my package they were so helpful and understanding and booked me for the next day, I didn't get the "our cancellation policy bla bla..." speech as I might've been expecting... only a very helpful (and prompt!) return call ensuring my service.  I have had facials with Jennifer before and she is super nice and friendly.Phiwan's massages are amazing!  Calm and very professional. Great experience all around!  I'm glad I discovered Salon Echo! More...


Virginia V.

1 July 2012

This was my first cut at Salon Echo . . . and won't be my last!  Great cut in a warm setting.  The staff is very friendly.  I am their new fan!


Frankie R.

17 May 2012

okay....today I gladly leave five full stars.  I came into the salon for both an eyebrow wax and a facial.  Once again Ana was amazing.  She gives the BEST wax in the city.....with nearly no pain.   Her facials are so, so good.  She is so helpful and actually listens to me and suggests the perfect facial for my needs.  Plus she is super cool.  I am so happy to have found her and will go to no other aestetician in the city! More...


Audrey A.

3 April 2012

I have been going to Salon Echo for the past 5 years. I stumbled upon this place when I was dog sitting for a friend who lived down the street. Jennifer has done my waxing the entire time. She referred me to Jovan as a stylist but he ended up moving to California after about a year of me going to him. After he left, Jennifer referred me to Mina. She is totally awesome. We worked very hard to get my hair the exact color I want and I knew it would take a while and she was so patient. Always loved the color but of course now that it is perfect, I am moving back to Michigan. I told her I will come to Chicago every 8 weeks if I can not find someone there. I am always welcomed when I get there and they know that if I want something to drink I will ask. I live in Ukrainian Village and drive 30 minutes and would recommend them to everyone. This is a fantastic salon and I have enjoyed going for the past five years. More...



8 February 2012

Have been going for 4 years and have consistently gotten great hair cuts and color. Maria, the owner is very skilled.The hair dyes she uses keeps my hair soft; unlike other salons.Staff are great too. More...


Boon K.

23 December 2011

Mina is wonderful and she really listen you.  She does an amazing job with highlights and can really cut asian hair. All I need to do is bring her a pic and she makes it happens. I am so glad I found her.


Ben S.

20 November 2011

I've been coming here for little over a year now for a massage fairly regularly. After this last one I thought it was time to write a review. I only live a few blocks away so I was excited to find this place as it's in walking distance. The salon has recently remodeled to make better use of space, and I kind of like it. Seems more intimate, I like that.The massages have been great and I have to admit I'm a little picky about things like this. I typically go to Heather but on occasion have been with the male masseuse whose name I cant remember. I know he gives one hell of a deep tissue massage, probably the best I've ever had. Heather is really great, the more she gets to know your body the better every massage gets. I'm happy they started offering a massage package as I grabbed one of those buy 6 get 1 free deals, or whatever it was. Two trips ago I was talking with Heather about her experience and she had mentioned 2hrs massages she had done somewhere else, I inquired at the front desk and they had me setup in no time. This last visit was awesome, it hardly seemed like 2hrs! After the last two weeks of hell at work, it was much needed!My only gripe I've had is when I forget to bring cash as they won't let you tip on your credit card. That always makes me feel real bad, it would be a great bonus if they could figure out how to allow that. After a massage the last thing I want to do is walk 5 block  to the bank and back to get cash. I usually end up making it home but no further. But with some proper planning, it's no problem, I just need to make a mental note ahead of time.All and all, I really enjoy this place and I hope they continue to do well. More...


Dara O.

24 August 2011

Hey Yelpers!  Who said this place closed up?!  Sure they were closed for the recent renovation, but it was only for 1 week.  I was here just today for a haircut with Mina.  Unfortunately I couldn't check in since this is marked as closed.Love this place!  Aveda products a big plus!! More...


Marla H.

