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Rita Blikian

4 June 2018

BEST PERSONAL TRAINING STUDIO! I am so glad i came across Sage Fitness while searching for a personal trainer. Sage, the owner himself is so genuine and kind from the first moment you reach out to him. I was immediately impressed and started training with Sage quickly after. I have been training with him for a few months now and will continue to do so. He is very knowledgable and explains why we do certain exercises as I am doing them. I have to say, I am very curious and tend to ask too many questions anyways lol but he is always willing to find an answer to any of my questions or concerns.Overall:You cant go wrong with this place. Great environment! (SUPER clean!!!)Great trainers! Great service and very understanding of their clients unique situations! I suffer from severe low back pain after a car accident and Sage always finds a way to maneuver through our training sessions without causing any pain to my back. I appreciate the effort that Sage and all of the trainers at the studio put in to maintain the level of excellence I believe they have! More...


Kristina Mov

4 June 2018

Anyone looking for a great personal trainer? Sage at Sage Fitness is the one! Sage is knowledgable and an amazing personal trainer! I had wonderful results of weight loss and great strength training. His hours are very convenient and does everything to work with your schedule. Great Studio and Trainer!!! More...



4 June 2018

Let me by start saying that this place is the best private gym in glendale. I have been to average expensive and high end gym's but they are nothing compared to Sage fitness. The training is different and unique and you don't spent all your time on the Fintness equipment. Sage, the owner is a very nice person and Michelangelo My trainer is second to none. Within few months I saw big improvement in my health, energy and lost a lot of weight. I feel great. Michelangelo will listen to you and evaluate what you need and based on that he will create your exercise schedule. Highly recommend this place, worth every penny because you can not put a price on your health More...


Miguel Chion

4 June 2018

This is a new small gym. Only for personal training. Very clean space, equipment in very good shape and Trainers are experience and client centered. Very good place to get in shape and healthier. More...


Ricardo Santos

4 June 2018

Outstanding studio. Clean and well equipped with the best equipment. Amazing atmosphere.


Ester Moran

4 June 2017

Sage's depth of knowledge of kinesiology and training is evident to those who work with him. He is also very attuned to his clients, noticing how much effort and stress they are experiencing and altering the workouts accordingly. Though the space itself is small it is carefully curated by Sage. He also controls how many trainers/clients are there at a time so it is never crowded. Sage is also responsive to texts and email inquiries. More...


Brett Kushner

4 June 2017

Great little gym. Sage himself is the best trainer my wife and I have had


Juhyun Olivia Kang

4 June 2017

I've been working out with Sage only about 6 weeks but I can see the difference already. When I used to workout by myself, I would always end up doing the same routine and couldn't see the result quickly. Since training with Sage, he always changes it up and keeps it interesting so that it's always new and never boring. Plus, you can see the result fast. I’ve never worked out with a personal trainer before so I was little bit worried and intimidated at first but he made me very comfortable yet super motivated while working out. Every session has been pleasant and efficient. I HIGHLY recommend Sage to anyone looking to get in shape whether you’re a beginner or not. More...


Becca Dalrymple

4 June 2017

I am so grateful I found Sage Fitness when I moved to Los Angeles two years ago. I have been training my clients at Sage's gym since he opened, and it has been nothing but a positive experience for me and my clients. Rarely do you find a gym owner who takes such pride and care in their facility and customer service. Sage makes everyone who enters the doors of his gyms feel at home and I highly recommend Sage Fitness and Sage Fitness Group for your fitness needs! More...


David Appel

4 June 2016

I was in town for a meeting and needed to find a gym to work out at since the hotel I was staying at had nothing. My friend Deniz told me about this awesome place in Glendale called Sage Fitness. What a great little gym this was. It had everything I needed and more. The equipment was top of the line. Ill definitely be back here on my next business trip to check this place out again. More...