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My name is Sacha Walcott, I am a dedicated, passionate and motivated person trainer, both personally and also helping people to motivate other people to help achieve their own goals.


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Rachel Paris

Sacha is a passionate person within her job role. She helps you to get where you want in your health and fitness. She pushes you as much you can and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Joseph Harris

Sacha Walcott is a fantastic, professional and motivational personal trainer. If you want results sacha will drive you towards your goals no matter how ambitious. She has a great personality and makes hard work enjoyable!

For anyone who has any doubts just try out one of either:
Circuit Training
Abdominal session
Leg session - (hard work!)
What's 30mins to get a feel for the expertise and knowledge of sacha?

Thanks for everything sacha I've almost got that 6 pack I was after


Sarah Hastings-Quainoo

She murders you haha lol she's not made me cry (yet) but once someone works you hard your body can tell yep you need to work out and get some strength and that goes for all the instructors that are good. Sacha has taught to not quit and try and aim for the goals I want to achieve that gets better at weights, build more strength. She's a bubbly lass :-) infact pure gym instructors are very well trained to make you work hard. God I could go on lol x More...