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Stephanie M.

7 February 2019

Ruth is extremely knowledgeable about her field. If you're open to it, she's into clearing chakras, and sharing information about living your life while attracting high vibrations. She is hands down the best therapist that I ever had. More...


C B.

26 July 2018

I am almost reluctant to share this treasure.  I found Ruth through reviews and I truly could not be more grateful.  She is different than any therapist I have ever met (and I met a few!).  I have been dealing with life and death issues this year and Ruth has provided me with so many tools to find hope in what was seemingly hopeless times.  I am a better person because she took the time to help me.  I could not recommend her more. More...


Mike W.

29 November 2016

I saw Ruth about a year ago for a few months and she really helped me out. I started going for grief counceling because of a death in the family but Ruth was able to help me get past some other issues where i was really blocked. Thank you Ruth!


Colette B.

12 September 2013

I met Ruth a couple of years ago and really liked her.  My grown daughter was in need of counseling so I recommended Ruth.  Ruth was able to help her so much that my daughter expressed great admiration and love for Ruth. So, I decided to see Ruth to try and resolve long standing relationship issues, I mean I was really stuck.  Ruth is like no other therapist I have been to, she is amazing in her ability to listen and zero in on issues you know have been there, but you couldn't express them coherently, even to yourself.  She is able to break apart the confusion and make sense of the pieces. She challenges you to examine old belief patterns, where did they come from, are they serving you, etc.  She helps you be honest with yourself about change, even when you are terrified about it.  My partner is now  coming with me and our relationship is transforming, not there yet, but a lot of improvement in only a couple of sessions.  I could really go on and on, but I won't.  I'll just say that if you're in emotional pain, confused about the direction of your life, full of fear, struggling in a bad relationship or just want to change the course of your life, Ruth can help you.  I don't know how she does what she does, but she is incredibly talented, kind, supportive and just wonderful!!!  I am in awe of her ability to understand human behaviors and so glad I found her. More...


Hannah F.

21 January 2013

I've seen Ruth 4 times now. She is the best therapist I have ever had. So very supportive and understanding. We are making progress and I cannot wait to see where I go with her help. She's awesome, if you need a therapist, this is the right one ! :) More...


Ayako M.

5 April 2012

I recently met Ruth when I felt lost and disconnected. She is kind, gentle and welcoming and really listens and offers a safe environment where you can express yourself freely. Her work is intuitive and effective; she finds the best modalities for you and your issues through thorough conversation and her senses. My issue was the sense of disconnection, completely lost and didn't know who I was and what I want to do with my life. Ruth gently guided me to reconnect with my "core-self" (that's the way I call it) and gave me tools (in my case it is visual images that I can hold on to) for me to revisit the sacred place inside me any time I want. All that happened in a matter of 4 sessions in less than two months period. Now I can grow from there taking baby steps on my own. I strongly recommend Ruth to anyone who needs guidance to happier and more fulfilling life! More...


Stephanie M.

19 August 2011

This review has taken me way too long to post! I have been busy and decided today was the day that I needed to share with any of those reading reviews for Ruth about just how amazing she is!! I have been working with Ruth for about 1.5 years. My life has changed drastically, in only positive ways! The first time I met Ruth I was having several different issues in my life and none of them were outside of a realm that she was comfortable talking about or working with. She has so much experience with a wide variety of subjects. Ruth makes everyone feel heard and understood. Her ability to read between the lines to understand where a person is coming from is phenomenal. She also has a keen ability to teach people to look within themselves for answers, not to the world around them. She has helped me realize things about myself that I never knew existed or possible. My life is so much better now and I give most of the credit to Ruth, the other credit goes to me doing the work that she suggested. If you're willing to open up, listen and work hard... your life will change in ways you can't even imagine!! I would recommend Ruth any day, even to my friends and family back in Virginia. Ruth also does work via phone and Skype so she is accessible to anyone, anywhere. She's the best!!! More...


Lucy Y.

17 August 2011

I just left Ruth's office.  She was kind, insightful, and obviously "connected."  I could feel the shifts in energy as she worked on me and there was no doubt as to her effectiveness.  I am very grateful!


Julie R.

21 October 2009

I adore her personally, but professionally, Ruth is the best and most effective, almost magical therapist, I've had.  She combines many modalities she's accumulated/learned over several decades, to help her clients understand their issues and then actually clear them.  And if you don't know, well, this is actually a very difficult outcome for a therapist to achieve.  Think Woody Allen, who will never end therapy. In contrast to his therapist, Ruth helps resolve issues. And she's just a lovely person, too.  I always look forward to working with Ruth.  She makes even the most difficult issues seem simple and easy to treat and resolve. More...


Julie H.

27 August 2009

The moment I met Ruth I immediately felt a connection with her.  The type of work she does is unlike any other work I have EVER received.  She has helped me with various things in my life from personal issues to business matters.  She is thoughtful, caring, extremely intuitive and always makes me feel comfortable no matter what I share with her.  Her approach is very effective.  I highly, highly recommend her if you need any kind of counseling or if you are going through any kind of transition in your life.  Ruth has a gift and I always look forward to my session with her. More...


Rachelle M.

26 August 2009

When I first met Ruth I knew she was going to be a huge part of my life.  Before I ever saw her for her amazing sessions I sent my family and friends!  They all have the utmost respect for her, as I do.I specifically have seen her for some sleeping issues I had.  The work we did togther cleared all the problems for me, I have been sleeping sound since.Ruth's work is fresh, deep, exciting, adventurous and meaningful.The words that come to mind to descirbe Ruth for me are, Encouraging, Professional, Powerful, Artistic & Peaceful. More...

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