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Glendora, California, Los Angeles

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RyCa Business Films

Glendora, California, Los Angeles



We craft effective and engaging videos for businesses and businesses only. (we don’t do weddings)

Need a video for your business? We do that. Any type of video. Anywhere in the world.

Need video marketing services to make sure you actually get views?


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Daniel Boyer

28 May 2016

RyCa has been doing real estate videos for listings that I have and is always forward thinking and coming up with concepts to market my properties in unique ways. He is extremely professional and easy to deal with. His time frame is always great as he can turn videos quickly without losing any value in the film. I would recommend him to others for his video talents. More...


Zack Swire

28 May 2016

RyCa knows how to craft your business story in a way that resonates with your audience to produce your intended results. We used RyCa to produce a short overview video on the early launch of our new mobile payment app, eGood Pay. I highly recommend RyCa for your business video needs—from social/web video to presentations, to branded messaging and content, you'll be glad you chose to work with a professional. More...


Vipul C.

4 September 2015

Ryan is very knowledgeable in the field.  He as a great grasp of the technology and is able to work within various themes.  That's the first benefit.  Second, he is super creative.  Recently he did a quick loop for my company and without much instruction he pretty much nailed it on the head. And definitely, last but not least, Ryan is a very fair and easy to work with.  It seems he will bend over backwards and it shows in the quality of his work. More...


Jim M.

3 September 2015

Working with Ryan is a pleasure.  He's produced a number of videos for us and it's always top notch.  He has a creative eye and does professional work.



29 May 2015

Talented, professional, and effective! We are a Digital Marketing agency located in Orange County and RyCa Business Films has created videos for a few of our clients.Video is a great asset to work with when it comes to digital marketing. Once we uploaded RyCa's company videos to our clients' websites we noticed a large increase in rankings and engagement. A picture says a thousand words, but a video displays a thousand pictures. On average, when looking in the analytics we noticed that users that watched the video were 70% more likely to convert than users that did not watch the video. We would highly recommend RyCa's videos. There is definitely a posItive ROI! More...

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Honestly? Cashing checks. But just below that, I love seeing how a solution we develop for a client all comes together. I love seeing the look on a client's face when the views start piling up and they can see positive changes in their bottom line because of it.

This is the second production company I've started. I took a job as an in-house producer for a client in my previous company, but after a couple years, I realized that I love working with lots of clients, more than just one. It challenges me, keeps me from getting bored, and allows me to constantly innovate our internal processes faster than I could before.

It's all about people! The market is saturated with video professionals right now. And a lot of them do great work, us included. But this business is so much more than just creating pretty moving images. Making sure that our clients enjoy (and maybe even love) the experience of creating awesome video content is paramount for us. Part of that experience is ensuring that each story we craft is authentic, reflects well on the company we're working with, and starts from a position of treating everyone we encounter like family.


It all starts with the script. Without a script, it's nearly impossible to know what to plan for, thus completely impossible to provide a proper plan and budget. But don't worry, sometimes a script is merely an outline written on the back of a napkin. But whatever it is, don't sip this step.

Planning out an entire video production project. From location scouting and auditioning actors to wardrobe and meals, this part of the process is essential to a successful video.

Lights! Camera! Action! This is the big day (or week or month). Having a producer on set to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently is a big part of making sure the project is on-time and on-budget.

Camera Operators. They do exactly what you think.

Where it all comes together. Video editing is an amazing process where the best stuff says, and everything else is thrown out. Then it's all put in order.

It may sound strange, but audio is way more important in a video than the actual video footage. This can often mean the difference between a good video and an amazing video.

We provide high quality 2D and 3D animation for projects that require technical details to be highlighted and animated.

Making sure each clip's color matches all of the others is essential to a high quality video production. But beyond that, the overall color of a project actually sets the mood. We provide color passes on all our video productions.