22 July 2011

Maria, the owner of Salon Echo, and also my new favorite hair stylist--well--I can't say enough good things about her services.I just moved to Chicago six months ago, and have had the hardest time finding the right salon. A lot of trial and error.  But I've finally found a good one.My hair was very complicated--several different colors, and kind of a mess. Maria took about 15 minutes to evaluate and discuss my hair with me, before she did anything to it. Which is awesome. She told me the four things that were wrong with my hair, and how to go about fixing it and getting it to be the way I had originally envisioned. At times it seemed like she was reading my mind, and knew exactly how I wanted. Then she told me how much it would cost for all that was needed.  It was pricey (as all professional salons are) BUT totally worth it.  My hair looks great now, and I'm definitely going to be monogamous with Salon Echo from this day forward!  :-) More...


Phil G.

22 July 2011

Salon Echo is great. Maria the owner took us as clients personally (wife and I) after another stylist had to leave for medical reasons. My cut is basic short, and consistently done well. My wife's hair takes more skill, finer with waves and she's growing it out to boot. We like that the salon carries product but doesn't push it. We left the last salon because of sales pressure, not bad haircuts. We also like that Maria walks the walk of sustainability with how Salon Echo was built-out and uses resources. More...


Bonnie C.

5 February 2011

I absolutely love Salon Echo. it's a treasure. I only support sustainability and they have it down, the place is like being in an art gallery. Sam at the desk is the perfect customer service receptionist , very satisfied. My Hair stylist Maria first sat me down, actually talked to me about my hair and my wishes. She explained what she could design! Imaging the word design when getting a hair cut and I totally went for the color recommendation. I have a stellar look and highly recommend Maria. I re-booked. I travel and lecture nationally and my looks are very important.Next I want to try their spa, I heard Jen is excellent! More...


Pauline M.

22 December 2010

Mina is AWESOME! I have thick, wavy, long hair and she is a pro at giving me great cuts that grow out wonderfully. She has always been very professional and really takes the time to understand what I need.  I would definitely recommend Mina to anyone looking for a new sylist. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars,  is because the owner is not very friendly. She rarely greets me, or even smiles. The rest of the staff is top notch and very friendly! More...


Nellie G.

21 December 2010

I have been going to Salon Echo for almost two years now -- and can't say enough good things about it. Maria, the owner, is not only one of the nicest people I've ever met, she is also one of the most talented. She runs a top-notch salon with a welcoming atmosphere and friendly, professional staff. The newest addition to the team, Greta, is a superb nail tech. I keep my nails fairly short and wear dark colors -- and leave most salons dissatisfied. Not so with Greta. It's so great to have finally found a neighborhood nail tech -- her finished product is miles above other salons. More...


K S.

8 December 2010

I have been going to Salon Echo for over a year now and can honestly say that Wendy is a fabulous massage therapist! I have been other places and found them to be too rough or do not listen to what I need. Wendy is truly amazing. She spends a few minutes with you discussing what you need and I never feel rushed during this. I have severe knots that land in my shoulders and she can always get them out. If you need to go and get 'worked on,' I would highly recommend Wendy! More...


randi z.

21 November 2010

I've been going here for several years after it was recommended by a friend - and Maria does fabulous color.   I really do appreciate their "green" approach - and that they try to use healthy products.  The staff is very sweet and accomodating as well. More...


Megan W.

13 November 2010

Salon Echo has a relaxing atmosphere, and I highly recommend it. Mina always does an excellent job with my hair!



25 October 2010

I love this salon! Everyone here is fabulous and I always have a great time here.  I come here pretty often and have my hair cut by Mina who is awesome.  She listens to what I want done and is excellent at styling.  I recently scheduled an appointment for make up and hair styling for my bday on very short notice and Maria (who is the owner I believe) was so patient and flexible with me that I was able to squeeze in both right before my party as well as my friend for a make up appt too.  The results were great.  The prices are good too.  They really know what they're doing here.  Mina styled my hair and it never has looked better!!  I can't remember the make up artists' names, but they were both great too.  I would recommend anyone to come here. More...


