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Susan Hochberg

29 March 2019

As always Rug Renovation was a pleasure to do business with. The three men who came to pick up my rugs arrived early and were unfailingly pleasant, helpful, and fast. (Actually they were so fast that they overlooked one rolled up rug and had to come back for it.) The two men who brought my rugs back were terrific and very careful and helpful. The rugs look wonderful. I did not receive a phone call in advance that the truck was on its way either time but I think I was the first stop of the day. I will use this service again. The office called me whenever there was something that needed to be discussed and agreed upon in advance. The rugs were returned on schedule. More...


Rebekah FC

29 March 2019

They took my area rug that was in my basement for several years, had been torn and urinated on by our dog. When we got it back it looked brand new. Everything was repaired and cleaned. Couldnt be happier. More...


Dale Pozzi

27 February 2019

I could not believe that my old white rug, which was spotted with stains I couldn't remove, would ever come clean. Rug Renovating did an amazing job. They picked up and delivered on time, they called us to confirm status, they were always gracious on the phone (even offering to take a photo of the rug for me when I asked how it was coming out) and the rug looks great. They were candid, in advance, about what was/wasn't possible - but the rug turned out wonderfully well. It's my second time using them and I would absolutely use them again. More...


Cathy Weiss

27 February 2019

Best pricing and best quality care


Scott King

2 July 2018

The 2 guys that came to deliver the rug pads very professional. Tony and Dolio were the best the delivery guys I have ever experienced. Morgan was great to deal with over the phone and took my order and made the transaction easy. Thank you Rug Renovating. More...


Rich Ciancanelli

28 May 2018

The best! Plain and simple. Michelle is the greatest. The stuff I have seen them do with rugs is just miraculous!


Tony Nation

28 May 2018

After my senior cat passed, I needed to have my area rugs professionally cleaned due to her incontinence. Rug Renovating came to the rescue and made them look and smell like brand new. It's not cheap but well worth the cost! More...


Suzanne Ornstein

28 May 2018

I've had a number of rugs cleaned and repaired by Rug Renovating, and can say that they do outstanding work, and are also very good to work with. That would explain why I have see n one of their employees, Tony M., so many times over the years. He, Jo and other long time associates have been wonderful and reflect the whole culture of the company. More...


Phil Kayal

28 May 2018

Anyone who knows anything about Oriental (Turkish) rugs and lives on the East Coast knows about Rug Renovating. Twenty years ago when I needed an 80 year old Sarouk cleaned I called my Syrian American cousins in Brooklyn and they said, "Phil, there is only one place to go to and that is RR." It turned out that the company was in East Orange, NJ and I lived there as well! So off I went with rug in tow only to discover that they picked and up and delivered rugs for the measly fee of $10. The facility was overwhelming. Huge, industrial cleaning equipment, a well trained staff, and, of course, Jo Bernardo, an engaging and knowledgeable employee. Jo went over everything like a detective. Identifying problem areas, repair issues, and price, etc. She was the best and I have gone back there 6 times with other rugs in the last 15 years or so and ask for her by name. RR knows rugs and what to do with them. I have sent countless friends there because they always ask me about their own rugs and how and where to clean them. They all thank me profusely. I have also discovered that other companies send their rugs there for servicing. Even they trust RR. More...


Hilary Valentine

28 October 2017

i had a great experience with rug renovating. they resized one of my rugs and somehow was able to get stains out of an antique moroccan rug. i was really impressed they have chemical engineers on staff and everyone really seemed so professional. anthony the asst palnt manager delivered the rug himself. super friendly and didn't leave until rug was placed exactly where i wanted. highly recommend! More...


Lynn Dunetz

28 July 2017

Rug renovators did a wonderful job with my very worn area rug.they were very accommodating
As far as pick up and drop off. A pleasure to speak with on the phone.
I highly recommend them!

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