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RPCS - Rose's Professional Cleaning Service - Home and Office

Peabody and Rowley

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RPCS - Rose's Professional Cleaning Service - Home and Office

Peabody and Rowley


Family owned and operated professional cleaning service, serving the NorthShore for 15 years.
Very Good references.
High ratings and reviews on Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor.


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We started serving the Boston NorthShore in 2004 with 5 clients. Since then we have been growing steadily, and now serve over 60 clients a month. But we are still a family owned and family operated business, and dedicate to each our clients the time their locations deserve.

For initial Deep Cleanings, or one-time cleanings we bring all the materials and products we need.

For the regular maintenance cleanings we have a list of recommended products we would like our clients to have available. We of course work with our clients to use their preferred products when possible.

We will always bring fresh sanitized cleaning rags, our HEPA filtered canister vacuums and other cleaning hardware as we need.

We do not use Mops in general, as they are not as easy to sanitize compared to the towels and rags we use.

See the smile on our clients face, or read the excited thank you message, when they come back to their fresh and clean home. We are happy when our clients are happy.

Before starting our own business my wife worked as "help" for other service providers. What bothered her the most was that she was given a strict set time, in which the particular location had to be cleaned, instead of a more 'lax' time frame, she hates to be rushed.
Example: "This needs to be cleaned in 1.5 hours" - even if it needed 2-3 hours for a proper cleaning.

The other thing what bothered her was the long list of things she was "not supposed to clean"

There are many reasons:

+ For my wife and her team there is no such thing as a "light cleaning". You either clean or you don't.

+ My wife runs a very dependable schedule. Regular clients are assigned a specific day of the week and time slot and can count on us to show up when scheduled. We only bother our clients with schedule changes when the service requires it, e.g. a client asking for an additional cleaning, because they will have company, or we had a last minute cancellation, and are reaching out to our monthly clients to see if they would like to take the slot - things like that.

+ We are very detail oriented and strive to clean our client's homes as we want to have our own home cleaned.

+ We have General Liability Insurance, which we renew each year. COI are available upon request.

and many others


Thorough "Spring Cleaning" of your location. This could be your Move-Out Service, or your Move-In. We generally start all our service engagements with a Deep Clean - very few exceptions Move everything that can be moved safely away from walls and clean behind. Clean your hard to reach spaces, like on top of your kitchen cabinets, you high vault ceiling vans, etc. Scrub baseboards, use brushes on the baseboard moldings, door moldings etc

As the name suggests, after the initial Deep Clean, our team comes on a regular basis to maintain your home. We offer "Weekly" / "Every Two Weeks" / "Once a Month (every four weeks)". All agreed upon areas of the location are cleaned, so there is no build up of dust or grime over time. While not all furniture is moved every single time, we clean behind reachable areas using extendable dusters etc.