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Катерина Василів

10 July 2019

Rostyslav is my psychologist for a few years. It’s a great happiness that I found such a good teacher for life, because it’s so easy to solve problems with him. He is very pleasant, responsible and sensitive.I am very grateful for everything. More...


Nalin Sharma

21 May 2019

Rostyslav is a great psychotherapist, and an even better person. He helped me learn about myself and why I react to things the way that I do. He gave me the tools I needed to help navigate through the emotional ups and downs of every day life. It's been a month since our last session and I'm still practicing the things he taught me every single day. I'm so grateful we met. Thank you! More...


Alexander Taraiev

14 May 2019

It was my pleasure to attend "Knowledge Café 2019: Leadership and Social Entrepreneurs" at The Albany Club on April 25, 2019. Rostyslav was one of the speakers there. He talked about "Psychology of leadership", and, to be honest with you, I really enjoyed his speech. It was very relevant information to the topic of the event. It was one of the most valuable additions to the evening. His presentation brought new insights about true leadership, specifically: - Serving and giving- Constant movement - Taking responsibility- Creation Vs consumption- Future success Vs current comfort- Internal and external stimulus - Proactivity - and many more He provided clear and factual analysis. I am glad that I attended that event and had a chance to hear Rostyslav's speech. Please accept our thanks for a great presentation. More...


Vlad Matviyenko

14 May 2019

I had an amazing experience with Rostyslav during his talk at the 2019 Knowledge Cafe. He is able to motivate and re-spark enthusiasm in a lot of people who have lost it. Weather it is during a talk, or a therapy session, I always leave with a clear mind and excitement for the future. He is a true professional. More...


Oresta Kisil

14 May 2019

Rostyslav is a great psychotherapist and life coach. He really looks at issues from an academic perspective and helps you understand the root cause of them, the repetitive patterns and what you can do to change these patters. He is great at asking the right questions leading you through a process of understanding and healing. More...


Uliana Tomiuk

14 May 2019

Great lecture...I loved the focus on taking responsibility!


Serge Shchybyvolok

14 May 2019

Rostyslav is a great Life Coach.He helped me to look at my life more strategically, to review and set priorities. Rostyslav is very intelligent, well read and open hearted. He always inspired me to grow and fulfill my potential.Highly recommend. More...


Andrew Seeley

27 February 2019

I have been working with Rostyslav over the last few weeks. I have seen immediate results in the few hours we have spent together and will continue to work work with, and implement the strategies Rostyslav and I have built together for emotional resilience and a happier life.


Sergey Garkusha

27 February 2019

Our family had most terrifying experience in our life - loosing our son at age 28. My husband and myself was looking around to find right specialist who is working with grieving parents. It wasn't easy to find a right person who have passion ,knowledge in grieving process. When we met Rostyslav we couldn't even compare to anybody what we experiences before him. He spent all his life to get all knowledge in psychotherapy to become best of the best in psychotherapy. He knows not only usual technic but also very rare you can find like EMDR.We attended him one year since we lost our son. It wasn't easy for him and for us,but he was working very hard to put us together ( my husband and myself) as we wore in horrible condition. It was a struggle between life and death.Today one year later we much better and I hope we with have our life back.We very great full to Rostyslav for his work,passion ,patience and believing in us.Thank you so much.Best regards .Sergey and Svetlana . More...


Sar Na

25 February 2019

Excellent service !
Mr.Shemechko is very knowledgeable and professional. Very friendly, kind and caring. Trustworthy.......easy to talk to and very open to help . Definitely 5 stars !!!
I would strongly recommend to reach for him......if consider psychotherapist ! :)


James Hegazy

29 December 2018

Working with Rostyslav has helped me out a lot. He's taught me principles to help myself for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend him to anyone who's considering.



29 November 2018

Rostyslav is a highly skilled and experienced psychotherapist. He is also exceptionally kind, and has a remarkable ability to very quickly get at the root of a problem. Working with Rostyslav has significantly reduced the stress and anxiety in my life, which in turn has improved interpersonal relationships. I now have a much more positive and calm outlook on life. I would highly recommend him as a therapist. More...


Fr Bl

30 October 2018

Rostyslav was and is an exceptionally well-equipped, versatile, humble, generous and easy-going professional to work with. I recommend him highly. Everyone is different and you can only find out for yourself. Just make sure you have Rostyslav on your roster to check-out; he is well worth it. Helped me a great deal - and very quickly, with lots of humour and kindness despite all the stress. I'd give 6 stars, if I could. More...



30 October 2018

Dr. Rostyslav Shemechko is very knowledgeable, professional, experienced, honest and intelligent. He listens carefully and is free from judgements.He makes you feel comfortable and provides a safe environment during therapy sessions and treatments, he is patient and attentive.With his help I have become much more self aware and able to understand my thoughts and feelings. I know how to navigate through painful and challenging situations using tools and coping strategies he has provided me with. I would highly recommend Dr.Rostyslav he is extremely effective and he genuinely cares to help his patients. More...


Ulyana Meleshko

5 October 2018

Dr. Rostyslav is a great specialist, very good and smart person. I'm very pleased with counselling. It was a fruitful, interesting and motivating work. I received useful pieces of advice concerning my problems and learnt to understand myself better. More...


Kim Speed

1 August 2018

I had the opportunity to work with Rostyslav Shemechko after hearing one of his presentations. Not only was I surprised how calming it was to speak to him, I also found him very knowledgeable and understanding. Rostyslav was able to provide me with some pragmatic solutions that I was able to use immediately. I now feel like I have more control of the situation I was dealing with because of our time working together. Thank you, Rostyslav. More...



8 June 2018

Rostyslav helped me a lot with my problems.To be honest, i appreciate his work and recommending.


Anastasia Chemikos

28 May 2018

I'm happy that I met Rostyslav and had the opportunity to talk with him at our sessions. I got answers to all my questions and learned a lot. Rostyslav is a very well-conducted, pleasant, attentive person, professional psychotherapist. I recommend this specialist to everyone. Thank you, Rostyslav! More...

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