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• HD CCTV security cameras
• Keyless building entry systems
• Video intercoms with remote door unlock
• Fire alarm systems

Our systems have modern user features, including remote management via internet browsers and mobile apps.


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Donna M.

18 January 2019

Ken and James Saberin took on quite a challenge when they installed a state of the art wireless camera security system at the property which I manage.  The estimate that was given was detailed and covered all of the additions that were asked for.  This was not an easy project and they had many unforeseen obstacles. Each problem that arose was quickly addressed and due to their "out of the box" thinking they produced an innovative solution for me.  The project has been finished for close to 2 years now with no problems or glitches showing up.  The price came in as budgeted.  The workmen were efficient, professional and cleaned up every bit of dust they made! If your looking for quality workmanship Saberin Security is the way to go! More...

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So many companies have become a drag to work for, driving away the best and brightest people. Saberin Security eliminates tedium and micromanagement. We're a small team full of amazing talent.

Saberin Security is a brand representing next-level workmanship and quality. This is reflected both in the systems we install and the way we install them. We don't provide or install cheap systems. This would damage our image and erode the morale and pride we've fostered in our team. However, clients interested in a security company they can absolutely trust should contact us today.



Our professionally trained and experienced technicians can work with a wide range of electronic security systems.

We do it all: designs, drawings, submittals, and shop drawings.

With your needs in mind, we design everything from basic systems to fully integrated alarm, video, fire, parking gates, door access, and elevator control.

We provide fire marshal inspections, annual and quarterly system inspections, and elevator testing