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Snake Nation (historical), Georgia

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Snake Nation (historical), Georgia


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2 January 2018

I hired William to do the architectural design and plans for a renovation with addition, in Decatur.

I really appreciated William's eye for design and attention to detail. He thinks several steps ahead throughout the design process. All of the construction contractors that saw William's plans remarked at how thorough and detailed he was. For all of the subs, all of their questions could be answered by simply referring them to the drawings. Further evidence of his thoroughness was how quickly the building permit ran through the county permit office (less than a week!).

It deserves mentioning as well, how easy it has been to work with William. He takes the time to listen and does his very best to accommodate while offering his own insights along the way.

I would highly recommend him for any architectural design work you're considering.

30 October 2015

I've recommended William for several projects. As a real estate agent, many of clients come to me with no idea of who to pick for an architect, builder etc. once they've purchased a reno or teardown. They expect me to have solid referrals. Having William Rossoto's card in pocket has proved successful every time I've used it. They appreciate the open communication during the design/build process and his ability to bring thier visions to reality. He is easy to work with and fun to be around. What more could you ask for! More...

28 October 2015

I was looking and interviewing professionals until I met William Rossoto. He was introduced to me by a friend who said, you are going to really enjoy working with William. Truth is, I will never work with another.
I have a hard time with details and needed someone who was on top of his game, who can make my house congruent, who is a take charge kind of man and who would be accountable.
I found all of that in William Rossoto. I needed my entire interior redone, ceilings, walls redesigned, fireplaces redone, floors put down, faucets, paint colors inside and out, new doors, you name it I needed it and more urgent than most because I moved into the house like that. I live in Tuxedo in Atlanta GA. I needed to move fast. Not only did he come in and finish the job on time and under budget, but he also corrected anything that he felt did not meet his expectations. I would look at something and I thought it was great, William would say, "no that is not how it should look." The workers came back and fixed it. His team was amazing.
People come to my house and really love it, but they cannot pick out one thing that they like, they say it just flows. They come in take pictures and they just love it. The entire house is synergistic. The colors are soothing. I am hard to please and believe me, William being the great artist that he is came to me with a color palate, designs for huge wooden doors with 3 point locking system, Emtek door handles and hardware, the list goes on and on. Everything in my house is smooth and very well designed.
I am now selling the house that William put together and I am lucky enough to be getting offers that exceeded my expectations thanks to William Rossoto. I have rehired William to build my new modern home. This time, I would like to just let him go at it because I feel that I can, but he will not have it. He wants me around for every step and his team is amazing.
My name is Jennie Odom and find me on houzz and I will show you my pictures,

21 October 2015

After going through two very expensive architects and receiving totally impractical plans, our contractor recommended William Rossoto to design a new deck and screened porch for our home. We loved his first pass at the design so much that we haven't changed a thing! He is creative yet practical, with the perfect balance between large concept and detail for the project. We hope to work with him again in the future. More...

7 October 2015

William designed our bungalow home. His artistic eye gave our home the old bungalow look we were looking to achieve but with modern elements that are visually attractive. He has been diligent and timely getting each phase of our project drawn and ready for permitting. His knowledge of the building process has been instrumental in getting our project to the build stage. If there is anything he isn’t sure of, he will reach out to those that have the knowledge to be sure all work is done to the highest level of professionalism. His service to the customer is excellent! He always follows through to any questions and promptly reports back. We can't wait until this design becomes a reality! More...

13 August 2015

Dave, has done work for our company since the late 1990's. One word - Outstanding! Designed homes, built homes, remodels, creative ideas - whatever the task he did in spades. I was never disappointed and you won't be either. More...

31 July 2015

We started working with William Rossoto last year on our new home project. He was extremely professional and dedicated to making a home design we love. He answered all of our questions in a timely manner, was available to talk at any point during the day, and met with us numerous times during the process to ensure we were happy with the plans. We couldn't have picked a better architect. We absolutely love our home design, a completely unique design with all of our specifications. More...

26 May 2014

The information and consultation I received from Rossoto Art LLC was exemplary with details and resourcefulness. Mr Rossoto's ideas were creative, economical, and on track to our immediate needs as homeowners. I would highly recommend his professional services and expertise. More...

14 May 2014

David is a gifted Architect. He has been a contractor and a home builder in the past. He has a common sense approach the budget. His ideas are inventive and inspiring. I recommend him to all of my clients. More...

7 May 2014

Rossoto Art consistently exceeds expectations for our in town design /build projects. I have worked with Rossoto now for over fifteen years and their quality and attention to detail is at the highest level. His drawings give solid descriptions, scope of work, ample elevations and a depth of knowledge made apparent from an obvious building background. Rossoto Art also displays an artistic skill for residential and commercial applications both modern and traditional in a timely, dependable, evident in a professional set of plans and documents only a builder would approve. More...

28 April 2014

My husband and I hired Rossoto Art LLC to design an addition for our house-
I cannot say enough wonderful things about this company. Mr. Ross himself went beyond any design expectation we had as well as helping personally with the details and connecting us with other outstanding professionals who helped with variance issues etc.
Open communication, great design work and all very timely.
A decision we couldn't be happier about.

28 April 2014

William is currently working on phase 1 and 2 of my house renovation and has provided drawings and plans for the renovation of the interior space.
I will also be using him for the phase 3 exterior and roof details.
Incredibly easy to work with and very competent.

Fine Art:
I have commissioned William on two occasions for art projects that my company was hired to complete. The work was excellent and finished on time and within budget. The client was ecstatic.

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