Katie T.

25 September 2010

I've already gotten my hair cut here, but today I came in for a facial and a scalp treatment. My facial was an hour long and very relaxing. The woman answered all of my skin questions and had some great tips for keeping my skin nice. My scalp treatment was excellent as well. For the price, you get a great treatment that really benefits your hair as well as your scalp. I've yet to try their massages, but I'm sure I'll be in for one soon. More...


Kaela A.

16 August 2010

I have been a patron of Salon Echo for almost two years -- for the most part, I have enjoyed my experience. I used to see Rachel fairly regularly, however she has been out for quite some time. I have had a tough time finding a stylist.Most recently, I went and got an eyebrow wax by Jennifer and a hair cut by Valerie. I would not recommend Jennifer -- she seemed incredibly hostile and it was difficult to relax. While my eyebrows look great, the experience was not so great.On the same visit, I got my hair cut by Valerie. Let me just say, besides being delightful, she is a genius with curly hair!!!Hands-down, best hair cut EVER! I have gotten nothing but compliments and I feel amazing. If you have curly hair, go to Valerie. You will not be sorry. She will take extra special care of your curls and you will leave feeling like a princess! More...


Anne W.

24 June 2010

I may be a broke grad student, but I don't have to look like one thanks to super-stylist Mina, brow artiste Jennifer, and the student discount at Salon Echo. The first time I saw Mina I hadn't had my hair cut in months, and I had an interview the next day.  Mina spent a while talking to me about what I wanted - I told her the keyword was professional - before tipping me back in one of their recliners for a shampoo, conditioner and scalp massage.  Brief moment of panic when she started cutting and 4-in pieces hit the floor, but soon I had perfect shoulder-skimming layers, styled straight and looking VERY professional.Today - round 2!  Again, she listened and asked questions, and I've got just the cut I want.  Also, this time she used a round brush and a twizzle of her wrist to create loose wavy curls.  I didn't know you could do that!  My hair looks freakin fantastic.  This was my first time having my brows done there, and Jennifer gave me a clean, natural-looking line in no time flat.  I love that Echo uses only Aveda products because I have extremely sensitive skin and I'm prone to post-wax breakouts.  Doubt that will happen this time.  What will I do tonight with my fab new look?  Go to class.  Sigh.  At least I'll look great doing it ;) More...


Jan M.

2 June 2010

Full Service spa, have been seeing the owner for my hair for 25+ years, I have followed her around as she has transistioned from salon to salon.  She has my full trust, so I let her do whatever she wants as far as color, highlights and cuts.They know how to do color here very well, all of the stylists are pleasant professional and very good at what they do.  I utilize their services for waxing, facials, manicure/pedicures and have recently discovered their massage therapy services.Wendy the massage therapist that I see is wonderful, I go to her for reflexology and deep tissue for some ulnar nerve compression.  She is incredible!! More...


Kat L.

25 April 2010

I've  been going to Salon Echo for about six months.  I love this place!  Their prices seem fair compared to similar types of salons.  The staff is very friendly, they have great hours (even open on Sundays!), and it is super relaxing in there. More...


Rc C.

18 April 2010

I've been a Michael Anthony girl for at least five years, but I'm in the process of moving to Evanston, and thought I'd go somewhere closer to my soon-to-be old home.The brow waxing is great. The facial was not (not an hour like at Michael Anthony and not as relaxing, for some reason). For my one hair cut and color, I was a little nervous because the young lady had just started six months ago. But the hair cut has been great and is wash 'n' go, and I've been pleased with the color. If I weren't moving, I'd probably stick with Salon Echo. More...


Wendy N.

22 January 2010

I had no idea there was such a nice salon in Edgewater. I'm so glad I accidentally walked past this one day. I had my haircut last night and received a free express botanical moisturizing treatment...awesome!! I'm been to several salons (downtown, Old Town) and never make a future appointment but this place rocks! My stylist Mina was friendly and down to earth, and gave great advice on Aveda products to use for my hair type. If you live in the area and want a relaxed upscale Aveda salon you should check this place out. More...


