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Tyson Coughlin

15 January 2019

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kenny Mills & Ruins REBUILT! We hired them last summer to consult our church regarding our kids ministry. Their insight & perspective was absolutely invaluable. Since then we have doubled our kids ministry and are serving families light years better! You can trust Kenny and his team to do an excellent job. They are the best of the best. More...


Lee Nelly

26 September 2018

Such A True Blessing To Work With A Christian Brother To Help Understand You're Business And Focus Everything Back To Jesus. Kenny is Such A Blessing. Thank You Kenny My Real Estate Business Will Not Be Ruined Because Of Your Wise Words. Love First, As Jesus Loved Us :-) More...


Brian Jones

26 September 2018

My brother and I had the privilege of interviewing Kenny for our podcast. His passion burns bright!


Chris Jones

26 September 2018

Kenny's energy and enthusiasm is contagious. He's poised to help you and your business grow exponentially.


Brannon Puryear Edmonds

26 September 2018

I would describe Ruins REBUILT as a movement that will change the way leaders lead and the way organizations work together to make the biggest impact! So many leaders and organizations crave to lead the way in their industry but can't grasp a solid plan for their leadership goals. With Ruins REBUILT, you will rediscover the dreams that are already within you and receive the solid plan needed to achieve your wildest goals. The way Kenny leads you through the process is a game changer that will leave you wondering what you did before experiencing Ruins REBUILT! Great job, Kenny! More...


Kirk Brown

26 September 2018

I've had an absolute pleasure to getting to know and work with Kenny at Ruins REBUILT! Not only because he has contracted me out with some really fun design projects, but his heart and passion for what he does for a living is electric and addicting. He has a heart for rebuilding and revitalizing. If you know a church, small business, or non profit that needs some wise council and their "ruins" rebuilt, Kenny at Ruins Rebuilt is your guy! More...


Janelle Wolfman

26 September 2018

Kenny's work with our team and our business has been transformational for us. His wisdom, leadership insight and gift of discernment have been such an added asset to have in our corner.


Mark Wolfman

26 September 2018

Kenny Mills is the real deal. Tons of leadership training experience and it shows with real value and results. Highly recommend his coaching.


Matt Frahm

26 September 2018

Just had Kenny Mills and his amazing family up to Milwaukee to help us strategize how to make a greater impact in our city. WOW!!! Our team dynamic immediately improved and Kenny really took the time to dive in and get to know our industry and our business...what we were doing well, what we needed to improve, and a clear path to scale up to the next level. Kenny revealed some blind-spots and helped us clarify our vision, mission, and core values. He helped us establish a common language among our organization which I know will build an amazing team culture and surely will trickle down into the people we serve as well. I highly recommend Ruins Rebuilt and Kenny Mills if you are looking to grow both personally and/or professionally!!! Thanks again Kenny. More...


Nick Wilson

26 September 2018

We are working with Kenny and I am so impressed with everything he has done with our team. In just a short amount of time he’s been able to distill our true values and vision as well as strategize for the future of our business.


Brett Weaver

26 September 2018

I have had the privilege to be able to work besides Kenny for the last 4 years. I can say with complete confidence and integrity that I would current trust his insight in wisdom on decisions both big and small. The reason I can say this because I often looked to him in the past to help me with leadership decisions. Kenny is a man of integrity and I would absolutely trust him in any scenario!

If you are a successful business owner or a small start up business trying to figure things out then you should look to Kenny and Ruins REBUILT for any of your consulting needs!

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