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Rutledge Investigations is a boutique investigations firm specializing in surveillance and covert investigative solutions. RI strives to provide actionable intelligence and the highest standard of customer care in the industry. We utilize the latest in covert technology to obtain evidence in divorce and infidelity matters and are Chattanooga's experts in child custody investigations.

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Seth Weller

28 May 2018

Rutledge Investigations went way beyond the call of duty regarding some issues that came up within my local small business, and then provided outstanding consulting, enabling to establish a more concrete plan with my inventory and loss prevention program. I highly recommend his services.

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I got into this line of work to help people; especially children. Since becoming an investigator, I've been able to help hundreds of children by helping loving parents and caretakers obtain or retain custody.

I wanted to be able to make decisions that would benefit my clients without the red tape in large corporate firms. After 8 years of working as a surveillance specialist and lead investigator for a larger company, I started RI.

I am a passionate seasoned investigator with over 12 years of experience delivering dramatic results and presenting them in court. When I work an investigation on a client's behalf, I leave no stone unturned. I am a highly trained specialist and understand the intricate workings and legalities of covert intelligence gathering. I work within the parameters of the law to ensure that all evidence obtained is 100% admissible in court.