Barbara E.

1 November 2009

Love this place. I have been going there for about two years now, and I managed to get my whole finicky family going there. Maria cuts my hair, and she is...... an amazing colorist. Reds usually fade fast, but other than some roots growing in, my hair (which was colored mid-September) looks like it was done yesterday.... able to see options for my hair that I've never considered. I had been blow drying out my waves for years, and now I'm a wash-n-go curly top. Who knew? Maria, obviously.... able to see beyond this one haircut. My girlfriend has hair that's as straight and thick as a paintbrush. She'd been getting bad haircuts that are best described as Butch Soccer Mom. Maria made a plan, and over the course of three haircuts, she did away with all the weird layers and started working with--rather than against--GF's hair texture. It looks great now.You walk into this place and relax immediately. Everyone is friendly, and I never feel like products or extras are being pushed on me. More...


Meg K.

29 August 2009

Excellent waxing by Jennifer (multiple times). Quick, painless, professional, and a job that lasts for weeks.I've had my hair cut by multiple people and each time had an wonderful result. The last time during shampooing I seemed to get an extra long scalp message (yay!) and the stylist was more than willing to answer and show me how to style my hair in a particular way I was curious about.PS. If you bike, they may give you a small discount. More...


Holly D.

1 July 2009

Wendy is a wonder massage therapist.  Not only does she give to notch massages, but her self-care recommendations have drastically improved my posture and back pain.  She has found knots that no other massage therapist has found, precisely follows my requests on areas to focus, and has made me feel better than any other therapist.  If you have persistent pain, I recommend you see Wendy right away! More...


cathy n.

7 June 2009

Good quick painless waxing from Jennifer.  Going back to have her do my eyebrows next week.Also had a deep tissue massage from Phiwan.  Wow.  I was quite disoriented afterward because it was pretty intense, but I felt fabulous for the rest of the day.  Going back for another one as soon as I can. More...


Michael S.

18 April 2009

Since my first haircut here with Tiffany, I've been back three times. Rachel has cut my hair each time.I have never actually enjoyed getting my hair cut, but here I do.It's really calming to trust your stylist. More...


Crystal D.

29 December 2008

I went to Salon Echo on a recommendation- on a quest to find the right fit.  And while my two cuts at Salon Echo were alright I'm still going to continue my search.They do use wonderful Aveda products, I've gotten lucky with the parking and the staff is very friendly.  And the ambiance, combined with the Aveda, is very relaxing.  Also my stylist (Mena?) gave me some great styling tips and she wasn't just trying to sell me products!Prices are reasonable for the area. More...


Elyse D.

2 December 2008

I originally went to Salon Echo for convenience sake - it is a block from my house - but I will be staying here for the quality of service and my stylist, Jovan.   I have naturally curly hair, and Jovan does a beautiful job cuttting and styling it.  He is very sweet and definitely a gifted artist who takes his work seriously.The receptionists are always friendly and helpful.  I like the fact that they sell Aveda products here.  I have yet to try out some of the other services they offer here like the facials or massages... maybe as a Christmas gift? More...


Jocelyn F.

6 November 2008

I decided to upgrade from the cheapo haircuts to something professional. And after reading some yelp reviews and finding a place near my house, I chose Salon Echo. I was very happy with my stylist, Tiffany. She took her time and we consulted along the way to get the cut right. I'll definitely go back. And perhaps try some other services! More...


Allison H.

