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Laura Dubcovsky

27 February 2019

Awesome instructors!


Melanie Le Phan

28 January 2019

Magz’s spin class is the best! Nice facility with a variety of classes available - they have changing rooms there as well. I pay by class but you would be able to do a ton of classes as a monthly member. Lots of boot camp style classes, Pilates style and some trx stuff. More...


david barnard

28 January 2019

Great friendly people


Sara Scurfield

29 December 2018

Friendly, neighbourhood feel. Quality depends on instructor as with most places.


Liz Mac

29 November 2018

Staff is great!


Lauren Dolente

29 November 2018

Great TRX class!


Nina B.

28 May 2018

It might take a little while to feel comfortable if you're new as there can be a bit of a cliquey vibe and it's a small place, but once I started going at least 2x a week I really started loving it - GREAT instructors, no-nonsense facilities, great classes ... I only wish there were 7 am classes instead of 6 and then 9.30. More...


Iana K

28 May 2017

Great vibes all around! Always a fun workout- some tougher than others, but you always leave the gym in a great mood. The staff and team members are positive and supportive regardless of fitness level. Great community :)


Hannah Green

28 May 2017

I was recommended the TribeFit Team Training classes by a close friend who has taken the sessions for over a year. She insisted it was a great opportunity to have a regimented work out schedule that is dynamic and fast-paced. She was so right. As someone new and inexperienced in the world of fitness, the fun up-beat atmosphere and energetic instructors made each class challenging but rewarding. It's a great, clean space in the Junction for anyone looking for a good (and grueling) exercise routine! More...


Terry Warne

28 May 2017

Great, community-oriented gym. Nice vibe, friendly staff and excellent trainers. The small, group classes are what sets this gym apart from most. Both the classes and trainers are tough, but fun. And if you take these classes consistently, your fitness and conditioning will improve exponentially. I joined more than a year ago, and my fitness level is higher than it's ever been. Definitely recommend this place. More...


Jade T.

12 October 2016

It is difficult to book a class because it is busy!  But the Gravity class taught by Dave and the Spin class taught by Magz I always enjoy.It is pricy--but if you go consistently it would be worth it It's a convenient, clean and somewhat welcoming.  Worth it to give a shot of you want to see results--the instructors or wonderful! More...


Benjamin G.

20 January 2016

Just had an absolutely killer spin class with Chuck at 730pm. Warning, this is not your mom's Ymca basement Sunday morning pedal. His music might lull you into a sense of karoake and just when you think it's not going to be a hard class he is pushing you to your limit at 120% and you are sweating your ass off. Pushed me to my max and I loved every second. Staff are also extremely nice and the facilities are all new with nice clean showers and bathrooms. Will definitely be back. More...


Matt S.

3 July 2013

Just started at RPM this week... I've taken quite a few classes already.  The teachers are top notch.  Everyone is accomodating and very nice.I would have given them 5 stars, I just wish they got new spin bikes.  But don't let that deter you.. you still get an amazing workout and like I said the teachers are top notch!The workouts are as tough as you want them to be and the instructors push you to your edge but let you know you can and should pull back if you're going beyond your edge.Great place! More...


kai s.

20 November 2008

I went to RPM again yesterday and took my first "Gravity Strength" class and I almost passed out.  Literally.  My scalp started tingling and I had to stop.After spin class, I walked into a room with 8 contraptions called Gravity.  Gravity is a machine that is designed to essentially use your body weight as resistance through a cable pulley system attached to a glide board.  The class was led by an instructor and he walked us through a series of exercises that work your entire body like a circuit.  There are no breaks between the exercises except when you shift positions on the machines.  What I loved about the method is it helps you build functional strength - it mimics stuff that you would do in real life.  Really, when would a bench press benefit you in real life except maybe when you decide to frolic with someone way beyond your weight class.It was tough, but then again I'm kind of a wuss.  I loved it and I'll return... likely next month when I recover.If you do decide to go to Gravity, then bundle up.  Man, they gotta turn the heat up at the place coz' it's just too darn cold. More...