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Alistair Smith

14 May 2019

It's a murky dive with plenty of atmosphere.


Arune Buragaite

29 March 2019

Perfect for the girls night out or the good friends night out who wish to talk, have and great time and dance. The music was so great that all the people entering the place had a dance step as soon as they stepped in to the bar. I had a plans at 11pm to see another jazz concert, but I didn’t want to leave the place. I’ll definitely will take my mates for the next weekend. Thanks for the DJ, great choice of music playlist! More...


Anthony Osho

29 December 2018

Nice bar in Dalston. Shame what’s happened to the surrounding areas but definitely a good spot for date night


Hugh O'Brien

29 December 2018

Cool bar/club. One room which is a table service cocktail bar with excellent drinks. Other room is a small club. Really nice combination


Joe Segal

29 December 2018

Fantastic bar, service can be a little slow.


Katrin Kamp

28 May 2018

Good cocktails but they come at a price. Lovely staff.


Sarah Walker

28 May 2018

Great cocktails and a lovely cosy atmosphere, a little pricey but well worth it! Will definitely come back.


Elle Summers

28 May 2018

New to London and this was one of the first places I visited. Amazing cocktails!



6 May 2018

A Mexican waiter served me the best Margherita ever. Gracias!


Macy Besseti

24 February 2018

Stylish and elegant ! Love this place with great Drinks and cocktails x


Steve Simms

13 December 2017

Special and retro ...post nuclear bar. Unique!


James Le Masurier

27 September 2017

Best cocktail bar in London! awesome atmosphere, beautiful decor, great music, fantastic table service and most important of all, superb seasonal cocktails!



27 September 2017

Great bar, amazing cocktails Really good atmosphere, will definitely return next time I am in the area.


Nicki Le Masurier

27 September 2017

Friendliest, coolest, cosiest cocktail bar in town. Chilli Apple Martini's are incredible. Such good vibes here. A London MUST!


Simona De Leo

31 August 2017

Beautiful and cosy place. Highly recommended for live music evenings


Jaz Sidhu

29 July 2017

Loved Rubys. It is fantastic, service was excellent and the ambiance astonishing. What more could you ask for in a bar


Mariana Barrientos

23 June 2017

Great drinks and music


Emily Grimmer

29 April 2017

Great cocktails, atmosphere and music. Nice friendly croud, will definitely be back


Rebecca Costa

12 March 2017

Nice place to enjoy cocktails small and cosy.there is a dance floor and the music was really good..bar staff and bouncers really friendly.


Ivana Felton

10 March 2017

Quirky n cute. Good cocktails but took a long time w only 10 people in the place. Somewhat romantic.


Sarny Gonzales

22 December 2016

What a nice find. We were lured in here with the notice outside saying "nothing to see here" and decended downstairs into a curious and intimate bar where you can talk without blaring music. The cocktails were great and the laid-back atmosphere of this place entrances you into staying there a lot longer than you had expected. More...

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