29 May 2008

I have only been to this salon once but will definitely be back.  I had been fairly happy with the Aveda salon I was going to in Bucktown- always had good cuts and color jobs.  However, each time I called to make an appointment, the people who I had seen the last time were no longer there.  This is very frustrating- especially when you are happy with the work they did.  So each time I would have to keep my fingers crossed that I would like my hair when they were finished.A friend mentioned Salon Echo- didnt just mention it, she raved about it.  I was happy that it was an Aveda salon as I really like the products.  She suggested I see Jovan for a haircut and, after I complimented her on her shapely brows, she said to ask for Jen for an eyebrow wax.I was not disappointed.  Jovan was all he was supposed to be!  Very sweet, very sexy.  It was easy to get caught up in him- I had been warned- and he was seriously having an Edward Scissorhands affect on me!!!  All kidding aside (not really), what was most impressive was the amount of time he took.  He did my cut and color, which is something that I hadnt experienced for a while.  I think I was with him for over 2 hours.  He was so nice.  I need to go back and will definitely make my appointment with Jovan- I am sure he will be there for a while.  It seems he has a loyal fan base!Jen was wonderful- I was very happy with my brows and will see her for a facial soon.  The place is very soothing like most Aveda spas.  I used to live in Rogers Park  and now closer to Logan Square- wish it was a little bit closer.  I found parking right away but it is street parking- the receptionist fed my meter- so allow yourself enough time to find a place. More...


Carolyn B.

8 April 2008

I love Salon Echo.  The look, the scent of the place, the FABULOUS service and the always friendly, slightly funky vibe all work together to make one wonderful experience.  I've had Maria cut my hair three times now, each time perfect, lots of compliments from those around me, and she actually talked me out of coloring my hair when I first came in -- losing her salon an easy hundo, for sure, but making a loyal customer out of me.  I've also gotten waxing and a facial from Jen and she's just great -- expert and friendly.  My daughters both go to Salon Echo also, and love Tiffany their stylist.  You should go.  You'll love it. More...


jennifer m.

6 March 2008

Phiwan gave me a massage last week and it was the best massage I have ever had.  He did a combination of deep tissue and Thai massage.  He truly is a healer.  The facilities were also very calm, clean and relaxing - the perfect environment for a massage.  I would highly recommend Salon Echo! More...


Missy K.

19 February 2008

If you have straight hair, Maria, the owner is a wiz at making you hair look great.  I have been going to her for about 20 years and she never fails to make me look great!


Ami B.

24 November 2007

I love Salon Echo. I have only had my hair cut by Mina and she is great. Let's put it this way - I have very dark, thick hair which can be a bear to style. I asked many other stylists at other places over the years how I can get a sleeker look and she is the **only one** who ever recommended a flat iron. I not only leave the salon looking like a million bucks but it's easy to maintain at home. I've never received so many compliments on my hair. On the expensive side but well worth it. I may try color soon. Also I love the Aveda products and the fact that the salon is so environmentally friendly. I enjoy being a client there so much that when I was searching for a place to teach childbirth classes I talked to the owner, Maria, about renting the small serene classroom near the spa at the back of the salon. It's a great place and they also offer classes like reiki, pilates and massage/spa services. Jen does great waxing. Salon Echo is truly an oasis in the heart of Edgewater. More...


Sady S.

14 November 2007

I used to go to Mario Trioci for over 12 years and decided that I needed a change from the same style and $75.00 price for a haircut.  I was a little hesitant at first, because I have been going to MT for so long, but a friend of mine told me about Salon Echo and Jane, her stylist., so I decided to try out Jane to see how she cut and styled my hair.  Jane is a doll!  She complimented me on my hair style and my color as well.  I still go to Mario Trioci for my hair color needs.  After Jane worked on my hair for over an hour, I was pleased.  You know it's a good cut when you not only get compliments from women, but men as well.  I also like their Aveda products and the natural products they use!I hope that Edgewater gets more shops like Salon Echo.  I would love to see an Ulta in our area!Carol A. More...


Sheri S.

10 August 2007

I have been going to Salon Echo since it opened and have been a client of Maria's (the owner) for years.  It's one of the few day spas with a salon attached which still maintains a sense of tranquility after you leave the spa.  Its a spa, so if you want cheap go to one of those $10 hair cut places.  Maria is THE BEST with color and there is no better at waxing in the city than Jen (I have been everywhere).Love the facials, I'm addicted to Aveda so of course I'm a fan of all the product available in the salon. More...


Sasha L.

11 July 2007

i love this place. it is so clean and mangement is so nice.......i really like this place and i will be back. i brought my son  Lee in to get his haircut and i think her name was maria but she was phenomenol ...i would love to try out there other services as well.........hope to see you soon and thank you for everything......... More...


Megan B.

23 June 2007

I love Echo!  I go to Jane -- she's honestly the best stylist I've ever had.  She does a consistently great job.  I couldn't be happier with my results.  I've also had their waxing services and have been pleased with those as well.  I especially like how environmentally conscious the salon owners are. Pretty much everything in the salon is made from recycled materials or is environmentally friendly.  The staff is really friendly.  They will put quarters in your meter and always offer beverages.For the quality of service, I don't think the prices are that bad.  With that said, my husband did go in for a haircut and they charged him $50 - the same rate as a woman's haircut.  Definitely higher than his Hair Cuttery stylist but had a better result. More...


Lyndsey A.

18 June 2007

I am new to Salon Echo.  I have only had my hair cut and colored.  However, they run great specials that I have yet to try, but plan to in the future.  I have always had my favorite place to go for a message, another for a pedicure, etc.  But the people are so nice and accomodating at Salon Echo, I really plan to make it my everything salon! More...


Dominic F.

14 June 2007

Salon Echo is great!  I went there today without any idea what to expect (including prices), so be sure to look at the prices before going in because you don't want to be caught off guard, and the experience was great.  The service was excellent and they are very helpful!  Jovan did a wonderful job on my hair and I will definitely be returning! More...


val s.

13 April 2007

When I receive a haircut from Maria the complements are endless.  The haircut could be a fresh cut or 2 months old. The atmosphere is very relaxing. When you walk in you instantly feel relaxed and when you walk out you feel as though you just returned from a very relaxing vacation.  I won't go be going anywhere else but Salon Echo for all my beauty treatments. More...


E R.

22 February 2007

This is the best salon I've ever been too! The front desk is always so friendly and helpful. Jen (the aesthetician) is amazing--she never messes up my eyebrows and she gives the best, least painful bikini wax I've ever had! They have an amazing selection of Aveda products and the staff and stylists are great at recommending which ones you need! More...


Matt N.

15 December 2006

I stopped in to pick up a gift certificate in the evening.  The front desk was very friendly and helped me figure out what I needed.  They even complimented me on my use of gmail ;).  It looks like they offer everything you would need in a salon spa.  Considering other places I haven stopped in, not to mention actually had my haircut at, the prices did not seem out of line.  I appreciate a cool salon opening on such a stretch of Bryn Mawr, with its weird general stores and dollar-o-rama outlets.  The interior could use a little work from what I could tell from the front.  The tall space made up for the lack of detail.  I am sure they will work on it when the clientele picks up. More...


Erika G.

3 January 2006

I got my hair cut here after a LONG time of going to SuperCuts only.  I love it, and will definitely go back.  Have been waiting a long time for something like this in the 'hood - a great addition to Edgewater Beach!Riyoko (forgive my spelling) cuts my hair perfectly (straight, fine, limp), this is the first time in around 15 years that I've been loyal to a stylist. She's just great!Last time I went, I got a tour of the back, the spa area -  VERY nice, I'll be coming back here for more services - quite posh!UPDATE: 9/2/07, I still go here. Have loved every cut I've gotten - can't stop swinging my hair around when I exit the salon. I never ask for any particular stylist - every one I've gotten (Maria the owner, Jane, and SEXY, sexy Jovan) have all been great!! They seem to be really great with my fine, limp STRAIGHT hair. More...